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#spain vs mexico
wosol17 · 5 months ago
currently watching the game in spanish class how ironic
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maryjocs · 3 years ago
Goodbye Mexico you always play like shit in the second half, Chucky and Ochoa it appears that you’re alone
Tumblr media
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kiwismangos · 3 years ago
I don't even know a lot about soccer. Just enough to know how intense this game was and how screwed Mexico is. Still clinging to hope though
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Jaime Rodríguez "El Bronco", a candidate for president said,
"Everyone thought Spain would win today, and Spain lost", when they asked him if he thought he could win the election (being the least supported candidate). Then he said he'd be watching the Mex vs Bra game tomorrow morning.
Can you believe?
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gaywoso · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Spain Starting XI vs Mexico
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theroleofimagination · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
International Matches - Tuesday 21 September 2021
Russia vs Montenegro 📺 MatchTV (Russia)
Germany vs Serbia 📺 ZDF (Germany) / Optus Sport (Australia) / Paramount+ (USA)
Finland vs Slovakia 📺 Yle Areena (Finland)
Czech Republic vs Cyprus
Armenia vs Poland 📺 TVP Sport (Poland)
Croatia vs Italy 📺 Rai2 (Italy)
North Macedonia vs Austria 📺 ORF Sport+ (Austria)
Azerbaijan vs Denmark 📺 DR1TV (Denmark)
Sweden vs Georgia 📺 SVT2 (Sweden)
Malta vs Bosnia & Herzegovina
Kosovo vs Norway 📺 NRK2 (Norway)
Moldova vs Switzerland 📺 YouTube (Moldova) / SRF2/RSI LA2 (Switzerland: German/Italian)
Estonia vs Wales 📺 BBC2 Wales/BBC Redbutton 1/BBC Sport (UK) / Soccernet TV (Estonia)
Greece vs Kazakhstan 📺 KFF (?) (Kazahkstan) - apparently a link will appear close to kickoff
Romania vs Lithuania
Hungary vs Spain 📺 M4 (Hungary) / YouTube/Twitter (Spain)
Northern Ireland vs Latvia 📺 BBC Sport (UK)
Republic of Ireland vs Australia* 📺 RTE2 (Rep of Ireland) / Network 10/10 Play/Paramount+ (Australia)
Luxembourg vs England 📺 ITV4 (UK & Rep of Ireland)/ Optus Sport (Australia)/ Paramount+ (USA)
Belgium vs Albania 📺 RTBF Tipik (Belgium)
Scotland vs Faroe Islands 📺 BBC Alba/BBC iPlayer (UK)
Iceland vs Netherlands 📺 RÚV (Iceland) / NPO 3/Zapp (Netherlands)
Slovenia vs France 📺 W9 (France)
USA vs Paraguay* 📺 FS1/TUDN (USA)
Mexico vs Colombia* 📺 TUDN/Blim TV (Mexico) / TUDN/Univision (USA)
*International Friendlies - all other matches are UEFA WWC23 Qualifiers
Many of these links will be geoblocked and so will need a VPN, if you can’t access any games try streaming sites such as:
usagoals / skorlive / firstrow
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i-did · 8 months ago
A guide for proper terminology for Nicky Hemmick:
Written by me, a Mexican-American.
Latin American: someone from Latin America, this includes Mexico but not Spain. Latin America is multi ethnic, and not just Spanish speaking, the non Spanish speaking countries of Latin America are Brazil, Belize, Suriname, Guyana, French Guiana, and the Falkland Islands.
Latino: decent from Latin America, similar to saying Latin American, but can include people born in America of Latin American decent. People don't really say "Latin American American," they say Latino American. (Latina = woman, and Latine = neutral but not commonly used, often typed Latin@s online for shorthand to include both). Latin American countries are very diverse, some are dominantly black/Afro-Latino.
Afro-Latino: Afro-Latin Americans are dominantly from African decent, some Latin American countries are majorly black/Afro-Latino. when used outside of Latin America it can mean someone who’s mixed black and Latino. 
Latinx: "gender neutral" term for Latino, but probably made by white people because .... Spanish words don't end in x, and x isn't pronounced that way in Spanish, for example the name Xitlali (sometimes spelled Zitlali and other variations, but pronounced like an S). Honestly say Latino/Latinos or Latin@s, and in online queer spaces Latine/Latines.
Chicano: Latin American decent but born in America.
Hispanic: related to Spain, colonized by Spain, so this includes Spain but not Brazil, which is a Latin American country.
Mexican: a person from Mexico living in America, for example Nicky's mom, but often also casually used to mean Mexican Americans (or Latino/Chicanos in general).
Mexican American: Latin American decent born into America. Unlike chicano, it is associated more with the idea of assimilation into white America, but not always.
