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#source: my friend

Dick, entering the manor: oh hey, Jay, what’s up?

Jason: hey.

Jason, giving Dick A Look: wanna see something?

Dick: uh

Jason, ignoring Dick and turns to Tim: hey, Timberly

Tim, running on -81 hours of sleep:

Jason, smirking: how many seconds are in a minute?

Tim stares blankly at Jason:

Dick: ok, maybe we should get him to bed.

Jason, holds a hand up to Dick: shh shh, let him answer.

Tim, eyes completely unfocused:

Dick: I don’t think he even—

Tim: more than twelve.


Dick: how long since he’s slept?

Jason, grinning: he’s not wrong though.

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Untitled Vamp/Wolf fic - Supernatural romance between a vampire and a werewolf, only it’s mostly played for laughs rather than for melodrama. They fight crime! (maybe) Haven’t really locked down a central plot yet (hence why it doesn’t even have a working title), it’s mostly a catch-all story where my fic ideas for supernatural/urban fantasy/gothic horror go to be resurrected

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Boots!!!!! :-D 💚💚💙💙

1) which fictional character[s] do you relate to and why?


  • Virgil: i am Anxious very often and hate loud noises and have an edgy aesthetic and get babied a lot
  • Snufkin: i love my friends but i Need Personal Space to just BE— also i love nature and i too waddle about playing a musical instrument
  • Im sure theres others but hhhhhhh i cant think of any rn

2) dream job?

Uhhh i like my major,, but i always really loved the idea of being an author or a musician / song writer :-)

3) do you have a type?

Oooooo uhhhhh i usually have a soft spot for people taller than me, which isnt hard since im 5 feet [152 cm]. Uhhhhmmm people that are very decisive and a bit more like “this is what we’re doing” cause not having things planned / structered stresses me out,,,,,,,,, also people that make fun of me a bit????? In a way that lets me know that they love me?????????

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If you haven’t seen season 13 of supernatural I wouldn’t recommend reading this.

Incorrect quotes with friends -1

Today I was explaining season 13 of supernatural without any major spoilers to one of my friends and here’s what happened.

Me: so then Sammy boi finds Jacky boi in the corner just born and already sitting in the corner and keep in mind that he’s a whole ass man now.

My friend: *laughing at me*

Me: so sam finds him right and dean comes in like let’s gank this s.o.b.

My friend: *still laughing*

Me: so Sammy calms dean down like no he can be of help and deans like fine but he still sus so Dam and sean (seen)……

My friend:…….did you just….

Me: yeah…….

Me and my friend: *laughin making jokes about the shotgun sisters dam and sean*

My friend:……


My friend:…..

Me: also can you imagine giving birth to a whole ass man

My friend: *can’t breath she’s laughing too hard*

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my friend is taking an entomology class, and he’s driving out to catch bugs today for his lab and oh my god his fit…… cargo shorts, knee lengths socks with boots, blue sweater, black vest, fishing hat…….. i’m sobbing

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