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the-widow-sisters · 2 days ago
Natasha: Do you ever want to talk about your emotions, Yelena?
Yelena: No.
Kate: I do!
Natasha: I know, Kate.
Kate: I'm sad...
Natasha: I know, Kate.
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electricslytherindog · 15 hours ago
Rancor: *Growls under the table*
People, screaming: get you freaking rancor!
Boba, feeding it: It don't bite.
People, still screaming: Yes, it do!
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alilsakurablossom · a day ago
staff bot: whose everyone’s favourite animatronic!?
roxanne: ITS ROXY!
staff bot: its the wet floor sign!
roxanne, crying: FUCK
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incorrect-targon-quotes · 2 days ago
Diana: *running away from Targon responsibilities and emotions*
Leona, Aphelios, Alune & Nami: Why are you running? Why are you running??!
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pen-for-the-win · 2 days ago
Roxy: Who's there?!
Gregory, hiding in a baby stroller: NOBODY, FUCK OFF
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sunflowersloth · 25 days ago
mirabel: do you ever want to talk about your emotions, bruno?
bruno: no
luisa: i do
mirabel: i know, luisa
luisa: i’m sad
mirabel: i know, luisa
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incorrectbatfam · a month ago
Damian: Todd, where are you going?
Jason: Well, that depends, Damian. When I die again, probably Hell, but right now I’m going to the bathroom.
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th3b4dk1dzz · 22 days ago
Augustín: Hi my name's Augustín with a b and I've been afraid of insects my entire lif-
Mariano: Stop, stop, stop- where's the b?
Augustín: There's a bee?!
Antonio: I guess I'm too tough to cry
Mirabel: Just yesterday you were crying about snakes
Antonio: (Tearing up) They don't have any arms
Mirabel: I think we need to do some positive affirmations. Look at yourself in the mirror and say "I am strong"
Bruno: I am strong
Mirabel: I am powerful
Bruno: I am powerful
Mirabel: I believe in me
Mirabel: Tío Bruno?
Bruno: Does it have to be true when I say it?
Isabella: Camilo only spent 49 seconds completing his task and spent 52 seconds doing finger guns.
Camilo: And my mental health is better for it.
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uchitachi · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
sasuke you little shi-
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lesbian-deadpool · 27 days ago
Peter: Merry Crimas.
Yelena: Merry Crisis.
Y/N: Merry Chrysler.
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nightlilly0110 · a month ago
Jayce: My doctor said I only have three days to live.
Caitlyn: What’s wrong? Are you sick?
Jayce: No. He just doesn’t like me.
Viktor: *in the distance* IM GONNA FUCK YOU UP ON TUESDAY!
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incorrect-piltover-quotes · a month ago
Jinx, pointing at Caitlyn & Vi sitting together: What the fuck... is that ALLOWED? Is that ALLOWED?
Vi: Stop.
(There's also fanart of this)
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the-imperial-nuisance · a month ago
Emet-Selch: "Hoes, don't do it-"
Azem: *does it*
Hythlodaeus: *does it*
Emet-Selch: "Oh my god."
Emet-Selch: *also does it*
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the-meme-monarch · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
spiritual successor to the “THE BEES......” one (except now it’s wasps)
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wrongmha · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Midoriya: Would you rather kill Stain, or... Iida: Yes, kill him. Midoriya: I didn't say the other– Iida: I don't need to hear it! Stain: Feeling a little unsafe.
Source: Vine
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incorrect-marvel-fam-quotes · 9 months ago
Sam: There’s only one thing worse than dying.
Sam: *Rips off paper to reveal ‘Bucky dying’.
Bucky: Me.
Sam: NO!
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sunflowersloth · 24 days ago
mariano: *holding up a sign that says ‘prom’?*
camilo: oh my god, oh my god, yes!
mariano: no no no, tell dolores
camilo: oh okay
camilo: dolores, i’m going to prom with your boyfriend!
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incorrectbatfam · 5 months ago
Jason: In my experience, Damian can be very aggressive sometimes, so it’s important to take all necessary precautions when approaching.
Jason, blowing an air horn at Damian: GET FUCKED!
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incorrectquotesmcu · 2 months ago
Natasha: So I’m bi—
Wanda: [gasps hopefully]
Natasha: -lingual. Bilingual. I speak two languages.
Wanda: Oh… [takes a sip of water, disappointed]
Natasha: Oh, and I also like girls.
Wanda: [chokes on water]
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rwbybutincorrect · a month ago
Nora: Hey, wanna help me commit a felony?
Ruby: What the hell?!
Nora: Oh, sorry, my bad.
Nora, whispering: Wanna help me commit a felony?
Ruby, whispering: Of course, dude, what do you need?
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