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tomhollandarchives · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tom out and about with Harry (via) | 23 October 2021
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superdogbiter · 3 months ago
Sylvie:”Just be casual,try some light flirting”
Loki:”I can do that”
Loki:”Nice work Mobius,high-five”
Mobius:[High fives Loki]
Loki:[Intertwines their fingers]
Loki:”I love you”
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incorrectstevebucky · 7 months ago
Steve: Bad things keep happening to me, like I have bad luck or something.
Bucky: Steve, you don't have bad luck. The reason bad things happen to you is because you're a dumbass.
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rwbybutincorrect · a month ago
Jaune: Do you ever think about how your skeleton is wet?
Oscar: I never have, but thanks for ruining my life.
Nora: Don't worry! There will come a time where it won't be!
Oscar: Thanks! Even worse!
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theshowgeek · 2 months ago
Interviewer to Luz: So what it’s like to date someone way, way, WAY out of your league?
Amity grabbing the mic: Amazing! I never thought I would be this happy my entire life!
*Both Luz and Amity turn into a blushing mess as the words sink in*
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myfav0tps · 5 months ago
Buck: I kissed Eddie.
Maddie: And?
Buck: I thought you'd be a little more surprised.
Maddie: I'm sorry...
Maddie, mocking shocked voice: And?
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t2316m · 9 months ago
Jason:*dancing while cleaning the manor thinking everyone's at school or work*
Damian:*was sick home, came down for a snack* Am I hallucinating?
Jason: *stops* ...Yes?
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Cyrus: Ask me why I love you.
Olberic: Why do you love me, Cyrus?
Cyrus, pulling out a 200 slide presentation: I am so glad you asked.
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superdogbiter · 3 months ago
Ravonna:”No variants allowed here”
Mobius hugging Loki close to his chest:”Excuse me,but this is my emotional support variant and he will stay with me”
Loki:                 :)
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superdogbiter · 7 months ago
Bucky:”ARE YOU-”
Sharon:”What was that?”
Sam:”Oh Bucky’s therapist wants him to stop swearing so i volunteered to help him out”
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superdogbiter · 4 months ago
Loki:”And then i said KNIFE to meet you,it was a funny little pun”
Hunter B-15:”You accidentally stabbed Mobius.He needs some first aid”
Mobius:”Don’t worry! I’m in STABle condition!”
Loki and Mobius: *Finger guns*
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superdogbiter · 5 months ago
Sam:”So Buck,what do you do in your free time?”
Bucky:”I stalk people”
Sam:.........Ok i like to run in the morning”
Bucky:”Oh i know”
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superdogbiter · 3 months ago
Loki,depressed on the floor:”I just feel like a noodle”
Mobius,joining him on the floor and hugging him:”Oh good,i like pasta”
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superdogbiter · 6 months ago
Sam:”Could you do me a small favor”
Bucky:”I’d kill for you but go on”
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superdogbiter · 3 months ago
Mobius:”I’m straight”
Loki:[Walks into the room]
Mobius:”I have to gay”
Mobius:”I mean go”
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superdogbiter · 3 months ago
Mobius:”What are you doing?”
Loki:”Remorse code”
Mobius:”Now i’m even angrier”
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superdogbiter · 3 months ago
Loki:”When i die,i want you to get a tombstone and write “nothing is set in stone” on it”
Mobius:”I never thought you were into puns”
Loki:”It’s that and a subtle warning for my return”
Mobius:”Ah,i should have assumed”
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superdogbiter · 4 months ago
Mobius,shining a flashlight under Loki’s bed:”Loki,are you ready to come out and socialize?”
Loki:*Demonice screeching and hissing*
Mobius:”Understandable,have a good day”
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