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#spaghetti night
nerviovago · 12 days ago
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mikmaqs · 8 months ago
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dckgraysn · 10 months ago
would love to know what mental illnesses my mutuals have, some of you act like you have every single one ever
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radioactivepeasant · 3 years ago
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There's no such thing as too much garlic. I'm gonna boil my noodles in this. (Also there's a splash of olive oil and vinegar dressing in there)
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tmmyhug · 4 months ago
i think this is my favorite vlog so far? it has everything. bench trio. clingy duo. allium duo. wilbur being an annoying older brother. minx. lovejoy. MULTIPLE music sessions. tommy going :o!!! at nature. jack manifold. tommy insisting he doesn’t need a life jacket immediately cutting to him wearing the life jacket. georgenotfound. a FERRET??
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ddarker-dreams · 5 months ago
Diluc cums in his darling call that dickluc
the one pump champ... we as a society need to collectively shame diluc. unfortunately for darling, he's got an unfairly short refractory period, so he's up for more than one round. even if they are all fairly short. he's the type of guy to start getting a little emotional too. whispering your name with unmatched fondness, stroking your face, making barely audible promises. meanwhile darling's just staring at the ceiling and wondering what's for dinner.
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one-more-offbeat-anthem · 8 months ago
Dean sighed heavily as he shut the front door behind him. He’d been at the warehouse since midnight, and when his shift ended at six am, he couldn’t get home fast enough.
But when he got home, Cas’ car was already gone.
It wasn’t a surprise, per se. His husband, Cas, worked at the hospital from six thirty am until six thirty pm, and so he was often already gone, but sometimes they caught each other in passing.
At least they could have dinner together.
Dean pulled off his boots and tramped into the kitchen in search of coffee.
The coffee pot was missing.
Instead of being in the coffee maker, it was resting in the dish drainer, clearly freshly washed.
Dean opened the cabinet above the coffeemaker next. His favorite coffee mug, a kitschy Las Vegas themed one Cas had found at a thrift store once, was missing, too.
Dean sighed and turned to the cupboard to pull out a box of cereal and then something caught his eye on the kitchen table—there was his mug, steaming. And a bowl of fruit. And a plate with eggs and bacon.
And, as he stepped closer, a note, on one of Cas’ infernal bright yellow post-it notes, in Cas’ tight, loopy handwriting, was sitting next to the plate.
I got called in early for an emergency, so I hope this breakfast helps. Burgers for dinner? Love, Cas <3
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upsettiespaghettie · 8 months ago
hamlet's just a depressed, questionably queer, establishment hating uni student stuck at his mums house having an existential crisis for three hours over whether he wants to kill the king or himself more and if that doesn't sound relatable to you then congrats on ur stable mental health but im different
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themanwhowouldbefruit · 2 months ago
cas should have brought dean dead mice
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