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#source: ducktales
incorrectcentaurworld · 9 hours ago
Wammawink: And that’s why you don’t scream while sinking in quicksand.
Horse, coughing out sand: Wammawink, please don’t tell me HOW TO DIE
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lesbian-deadpool · 10 months ago
(During Civil War... but like, different)
Steve: Why’d you save me? I thought you were mad at me!
Tony: We’re friends, you beautiful idiot! I don’t care what you did!
Y/N: Yeah. We’ve been pulling our punches this whole time.
Bucky, on the floor: How did you get into the bunker?!
Y/N, eating crisps: What, like it’s hard.
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novelist-becca · 3 days ago
"Thank you for saving my kid from the danger YOU! PUT HER IN!"
- Eda to Lilith post-YBOS
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rwbybutincorrect · 4 months ago
Yang: What have you got there?
Blake: Not secrets!
Yang: Literally the worst answer you could have given.
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incorrect-dnd-classes · 8 months ago
Bard: How did you pay for all of that?
Fighter: Rogue gave me the party funds!
Bard: Rogue doesn’t have the party funds.
Fighter: Oh.
Fighter: Rogue gave me your coin pouch.
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the-black-bulls · 5 months ago
Nozel: If you lose, you're out of the will.
Noelle, genuinely surprised: I was in the will?
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pjononsense · 2 months ago
Percy: I’m going to bed
Grover: it’s noon
Percy: time is an illusion
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ladymiraclewings · a month ago
King: What have you got there?
Luz: Not secrets.
Amity: Literally the worst answer you could’ve given !
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Isabella’s Dad: Isabella, have you seen the photographer?
Isabella: Nope. Have you seen the meat tenderizer?
Isabella’s Dad:...what?
Isabella: No reason. (Takes out a meat tenderizer from the drawer and pats it on her palm) Cute girl stuff. (Merrily skips off)
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Natasha: Don’t worry, the hero of Earth is here to save you.
Maria: *ahem*
Natasha: And Maria is here to save me!
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incorrectcentaurworld · a month ago
Wammawink: Let go of my friend!
Nowhere King: No.
Wammawink: …
Wammawink: I wasn’t prepared for that.
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Splinter: I hope you four have a good explanation for this.
Leo: We actually have three.
Mikey: Pick your favorite.
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theshowgeek · 9 days ago
Leo: *Barges into the room Splinter was in* YOU! You were the movie star that full filed a stary-eyed boys dreams?! WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME?!!!
Splinter: To avoid this exact conversation?
Leo: Okay yeah I can see that.
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rwbybutincorrect · 2 months ago
Shut up, everyone! I’ve done something brilliant!
Weiss Schnee
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novelist-becca · 7 days ago
Luz: Everything magic! Mysteries, secrets untold! *squeals*
King: *pokes Luz*
Luz: *giggles*
King: Uh-oh! She's having a joy overload!
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funkylittlebidiot · 8 months ago
Tony’s board: we need to talk about your spending at the compound
Tony: what??? I don’t spend a penny more than I need to!
Board: it says here you spent 15 million on magical defense
Tony: do you know how many revenge curses I have on my head??!
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random-rottmnt-stuff · 3 months ago
Leo: [snatches Donnie's phone, texting] My face… looks like a… butt. And, sent.
Donnie: Seriously? That's your big plan? Who even cares about what--
Mikey: It already has a thousand likes.
Donnie: What? No, no! I can't delete it now! Give it back, give it back!
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msrosemagic · 2 months ago
Lucifer: We’ll find another route, it’s not safe for amateur adventurers.
Satan: That sounds like a challenge.
Lucifer: I have to stress, that is not a challenge.
Satan: ....Is exactly what you say to dissuade the weak of heart from accepting the challenge. Well, challenge accepted!
Lucifer: There is no challenge!
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