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Do you think Joe Jonas and Sophie are really together and really have a baby? I’m curious what you think since you have followed three fake 1D pregnancies and I think you said you were a Jonas Brothers fan. Sorry if I’m mixing you up with another blog! I’m not in the JB fandom but I occasionally read about them and I like Joe and Sophie as people. But the way their relationship and Nick & Priyanka’s relationship have been portrayed in the media seems PR/bearding to me.
i am indeed an og jobros fan (been so since about '07) and i agree with you about the way both brothers' relationships have been weirdly pushed to the fandom and portrayed in the media (esp inserting all their wives into the music vids and whatnot and making most early comeback promo all about their marriages/wives, ugh no thank you). but i have to admit i've kinda tuned most of the relationship stuff out the same way i often do for ot5, though that tuning out is prob on a much heavier scale for the jobros these days cause 1) i just don't have the energy lol and 2) i've first and foremost ALWAYS been here for the music above everything else when it comes to any musicians i like. (my paying as much attention to personal lives or relationships like i have for ziam/ot5 was a novelty tbh, and probably a standalone from any other music/artist-related fandoms i have been or will ever be in)
that said, from the little i've seen/heard of things, nick's is absolutely a pr relationship and i believe that with my whole soul. i don't feel like i need a lot to go on to see that they don't really have much chemistry or seem compatible as people. ofc i could always remain to be surprised but i don't think i will. they'll probably get quietly divorced in another couple years/whenever the contract becomes less advantageous or they get tired enough of each other.
as for joe & sophie, it's harder to tell...again, possibly cause i just haven't paid close enough attention to things. but on the surface i will say they seem genuinely very compatible and warm/cute and friendly together so even if it isn't legit, i think there is some degree of friendship (or some sort of positive working relationship and some common interests/personality traits) there at least. although like i said, i could be wrong and just be being fooled by the few surface interactions i've seen and my not paying closer attention.
the pics i've seen of them out and about with the baby were indeed what caught my eye and made me more genuinely start wondering if there was something a little odd there as it rings a little too closely with z's "family outing" pics wherein joe looks about as interested to be there as eleanope at a louis concert lol. which is to say he's often on his phone/looking away/standing or walking like 500 feet away with around 2 feet of space from sophie or the stroller when he's not looking bored af pushing it (or looking like he could care less about having to be out with them on a pap walk), and from what i could see never actually holding the kid himself. it definitely looks odd, but again i'm not as up on the details and from what bits i did see of sophie's pregnancy and their relationship beforehand from dating to the marriage things def looked a lot more "normal" than they ever did w/ z*gi or ch*am or laya (though ofc normal is relative lol, esp in the world of pr dating and closeting. but like at least joe&sophie had actual freaking baby bags and blankets while out, didn't take their newborn out in the middle of fucking snowstorms in the middle of the night where literally zero other grown adults even felt safe enough to be outside, and sophie got photog'd with a legitimate pregnant belly out and about multiple times and not weirdly trying to hide it, etc.). i will admit the vegas wedding was a tad weird and out of left field but at the same time still felt very much in character for joe's rather eccentric personality (and sophie who seems like a bit of a weirdo in a fun way too from what i've seen of her lol). so all that in mind i'm still inconclusive on them (the pics could just be happenstance cause maybe he just didn't want him or his family being dragged through obligatory pap walks by whoever greenlit it and that was his way of getting through it, or was genuinely just killing time while they walked, or maybe there really is something larger there idk)...i'm keeping a very tiny corner of an eye on it, and an open mind to multiple possibilities, but just don't have enough info (or motivation) to dive into it enough to really say anything conclusive for sure 🤷🏽‍♀️
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Tumblr media
Space travel firm Virgin Galactic has once again started selling tickets to space tourists. And each ticket is being sold for 450,000 dollars. Recently, after Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson returned from space Read More...
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I forgot to upload yesterday’s inktober so fuckit have both of them now
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here is kars as a deity :> 
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ratt-kingg · 2 years ago
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Craig: and their really pretty, and just the science behind them is awesome like... ( nerdish rambling )
Sorry if this answer is late and boring it was kind of hard to think of so it’s really simple.
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Tumblr media
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p-o-3 · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
a homesickness for a home to which you cannot return, a home which maybe never was; the nostalgia, the yearning, the grief for the lost places of your past
reblogs > likes, as always
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yaz-the-spaz · 7 months ago
fyi i'll pretty much be deleting any and all asks having to do with z*gi since they're basically all irrelevant now lol, sorry to all the folks who basically got left on unread for so long but so happy to finally be able to say that shitshow really is irrelevant now lol!
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moonmoonitymoon · 4 years ago
So I have been playing Alien Isolation lately. Great game, yadda yadda grapics yadda yadda.
