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#source: jenna moreci
wrongmha · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hawks: I suppose you don't like me very much anymore. Tokoyami: Not particularly, no. Hawks: That's alright. I'm a bit of an acquired taste. Tokoyami: Vinegar, I imagine. Hawks: I deserve that.
Source: Jenna Moreci ("The Savior's Champion")
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incorrectmcyt · a month ago
Scott, on Last Life: There are teams?
Lizzie: Have you been paying no attention?
Scott: I’ve been trying not to die.
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tupayapsina · 9 days ago
Ruby: You're content sometimes?
Weiss: Sometimes
Ruby: When you're with Neptune and the others, I imagine
Weiss: I'm content right now
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Leon: Just because they’re friends of yours doesn’t mean they’ll be friends of mine.
Claire: Of course it does! They’ll like you if I say so.
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the-black-bulls · 3 months ago
Liebe: Just because they're friends of yours doesn't mean they'll be friends of mine.
Asta: Of course it does! They'll like you if I say so.
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Kim Rok Soo: I wish I thought the world was beautiful.
Choi Jung Soo: If everything looks good and pure, then nothing’s truly beautiful. The ugliness is what makes beauty so distinctive.
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incorrectsinnohquotes · a month ago
Lucas: You hate me. Cyrus: You're a good man doing what you feel you must. Sacrificing yourself as you have many times before. And for that I pity you.
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Mariella: Anything else you can tell me about the Narrator?
Stanley: He's an asshole.
Mariella: How do you know this?
Stanley: I've heard him speak.
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randomincorrectquotes10 · 4 months ago
Yuma: You're trying to make me look stupid.
Shark: I don't need to make you look stupid. You do a fine job of that on your own.
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ladymiraclewings · 3 months ago
Kagami: Just because they're friends of yours doesn't mean they'll be friends of mine.
Adrien: Of course it does! They'll like you if I say so.
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wrongmha · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dabi: Have you given any additional thought to killing your father? Toga: Dabi, we can't. Dabi: I know, I'm just rather fond of the idea.
Source: Jenna Moreci ("The Savior's Sister")
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[Sports festival]
Shiki: There are teams?
Jun: Have you been paying no attention?
Shiki: I've been trying not to die.
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dangermousie · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Welcome to my new obsession - dystopian fantasy called The Savior’s Champion by Jenna Moreci.
Our protagonist, Tobias, has little interest in the mythical Savior, that realm’s source of magic/healing/ruler blah blah - the latest in the line of said saviors. However, he is desperately in need of money for his family - specifically treatment for his twin sister - so he joins the tournament in which her husband will be chosen. Most of the candidates don’t get selected for the deadly competition but still get a small bounty so that is what Tobias is counting on. Unfortunately, he gets picked to compete in a tournament in which chances of survival are slim. To compete and go through horrors for a beautiful vapid woman he does not want. But he does form a bond with one of the healers tending to the injured participants - the dark, intense Leila, and things start going even more off-track for him.
This novel is so good! Dark and angsty and intense and with true star-crossed love and genuinely good guy protagonist (Tobias is neither angsty nor fucked up until the tournament starts warping him), heroine who’s the dark one, and a bunch of tropes I love, including one of my favorites but it would be a spoiler to say which one.
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Steve: You’re trying to make me look stupid.
Claire: I don’t need to make you look stupid. You do a fine job of that on your own.
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writing-with-olive · a year ago
Character Development Questionaire
I made this based off of videos by Jenna Moreci and Ellen Brock, and this is more of my notes from that. However, I do still think they could be helpful, hence, me sharing this.
