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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
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#source: my brain

Remus: *sets he house on fire*

Remus: Well, looks like we’re reliving Pompeii.

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Virgil: Hey, Princey!

Roman: Yeah?

Virgil: You look cute!

Roman: That’s the best compliment anyone’s every given me and I’m going to follow you like a puppy from now on.

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Logan: I don’t regret a thing.

Janus: Except that time you and me kiss-

Logan: We won’t be talking about that!

Janus: Alright, jeez. Lover boy.

Logan: You’re pushing it.

Janus: Like you like pushing me onto-

Logan: Shut!

Janus: It’s fun messing with you.

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Vision: *wakes Peter from Agatha’s control*

Peter: Scott owes me fifty bucks! I knew other realities existed!

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Wanda and Vision: *having simultaneous mental breakdowns*

Peter, without a care in the world: Finally, a place my father’s habit of losing children can’t extend to.

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Janus: Oh look, a bitch.

Remus: Darling, that’s a mirror.

Janus: I know.

Remus: I’ll fight you. No hesitation. Don’t make me fight you.

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Logan, watching Remus have a mental breakdown: You good?

Remus: I’m dying my hair pink.

Logan: *deep sigh* Remus, please. You’ve dyed your hair six times this week already and it’s only Wednesday.

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The (fake) True Crime Documentary description for next week's episode
This week, we take a look at [. . .] And in the background, we will see the early stages of a budding romance in action between 2 LAPD officers caught in the middle of the case.
Oh, is this about you and your new officer boyfriend, Jackson? I didn't know he was involved in this case
I— he— he's not— Lucy!!! Come on!
Do you seriously not know?
What are you talking about?
*exasperated noises*
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Hey Lance you wanna do some Netflix and chill tonight?
Netflix and chill. You know watching something on Netflix and eating some popcorn after the racing or chilling as you young guys say.
That is so not what that means...
Wait what does it mean?
*whispering into Seb's ear*
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Lance: Why is Charles glaring at me from all the way over there?

Seb: Oh he’s not glaring at you, don’t be redicul—-

Seb [finally looks over at Charles]: Ok, yeah. He’s definately glaring at you.

Lance: Why?!

Seb: I’m an amazing teammate sadly.

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Valtteri: *coming into the kitchen*

Valtteri: *lining up 20 espressos and downing them like shots*

Lewis: Are you okay Valtteri?

Valtteri: *downing his 13 shot* Yes why do you ask?

Lewis: Ah just wondering how your night was…

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Pietro: I’m faster!

Peter: No, I’m faster!

Darcy: Ladies, ladies, you’re both pretty. Now be quiet and let the adults talk or you’re both going in time-out.

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Lando: When I said “prepare for trouble.”

Lando: I didn’t mean to make it double.

Lando: I just wanted to protect the world from devastation—

George: Do.Not.Qoute.Team.Rocket.At.Me.When.I’m.Unhappy.With.You!

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Charles: It’s not fair that I’m so beautiful.


Pierre: You want me to agree with you don’t you?

Charles [arms crossed]: Ya think.

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Rating each book in the Heroes of Olympus series:

The Lost Hero: 6/10, loved the trio but idk just not my favourite:/

Son of Neptune: 10/10, LOVED this one, the trio? Awesome. The plot? Even better. Also my baby Hazel💗

Mark of Athena: 9/10, I loved this one! But the ending tho…😩😩

House of Hades: 1000/10, Im sorry but Percabeth in this book? They jus broke my heart okay🤚🏻, OH AND NICO? 🥺🥺

Blood of Olympus: 3/10, Ya’ll r gonna be mad at me but I’m sorry just wasn’t my fav….I mean cmon the ending? 🤨🤨, BUT LIKE THE START OF SOLANGELO? 💘💘💘💘💘

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