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boligrafoestudios · 4 months ago
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so i... uh... moved to spain?
it’s been a real whirlwind i’m glad to finally be able to talk about. i started last semester graduating in 3.5 years (but 6 semesters), so in fall 2022, with plans to return to my career after that. but things... things changed. over the span of a week i went from that to graduating in the full 4 years, a plan to go to grad school for hispanic literatures and cultures and an acceptance from a program in madrid for the following semester that my advisor suggested i apply to after the deadline had already passed. i have since changed my major and undergrad thesis topic from hispanic linguistics to hispanic cultural studies and met with pretty much every person on the face of this planet (well, everyone in my department at least). and also now i live in spain.
definitely not where i thought my life would be if you had asked me a year ago, but a year ago i was also the most burnt out i had ever been, from a career i used to (and still do if we’re honest) love. so something had to change, and i’m glad it all turned out like this and i’m even more glad it’s also meant truly, truly life changing relationships made with the kindest faculty in the world. i cannot emphasize enough how indebted i am to them and i’m so glad this existential crisis brought them into my life.
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lilhawkeye3 · a year ago
Can I ask what your studying at school!?
I’m a Biology and Spanish double major! Rip @ me for majoring in two completely unrelated subjects that share no required courses 😭
Right now I’m trying to write a thesis proposal to research behavior of heritage speakers, which I only got the idea for thanks to a survey some of you filled out for me a while ago🥺💕 but I don’t feel well and I’m having trouble staying awake for more than twenty minutes at a time.
Also I’m trying to find specific areas in the US where English isn’t the majority language (I’m gonna look at census results for California for starters) but if you have any suggestions lmk!
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angstyavocado · a year ago
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Why does my seven years of study feel more the two day Duolingo streak?
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i-better-study · a year ago
I’m back
Hey guys--Sorry I’ve been MIA for awhile. I got officially diagnosed with ADHD and started treatment which has really helped me. Things are going much better than before!!
Also I added a second major at college!
I hope you’re all doing well on any midterms or projects you may have.
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myyellow-brickroad · a year ago
Long time no see!
Covid has made the last Spring and Summer semester really difficult if I am being transparent. I have also been the only person working in my house sense quarantine so added stress. 
FIRST DAY OF THE FALL 2020 SEMESTER THOUGH AND THIS GIRL IS EXCITED!!! Taking all classes I am actually very interested in, Spanish, Multiculturalism and Diversity in the classroom, Multiethnic American Lit, and Nutrition. Should be a good semester! 
This summer I actually had an internship and I got to focus my work on creating a resource guide for our Spanish Speaking community and gave a presentation in Spanish to the board and for some important state representatives so that was really cool and nerve wracking. But I enjoy testing myself, and putting my degree to good use already. And I plan to continue to create those type of resources for my college as a work study. 
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masterofpretending · 2 years ago
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Slytherin / Spanish and French major / ESTJ / Autumn
Aesthetic for coffeetea-andme
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snapdragonshoard · 3 years ago
Character: *speaks in Spanish*
Me: !!!!!!
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centrecollege · 2 years ago
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Name: Ben Bennett ‘20 Major: Spanish Organization: Centre College Communications Office Position: News Writing Intern Location: Danville, KY Term: Fall 2018
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kinschi · 5 months ago
Soo I watched Encanto in spanish and let me just tell you how much I love how Pepa's VA just decided to make her even more of a nervous wreck in that dub.
Like this line just hits different and I am here for it!!
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mikeyybrown · a month ago
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i can’t believe seb is in his bum bag era
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smarmybouquet · a month ago
Framing Parallels !!
While on my second rewatch, I noticed that the way that the rowing of dinghies is framed is the same in the first episode. Obviously this makes sense because it is the same torment done to Stede as a child onto the soldier as revenge/retribution. 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It is a centered shot with the rope clearly visible in both. The characters are trapped in this situation and have nothing to do but row. The shot gives you little else to focus on because of the sweeping movement of the oars. 
Now this framing is used later with Ed rowing away from the dock in Episode 9. The only difference is the lack of rope, but as this framing has been used before to show a trapped character, it shows that Ed is also trapped metaphorically. 
