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#source: the good place
txnjirou-s · an hour ago
Inosuke: Aw, what's the matter? Scared?
Zenitsu: It's not impressive to guess that I'm scared, idiot. I'm scared of everything.
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herqueensguard · 3 hours ago
Eleanor: I can’t believe Chidi doesn’t wanna remember us being together!
Tahani: You told him that you two used to be a couple less than a week after he broke up with Simone. Bullets have left guns slower!
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Fancy: It’s just one of those things we’ll never know. Like what happened to the Titanic.
Thursday: It hit an iceberg.
Fancy: Or is that what they want us to think?
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herqueensguard · 3 hours ago
Eleanor: You sure you don’t wanna hang out with us?
Michael: No, I’d rather be alone.
Eleanor: Okay, have fun wallowing in self-pity and feeling bad for torturing us! Peace!
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Jordan: So, making decisions isn't necessarily my strong suit.
Jonathan: I know that. You once had a panic attack at a make your own sundae bar.
Jordan: There were too many toppings. And very early in the process you had to commit to a chocolate palette or a fruit palette, and if you couldn't decide you'd end up with kiwi, Junior Mint, raisin and it just ruins everyone's night.
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incorrect-omgcp-frogs · 13 hours ago
Dex: I just want to be myself.
Nursey: That's a very, very bad idea. Do not be yourself. You need to be a better version of yourself, okay? And I do, too. And our only hope right now is this kind, selfless, amazing nerd. Think about that.
Chowder: Do you have to call me a nerd so much?
Nursey: I said a lot of other nice things, okay? Toughen up, nerd.
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vigilantsycamore · 14 hours ago
Aelita: This isn't Earth! This is the Ghost Channel! XANA is forking with us!
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vigilantsycamore · 14 hours ago
Aelita: Holy motherforking shirtballs
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lonely-thursday · 15 hours ago
Race: Jack, as your hottest friend-
Race: wait that’s Katherine
Race: as your nicest friend-
Race: no that’s Crutchie
Race: as your friend
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herqueensguard · 15 hours ago
Michael: I’ll figure out how to get you into the Good Place or get retired trying!
Eleanor: You’re not getting retired.
Michael: Not with that attitude!
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Harley: This is how I always get out of escape rooms. If you break enough stuff they open the door and kick you out.
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herqueensguard · 16 hours ago
Michael: What’s wrong?
Eleanor: You know how everyone has one of those friends who really likes to overstay their welcome when they visit your house?
Chidi: I’m your boyfriend, you invited me to live here!
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angelofthenight · 17 hours ago
Ahkmenrah: you’re pulling an Ahkmenrah.
Teddy: Posting Larry’s credit card number on reddit because he said you looked tired?
Ahkmenrah: You know, I forgot I did that.
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incorrect-ffix-quotes · 19 hours ago
Zidane: I might not have been a saint, but it's not like I've killed anyone. I wasn't an arsonist. I never saw a wallet outside a shop and thought about returning it but saw that the owner lived out of state so I just took the cash and dropped the wallet back on the ground.
Garnet: Okay, that's really specific, and that makes me think you definitely did do that
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rwbybutincorrect · 20 hours ago
I want to stay here because I love you...I think. No, I’m pretty sure. Yeah, I love you. Ugh, that’s embarrassing. I feel so itchy? Sorry. Don’t say anything, I just needed to get that off my chest. Okay, I’m gonna go. Catch you later, silly Billy. Ugh, love has made me a nerd. Bye.
Blake Belladonna, to Yang Xiao Long
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herqueensguard · 21 hours ago
Janet: I stopped taking requests ever since you bought that Alexa.
Alexa: Here is your reminder to play Madden.
Jason: Thanks, Alexa!
Janet, to Alexa: YOU'LL NEVER BE HIS WIFE!
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incorrect-uncharted · 22 hours ago
Charlie: Next question. You're into Elena.
Chloe: That's not a question Charlie!
Charlie: So you agree it's a fact.
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incorrectbellimala · a day ago
Incorrect Belli Mala #728
Shaia: Look, I might not have been a saint, but it's not like I killed anybody. I wasn't an arsonist. I never found a wallet outside on the street and thought about returning it, but the owner lived outside of the city so I just took the cash and dropped the wallet back on the ground.
Isla: Okay, that's really specific and that makes me think that you definitely did do that.
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Gillian: You should listen to me. I’ve come up with hundreds of plans in my life, and only one of them got me killed.
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Fancy: We have fun, don’t we, Morse?
Morse: I’ve never been more stressed in my entire life.
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