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All I see is you my Lee Joon oppa. long time no see but glad you are back in action excited 🤩

Here’s our first look for the Netflix Original Series:


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I used to hate kpop before but look at me now,

I’ve been enjoying listening to BTS, TXT, Straykids and Blackpink these days. What you think about that?

This is also a song reco from BTS ♡ love the melody and the lyrics itself.

Let me know also your recommendation, if you have any. ♡

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Zarif Urges South Korea to Secure Iran’s Access to Assets Frozen Due to US Sanctions

Zarif Urges South Korea to Secure Iran’s Access to Assets Frozen Due to US Sanctions

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has called on South Korea to redouble efforts to secure Iran’s access to its assets frozen in the East Asian country’s banks due to US sanctions.
In a phone conversation with his South Korean counterpart, Chung Eui-yong, on Wednesday, Zarif said that over the past two and a half years, Tehran-Seoul ties have been adversely affected by the “illegal”…


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11:55pm KST // 9:55am EST [Feb 27]

the days have passed. it is officially my last day in quarantine.

  • we got news that the rules changed a few days ago. my one night in a martha stewart jail cell waiting for covid results counted as a night in quarantine, so i was refunded 121$ from the hotel and i will officially only be spending 13 days here, as opposed to 14.
  • thank you all for your passionate response to my food photos. i’m glad you found my tenure recording my government rations as exciting and fascinating, but i am very excited to not live this way anymore, ESPECIALLY SINCE THEY DO NOT PROVIDE KNIVES OR FORKS. god, i can’t wait to spread nutella on a piece of toast with a knife. i can’t keep using the handle end of a spoon, i feel crazy.
  • i spent some time on korean tinder while trapped here. it’s certainly a very different culture. guys will post their BDSM kink rankings as a photo instead of their face. i’ve seen quite a few weird english phrases set as names– “mick eemouse, justfor fun, and friends withbenefits” – instead of just, idk, their name lmao. most people don’t seem to have any bios whatsoever, so everything goes by looks. men seem to work fast here: you match, they say hi, you say hi back, and they immediately ask to meet up. i’ve gotten quite a few friends-with-benefits propositions. i don’t know. i’ve stopped opening the app because it kind of freaks me out, but i’ve always been really bad at ….. speaking to other people.
  • i said before that my sleeping schedule was completely normalized and i am running fully on KST. that was thrown off these last few days. i had interviews at 12am, 5:15am, and 2am, all in the span of four days. even right now i am so sleepy recovering from the three hour interview i had in the middle of the night yesterday. please don’t ask how i got through brightly telling these people that i was having a “wonderful afternoon” and “sunny friday.” i was literally disassociating because i was so tired. ;_;
  • i finished the mandatory portion of my TOEFL course. once i get the results of my final essay (and if i pass) i will officially be certified to teach english to foreign language students. :] very exciting.
  • i remain desperately obsessed with the view from my hotel room. the gorgeous splotches of morning color all the way to the twinkling lights of incheon airport at night are enchanting. i love this window.
  • i have 35 water bottles on my window sill currently acting as a humidifier substitute, along with my portable actual humidifier. i am not going to show you a picture. the situation makes me despair.
  • so that’s my quarantine coming to a close. i can’t wait to actually have something vaguely interesting to say to you all instead of weird iterations of “i may be trapped but i am vibing.” til 7am on Feb 28th though, you will find me rewatching the tatbilb triology and getting intoxicated while watching pride and prejudice for the 23rd time. much love.
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I just want to let you know that I’m an SM Stanner. Yesung and Ten are one of my favorites idols among the SM artist.


So please, Stan NCT and Super junior.

Peace out

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Butuh Cinta

Ada satu pertanyaan kenapa perempuan utamanya yang didominasi oleh mbak-mbak middle age lebih cepat menguasai atau mempelajari bahasa korea.

Saya coba menanyakannya pada beberapa kawan. Lalu jawaban mereka secara tersirat adalah adanya cinta di diri mereka.

Hasrat untuk menguasai bahasa asing tersebut menjadi berlipat karena di dorong oleh semangat tanpa adanya intervensi dari pihak manapun. Jadi enjoy dalam belajar. Walaupun pada konteks ini mereka belajarnya karena ingin bisa bahasa korea karena terpengaruh K-pop culture.

Mengingat kembali era 2010, dimana ada muatan lokal bahasa jepang di pelajaran SMA. Saya ingat betul bahwa saya tidak begitu suka tapi saya bisa dalam belajar. Bisa karena terbiasa, setelah berlatih beberapa kali menghafal huruf hiragana.

