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Some Plot Bunny

So i decide to post two of my Plot Bunny, i have others i’m working on right now and will post about them soon.


OC: Samantha Collins


FANDOM: Step Up franchises

PAIRING: Luke x Samantha (OC), Sean Asa x Samatha (OC)

SUMMARY: Samantha has been just another dancer in New York city before Luke finds her and bring her in the Pirates. She was good and she treated everyone has a family member, being there in the group and helping make choreography for them. Then came the moment that Moose and then Natalie came into the group, at first, she was okay with the young woman, but she was in love with Luke and was seeing them getting closer. What she didn’t know was that Luke was actually in love with her too, and will finally tell her before the contest. They will leave New York together for school, she will pursue a career in dance and him in the cinema.

4 years later she is still a dancer, but Luke and her are over, Moose and Sean come to see her and ask her to dance with them for the competition The Vortex. She will be a little unsure about it, but will say yes for Moose. As the preparation for the competition advance Sean and Samantha will fall for each other, of course the fact that he will not listen to her and the other opinion will get on her nerves and she will leave before the competition. But she will come back with the rest of the crew to participate in the competition, which will end with a kiss between the two of them.


OC: Skye Mars

FACECLAIM: Emily Bett Rickards

FANDOM: Veronica Mars


SUMMARY: Skye has always been in awe of her big cousin Veronica and her best friend Lily, she always wants to be like them and then Lily murder happens. And everything she knew was crushed her uncle lost his job because of what he thought was the truth of Lily murder and Veronica choose his side since he was her father. Skye who was living with them didn’t know what to do follow her family or follow the 09er. Just like her big cousin she will follow the family and her life will become a nightmare. She will decide to help her uncle a little bit when he will open is own agency and then get swipe in Veronica crazy adventure.

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We’re still playing our game of written hot potato! Dozens of your favorite authors are taking turns to tell a Veronica Mars mystery story. Each writer crafts their chapter and then “tosses” the story to the next person to continue the tale. No one knows what will happen, so expect the unexpected!

Follow the “vmhq presents” and “murder we wrote” tags for all the installments, or read the story as it develops on AO3. — Chapter Fourteen of MURDER, WE WROTE is written by @Lorie03.

And stayed tuned next week for Ch.15 from @starlightafterastorm​ ​ -tag, you’re it!


“What do you mean, ‘that’s not even the worst’?” Gia asked with a shrill voice. “What could possibly be worse than being stuck on an island with someone trying to kill all of us?”

“Being stuck with you,” Veronica muttered loud enough so only Logan could hear. A slight laugh came out of his mouth, and they shared a knowing smile before turning to Wallace. Seeing his dark look, she quickly regained her focus. Without a word, Wallace pulled a newspaper clipping from his back pocket and gave it to her. Unfolding it, Veronica studied the piece of paper and shivered. “This is dated three days from now and… it’s about us.” She read it out loud:


A dead silence fell on the room as everyone tried to process what they’d just heard. Veronica turned to face Logan, his concerned look reflecting hers. What the hell? was written all over his face. Unable to find a proper answer to the billion questions floating in her mind, she raised her head and checked the others. Anxiety was on every face, even Dick seemed to have lost his fast quips. 

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instead of taking advantage of the extra free time to caught up with some shows or try new ones (though I’m hoping I’ll do that this weekend…), finishing the last season of Veronica Mars put me in nostalgia mode and I’ve been rewatching old episodes.

I almost forgot how much I fucking loathe everyone who was with Veronica in Shelly Pomroy’s party and their unforgivable passivity, ugh.

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So Rob Thomas killed Logan off, not only because he didn’t think Veronica could be a strong independent woman and be in a happy, committed relationship (🙄), but also because he thought she had gotten over too much of her trauma and needed more for the show to be interesting and for Veronica to have the same crappy personality. And then he skips forward a year in the last 10 minutes, but I wish he could see the future, because if he could see 2020 he would know that he didn’t need to create more trauma for her, because the whole world was about to become a dumpster fire anyway.


Also can we please get a prequel book.

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Thinking about how Veronica and Logan love each other and need each other but don’t actually like each other

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Chapter 2 of Knockout

The sun is up by the time the doctor finishes his exam and Keith has supplied both himself and Logan with some terrible hospital coffee that’s really more water than anything else. Logan lingers in the hallway cradling the warm paper cup to his chest, letting Keith spend some alone time with his daughter. Sure, she’d asked him to stay, and while he probably couldn’t even find it in himself to leave if she hadn’t, he feels completely out of place here.

Cover art by @aahaanaa

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