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jade: i don’t want to admit it, but i can assure you, i’ve had my fair share of tussles.

cat: like the mushroom?

jade: those are truffles.

cat: … like the sprout?

jade: those are brussels.

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Sooo many bad things to be honest 😞

  • Oscar’s got kidnapped so there’ll be some tension in team JYOR (I call them team Junior) and Grimm TalKEd
  • Penny is surely gonna get hacked while going to Amity Tower (I mean…they do have something that belongs to Penny so it will be waaay easier now)
  • Cinder getting her ultimatum? She is gonna try reject Salem’s orders isn’t she….
  • And if there’s Cinder in this episode then there’s definitely Salem and Neo
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So. That thumbnail. 

Ren is angry, Yang is shocked. 

Jaune is not in the shot. 

I’m getting the feeling that Ren is going to blow up at Jaune.

What for?

Well, unless Jaune does something dumb (which I don’t think is likely, honestly), the only thing someone could blame him for right now is the fact that he’s the one who suggested to split the teams

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Favourite thing about them: I love how snarky he can be and I’m also glad we’ve gotten more of him in V7 and hopefully in V8 too (I really want to see more of the schneeblings)

Least favourite thing about them: I guess I don’t like how he can be a little too much of an asshole (especially in V4) but honestly it makes sense cause he was under Jacques’ wing

brOTP: Weiss and Winter I want good sibling relationships gad dam it

OTP: I don’t really ship him with anyone but I think rich farmers is cute ☺️

nOTP: Just anyone that’s older than him cause y’know… he’s a CHILD

Random headcanon: He’s always wanted a dog or some kind of pet to have for himself but he hasn’t gotten the chance because of Jacques-ass

Unpopular opinion: Uhhhh… don’t think I have one

Favourite picture of them:


What can I say? I think he looks good with purple hair 😁

(Keep the asks coming please)

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If you watched it from the beginning I can understand why you wouldn’t like it because the first 2 volumes are hard to get through (the fight scenes are amazing but the story itself didn’t have the best direction).

It picks up after volume 3 and that’s when you start to see common tropes being subverted and characters coming into their own and shining.

I’m not really sure what I like about it to be exact? Maybe it’s the theme of never giving up despite how life keeps trying to knock you down while also showing us how the characters are coping/or not with their trauma. I love the story and the idea of the grimm (and how despite them being the obvious threat in the series, have proven not to be the worst threat), I love how in future volumes we get to see how complex some of the adult characters can be and how it really isn’t a black and white story as it appears and I love how it has no issue with tackling serious topics and discussions (we’re especially seeing this in volume 8 with Ironwood).

I can understand if even after this you don’t enjoy it though! There’s nothing wrong with something just not being your jam after all!

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I have a question. If everyone knows that Salem is going for the staff of creation, why put all the mantle people in the crater? Wouldn’t it make more sense for team yang to help keep the staff away from Salem? Bc even if they put all the people in the crater to keep them safe, if atlas falls then they all die instantly

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