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From 1980, my 4-page strip “Spaceman” that was published in Questar (Feb. ‘81, Vol. 3, No. 3). Back then, my forte was twist-of-fate science fiction stories featuring unhappy astronauts 🙂. As this was created during my last year at NIU, I probably shoulda been in painting class; alas, getting my work published in slick, newsstand magazines proved to be a bit distracting! Media is India ink and watercolor. Note: not my scans.

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Just to be clear, this is actually my true form. A lovecraftian thing with forever shifting and twisting exoskeletal covering.

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Welcome to space, stranger!

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(Does not evolve.)

Cryptidex: Comaclysm (comet + cataclysm)
Disaster Quartet: Impact

Comaclysm is one of the Disaster Quartet, legendaries born out of the fear of human-created and cosmic disasters. Comaclysm is theorized to have been involved in the First Hoennese Weather Crisis in antiquity, where a meteor impact awakened a Kyogre and Groudon that caused untold devastation in the Hoenn region already affected by firestorms and tsunamis from the meteor.

In modern day, the Selene series of missions to Gaia’s moon attracted the attention of various pokemon-like entities from low orbit, high orbit, the moon itself, and even as far as Ares and the asteroid belt. Dragon-types are the protectors of Gaia from Cosmic-type threats, and so Dragon Clan adepts and a Mega Rayquaza again took up that duty to drive Comaclysm away. It escaped capture and is believed to be in a low-aura mode beyond Selene’s orbit. Poorly edited images of purported sightings of it via telescope are common internet hoaxes.

Design notes: asteroids, Ezekielian angels

Quite proud of the HUD photo for this one.

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Star Beast” by Fred Gambino

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Rocket Girls by Don Marquez

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Wormoid by John Silva

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one of the many Godzilla movies that I caught one day

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They go well with the universe because they made it in their image

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aw yea!!!! spooky sci fi shit is my favorite thing

my friend told me a very scary rp thing we were doing and nobodys words have scared me so bad so here ya go

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