Tumblr media
He is brought back from his fantasy of running away with Stede and forced to become the mask of Blackbeard again. 
Tumblr media
What is even more poignant is that when this cinematic language is used to show being confined, in the final scene, Stede (on a dinghy) is framed differently. He is finally free. He is not being forced to row. He is choosing to follow his heart against the expectations of society at the time. 
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boligrafoestudios · 18 days ago
✨ summer 2022 goals ✨
Summer has finally arrived (sort of, still have a couple loose ends from this past semester to tie up) and I wanted to lay out some of my goals to maybe hold myself accountable, but also because writing things out usually eases my stress a little, and impending grad school applications are definitely making that stress pique.
Source of the Day
I love this system and highly recommend for folks trying to move on from that initial research phase of collecting potential sources
Every day, read and write an annotated bibliography entry for one source from my thesis project in NoodleTools
This may feel like a daunting pace to keep up with given I do include weekends lol, but I’ve got a lot of blogs and listicles that I can and want to clear out rather quickly so I can move on to the things I know I need to work with more in depth. Also it’s totally okay to skip a day sometimes, it really is of no consequence
Read at least one of the novels I plan to use
At the moment I’ve got two novels of particular interest, both of them things I would honestly pick up if I were just reading for fun, and I know this fall is going to end up being a really reading heavy semester, so I want to be able to devote myself to these things the way they deserve while I can
Take notes while reading, of course
Draft an initial outline of an analysis based in the theory I’m using as my lens. And try to get at least 5-10 pages of a paper that can be expanded into a chapter and writing sample in the fall
Revisit my abstract
Begin drafting personal statements and statements of purpose
This is definitely one of the more daunting parts of the application process to me, so just getting anything, no matter how rough, on paper so it’s not completely ruining my life when we hit November and December would be great
Add to-do list columns to planning spreadsheet
Easy thing I can do and have done and feel accomplished about
Finish looking into potential advisors
Finish filling out notes in planning spreadsheet
Draft emails
Reach out in August
Turn in last blog comments for this past semester
This is something that needs to get done this week, hopefully today
Fill out Latin American studies course permission request form
This is actually super cool, I made a whole new course happen just because I asked a question no one ever had before! Big reminder that “you get some of what you ask for and none of what you don’t” will always ring true. But uh... yeah, need to get that form filled out at some point.
Write letter in support of my professor who’s up for promotion
Due July 15th
I’m not going to do any however many days of productivity challenge or anything, given I’ve got a lot of traveling going on this summer and a lot of unpredictability, but I will be posting updates as I go for sure, so come follow along! 🥰
(Also if you are someone who is in grad school for a foreign language atm and you’ve got any tips on the application process, please, I am all ears. Every time I think about the 20 page writing sample one of my applications requires I will admit I do cry, so all advice or words of encouragement are appreciated lol)
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lilhawkeye3 · a year ago
kinda feel like I’m shouting into the void but in my head and none of the words are coming out? Yeah idk anyways imma try and write some shallow smut so I don’t have to think for a hot sec lmao
A ✨palate cleanser✨ if you will
Because my essay is at five pages in English and I can’t go over seven pages in Spanish and I still need to finish attitudinal questions and a short conclusion! 🥳
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angstyavocado · 2 years ago
In the spirit of doing my Spanish interpretation homework, but not really, have a quick translation of WDBWOTV.
No creemos lo que es en la televisión
Porque es lo que queremos mirar
Y lo que queremos, no podemos creer
Hemos aprendido matar nuestros sueños
Necesito saber que cuando fallo, estarás aquí
Porque si quedes, te cantaré sonidos bonitos
Y ganarámos dinero vender tu cabello
No me importa que es en tu cabello,
Solo quiero saber lo que está en tu mente
Decía quiero morir antes de hacer viejo
Pero porque de tí, puedo que pensar dos veces
¿Qué pasa si mi sueño no pase?
¿Cambiaría que digo a mis amigos?
No quiero saber quien sería
Cuando me despierto del sueño del soñador.
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theliterarywolf · 6 months ago
I think people forget the whole 'just because you don't like a piece of fictional media doesn't mean you get to celebrate when it geta censored'.
