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#source: brooklyn nine nine
lesbian-deadpool · 22 hours ago
Fury: I think this mission is very promising, Steve, what’s your take?
Y/N: Oh, right, let’s take an unbiased opinion from your straight up swim fan.
Steve: *Rolls his eyes*
Steve: I think it’s a great idea, sir.
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incorrectmccallpack · a day ago
Stiles: Don’t you carry a hair dryer in your purse?
Allison: Have you ever met a human woman?
Stiles: Hey, do you carry a hair dryer in your purse?
Lydia: Of course, I’m not an animal.
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likeshe-raorleave · 2 days ago
Glimmer: Wow, you’re an evil genius. The next time I want to hurt someone, I’m coming straight to you
Catra: That’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me
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incorrectlupiniiiquotes · 20 hours ago
Fujiko, pouting: Goemon, I think you owe me an apology.
Goemon: I will apologize to you in hell!
Fujiko: !!!
Goemon: … I honestly don’t know what this is about, my apologies for taking such a hard stance.
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Cookie run incorrect quotes
Red Velvet:Now it’s time to make daddy proud.
Licorice:*sent to help velvet out but still new in the job*...Ugh...Yes,sir!*salutes*
Red Velvet:I could not have been more clearly talking to the dog.*holding & petting chiffon*
Chiffon:*just being cinnamon roll*
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Steve: I got to go.
Cheryl: Aren’t you forgetting something?
Steve: Uh… [hesitantly kisses Cheryl’s forehead before running out]
Cheryl: No! Pay your bill! Damn, who raised you?
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drei-satzzeichen · a day ago
Jeffrey: Why are you being weird?
Peter: Bob and I kissed.
Jeffrey: WHAT?
Peter: To keep our cover from being blown, we didn't have a choice.
Jeffrey: Tell me everything!
Peter: It was just a kiss, okay? It was for a case, it was nothing.
Finnley: Yeah, who cares about a kiss? Call me if you grab each other's asses.
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incorrectbatfam · 3 days ago
Jason: I’ve only said "I love you" to three people: my mom, my dad, and my dying brother. And one of those I regret.
Roy: Which one?
Jason: My brother. He survived the bullet so now I look like an idiot.
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you-said-yes · 8 months ago
peter when his dads charles and erik show up to rescue him from his sister from another universe: i'm so relieved you guys found me. wait, how did you find me?
erik: you hadn't done anything super annoying to us for like five hours, so we knew something was wrong.
peter: oh that's very insulting but dead on.
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sergeantvibraniumarm · 6 days ago
bucky: [about the lie detector] i'm telling you, this machine is broken. ask me a question
y/n: is Jay-Z really your favorite artist?
bucky: yes, obviously
natasha: lie
bucky: see? it's busted!
y/n: is it? or is your favorite artist really Taylor Swift?
bucky: [sighs] no
natasha: lie
bucky: alright, fine, she is. she makes me feel things
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*Peter listening to his voicemail*
Michelle: Listen to me very carefully. I have not been taken. I know that’s always your first fear when I’m not available, but this is not a Liam Neeson 'Taken' scenario.
Peter: That's exactly what they'd make you say-
Michelle: Also, no one is making me say this.
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incorrectquotesmcu · 3 months ago
Natasha: Just try to be nice, Yelena… Y/N’s not like us… they have feelings.
Yelena: Hmm, are you positive this is the person for you?
Natasha: That is exactly the type of thing I don’t want you to say in front of them.
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Shepard: This is a very difficult moral decision and... I don't know what to do now.
Garrus, putting a hand on Shepard's shoulder: I think you do know what to do.
Shepard: Yeah. You're right... Thanks, Garrus.
Shepard: *walks away*
Garrus: I actually have no idea what they're gonna do, but it's the safest way to give Shepard advice.
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incorrectbatfam · 2 months ago
[batboys looking after Titus while Damian’s gone]
Jason: Tim, you got to help us.
Tim: On it. Okay, the key with dogs is establishing the alpha.
Tim, to Titus: Titus, dwop it. Pwease, dwop it. I'll give you anything you want.
Jason: Oh, Titus is the alpha. Didn't expect that.
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batfamilyquotes · a month ago
Conner: I think I found a way to make money!
Tim: you’d make a decent stripper.
Conner: I would make an AMAZING stripper but that’s not what I’m talking about!
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