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#source: writing prompts

Since it’s almost Halloween, I thought I would do some spooky prompts! This prompt comes from @creativepromptsforwriting‘s Spooktober master list. Here’s the prompt:

#600: “What do you do when a ghost has a crush on you? Asking for a friend.”

Ashlynn and Jorei stared at Theo, processing the words he just uttered. Ashlynn was the first to respond, speaking slowly and carefully.

“Theo, does a ghost have a crush on you?” Theo’s face flushed with color. The teen squirmed and stammered, trying to think of something to say before giving up and letting out a long, hard sigh. “Yes,” he admitted, glancing over to the spirit in question. She appeared to be around their age, wearing a long flowing nightgown with similarly long hair, albeit curly and disheveled, as if she had just gotten out of bed. Her glazed eyes were fixed squarely on Theo, her mouth turned up in a smile that would have been sweet if she were still alive. Unfortunately, she was also invisible to everyone besides Theo, which had been maddening for the young knight-in-training. Jorei noticed where his friend was looking and got close, letting out a hurried whisper in Theo’s ear.

“You brought the ghost with you?!” he asked increduously. Theo put a hand over his mouth and whispered back in the same hurried, anxious tone.

“What was I supposed to do?! She hasn’t left me alone all day!” Jorei shook his head. This was going to be long day. The prince turned toward Ashlynn.

“Ash, do you have any enchantments that will let you see the ghost?” Ashlynn thought for a moment before closing his eyes and putting his hands in front of his eyes. Magic flowed from his fingertips, and before long a black pair of glasses were resting on his face. “These dark magic glasses should do the trick,” he said confidently. “Dark magic is most closely connected to the Spirit World, and it’s often used to detect nonhuman presences.” Sure enough, there was now a third person in Ashlynn’s line of vision; a young girl who only had eyes for Theo.

“Yep, there’s definitely a ghost there,” he sighed. “How did this even happen?”

“I don’t know. I was doing my usual morning routine in the rose garden when I saw her watching me. At first I thought she was just another student, so I didn’t really think about it, but when she started following me no one else seemed to notice. I didn’t figure it out until my brother said there wasn’t a girl near me at lunch.” As Theo explained his predicament, the exhaustion and frustration from the day’s events crept into his words, turning his usually cheery demeanor sour. Jorei patted Theo on the back in consolation.

“Don’t worry, we’ll figure out a way to get rid of her,” he promised, Ashlynn nodding in solidarity. Theo smiled. “Thanks guys.”

“Of course. We’re your friends,” Ashlynn told him. The three boys decided it would be best to go to the library and look up spirit possessions, especially while the ghost girl was benign. However, as they approached the library, Ashlynn couldn’t shake the feeling that the girl was looking more and more at him.

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Person A works full time as a time travel guide, bringing people to different time periods for fun and making sure not to lose any guests or their license could be revoked. Person B is a frequent flyer who turns out to work for the time repair government agency, and is recruiting Person A for a special mission, since Person A has shown great skill at slipping seamlessly into timelines.

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“Do you know who you’re dealing with?!”

“Some ridiculously puny human who doesn’t realize they are speaking with a foreign dignitary that has several dozen hidden guards ready to take them down.”

“As if I would believe you.”

“Gaindren, take the human for questioning.”

“Wait, what-?!”

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haha what if we were characters in a TV show and I was the red one and you were the blue one and there was like a bunch of tension between us and what if I got in a big fight to protect you and I got the shit kicked out of me and you had to drive me away and you brought me to the bathroom and I was sitting up on the counter and you were standing between my legs, just to tend to my wounds, no other reason and you kept telling me how stupid and reckless I am and I said ‘but you love that about me’ and you were like, 'damn okay you’re right’ and, you kept trying to ignore how close we were and i kept looking at your lips and you kept looking at mine and and we just kept getting closer and closer and then we were about to maybe kiss but someone walks in and ruins the whole mood and now there’s even more tension between us, but we don’t talk about it until half a season later when I’m about to do something dumb and self sacrificial and you go, 'no, but you can’t!’ and I’m like, 'why’ and you’re like 'fuck! cause I love you’ and I’m like, 'shit, I love you too’ and we kiss and we totally fall in love and build a life together, um hahhaha just kidding….unless?

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“We call this guy ‘Jep’.”

“That’s not like… a racial slur or something is it? Because that’s not something I’m okay with.”

“Oh, God, no. It’s short for Geppetto, because he’s… well he does things with puppets that… Well, it’s not making its way into a children’s story.”

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