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#source: writing prompt

Writing prompt I made up cause I was ✨bored✨

“There are 9 main planets. Earth, Astragard, Tinker, Bellestone, Estra, Vio, Utopia, Brightthore and Xena. These planets form a circle with earth in the center. You a middle schooler who lives on earth is sent on a mission to save the planets from being destroyed. Before you leave you are given a bracelet that randomly sends you to one of the 8 plants (not earth unless wanted). While traveling you learn your appearance changes to whatever is normal to that planet. But the catch is this must be done it a week or life on these planets will forever go extinct.”

Do you guys like this prompt? If you would like to use it then feel free to just message me so I know. And if you publish it please please please credit me.And if you post it on wattpad here is my username so you can @ me and I can read it.


Also if you don’t publish it but write it if possible I would love to read it.

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“You name your knives?”

“Yeah but like, how some people name their test mice, this beauty for example is named Hot Sauce, and this one over here’s Billard Dart, and this ones-”

“Okay I’m actually impressed and you can tell me them all later but we’re in a hurry remember? Where’s that special one we need?”

“Oh yeah we need Xenojaws, it’s over here!”

“Xenoj- Sure yeah okay just gonna slide past that one, no problem”

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