helpful to know your characters well - then you can write for them create character profile you need to know, but it doesn't need to go into novel BASIC STATS sex, gender age race, ethnicity, culture (some people place a lot of their identity here) physical descriptions (hight, body type, face) how does physical appearance affect character (relationships, psyche) where do they live? lifestyle? (economic status) RELATIONSHIPS what's their family like relationship with their family like friends (who they hang out with says a lot about who they are) do friendships change? what caused this? (abandoned in time of need, outgrew, etc) SEXUALITY sexual orientation what specifically are they attracted to? (what's gonna turn them on) sexual experience (and why) romantic experience? ever been on a date fallen in love heart broken? SKILLS what is character good at how did they get good at that schooling and occupation (what is it? do they like it? are they good?) hobbies PERSONALITY AND CHARACTER introvert or extrovert right brained (creative)  or left brained (analytical) strengths and weaknesses (IMPORTANT) (ex) ambitions could be a source of strength, but if they're ambitious to the point of ignoring the feelings of everyone around them, that could be a weakness if they're a good guy, figure out what makes them heroic, and what makes them human if bad guy, what makes them formidable, and what makes them falter goals, dreams? aspiring toward? do these change? fears? insicurites? what are their beliefs? code of ethics, religion, science, combination sense of duty, purpose, right and wrong? what would characters die for? (someone's shooting a gun-what would make your character jump in front and take the bullet?)
STEP ONE basics - name age, etc STEP TWO goal/objective if the novel would turn out perfectly in their favour, how would they want it to end? STEP THREE motivation why does your character want this thing (step 2) what need are they fulfilling? what drives them? What desire will they get/realize by meeting their objective? If readers don't understand this step, they won't root for mc motivation = what they stand to gain STEP FOUR stakes what's the consequence of not meeting their objective? if things don't go to plan, what's the character going to lose? how will it hurt your character? this is where tension comes from don't need to be life or death, but they need to hurt the character so people will feel bad for them high enough stakes so it feels like it's worth the characters actions STEP FIVE obstical what's standing in the way of your character achieving what they really want? most novels have internal and external obsticals usually a series of smaller obsticals as well as an overarching obstacle make sure to put enough obsticals in character's path to make their journey challenging STEP SIX The past what happened to mc that led them to who/where they are today? backstory how does this affect their present especially how does it affect their mental state, or thought process STEP SEVEN flaws create a flaw for character sometimes it can be interesting if the character's own flaw is an obstical (example. if a character wants to star in a play, but has horrible stage fright) STEP EIGHT relationships wait to do this until the other eight steps have been done with all major characters think about how flaws and character traits might conflict with each other could be a good idea to deliberately create characters who's objectives are conflicting this can lead to seeing interesting situations for arguments also see where character traits could cause characters to want to be together
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How many times must this happen before it stops being humiliating?
Cale, about fainting
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thatwritergirlsblog · 2 years ago
My Favourite AuthorTubers
AuthorTube is one of my favourite sources of writing and business advice. My followers probably know who my favourites are by now, but I’m going to go into detail as to why these ladies are such awesome resources:
1. Jenna Moreci
Tumblr media
Really, was there ever any doubt that @jennamoreci would be my favourite? She is the queen of authortube and if you’re not subscribed to her channel, you are missing out!
Jenna is honest and real. She swears and she gives you the cold, hard truth. (Usually in a hilarious way). She is the best at giving solid advice in a succinct and entertaining manner.
On top of the comedic value of her videos, Jenna is also super informed/knowledgeable about writing and the industry. If you want advice on writing, marketing, business, mental health etc., Jenna’s channel probably has what you’re looking for.
Bonus: She has the sweetest fiance and the cutest puppy
2. Kristen Martin
Tumblr media
Kristen is living my dream life. She is an international bestselling author, has various online courses and is just altogether amazing.
Kristen’s channel has many videos on writing and being a creative entrepreneur, but also features stunning day-in-the-life vlogs and videos dealing with lifestyle topics.
If you want to learn how to design your dream life, get organised, become a well-rounded creative entrepreneur and create great content, she’s your girl.
Bonus: She also has a personal development podcast called ThatSmartHustle
3.  Kim Chance
Tumblr media
Kim is one of the nicest, sweetest authors on the internet.
The only traditionally published author on this list, she is a great source of information on querying, going on submission and the publishing process as a whole.
If you want solid writing advice and videos that will motivate/inspire you, you should check out this channel. Kim is so encouraging.