Mexicano: what Mexicans call themselves in Mexico (feminine is Mexicana).
TexMex: people who were living in Mexico, and then America bought/stole the land and said "this is also America now, you can leave or stay" and they stayed. They became Americans, Texas Mexican American culture is different than for example SoCal Mexican American culture because of this, (but still more in common with each other than not).
Anglo: someone who is non Latino, usually in reference to someone who lives in the America's that were colonized by British people and English is the standard spoken language, ex/ North Americans and Canadians who aren't Latino. Usually in reference to white people but not always. If someone is Asian American and constantly purposefully mispronounces my name, instead of being like "🙄white people" I can be like "🙄 Anglos" (or I could say gringo, which is not as nice of a term for anglo). I honestly don’t know if I can call a spaniard anglo, but I assume not, since they're not Anglo-Saxon, which is where the term comes from.
despite what the media represents, not all Latino’s are Mexican! although the two terms are often used interchangeably when they’re really not. there are 32 other countries besides Mexico in Latin America.
Mexican is technically a nationality, but because of colonialism it’s not that simple. Race dynamics work differently in different countries. Most Mexicanos are not connected with their mixed indigenous ancestors, while some still are, like the Maya. It is something that has been taken from us and has evolved into its own thing. Some Mexicanos are lighter than others, sometimes by being more related to the Spanish than the indigenous. Mexico has a huge problem with colorism and class divide as well as overall racial tension.
Mexico is also not only "white/more Spanish" "more brown" and "fully indigenous, culturally and ethnically", there are afro-latinos (like mentioned before), and also Asian latinos, specifically a large amount of Chinese immigrants from when China became communist, middle eastern latinos, etc. Latin America has immigrants too! 
I have a friend who is fully Korean but grew up in Guatemala, I have another friend from Brazil who is 100% of polish and Ashkenazi decent, her grandparents having escaped to Brazil during WWII, but she and her parents grew up and spent their whole lives in Brazil, they are Latin Americans. 
List of things Nicky's mom Maria is:
Mexican, Mexicana, Latina, Latin American, 'Hispanic' but like.... outdated term and usually when people use this they just mean Latin@.
List of things Nicky is:
Mexican-American, Latino, "Mexican" in the broad sense of the word.
Describing Nicky or his mother as "looking hispanic" doesn't really make sense because he takes after his mother who is described as very dark and therefore less Spanish decent and more indigenous decent, she's from a Spanish speaking country so... its not technically wrong, but Nicky is from and English speaking one and doesn't speak Spanish, so it doesn't really make sense.
He isn't Chicano and neither is she, she wasn't born in America and Nicky doesn't identify as Chicano or in general much with his mothers culture beyond visible features. He is never mentioned to make Mexican food, listen to Latin American music, or other aspects of Latino culture in general. He chose to go to Germany instead of Spain or Latin America, and he talked Aaron out of taking Spanish in exchange for German so Nicky could help him with his homework, (meaning he doesn't know Spanish, which many Mexican Americans don't know).
saying Nicky “looked Mexican” or “looked brown” isn’t a bad thing, Neil in the books says he’s two shades too dark to be considered tan, so... stop tip-toeing around it and call him brown instead of tan. It’s not a bad thing to be brown, and It’s not a bad thing to be Mexican. maybe I’m just from somewhere with a lot of Mexican-Americans, but when I look at people I can tell they’re not Anglos, or I think to myself “oh another Mexican” or at least “brown person” vs when I see a white person I think “white person.” I’m not face blind, I know that different races exist and look different and can see such trends in real people in the same way that when I look at a little girl I go “oh a little girl” not “what sex is this weird hairless animal, what is this alien”.
these concepts are a lot more complicated in practice, I get told often I don’t “look Mexican” but so does one of my cousins who’s afro latino and plays professional basketball in Mexico. Gender is fake but the majority of people we see are still falling into two categories on sight, it’s how we’re socially trained. 
I'm also not an encyclopedia, if you think I made a mistake let me know and I'll check it out. A lot of this was just off the top of my head and words I just learned from.... existing, I didn't exactly look them all up in the dictionary.
Also if you’re writing Nicky, don’t be afraid to get a sensitivity reader, @sensitivityreaders is a good resource for this, and so is @writingwithcolor
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shini--chan · 3 months ago
Here, a short overview of what has been ordered and is up and coming, so that you folks have something to look forward to.
