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#source: superdogbiter
Besides castlevania is there any recent adult cartoons that have at least decent animation and at least don't look like an eyesore

I can’t really think of any sadly.

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Wow disney really for the latest star wars movie sided not only with homophobes but with racists who hated rose

And now they’re shocked at the movie did so poorly.

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Would you agree whatever you think about rankin bass's version of return of the king.Where there's a whip there's a way is a catchy number?

it’s certainly catchy… not sure if that makes it good or not…

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The unfortunate thing is that D&D got a large figure deal on netflix so they are not losing all the way but the good news is that it's netflix and they seem to cancel everything past 3 seasons

Gotta take the small victories, I’m happy enough they’re off Star Wars for now ^^ 
Let’s face it, they’ll always get some sort of offer because… well… you know. Failing up and stuff.

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Do you prefer the ponyta or mudbray line when it comes to pokemon horses?

Mudbray for sure! I like ponyta, but it doesn’t seem like a horse you’d be wise to keep in a stable? Like I can’t think of a worse combination than Fire and…hay. 

Mudbray line, that’s a breed that you can really use! They grow up strong and sturdy, and while I like fire types, I think I’ll go with ground on this one. 

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how many episodes do you think critikal role has for their second campaign? because i'm still on the first campaign

Hard to say. I assume since they just hit level 10 in the most recent episode (#76), at least double that? 
Probably more, since campaign 1 started at level 8 or 9 (I think?) and we got 115 episodes from level 8 - 19/20. So, I doubt we’ll run out of episodes any time soon :D

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What do you think Crowley's reaction to the film The Happening(the film where plants kill people). Would he be meaner to his plants after watching that or would he be nicer to them?

The Happening feels like a film concept pitched by Crowley’s plants to try to get him to be nicer to them, but Crowley got word of this and through divine devilish intervention made this film so much of a joke it not only became a terrible movie it also ended M Night’s entire career

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Do you have a favorite scogan moment from the comics?

I was trying to answer this, started talking with @scottxlogan about the best Scogan comic book moments and it started becoming a book lol. We were talking about so many moments that I was drowning in Scogan moments. The new comics for Uncanny X-men is pretty good with them. There was the time they got drunk together and went on a mission with Fantomex after. There was the time that Logan went feral and wanted to protect Scott. The time that Logan gave Scott the sword that could kill him. The preludes to Schism. Honestly, I just really like that duo. The time they got drunk together in Wolverine and the X-men #40. I could honestly keep going…


Originally posted by scottxlogan

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Do you have any interest in Netflix's Castelvania series? There is some great gore and characters

It’s become one of my top favs

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for the writers ask meme, 6

6: how do you get through writers block?

Oh man, writer’s block is SUCH an issue for me. Most of the time my process for getting past it involves a lot of deleting everything and starting completely over and cursing myself for being such a shitty writer, lol. It’s not a good strategy and I don’t recommend it, but it eventually gets me through it somehow. Sometimes, though, I just have to take a break altogether because I get way too frustrated.

Thank you for asking, bb! 💖

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Jason crouse, negan, the comedian, 4

Adopt: The Comedian (lol that would be interesting)

Be Adopted By: Negan (I think he’d actually be a pretty good parent/guardian, tbh)

Marry: Jason Crouse (My love and thirst for him is unending, lol)

Thank you so much for asking, bb! 💖

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superdogbiter replied to your post: shaymin

i was doing the pokemon question thing, shaymin asks what is your happiest pokemon moment

oh, i didn’t reblog it but ok. my happiest pokemon moment was prob just being a kid obsessed with pokemon, making friends with other kids obsessed with pokemon, and playing together cuz we were all lil nerds :’)

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