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mynte-te-blog 2 days ago
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like ok tweek sure the underpants gnomes exist 馃檮
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eereekuhh a day ago
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tfbw creek dialogue <3333
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entomologistologist 2 days ago
abusive homophobic thomas tucker is out, confused but caring thomas tucker is in
confused but caring thomas tucker slowly winning the trust of tweek, who mistrusts his own parents and needs positive adult figures in his life, is SUPER in
thomas tucker taking craig and tweek fishing and hunting and stuff and richard tweak being absolutely DISTRAUGHT because he thinks his son is becoming a redneck and having a redneck son is not聽good for the coffee business is SUPER DUPER in
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meuhhjelly 2 days ago
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my baby boys
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thehauntedartist a day ago
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Some more Misc South Park doodles! Giving some love to Tweek and Craig.
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notwordsspoken a day ago
South Park Season 25 Predictions
We get a new Intro opening
The boys slighty mention the events of the return of covid
There will atleast be 1 Tegridy Farms focused ep (they love Randy too much to let him go)
Mr Garrison is gonna be involved a lot more since he's a teacher again
Although I don't think they'll get a full episode to themselves yet I do think we'll get a Craig and those guys sideplot
Tik Tok is mentioned or has a whole episode dedicated to it
We see Cartmans wife's past self
Random 10 second Creek scene (Creek fans will eat it up)
Kyle gets another love interest that doesn't work out again
Satan comes back from the dead
Scott Malkinson is more involved with whatever stupid idea the boys come up with
Professor Chaos comes back for an ep
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doxdoz 14 hours ago
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lately I only draw them, I think it's an addiction
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underhell69 a day ago
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fanart for this amazing fic聽written by @daydreamingismyhobby33 !!!
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m0th--teeth a day ago
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dick rock <3
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shreddies-scribbles 2 days ago
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alright who put da dilfs on da roof 馃槓馃え
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rueseff 2 days ago
historians say they were besties
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cherry-sleepover 11 hours ago
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based on shit i鈥檝e actually said/done while high
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prince-rat 2 days ago
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I had a south park watchathon w my friends and tbh my friends r hot for watching sp
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t0v333 a day ago
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they made playlists for each other and craig put buddy holly or some shit on tweek's
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lochnessmonstersbf a day ago
theatre kid tweek and stagehand craig hcs bc i am an ex theatre kid and also a tweek kinnie
- tweek likes musicals but it took him a while to go from acting in straight plays to musical theatre bc singing in front of people is scary as hell!!!
- craig joins run crew so that he could be backstage during techs and shows in case tweek has a panic attack or gets nervous before shows
- ^^ going off of that they are that one couple backstage that is so gross and cuddly it annoys everyone聽
- craig stands in the way of the actors in the wings or peaks through the curtains every time tweek is onstage and everyone whisper shouts at him to get out of the way but he just flips them off and keeps watching tweek
- one time the high school did spring awakening (because south park would so do some wildly inappropriate for teenagers musical) and tweek played ernst and when craig found out tweek had to make out with some guy he was PISSED. this was the one time he did not watch tweek from backstage
- after a few shows of craig being absolutely no help backstage the stage manager forced him to be a spot op and he was super upset about it until he got up there and realized that he could like... actually watch tweek perform (and also sneak backstage during intermissions)
- that being said he gets hella distracted and forgets who to follow like every two seconds聽
- lights has notes every night because of it
- after every closing night the cast goes to tweek bros and they all laugh and sing and be generally super annoying and loud but tweek likes to consider it a tiny act of revenge against his parents
im sos stoned ill think of more later lol
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paninimaker 2 days ago
Oke but for real, i think the south park fandom makes Tweek way to like,,, idk, wimpy
For some background, im MLM (men loving men) and i want to speak on how people portray craig and tweek
Ive knowticed a lot of people play into the trend of craig being masc, defending tweek, basically being what a boyfriend in a stereotypical straight relationship is like. Then i see Tweek being super fem, not being able to defend himself, and people making his whole personality being craigs boyfriend, and i rhink thats fucked up
Not only dose it play onto heteronormative relationship stereotype, but it also erases tweek and craigs entire fucking character, and i think thats kinda gross
And i see this among a lot of MLM ships, and i think its super problamatic and should be adressed
Bc yes in the series, tweek is very jumpy, but he can defend himself, we saw that in "craig vs tweek" (season 3 episode 5) and in "free hat" (season 6 episode 9 (nice)) where tweek literally got a bazooka and almost blew up a bunch of people
So i dont like the way the majority of creek shippers frame craig and tweek, bc again they frame the relationship in a very heteronormative way. Of course, im not talking about when craig helps tweek when hes stressed or spiraling, because that is very healthy in a normal MLM relationship, but is also shown to be canon. I only take issue when people decide to hyperfeminise tweek
Basically, i know i repeated myself a lot, but im gonna do it again. Dont hyperfeminise tweek, and dont hypermasculinise (is that even a word? Im making it one) craig. Keep in mind their original characters, where craig just dosnt really react to much, and tweek is literally on crack
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withering-morior 2 days ago
God has spoken to me and he told me that I had to post this
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arismyungle 2 days ago
Craigs nnnnotes
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wvereboy a day ago
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Forgot to share this here also
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kiungsleeps a day ago
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Here I finally finished this piece,
Picnic with a youth pastor and an imp
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