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#source: my brain

Anyone else play parkour but with their art style? Just leaping from one to the next cuz there are sooooo many good things going on in the art world and I just??? Want to utilize all of them???

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Logan: I have found it.

Virgil: Found what?

Logan: The most precious “bean” as Patton calls the term.

Logan: It’s right here. *cups Virgil’s face*

Virgil: Aw, you like me.

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Janus: *bonks Virgil on the head with a cardboard tube*


Virgil: I fucking hate you.

Janus: Don’t lie, you love me being your little brother.

Virgil: I won’t kill you if that’s what you’re insinuating.

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Random Philosophical Thought:

’ The cosmos and other scientific phenomena are quite intriguing but the human race itself is extremely spectacular. If one is able to decipher the physical, mental and spiritual human, one has almost deciphered the universe and God. Everyone is so distinct yet so similar. So ordinary yet so uncanny. ’


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Logan: I have a lot of books. History books, even some fantasy books. Hell, I’ll have some random books like the formation of lightning penguins-


Logan: Sorry, I meant books on the formation of lightning and penguins-

Patton: OMG LIGHTNING PENGUINS! They’d be so cute with their little Pikachu markings and gosh I’d want to hug some lightning penguins if they couldn’t shock me-

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i will be doing this by first posting a text document i wrote after i had a nightmare. the text is what was depicted in my dream, the wording is weird bc it was meant for only my eyes to read but fuck it. have some shit. 

deep meditative sleep in dream/real life
it feels like its real
its late at night
hear garbage can or something rolling outside driveway, and then loud garbage truck
i want to get up and investigate but i cant
i cant get up
i hear two men talking, one sounds like john goodman, the other is younger
i get up to look out my window, but the house is way too tall and the driveway looks like one in a cul de sac
i walk to my phone on my desk to check the time, but as soon as i do, everything turns off and my phone doesnt turn on
i go to the stairs, slip and gently fall on the stairs, like slow motion
open the curtain to find the house completely dark with seemingly nobody in it
this whole time, its hard to breathe
i try to talk because i hear someone
i simple “heuh” comes out, and that was with all the air i could muster
i realize i cant breathe and take an incredibly deep breath and i can feel this breath go all the way back to my conscious body and i wake up
the entire time, i kept questioning why these things were happening
it felt real, but ofcourse it couldnt be
i remember hearing little dark age by mgmt in the transition of waking up

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Seb: Charles, I raised you better than this!

Charles […..]: Why does you saying that always makes me feel chastised, even though you haven’t actually raised me?

Seb [looking smug]: It’s the parentel effect. My dad presence is too powerful.

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Lando [hissing]: You can’t hurt me anymore than you already have.


George: Is this about the last cookie?

Lando [glaring]: It was chocolate chip.

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Aisha: Hey, Samantha. Has Olaf found you yet?

Janus: What are you talking ab- ooohhh.


Aisha: Salutations, Madonna. Can you sing Papa Don’t Preach for me?

Janus: You were literally there during my name reveal-

Aisha: I don’t recall.


Aisha: Hello, Gerard Grey. Can you please compose some commentary music?


Janus: I give up.

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Patton: Ah yes…

Remus: *random screech*

Virgil: *screech in response*

Patton: My wonderful cryptid sons.

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Remus and Virgil: *screeching back and forth to communicate*

Logan: I don’t know what’s happening here and I’d like to keep it that way.

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*comes up to Nicholas and cradles his cheek*
*whispers* I have taken all your Nutella.
*runs away*
*runs after him*
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*says something*
I don't have to listen to you.
You do Charles. I am your team principal.
No Seb said I shouldn't listen to things that make me unhappy and you makes me unhappy and he also said that everything you says is incorrect anyways. So I don't have to listen to you cause Seb said so.
Well Sebastian is wrong!
No my dad- eh Seb is never wrong. Anyways I have to go cuddle Pierre to be happy again. Byeeeee.
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Esteban and Lance
*walking side by side*
Come here lanky child. Must give you hug to make you feel better. *smooths Estebans hair back into place*
*embarresed* Fernandoooooo...
*continues walking and laughs about Esteban*
You too Lance. Come here and give me a hug. Are you feeling okay? Did you drink enough after the race? I know you forget that sometimes
Seb please noooo...
*snickers while Fernando pats his cheek*
Seb and Fernando
*continue fussing about their younger teammates*
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Remus: So, Jan, I heard you were out with Virgil last night from Roman. Did anything interesting happen?

Janus, dumping a his money bag on the floor to count: Um…maybe?

Remus: Unbelievable. Let me help count. Scooch over.

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Remus: Sometimes the veil between feral and cryptid is just a bit too thin.

Virgil: Like the difference between me and you is.

Remus: Accurate observation, my acursed cryptid friend.

Virgil: Thank you, you fucking feral dumbass.

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Logan: Are you alright, Ro?

Roman, who hasn’t slept in four days: *unholy screech*

Logan: Ah, that sounds like a tired screech and not a hungry screech. If I promise to sit still, will you lay down with me and take a nap?

Roman: *toddles after Logan like a duckling, holding onto his arm*

Logan, once Roman is asleep on top of him: I love my children.

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Janus, telling Remus of his daily nefarious acts: And Virgil didn’t even notice me in his room. I set up a whole rigging so the minute he gets up, he’ll be covered in glitter for weeks!

Patton: Janus Dante Sanders!

Janus: And that’s my cue to run, you hide too so he doesn’t thin it was you.

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