She also doesn’t shy away from sharing the raw, not-so-good moments in the life of a professional author (including trying to write with clinical anxiety)
Bonus: She is basically a Disney princess come to life
4. Vivien Reis
Tumblr media
Vivien is down-to-earth, with a dry sense of humour and a vast knowledge of writing, which she presents humbly and clearly.
Her channel is no fuss, practical and beyond useful. She gives you what you came for and makes you smile while doing it.
So, if you want videos about various aspects of the writing process, self-publishing and being a part-time author, I would suggest that you subscribe.
She also has a great course called Dreamer to Doer in which she teaches you to find the time, focus and motivation to get your book written and published.
Bonus: She also has a podcast called HappyWriting
5. Megan Tennant
Tumblr media
Megan is quirky, funny and informative. Her videos never fail to motivate me to get writing.
She focuses on the act of writing itself and gives great, comprehensive tips for improving your novel.
So, if you’re looking for detailed writing advice presented in a fun and interesting way, this is the channel for you.
Bonus: The colours of her background are stunning!
Reblog if you find these channels useful as well. Comment with your own favourite authortubers. Follow me for similar content.
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skidsficrecs · 2 years ago
NaNoWriMo prep!
Hey, guys! Admin light here!
As I already shared, I am prepping for NaNoWriMo 2019, my first ever nano, so we thought it could be nice to share a little bit of my prepping, since maybe there are some authors out there wanting to participate (which you can totally still do, it’s not too late, even if you decide to do a smaller word count) or even authors who have a hard time plotting and organizing their stories.
So, this is my Google Drive folder for my NaNo project, which here is called “here we go again” and on the NaNoWriMo site is called #illegalyblonde.
I like Google Drive because the design is really pleasing for me and it’s easy to navigate. You can of course use any platform you want to, I just recommend making a folder with all your docs in one single place, so you don’t have to hunt your documents around your pc.
Tumblr media
I keep different documents for different things, so it’s easier to come back to them when I need to.
“Scene dump” is kind of my relief document, essencial in the early stages of plotting because every time I imagine a scene to the story, I simply write it there and later I use all those ideas to mindstorm the final structure the story will take.
I have two outline documents. The first one was my first outlining doc, meaning it has loads of ideas and a general plotline for the story. I like to think of it as the story’s skeleton. The detailed outline is where I separated the 3 acts, 27 chapters and am currently describing what happens in each chapter in detail. Some people don’t necessarily need a detailed outline, but I like to know exactly what will happen in each chapter, down to what the characters will do in each scene, so I can escape writer’s block more easily. 
You can see there is already a Chapter 1 but I’ll most likely make a sub-folder just for the chapters.
My characters sub-folder look like this:
Tumblr media
As soon as I began the outlining, I wrote a profile for each character. They all have two pictures and a physical description underneath, then I organized their profiles in topics, just like this: 
Tumblr media
Every document is organized in topics (and the Drive is great for it, because it identifies topics and lists them automatically), so I can travel around the document more easily. An example of how much those topics can help is my worldbuilding:
Tumblr media
See how many stuff is under the “Politics” topic? Imagine having to go through all that to get to “Society”! 
Also, I use other authors’ tables to create all of this. “System of Government” is a sub-topic from Jenna Moreci’s table for worldbuilding. I made this post with all my sources.
Until then, hope I helped you guys a little! If you have any questions, please ask us!
- admin light
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mslynnwrites · 2 years ago
@stand-inthe-rain​ tagged me in this little game, so I’ll bite. I’m only procrastinating, after all lol. Basically, I answer 11 questions that were given to me on the post I was tagged in, then make 11 questions for other people and tag 11 people. We’ll see how well this goes. ^-^
1. When do you do your writing?
Usually in the middle of the day or late at night. Kinda have to work around my jobs’ schedules.
2. Are you a planner or pantser, and why?
Bit of both, really, but more of a pantser. I try to make a plan, but I pretty much immediately disregard the entire thing. Most of my outlines end up being short 1-2 sentence descriptions of the most important things for each chapter and I just fill out the rest while I write. There’s not really a “why,” though. It’s just what works for me. I can’t hold to elaborate outlines, and that’s mostly because I discover my characters and worlds while I write, no matter how long I world/character-built.