Assassin Classroom
Tumblr media
Asano Jr. & Sr. – HCs
Attack on Titan
Tumblr media
Yelena – Survey Corps Reader
Black Butler
Tumblr media
Sebastian – More HCs
Code Geass
Tumblr media
Lelouch, Suzaku – HCs
Death Note
Tumblr media
L vs Light
Tumblr media
Alucard – Gen Z Reader
Tumblr media
1p! Allies
Asexual & Aromantic
Bet – Silence for a Month
Blackmailing the Allies
Bratty Child
Capital! Reader
Colony wants Independence
Discussing their Immortality
Discovers you’re a girl
Dreaded Pregnancy II
End of the Line
First Meeting (Colony, Platonic)
Going insane
Him talking about wanting Children
Hunger Strike
Independence + Economic Blow
Knows about Obsession, tries to avoid him
MMA Fighter
Morning After
Nyo! Allies – Male Reader has a Harem
Older Reader
Reader is distancing themselves
Reader has a plan to destroy them
Relationship discovered (Countries not allowed relationships with humans)
Reader! Yandere for somebody else
Sexless Marriage
Silent Treatment
Soulmate AU!
Threatening after Kidnapping
Threat of War
Traditionalist in a Hamlet
Whining about too much resources
YouTube influencer
1p! Axis
Bites Tongue instead of Kiss
Bride with Temperament
Boss’s Daughter
Digging up History
Dream Scenario
Neutral Nation Reader
S/os are friends
Stolen Documents
Trying to reason after kidnapping
Vampire Axis
Vampire Reader
War Erupting in the Relationship
Wrong Flag, Emotional Sadistic
1p! Nordic
Dreaded Pregnancy
1p! Groups
2p! America, America – Large Dogs
2p! America, America – Soft!Yandere content
2p! America, America, Canada – Goddess of the Seas
2p! America, America, 2p! England, England – Reader is already married (Nation)
2p! Canada, Canada – Poison in the Food
America, Canada, Denmark, England, France – Threatening to scalp him (Warrior Reader)
America, China, Russia – Dissing the Superpower
America, China, Russia – Grudge
America, England, Germany, Spain – Medical Emergency
America, China, Russia – Reader in love with Corrupt Politician
America, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Turkey – Secret Lover
America, 2p! Germany, Germany, 2p! Japan, Scotland – Urban Explorer
America vs Russia – Post WWII Berlin
Austria, France, Mexico, Russia – Reader using Religion to manipulate
Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands – Bringing a puppy
China, France, Germany, Japan – From Colony to Superpower
China, England – Reaction (Reader) to Child being killed
China, England, Japan, Mongolia, Turkey – Him Timetravelling (Warrior Reader)
China, England, Japan, Spain – Reader wants to be Human
Denmark vs Norway
Denmark vs Sweden
England, Germany, Norway, Romano – Catatonic
England vs Spain – Time Traveller II
England vs Spain – Time Traveller, Maid in the present day
FACE – Sociopathic Reader
FACE – Succubus Reader
France – Mutual Love
Germany, Prussia – Hypersexual Reader
Germany, Russia – Stalking & Kidnapping
Germany & Hungry, Belarus & Poland, Prussia & Ukraine - Sharing
2p! Japan, Japan – Japanophile
1p! Individuals
America – Jealousy HCs
America – Disguise to get Information
America – Reader from Another Country
America – Revolution
America – Tricking him into buying an Island
Austria – Divorce
Austria – Reader takes interest in America / France (Hasenjagd)
Canada – HCs
England – Foreign Politician
England – Diplomate from Rival Country
England – Punishment gone too far
England – Uncivilised Colony
England – Timetravel Alternate (Non – European Reader)
Greece – HCs
Japan – Fliting to get Citizenship (Reader)
Japan – His Rage
Nyo! Sweden – HCs
Philippines – HCs
Romania – HCs
Russia – Finds out Reader is pregnant
2p! Allies
Cheated On
Dreaded Pregnancy
Fully transitioned FTM
Kicking in the Groin
Smart Reader
2p! Axis
Dimension Traveling
Dreaded Pregnancy
Falling in love with a Singer
Lady Dimitrescu Reader
Love Letter from Reader
Maid Reader
Reader’s Flag
Using Obsession to their Advantage
2p! Groups
1p! America, England, Prussia – Albino
Austria, Italy – Reader remarking on their relationship
FACE – Sleeping as Coping Mechanism
FACE – Treatment after Kidnapping
2p! Individuals
Canada – Nervous Reader
England – God! Reader
England – More HCs
Japan – Forged Political Marriage
Japan – Guilty Pleasure
Japan – Time Traveller
Nyo! Japan – HCs
Spain – HCs
Seraph of the End
Tumblr media
Mikaela Hyakuya – Sfw & N.sfw
[Art is not mine. Credit goes to the artists. DM for art removal.]
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nahikarifc · 5 months ago
Spain vs Mexico streams
X || X || X || X
These are 4 different streams (illegal) for the game^^
The game *might* be streamed here but no confirmation yet
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rooroadster · 5 months ago
Ok here we have some alleged streams to watch the Spain vs Mexico game. Crossing my finguers these work.
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