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#source: american horror story

Okay I’ve been watching AHS lately. (S1 & 2 question)

  • Spoilers.

Do the creators of the show have something against sex/babies or something? In season 1 a woman is raped and dies when she gives birth to a demon baby. Season 2, A man is married to his pregnant wife and she gets taken by aliens. Later on he moves on with another woman who also gets pregnant and abducted. And now I’m a few episodes into season 3 and a girl has the power to kill guys who have sex with her and orgasm.

Is this going to be explained later in the series or something? If it is you don’t have to say what it is just reply something like “Yeah, It’s explained in Season __.” Or you can tell me I’m over analyzing everything. Still a good show though, I recommend it.

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50 Shades of Purple - #31

Fandom: American Horror Story (Apocalypse)
Characters: Kai Anderson, Jack Samuels, Serena Belinda, Lewis (OC), Julia (OC)
Themes/warnings: revenge, electrocution, attempted r*pe, death, toilet water dunking, blood mention, choking, spanking, flogging, humiliation
Words: 2,815


Originally posted by extraordinaryxmen

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