3. What made you want to start writing?
Not really sure. I just really enjoyed reading as a kid, but it’s so hard to find the kinds of stories that I want to read. I started writing fanfic back in grade school so I could make those stories, and now I’m writing original stuff for the same reason.
4. Which OC do you most enjoy writing?
Caveron. Definitely Caveron. He’s the one character that comes very easily to me (apart from Kaetren, but he’s been my OC since middle school, so I know him very well). He just clicks for me, and he’s really a fun character.
5. What book or author has had the most impact on your own writing experience?
I’m not really sure I can name one in particular. I pick up things here and there from multiple sources, then combine them into something I can use. If I have to name one, I’d probably say either Jenna Moreci or Rick Riordan. Jenna, because she’s the one with the youtube vids that really got me to start writing my stories and actually planning them out to some extent, and Rick because his books inspired me a lot as a kid. 
6. Where do you get inspiration for your characters?
Many sources. Dreams, random shower thoughts. games, roleplays, people I know, music. It just depends. 
7. Which OC is most like you?
I want to say Kaetren, but that’s really not the case. I’m really a bit more like John: the mom friend keeping all my dumb friends from doing stupid things, but also internalizing things a bit more than others probably do.
8. Which OC is least like you?
Kava. He’s everything I hate in a person. He makes me want to stab everyone within a 6 mile radius. Although there is that inkling fear that maybe I hate him so much because it’s things I hate about myself in some cases. Then I remember that I’m not a self-important rapist who kills people once they’re no longer of use to me, so I think we’re probably good here.
9. Do you think of themes for your WIPs before you write, or do you discover what they are as you go along?
I don’t really think of themes at all. They just present themselves while I write, so I expand on them in later drafts. Occasionally, there’ll be one or two things that I definitely want to show within the story, but for the most part, themes appear while I work.
10. What was your favorite book when you were younger and has it changed?
The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin. I first read it in summer school after 3rd grade, and I still adore it. It’s short, sweet, and fun. I do still enjoy plenty of other books, and I’m sure another book will come to mind whenever someone asks me that question, but this has always been my most consistent answer, so I’ll stick with it.
11. Which would you choose to live without if you had to give up either your sight or your hearing?
Oh sight without a doubt. Sure, I love to read and see pretty sunsets, laugh at cat pictures, and all that. Hell, I practically live off of memes. But I’m a very auditory person. I love music. It’s what gives me inspiration. I love to sing and hear myself sing. I love to hear the same Vines over and over just because I think they’re funny. And as fun as these things are to watch as well, I could live without sight. In fact, it’d probably help my writing in some ways. I have a highly vivid imagination, so sight wouldn’t be as much of a problem for quite some time. Other senses tend to be slightly enhanced (or at least more noticed) when one is lacking, so my sense of touch and smell (which I’m very bad about using in writing) would actually be noticed enough for me to give them focus.
Now for 11 questions to other people!
1. If you could choose one fictional world to live in, where would you go?
2. What are the strangest traits you find in your characters?
3. If you were a mage, what kind would you be/what would your magic focus on?
4. Would you want to be the Chosen One in a story? Why (not)?
5. Apart from writing, what do you want to do with your life?
6. Dogs or cats?
7. Favorite music genre?
8. What genres do you prefer to write, and are those usually the same as what you read?
9. Are you currently procrastinating something mildly important?
10. What do you tend to focus more on while planning your story out? The plot, the subplots, the characters, the world, etc?
11. What’s the longest story you’ve ever written, and how long was it?
Technically I’m supposed to tag 11 people now, but I’m just gonna tag a few. Anyone else who feels like doing it, though, feel free! Just let me know so I can read your responses!
@arwallace @duskdragon39 @madammuffins @writing-and-nutmeg @the-clockwork-anything
(If I tagged you, and you don’t want to be tagged in stuff, sorry. Just shout at me and I’ll make sure not to do that again.)
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