Anyways, xenomorph’s chasing me and I escape it. I’m scared AF. Usually in  horror games I play, I save and quit right after something like that (’cuz I’m a wuss) but in A:I I can’t do that. I have to keep playing. 
So basically making sure I don’t lose progression is more important than accidentally swearing in fear in front of my parents.
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sidespart · 4 years ago
Wait, shoot. Top 5 s p a c e
@the-jo-writes-and-draws im sorry this took me ages to get to!!!
I couldn’t think of a way to link this to sanders sides unless you want to imagine that Logan, like me, is trapped on a train with a sinus infection, a sharing bag of M&Ms to himself and a need to unleash some SPACE info….
1 Magnetosphere
Tumblr media
Okay this isn’t very SPAAACE because it’s like. Right there. The invisible magnetic field that surrounds the Earth. But it’s so so cool! 
We’ve got one because of the earths molten iron core. Venus and Mars don’t have one( mars thinks it has one but. Please). Mercury has one but it’s shite.
 Ours is the biggest and best and protects us from the random bursts of solar radiation the Sun likes to fling out from time to time (seriously, you always hear people going on about how a planet with life needs warmth and water but without a strong magnetosphere water is just r a d i a t i o n s o u p respect the sphere).
 Sometimes the particles interacting with it make beautiful light shows for us:
Tumblr media
Some evidence that birds can see it and use it to migrate truly a friend to all living things.
Plus it has an x man character named after it so that’s cool.
2 Saturn’s Rings
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
We’ve been able to see them since like 1655?? They’re huge?? But the individual pieces don’t get bigger then a meter across?? Oh except for the 2 MOONS JUST HANGING OUT IN THE RINGS. WE SEE YOU. 
Tumblr media
They’re mostly ice and something but we don’t know what that something is. 
NASA is planning a probe mission there soon it was on their Instagram and I got very over excited.
Also there was a dope post on tumblr a while ago about what our view of the sky would look like if Earth had majestic rings like Saturn but I cannot find it now alas
3 Jupiters Great Red Spot
Tumblr media
It’s wider then our entire planet.
 It’s at LEAST 188 years old and probably more like 350.
 And it’s a storm. 
Like, I like stormy weather but that is excessive. 
What do we know about it? Loads!
 What do we definitively know about it? Fuck all! 
It’s red because phosphors?? Maybe?? Or sulphur? Or other reasons?
 It used to be pretty cold so they thought it was probably high up in the atmosphere but now it seems to be warm so. Maybe. Not? 
Who can say 
(there’s probably lots of people who can say but they’re not me).
But! A new developments in things we don’t know about the Great Red Spot is its shrinking and we don’t know exactly why! 
But some people are predicting it will be gone completely within 20 years. 
Normally things changing in physics is exciting because you learn more about them but this makes me weirdly sad. You think some giant storms are always going to be there y know?
4 Cosmic rays
OKAY SO so you know how the sun sometimes randomly spits out a load of radiation and dust and what not?? 
Well so do other things. 
And sometimes they travel from Deep Space and hit our magnetosphere / atmosphere and split into a load of radioactive secondary particles like protons and muons and sometimes crazy german priests spend 4 days at the top of the Eifle tower with a homemade electometer recording them 
And then comes down and goes: Guys. Radiation. From spaaaaaaace. 
And everyone else goes: Shut up Theodor Wulf please go write a sermon or something and ignore him. 
An Austrian goes up In a balloon with THREE electrometers and also comes down like. Guys. Radiation. From spaaace.
 And everyone’s like okay so maybe? 
But it’s probably just the Sun and Victor Hess goes oh you want me to prove it? WELL I WONT HESS ITATE BITCH and goes BACK up in his  balloon  but this time during a SOLAR ECLIPSE 
and there was still radiation (from spaaace). 
So everyone’s now like. Okay. That’s a bit compelling.
 And THEN 
Heinrich Kolhörster goes up in HIS balloon to like 9km and is like yep there sure is radiatiaton 
and then later him and some bros figured out that the radiation wasn’t just radiation but particles. 
Travelling with an insane amount of energy, 
from outside the solar system. 
Spat out from explosions happening in other galaxy’s. 
Which is cool as shit. 
And then a bunch more people went up in balloons and found more radiation and then ww2 happened and then stopped happening and eventually they built CERN (presumably so scientists would stop trying to do research in from balloons) and they still study the tiny tiny particle physics to help explain the BIG BIG SPACE physics and it’s beautiful.
5 Lagoon Nebula
Tumblr media
Ive got nothing intelligent to say its just. so beautiful. 
you know you can go on tthe hubble or nasa website and just…look at stuff??
 for free????
 what a time to be alive. 
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voyager2-remade · 5 years ago
hello i love space so intensely i cannot explain further than that
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isthatgreentoyou · 5 years ago
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