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Grogu Anime Adventures, Part 3: A Merry Companion Is a Wagon in Space, Baby ^___^

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πŸͺ Let’s dance in another dimension, baby. πŸͺ

Have some dandy characters to vibe on your phone screen! Honestly, what a fun show- I think it deserves a season 3. What do you guys think? Also make sure to click into the image for better quality c:

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started rewatching space dandy and man i love it, it’s so fucking ridiculous. honestly, i think i appreciate it more now that i’m a bit older bc i can understand how flawed the main cast is and still find them entertaining as hell

i first watched space dandy as a freshman in high school, and just went β€œHAHA SEX! FUNNY!” but when i was rewatching it earlier today i finally got the satirical aspect of the show

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Anime of the day: Space Dandy

Let’s talk about trash, or rather good trash. Sometimes trash anime is created on purpose and people like it because it is trash. This is Space Dandy.Β  It’s a kind of space opera with a group of idiots trying to make some quick cash by selling rare aliens, and when I say idiots I mean it in the best way. It’s the inventive incompetence that makes this show such a wonderful comedy. It has a total of about 26 episodes and each one is brilliantly stupid. It has similar vibes to Rick and Morty but it is fundamentally different, I mean I guess. It’s both about dudes in space but Rick’s at least smart.

Calling this anime β€œtrash” and the characters β€œidiots” is the most perfect compliment ever. This anime knows it’s target market and crafts itself perfectly around this utter nonsense. It’s a riveting adventure of psychedelic colors and trippy trips to far off treks. I am thrilled with this anime simply because it’s genius and yet it’s trash. It’s good trash and I appreciate everything from the Hooters knock off to the soundtrack. This is another anime where they don’t skimp on the music. I mean there’s, I think, 60 something songs for two seasons of anime. I know some anime that use the same literal song for the whole thing.

Life Lesson: Sometimes we need a little trash.

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this aint the usual tf2 stuff but i did some requests in a discord server im in! got a variety of characters

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neko || LighTofHeaveN
*** Reprinted with permission from the artist.Β  Do not repost or delete source information.

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watched at least 5h of space dandy yesterday and then an hour of cowboy bebop, both slap so hard

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Oops forgot to share this meow doodle last night.

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