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#source: regular show

When Regular Show first came out I kinda dismissed it but one day my professor cancelled class so I stayed home and it came on but instead of changing the channel I watched it and I was instantly hooked. I would watch it like all the time when I was at home and even recorded it. Then it got shifted around to different time slots and IDK it just kinda became inconvenient to keep up with in between school and work. I missed the last 2 seasons but still peeped the conclusion and while it was satisfying I def feel like it coulda had a longer life span on adult swim with looser content guidelines. During its first run it was rated PG instead of the usual Y that kid shows had and it was marketed to a bit older crowd anyways and had sum edgier jokes and cruder language so it def coulda been more litty with a TV-14 or MA rating on Adult Swim. 

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Going somewhere else.


Life wasn’t rushing ahead because of some villain’s evil plan. This is just how it feels to grow up.


You and I will always be back then.


Jolly good show.


Ahhh, yep. Whole lotta memories.


But if you’re curious, don’t wait. Take a trip. Find it.


It’s just about the time, we spent together, with you.


The loveliest lies of all.


Thank you to the shows that shaped (and are continuing to shape) me.

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Hey guys:) due to current world events I’m not able to work right now and I’m trying to make as much on Etsy as possible! However, 10% of profits will be donated to Feeding America. We all need to stick together during a time like this! This is the Trippy Regular Show Poster. Other designs available. Support a local artist and others in need! Thank you!

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