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#source: meme
amaru2020 · 2 days ago
Caitlyn: *loses Vi in Ekko’s hideout*
Caitlyn: Pink hair, tattoos, might be into me but we haven’t had the talk.
Random member: uh, no-
*Caitlyn, digging through a pile of leaves* VI ARE YOU IN THERE?!
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Opera: *pulls back shower curtain*
Opera: Kalego– stop screaming, it’s just me. I have a question.
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fettuccine-void · 14 hours ago
Gojo: we need to talk
Fushiguro: What’s wrong
Gojo: can we get chinese food
Fushiguro: That’s what you want to talk about
Gojo: yea
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marksandrec · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Marks and Rec: Misc #2307
(Dialogue from that one meme.) (This is what happened, right?)
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incorrect-dnd-classes · 25 days ago
Paladin: Why the heck is there blood everywhere?
Rogue: Well, you see, it's simple colour theory.
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lesbian-deadpool · a month ago
Melina: I like people.
Natasha: No you don’t.
Melina: I’m trying to like people. It’s just, you know, so hard to weed through the stupid ones.
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verycorrectdannyphantom · 5 months ago
Sam, with her tarot deck: Now I will show you your fortune
Danny: Cool I guess
Sam: Why is every card death, what the fuck, I don't even have that many death cards
Danny: Figures
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Wanda: Tonight, one of you will betray me.
Vision: Is it me, Wanda?
Wanda: No, it's not you.
Geraldine: Is it me, Wanda?
Wanda: It's not you either.
Agnes: Is it me, Wanda?
Wanda: iS iT mE, wAnDa?
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incorrectfmaquotes · 8 months ago
Ed: Why didn’t you tell us that you were the host to tens of thousands of souls after you were the sole survivor of a total genocide and that your evil twin is the one trying to kill us all and harvest our souls?
Hohenheim: I’m shy.
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potoincorrectquotes · 6 months ago
The new managers reading the instructions left by the previous ones:
Tumblr media
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marksandrec · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Marks and Rec: Misc #2326
(Remus's love language is butts.) (Dialogue from that one meme.)
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spiltscribbles · 8 months ago
Remus: What if I told you I liked someone?
Sirius: it'd be annoying and gross and i wouldn't want to hear about it
Remus: What if I said it was you.
Sirius: ..
Sirius: ...
Sirius: Go on
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Shimin: You're in her DMs, I'm in her battle mind link while we wrestle each other for control of the Bird
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incorrectselfshipquotes · 3 months ago
F/O: What does "IDK, ILY, TTYL" mean?
S/I: I don't know, I love you, talk to you later.
F/O: Okay, I'll go ask someone else. I love you too.
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