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#space lesbian

space agender and space lesbian for @honeycottage !!!! i loved making these.
the middle color is called cosmic latte
Cosmic latte is a name assigned to the average color of the universe, found by a team of astronomers from Johns Hopkins University. 

free for use with credit!!

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hey!! i love LOVE your flags!!!! funny i am also a nb lesbian named nova!! i was wondering if you could make a space lesbian flag? thank you<3

you bet!!! i made one a long time ago, but it was tiny and didn’t have a symbol. So here it is!

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Aura Blackquill

Why I like her

There are so many things I adore about Aura but I think first and foremost actually is her protectiveness over those that she loves.  Like she resorted to means that were less than honorable (and she knew that) to try and save her little brother after losing the woman she loved out of sheer desperation and will - it is a fierce protectiveness and love that I think sometimes goes undersold.  She would do anything and everything to protect those close to her (even if she sometimes acts like she would not).

Why I don’t

I think at times she doesn’t listen - she has her own idea of what occurred and would not sway from that even after Simon tried to tell her that Athena was not the culprit.  This I think made her retreat even further away from people and allowed her hatred of Athena to grow to unhealthy levels. 

Favorite Episode (also combining with season/movie bc they all blend?)

Turnabout for Tomorrow, I would say, because it showcases her desperation and what she would go to in order to defend and save Simon, after feeling that the legal system had failed her over and over again. 

Favorite Line

“Shut up Simon! You know exactly how I felt about her! Her respect as a co-worker wasn’t all I wanted!” 

It might be the obvious choice but it is an obvious one for a reason.  Her clear love for Metis was one of the things which drove her actions and contributed to her hatred for Athena and there is just a powerful desperation and despair in this line and it breaks my heart.

Favorite Outfit

Well she only has the one aha…but I do really love her with her hair down!  She looks absolutely beautiful. 


AuraMetis, no question.  It is tragic and lovely and I wish they had gotten the happy ending they deserved.  (In present time, I also super like AuraLana, as rare a pair as that is.)


Her and Simon - they are such good siblings who have that sort of “only I’m allowed to make fun of them” dynamic which I kind of adore.  And again, I think even though she and him seem rough to each other, beneath it is a fierce love and attachment which can never be broken.


She and Metis never actually did get together, but the feeling was more mutual than Aura ever believed.  Metis was just too awkward to really act on those feelings and she tried to keep things professional.  Aura would try to do things that to her seemed romantic but Metis never picked up on them, and Simon would tease her for these and would encourage her to just tell Metis straight up.  She never did, and regrets it to this day.

Unpopular Opinion

I guess my understanding of what she did when she took hostages is unpopular?  I’m not sure; I know it wasn’t good but I can completely understand it.  If one of my sisters was in that situation and I felt like I had zero other means to help her, I would probably be desperate enough to pull a similar stunt.

A wish

For her sentence to be short and for her to return to her brother and her job much happier than she has been in years and for her to find a nice girl to settle down with eventually because she deserves it. 

An oh-god-please-don’t-ever-happen

For her punishment in prison to be as tough as Simon’s was.  I know his was doubly worse due to guilt and not knowing who Metis’ killer was, but I would hate to see her fall into that sort of despair again.  

5 words to best describe her

Protective, sarcastic, wary (of new emotional attachments), desperate, intelligent

My nickname for her

My tag for her is “space lesbian” for a reason.

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