I still don't like Dragon Maid but you are not going to look me in the eyes and go 'Hey, China made Dragon Maid watchable' or 'When censorship is a good thing!' while celebrating all the 4Kids-era 'edits' that the Chinese version of that show apparently has
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myyellow-brickroad · 2 years ago
A real conversation 4/10/2020
First, I want to start this off that I hope everyone and their families are healthy through all of these crazy times. 
Second, I just want to talk about where I am out. And I feel like this is something I don’t always see talked about too much on studyblr because we tend to just want to talk about how we are doing good and our successes, but sometimes life happens yall. And that is ok. 
I will be transparent when I say that I am struggling a bit. Mentally which has played a little part in my academic life as well. Having going from a person who was out and busy with school or work or other obligations 15+ hours a day to being home has been a struggle. It has been hard for me to stay motivated and there are days where I spend most of it in bed. I have gotten a little behind on school work and I am trying to catch up while also struggling to get out of bed, and it sucks. But its ok, and I talked to an advisor who reminded me that we only have one month left. One Month. I can get through this (and so can you). Hell, I failed one of my quizzes for the first time.
I know I can’t complain because I am healthy, so is my family, but this is just a reminder that it is ok to be struggling right now. (and in fact, at any time it is ok). We are going through a crazy period and none of us know how to handle these changes that have been put on us, and we are going to be exhausted mentally and physically from it. 
Just remember to take care of yourself. Self care. Even if it is turning off the phone and reading, or stretching or yoga, calling a friend if you have the means. If you have access to clean water, make sure you are drinking water. 
Be kind to yourself. Check on friends. Take one day at a time. Heck, if that seems too much, one hour, 10 minutes at a time. You got this. 
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lesbiacebian · a month ago
anyway i will always trust and respect native speakers’ usage of their own language more than anyone who tries to police how others speak, or who deems variations in dialect “incorrect/improper” because it’s different from how they personally speak, especially since the history of language policing is chock full of racism, classism, and xenophobia
#i have a lot of thoughts and feelings about this#like in haiti the majority of not the entire population speaks haitian creole#but after the french colonized the country and established french as the primary language of the region creole has been disregarded and cut#out of schools and academic and government institutions#this has caused a major decline in literacy and writing ability for haitians since they aren’t being taught in a language they speak#many of them feel that creole is an inferior version of french and that it’s a broken language but it isn’t#it has its own rules#it’s own grammar#and many sub dialects in different regions just like in english and russian and spanish and every other language#this internalized idea that it’s inferior though has left native speakers feeling limited in their self expression and their ability to#engage in professional or governmental activities#this has also led to a major poverty gap#linguistic oppression is real. the barriers and tangible results of this bias are real#stop acting like thinking some forms are language are just superior to others is okay or justified#it does real world harm#this also applies to aave and mexican spanish and sign language and every other form of language that is invalidated and stigmatized#if i am a native english speaker then how i speak it is not incorrect#because it’s MY language#my entire understanding of language#how my brain formulates thoughts and makes connections and interacts with the world#was founded on my native tongue#so i don’t need some polished white upper class academic to tell me that i’m using it ‘wrong’
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queerplatonicpositivity · 2 hours ago
Ooh, your work sounds brill, I’m really happy for you! Can you please link us the Spanish comic as well, I don’t know how to refer to someone in a neutral way in Spanish
Hi, Anon! I'm not sure why I didn't see this until now, but thank you so much!
Here's the link to the comic about Latinx vs. Latine:
There appears to be alt text for the images in it.
Short version is that using the "e" ending is a great alternative instead of "a" or "o," so you'd say "amigue" or "nosotres" instead of "amiga" or "nosotros," etc.
I have an essay in the tags...
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centrecollege · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Name: Brayden Jackson ‘21 Major: History; Spanish Organization: Smyma Justice Center and Murfreesboro Circuit Court Position: Law Clerk/Court Officer Location: Smyma, TN; Murfreesboro, TN Term: Summer 2018
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gogogy · 5 months ago
quackity's spanish streams are such a win because
a. quackity
b. quackity's voice
c. quackity's smile
d. quackity having fun
e. quackity speaking spanish
f. quackity being quackity and therefor perfect and deserving of the entire world and i love him
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