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#space travel
swaggy666llamas · 9 days ago
Jeff Bezos didn’t even explode :(
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gothamsnightmare · 9 days ago
Random rant:
Why is it that the media thinks with all the news we still have and should be dealing with about floods and other catastrophic disasters we also really wanna see fucking Jeff Bezos flying into space?
You really think that's what people want to see to be cheered up again a little? That this is some kind of positive news we can finally focus on again? As if this a story to remind us that there is still some good in the world, that it will restore our faith in humanity?
It does the opposite of that, and that's really what actually should be focused on.
And it says a lot when it's being assumed that people would actually want to see a live broadcast of this at a time like this.
It's more like a perfect reminder that there's a reason why the world is in the state that it currently is in. As if we actually need that.
Especially cause this also sends a twisted message:
You got large parts of the world on fire again and other parts drowning in floods, all while the entire world is still struggling to get rid of deadly pandemic, and so many other things like endless draughts and hunger etc. still being a problem, and all of that happening globally at the same time.
And then you got some rich assholes flying into space, supposedly preparing to 'give us space tourism'.
First of all, who actually still wants this? A handfull of rich, spoilt idiots probably, but most sane people realize we got bigger problems to deal with now that they won't be hoping and dreaming anymore that they get to spend their vacations up in space some day.
And the very fact that they're doing this while so many catastrophic events are going on all at the same time, it rather gives it a taste of the richest men in the world are preparing to be able to leave this fucking planet behind for good for when shit really goes down in a couple of years.
The fact that Bezos let's that kid and old lady tag along does nothing to change his image either of course. We're not suddenly confusing him with a super nice rich guy that we apparently had the wrong idea of.
Makes you rather wonder why someone would let themselves get used by that guy's space propaganda like that.
Says a lot when the idea of romanticizing space travel at all times no matter what still is so powerful that rich guys can actually use people like that during a time like this.
We shouldn't be focusing on space, we should keep our heads focused on this fucking planet.
Cause it's already bad enough that we fucked up and killed this one planet, we don't need to move our distructive forces on to more.
And you know this is what will actually happen eventually if humanity really decides to seriously expand human life into space.
Really, let go of these old idiot romantic ideas of humans in space, and look at us for what we're actually are:
We're a fucked up, mistaken to be superior race that has always enjoyed the destruction and killing of any forms of life, including ourselves, and we shouldn't even be allowed off of this planet anymore at this point.
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1st-1 · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tell me the story about how the sun loved the moon so much he died every night to let her breathe.
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quietpinetrees · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
“Just as sailors shared legends of lovely fish-people, spacefarers reported sightings of “starmaids,” whose beautiful forms tapered into comet tails. It was a convenient way to explain the whispers they heard from outside the hull, and an excuse to avoid sleeping near the windows.” -QuietPineTrees
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currentsinbiology · 3 years ago
Scott and Mark Kelly are identical twin brothers — at least, they were until Scott spent a year living in space.
When Scott Kelly returned to Earth after a 340-day voyage aboard the International Space Station (ISS) two years ago, he was 2 inches taller than he'd been when he left. His body mass had decreased, his gut bacteria were completely different, and — according to preliminary findings from NASA researchers — his genetic code had changed significantly. (Interestingly, Scott Kelly has since shrunk back down to his initial prespaceflight height.)
A new NASA statement suggests the physical and mental stresses of Scott Kelly's year in orbit may have activated hundreds of "space genes" that altered the astronaut's immune system, bone formation, eyesight and other bodily processes. While most of these genetic changes reverted to normal following Scott Kelly's return to Earth, about 7 percent of the astronaut's genetic code remained altered — and it may stay that way permanently.
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sophisticat42 · 3 years ago
TIL: Bodies don't decay in space. They also don't slow down. So not only could you find perfectly preserved corpses in space, you'd also find them hurtling towards you with the force of an explosion that happened two years ago.
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nasa · 9 months ago
Oddly Satisfying #NASAMoonKits 🌙
What would you take with you to the Moon? 🧳
Tumblr media
We’re getting ready for our Green Run Hot Fire test, which will fire all four engines of the rocket that will be used for our Artemis I mission. This test will ensure the Space Launch System rocket is ready for the first and future missions beyond Earth’s orbit, putting us one step closer to landing the first woman and the next man on the Moon!
In celebration of this important milestone, we’ve been asking everyone (yeah, you there!) to dust off your suitcase, get creative, and show us what you would take if you were heading to the Moon!
Take a moment to peruse these #oddlysatisfying #NASAMoonKits submitted by people like you, and let them inspire you to lay out your own masterpiece. Post a picture of what you’d pack for the moon using the hashtag #NASAMoonKit for a chance to be shared by us! ⁣
1. @alexandra4astronaut
Tumblr media
A stunning #NASAMoonKit in blue. 💙
Tumblr media
Looks like a little friend is hoping to catch a ride with this #NASAMoonKit. 🐶
3. @guido_aerus_lombardo
Tumblr media
A #NASAMoonKit fit for an explorer. 🧭
Tumblr media
Shout out to the monochrome #NASAMoonKit enthusiasts! 🖤
5. @mycactusdress
Tumblr media
This #NASAMoonKit is thoughtfully laid out by a true fan. 📚
6. Mar Christian V. Cruz
Tumblr media
This geologist’s #NASAMoonKit rocks. ⛏️
7. Nelli
Tumblr media
Beauty in simple #NASAMoonKits. ✨
8. @urbanxkoi
Tumblr media
This #NASAMoonKit successfully fits into our Expert Mode — a volume of 5” by 8” by 2” (12.7 cm x 20.32 cm x 5.08 cm). The Expert Mode dimensions are based on the amount of space astronauts are allowed when they travel to the International Space Station!
9. PWR Aerospace
Tumblr media
Nothing like a cozy #NASAMoonKit. 🧦
10. LEGO
Tumblr media
This #NASAMoonKit is clearly for the builder-types! 🧸
How to Show Us What’s In Your #NASAMoonKit:    
There are four social media platforms that you can use to submit your work:
Instagram: Use the Instagram app to upload your photo or video, and in the description include #NASAMoonKit  
Twitter: Share your image on Twitter and include #NASAMoonKit in the tweet  
Facebook: Share your image on Facebook and include #NASAMoonKit in the post  
Tumblr: Share your image in Tumblr and include #NASAMoonKit in the tags
If a #NASAMoonKit post catches our eye, we may share your post on our NASA social media accounts or share it on the Green Run broadcast! 
Click here for #NASAMoonKit Terms and Conditions.  
Make sure to follow us on Tumblr for your regular dose of space:
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blunt-science · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Described as "The delicate fingerprints of water imprinted on the sand" by the photographer; ISS Astronaut Kjell Lindgren, these tracks have been etched out by the passage of water across the desert near Hamra Al Drooa, Oman. 
Via NASA and Kjell Lindgren 
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