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So it has been awhile since my previous post, things have been crazy for everyone so I thought I’d update with the information I have, as well as go through what’s been going on with me as well. 

As of today, June 3, 2020, I am a graduate with my Associate of Arts. I have all of my documents in with my local office. They only need to scan my final transcripts over to head office in Seoul and I’ll be done. 

With COVID still being prevalent there’s been some schools dropping out of the placements for TaLK’s August intake this year. Confirmed so far has been Gangwondo and Jeollanamdo. We should be getting information by way of email tomorrow, June 4th, about whether TaLK is even happening this fall. 

We have heard some interesting rumors that we could get Spring 2021, generation 26, placements if there is no intake for the fall and we interviewed well. So there is that small detail we are unsure about. 

Quarantine has been another interesting rumor. We’ve been told we will have to pay for it out of pocket, that we won’t have to, we may get reimbursed. So, for now, I’m assuming I will have to pay for it with no chance of reimbursement. While not ideal, I’m fortunate enough that I can do this and will gladly do it if they give me the chance. 

When more information is available I’ll make sure to update here. I’ve been back at work since our company took everyone off furlough and a problem with our manager has me working more hours that I’m contracted for now! 

Hopefully everyone gets good news tomorrow.

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