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#south park post covid special
platypuskenny · a day ago
a rough list of things from the special i’m not over
stan’s failmarriage with a robot wife
kenny being dr john hammond rom jurassic park, but like, in a “cool gay uncle” way
trey parker as a singing doorbell
the fact “comedy is dead because people don’t wanna offend others” is a take being pushed in a 2021 south park special
wendy being a meganekko babe with an ugly husband
the goth kids as old (gay) people
kevin and karen having good adult designs
bebe and nichole Possibly together??? maybe????
cartman converting for pussy
cartman having three biological children, being the only character confirmed to do that so far
hearing cartman fuck, twice
catholic scott malkinson, still having a lisp
tweek still being Like That at 50
antivax clyde
stan and randy killed their family
the implication that trey and matt possibly want old people to die
the implication that clyde does coke
cartman being too heterosexual to shove his hand up kenny’s ass, and stan doing it instead
kenny is uncircumcised
the ghosts of sharon and shelly kissing randy’s ass
butters being the fiddleford mcgucket to kenny’s stanford pines
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glowinthedarkstarss · a day ago
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best part of this special 100%
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muttsterion · a day ago
This, THIS WAS THE ADULT KENNY I'VE BEEN WANTING FOR SO LONG. Still selfless, made himself a better life, finally expressed his emotions in his own way. Just a cool uncle type. Thank you, South Park, he deserved it.
Yeess. Our Kenny got the life he deserved. He got himself out of poverty, became well known (a legend even), donated his money, put all of his energy into making a better life for everyone, and through it all he was still missing his old friends/broship enough trying to fix it even though they were still assholes. Ha yep. So far Kenny's still a good guy.
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tweekscoffeebean · a day ago
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Honestly I was more weirded out by ADULT Craig not wearing a hat then balding. Like genetically it makes sense he would have the same hair style as his dad.
Credit to @lonereedy for the picture <3
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goldenquiveruwu · 23 hours ago
//SOUTH PARK POST COVID SPOILERS// ok so i uh I love him- even if this whole “living a happy Jewish life with a nice wife” thing is all a façade, I really like the Post Covid Cartman- he looks so happy, so I had to draw him 🥺🥺🥺🥺 anyways I don’t know whether I like the concept of him just wanting to mess with Kyle or he just legitimately changed better, but either way I’ll be happy lol
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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rottenchickenflesh · a day ago
The main four will go to their last source of hope to help with Kenny’s time machine…and that is Victor Chaos aka Butters.
Butters will either be the same or have his own joker origin story about his falling out with Kenny. He will be hesitant to tell the main four out of spite because they were all pretty shitty to him. They may convince him that they’ll change the future so he won’t end up crazy and that Kenny will be alive.
If the gang does succeed at the time travelling, here’s what they need to change:
Kill Randy
Who was the main cause of the pandemic? Randy. Who ruined the town with his marijuana specials? Randy.
The boys have to kill Randy before he makes any deals with China, then everything turns back to normal.
The Marsh family is finally free from the narcissistic grips of Randy, no pandemic, no tegridy farms. Everyone is at peace at South Park.
Sounds dark, I know. But it’s their only hope to normalcy 💀💀
Fingers crossed we get interactions between the boys and their future selves, oh and also I’m dying to see my beloved butters 😭
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tylerspicknell · 19 hours ago
I don’t think Cartman cares about his family.
I think he wants the future to stay the same because he’s the only one who actually has a happy life and family and wants it to keep it that way to rub it in Stan and Kyle’s face for the rest of their lives.
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sgitarimo · a day ago
I'm... surprisingly fine with the special? I think I like most of the adult designs and they all mostly seem to be doing good (and honestly those who aren't, we all saw it coming)
Tweek and Craig still being together and not living in South Park was enough for me to not hate it, tbh
Their futures better not be ruined when the past gets changed tho
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c0037 · a day ago
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platypuskenny · a day ago
this is future butters and kenny now. prove me wrong.
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muttsterion · 23 hours ago
I hope Kenny still remains somewhat successful in the future after this is all over. (Him working this hard to make a better future not just for his friends, but EVERYONE feels too good a concept to give up)
That would be nice. If after all this everyone got the future they deserve. Really hoping if it works Kenny doesn't end up sacrificing himself in a way that yes he has his friends and they're happy yet he's stuck back in poverty or something. But he's selfless enough to do something like that ha...I hope he gets everything he deserves both his successful career and the connection with his friends that he misses so much he's willing to risk everything he's accomplished.
Again no one in this timeline deserves Kenny.
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goldenquiveruwu · a day ago
Ok wait wait guys did anyone else get reminded of IT Chapter 2 from the Post Covid South Park movie??? That’s like all I could think of??? I mean it is just another friends-from-childhood-reunion-as-adults movie but like- I can’t stop thinking about the stupid clown movie 😭
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rottenchickenflesh · 5 hours ago
The main four have no choice but to kill Mr. Garrison before he runs for president.
Mr. Garrison is already an insufferable bastard and he won’t be missed, believe me. Having him erased will prevent not only the pandemic, but the trolling escapades, Cartman and Heidi getting together, Randy buying his farm, etc.
Getting rid of him will reset everything
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c0037 · a day ago
How does it feel to be so right?
I've never been soooo happy
This also just confirms to me that the tweak family genes are one of the best ones out there
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