Namun, hal itu tidak diikuti dengan cinta. Jadinya pasca pelajaran berakhir, berakhir pula hafalan vocab, ingatan hiragana, katakana, dan pronounciation japanese nya.

Pada kali ini saya mencoba memepelajari bahasa korea dengan cinta. Walaupun cinta ini belum ada di awal waktu, tapi saya yakin ia akan muncul entah kapan waktunya.


First impression, saya bingung, karena zero experience about korean languange. Belajar menghafal hangeul juga secara otodidak. Yang jelas, alasan utamanya adalah agar dapat bertahan hidup di Korea.

Alhamdulilah, sonsaengnim (guru) bahasa korea nya sangat humble, dan bisa menjelaskan dengan baik, sehingga mudah dimengerti. Akhirnya ada alasan berikutnya untuk mencintai, karena nyaman dengan penjelasan sonsaengnim.

Then, pada minggu keempat, ternyata sonsaengnim nya ganti. Bahasa pengantar udah full korean, bukan billingual.

First impression pada sonsaengnim yang ini jadi jelek, dan merubah mood yang awalnya semangat buat korean class, jadi males, dan merasa terbebani. Oh, ini berarti tanpa melibatkan cinta.

Perlahan tapi pasti. Muhasabah diri kembali. Tanjakan selalu naik. Ternyata saya mulai kehilangan cinta pada minggu lalu di kelas bahasa.

Setelah meneguhkan hati kembali, dan berusaha mengembalikan cinta, alhamdulilah ini jadi kembali terasa mudah.

Ternyata, butuh cinta di setiap tempat.

Sama seperti dawuhe Gus Baha, bahwa ciri-ciri cinta itu rileks. Membuat santai, tidak tertekan, dan ikhlas menjalaninya. Dari hal itu kita akan semakin mudah dalam mencapai ilmu, atau apapun yang sedang kita usahakan.

Daejon, 27th February 2021

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Aph South Korea


Name: Imu Yon Su Age: 15 year’s old Personality: smart, free spirit, cheerful and best hype man. He is such a lovely gem of a person that despite his issues with claiming everything was originally founded in his home country (much to Kiku’s annoyance) but, despite those faults his is still a nice guy who values his friends and family to no in. Even with the rocky relationship with his twin brother North Korea. Qoutes: “Hello, the name’s Yon Su. Nice to meet ya!” “Al, let’s hang sometime. I got the lasted k-dramas at my place if you’re interested!” “Hurt my family or my friends and you will die, no questions asked” “I do still have some love for my Hyung (North Korea) but, it’s just so weird whenever we try to make things better it never lasts.”

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K-drama asks

1. Which K-drama still lingers in your mind even though it has been months/years since you first watched it?

2. Which Korean actor/actress has a special place in your heart and you always look forward to watching their dramas?

3. Which is your go to drama when you’re in a sad place?

4. Which drama set in a foreign country makes you nostalgic?

5. Which part of Korea would you like to visit because of all the dramas you have watched?

6. Do you rant about ongoing dramas even though the person your ranting to doesn’t watch dramas?

7. Do you like horror, mystery, thriller dramas?

8. Do you often leave dramas in the middle because the plot got boring?

9. Did you get into k-pop because of K-drama or get into K-drama’s because of k-pop?

10. Do you often compare your country to Korea unknowingly?

11. Have some basic Korean words become a part of your regular speech?

12. Have to thought about working/studying in Korea?

13. Did you watch any drama solely based on the drama poster?

14. Have you ever wanted a drama to be longer?

15. Have you wanted any drama to be shorter?

16. Did Korean dramas open the door to watching other Asian dramas?

17. Did you hate a popular/trending drama?

18. Which genre of drama are you drawn to?

19. Which drama you wish you could see again for the first time?

20. Which drama do you wish you could erase from your memory?

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South Korea vaccinates 18,000 to start ambitious Covid-19 campaign

South Korea vaccinates 18,000 to start ambitious Covid-19 campaign


South Korea said 18,489 people received their first doses of AstraZeneca PLC’s vaccine by midnight on Friday as it launched an ambitious Covid-19 inoculation campaign, and will begin using Pfizer/BioNTech vaccines on Saturday.
The first to receive the shots are healthcare workers, staffers at assisted care facilities and other high-risk people, with a goal of vaccinating 32 million to 36…

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