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#source: addams family

They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky, they’re all together ooky… For day 23 of 31, it’s The Addams Family!

The Addams Family: Halloween With The Addams Family [Rated TV-G]
Main Show:
The Addams Family Movie [Rated PG-13]

Room opens @ 8:00pm E.S.T. for music
Pre-Show starts @ 8:30pm E.S.T.
Main Show starts @ 9:00pm E.S.T.


(If you can’t see the links in the picture, let me know!)

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One of the criticisms I’ve seen of the 1991 Addams Family adaptation is that it makes the family too gloomy, when the whole point of the Addams Family is that they’re happy and well-adjusted – but watching it again, it doesn’t seem like that’s actually the case? The only characters in the family who actually fit the gloomy stereotype are Gomez and Wednesday, and even then it’s kind of an edge case; Gomez is gloomy because he spends most of the film in the grips of a pretty serious depressive episode, and once he’s back to himself he’s literally all smiles, while Wednesday mostly seems to be doing it to mess with people. Sure, what we see of her when the mask drops is more than a little unhinged, but it’s a happy unhinged, is my point.

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