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#source: Mickey Mouse
novelist-becca · 3 days ago
Hunter: And who is this…Amity?
Luz: *absolutely giddy* She's my GIRLFRIEND.
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scrabbleknight · a month ago
*Amity and Luz have a date.*
Luz, in a bathrobe: *opens front door* Amity?
Amity: Hi, Luz! I brought flowers!
Luz: *takes flowers* Oh wow, thanks! But you're three hours early.
Amity: Haha, oh, you know... 
Amity, with a creepy voice: I'm just obsessed with you.
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weirdkev27 · 7 months ago
Lena: Webby? You're three hours early.
Webby: Oh, you know...imjustobsessedwithyou.
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iamannettecresselion · 7 days ago
Mario: (seated on a Luiginary carousel and ready to have some fun)
Dreambert: Alright, Starlow. I will need you to continuously twirl Luigi's mustache in circles.
Starlow: Why do I have to do that?
Dreambert: Do YOU know how to play the harp?
Starlow: (holds Luigi's mustache between her teeth and twirls it angrily) Urgh...
(Source- Potatoland)
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thecrazygamingzombie · a year ago
Liam: Vicky? But you’re three hours early for our date.
Vicky: *chuckle* Oh you know, I’m just obsessed with you.
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Young Justice: (searching for the Justice League in the Watchtower)
Robin: That’s weird; nobody’s here.
Impulse: Ooh, who’s nobody?
Robin: You know, nobody!
Impulse: I know just about everybody, but I don’t know a nobody.
Robin: No! I mean, there’s nobody here!
Impulse: Well, we’re here! Does that make us nobody?
Robin: No! We’re somebody!
Impulse: Ah-ha! So somebody is here!
Robin: Yes!
Impulse: Then where are they, and why don’t they help us?
Robin: We’re the somebody! Him, you, me!
Impulse: Then help me! Y’see, we’re lookin’ for the Justice League-!
Robin: No!
Impulse: Yes, we are! Don’t you remember?!
Robin: I can’t help you!
Impulse: Then what’re you doing here?
Robin: I’m trying to get some help!
Impulse: Hate to break it to you, Tim, but somebody told me that there’s nobody here.
Robin: But you-! And I-! Aw, forget it!
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Sonic: I'm off to save Elise from Dr Eggman
Silver: oh that Elise. She's smoking
Sonic: yeah... HEY
Blaze: yeah that girl's on fire
Silver: no look there
(Sonic turns to see the egg carrier crashing down)
Sonic: FIRE?!
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Mamoru: Usako! But you're three hours early.
Usagi: Aw, you know...
Usagi: I'm just obsessed with you.
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Isabelle: Nobody’s here! K.Rool: Oooooooh, who’s nobody? Isabelle: You know, nobody!
K.Rool: I know just about everybody but I dunno know a “nobody”.
Isabelle: No, there’s nobody here!
K.Rool: But we’re here! Does that make us nobody?
Isabelle: No, we’re somebody!
K.Rool: Aha! So somebody is here!
Isabelle: Yes!
K.Rool: Then where are they and why don’t they help us?
Isabelle: We’re the somebody! Him, you, me-
K.Rool: Well then HELP ME! See, your phone’s dead-
Isabelle: NO!
K.Rool: Yes it is! Don’t you remember?-
Isabelle: I can’t help you!
K.Rool: Then what are you doin’ here?
Isabelle: I’m trying to get some help!
K.Rool: …Hate to break it to ya, Izzy, but somebody told me that there’s nobody here.
Isabelle: But you…a-and I…and-AW, forget it!
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incorrectfeaquotes · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
Submitted by 00technocolor00
Robin: Ow! I tripped on a branch. Chrom: I’ll trip on a branch too!
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incorrectdirkgently · 4 years ago
Todd: Ow! I tripped on a rock.
Dirk: I'll trip on a rock too!
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Things Jack and Sally have done at Disneyland
They kissed thrice, even though it isn’t allowed.
