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#source: yourplayersaidwhat
Futaba: Sup! What did I miss?
Yusuke: I believe we are investigating a cult.
Ryuji: I don’t see them, maybe they’re hiding?
Ann: Hiding from what, A tall cowboy, a traumatized halfling, a college student, and two children? They have no reason to hide!
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Lvl 6 Warforged, 7 feet tall 400 lbs with the mind of a toddler.  Being guided below decks by two dragonborn warriors without his guide and told to open a door.

WF: “I do not have a key to open this door.  The captain has the key.”

DB: “Open the door.”

WF: “I do not have a key.”

DB: “Open the door.” 

WF: Quiet for a moment.  “I have a hat that will help me open the door.” Pulls out a hat of invisibility.  Before the dragonborn can respond, puts hat on head and vanishes.

DB: Roll poorly for perception, misplace giant warforged standing in front of them invisibly and I am laughing my ass off at the table as I imagine a giant toddler shaking with giggles while two adults pretend not to find them under the curtains in the front room

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“if you get [the monster manual], i think we’d spend too much time trying to fuck the monsters” - jaylin

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