Jack picked up Sally and twirled her, all while running from paparazzi.
Jack confessed he’s allergic to pink.
Sally plays pranks on him, such as yelling “Zero!” whenever he’s not there. Jack falls for it every time.
When asked if they work for Mickey Mouse, Jack said no.
Someone proposed to Sally and Jack walked off.
Sally pretended a Jack toy was actually a voodoo doll and he played along with it. He had no idea what to do when she kissed it.
Jack also pretended a Sally toy was a voodoo doll as well, though he spent more time comparing the two.
Jack says he likes the Small World ride because it’s filled with children who want to harvest their souls.
When a little boy dressed up as Jack, he introduced him as the Pumpkin King.
Jack calls sally his “love”, “dear”, “dearest”, etc. He also continuously says he loves her.
Sally hides behind Jack whenever she’s camera shy.
Jack admitted he’s taught a couple courses at Monsters University.
(X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X)
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betweentimeand42 · 2 months ago
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Tumblr media
“Well you should learn to smile, dear. Get yourself a pet, dear! Dog, cat, bird, pig...”
Ah, Angst In My Pants, the first Sparks album ever that I both heard & liked. (The first one I heard was Hello Young Lovers- I think- but considering I was firmly entrenched in Top 40 pop at the time, there’s some accounting for my lack of taste.) It’s an incredibly solid and just plain fun record- definitely makes my top ten list for Sparks. For Day 11 of Sparkstember, here’s some gifs from Sparks’ appearance on Saturday Night Live, wherein they performed one of my favorite songs off of Angst, “Mickey Mouse.” 
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weirdkev27 · 10 months ago
Zenith: Oh, Gibbous, this date is so romantic!
Gibbous: Just the two of us! *wiggles an eyebrow*
Zenith: *bashes eyelashes at Gibbous*
Gibbous: *bashes eyelashes at Zenith*
Zenith: *bashes eyelashes*
Gibbous: *bashes eyelashes*
Glomgold: *bashes eyelashes*
Gibbous: *bashes eyelashes*
Glomgold: *bashes eyelashes*
Gibbous: *bashes eyes*
Both: Glomgold?
Gibbous: What are you doing here?
Glomgold: You said we were going out!
Gibbous: No, I said...*gestures to Zenith and himself* We were going out.
Glomgold: Right! That’s what I just said!
Gibbous: No!
Patrons: Shhh!
Glomgold: You gotta keep it down, Martian! This is one of them fancy-type eating establishment. *waiter brings them their cider* Why thank ye, Gar-kon! *puts his feet into the ice in the bucket* Ahhh, that’s the ticket. My dogs are barking!
*Gibbous and Zenith glare at Glomgold*
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correctmickeyquotes · a month ago
Mickey: you were reading a book?
Goofy: well I was pretending to, but this book is so far out I got hooked
Donald: what was it about Goof?
Goofy: well it starts off with an Aardvark and it ends with Everyone playing the Xylophone
Mickey: what's it called?
Goofy: Under a Bridge with Dick and Harry
Mickey: Under a Bridge with Dick and Harry? Lemme see that *takes the book* that's Unabridged Dictionary-
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Blue Beetle: Oh, boy! That Bea de Costa! She’s smokin’!
Ice: (flustered) She sure is...
Ice: (angry) Wait, what?!
Blue Beetle: Oh, yeah! That girl’s on fire!
Ice: Now, look here!
Blue Beetle: No! Look there!
Fire: (on fire)
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Sonic: I think we're gonna have to ffff-
Amy: frolic?
Sonic: no
Sonic: no I think we're gonna have to fight
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c0llecti0ns · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mickey & Minnie Mouse in traditional Malay attire (Cara Melayu & Kebaya).
[1] featured on a green packet printed by DST. [2] & [3] Mickey Mouse Magazine (Issue 94, Jan 2001, p. 4).
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diamonddolldark · 3 months ago
Goofy, bursts through the door: WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?! Every time I come into this house there’s no food in the fridge! Have you heard of grocery shopping?!
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