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eyestorm · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
You two get along, otherwise a spanking @eyestorm
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nikkeeee · a month ago
Love lies ✨
Tumblr media
Pairing : (Jimin) X (y/n)
Genre : angst, established relationship, cheating (sort of) , swearing, smut.
Warnings : cheating ( jimin kind of kissed someone), a lot of swearing, talking of depression, emotional breakdown, mature themes, smuts, mention of choking, spitting, spanking kinks. And yeah it's an 18+ fic.
Word count : 4.5k words
Please note : I'm a new writer..criticism is acceptable.. Please do not be harsh with the me. I'm a sort of baby writer. Ehehe. :) please you are welcomed to share your ideas, thoughts, views over this fic. It's my first fic though please drop honest comments. I'll improve myself. Thank you. 🌈💗
Things were getting toxic now....everyday our fights, arguments were increasing we really fought over useless things.
It was really suffocating sometimes, there's was nothing I could try now to save our sinking relationship. Jimin wasn't even trying to understand things anymore.. I-I was afraid of loosing him. But he was slipping away slowly from my hands. In two years of us being in love with each other was now slowly loosing it's worth.
We both were getting toxic for each other. I started staying up in my office more.. He started coming home late staying up in his studio practicing.
We barely give time to each other these days. Day by day our conversation was getting less.. I didn't know what to do to save our marriage. I didn't wanted to loose him, of course not I-I still loved him.
Not just because he was a famous and successful idol. No. I loved him. For what he was....a kind, playful ,positive soul. But maybe he doesn't love me anymore. Maybe now he doesn't want me anymore.!
I met Jimin in a famous dance competition, jhope and jimin was there as judge. I was a participant back there, I still remember how our eyes collided while I moved my body with the flow of song.
It was impossible back then to distract my gaze from him and to focus on my performance. I only saw him in news, on posters, photos, videos but never in real life till then.
He was breathtakingly beautiful.....the most beautiful man I've ever seen in my entire life.
For once I just wanted to touch him , to feel his skin against mine, to touch his cheeks and his plump lips. It looked so soft. He reciprocated the small gestures which didn't go unnoticed by jhope.
I still remember he was glancing at him and then at me, looking back and forth with a little frown on his face,but settling it soon with a smirk.
I got so embarrassed at that time,that I had to hide for a good 5 mins to control my emotions. After then he asked me to join his studio and I agreed.
At first we were really good friends until he asked me to be his girlfriend. We dated for a year and then decided to marry. :)
Even today it's impossible for me to forget these lovely memories. How can I forget these? Never. I don't know if now I'll be able to make him feel the things which I feel.
The butterflies which I get whenever he touches me. His touch was not so often to experience now days but when he did touch me it used to linger on my skin for days.
I didn't know when the tears started coming down from my eyes, realizing it quickly where I was I wiped my tears with the back of my hands.
I came here for jimin waiting in his studio lobby until his assistant asked me to rest back at home as jimin was busy.
I nodded but then I wanted to see my man only a glance of him would be enough for the night:) I thought. So I walked towards his dance room from the glass I saw something which I shouldn't. I-it was hard for me to believe what I was seeing.
There was a girl too with him. He-she was kissing him and jimin , he was shocked but didn't pushed her away. It was really hard for me to take in so I just walked away holding back my tears.
I started walking towards the exit of the studio,basically running.Sitting in my car I realized even after crying so many times over him i still had tears left to cry.
I was sobbing so loudly like a 5 year old kid does. I was feeling so helpless so unwanted. He told me it was okay to fall for him....he'll always be there catch me.
Where's he now? Making out with other girl? When I'm literally a crying mess for him. I drove back to our house. As soon as I reached unlocking the door then I started to pack my things.
The necessary ones. I couldn't stay here a minute longer, it was suffocating for me here. I packed my clothes, shoes, brushes everything which I could grab at first.
It was our house our things were all over the place but I can collect my other things later.
I took a shower to calm down myself... I thought I should let him know that I'm leaving him for his own good.
I thought that I should give him a last chance to explain his situation even though I know I will not change my decision but still I waited for him.
It was 2:00 in the morning, and sleep could nowhere to be found. My eyes were all red and sore from the crying... I drank 3 cup of coffee to stop myself from zoning out again.
The door unlocked revealing Jimin. I could tell he was tired but now I would say tired of fucking someone in his studio rather than from practicing.
He wore a simple black hoodie with matching sweatpants. Why I find him beautiful in every situation?? (Maybe I'm sick.) He looked at me with a little frown on his face finding me there waiting for him. He didn't expected it from me.
He walked towards the table where I was sitting, dropping his bag on the sofa., " You visited in the evening, you should've called me. " He told walking away for water.
" You were busy, it would be rude of me to disturb you " I said not even glancing at him.
" I wasn't, if it was important you could've told the receptionist. " He retarded back shrugging a little.
" Oh really? Weren't you busy? Making out with others.!?? I didn't wanted to distract you!!!Jagi! " I scoffed, he shifted a little at his place and stood in front of me.
" You saw? " He asked softly...lowering his gaze,
" I wish I could change that.. But yes I did saw how you were kissing her, is she nice Minnie?? " I asked with tears Threatening to fall from the corner of my eyes.
" Y/n,.... It wasn't like that " He sighed touching my hand, I scoffed standing up,
" Oh please at least have some guts to accept the fucking fact the you are dating someone else. " I raised my voice a little at him. He didn't liked it when I used to do this thing in the past.
" You didn't the saw the whole thing y/n trust me it wasn't like that. Yes she did kissed me but as soon as I gained my senses back I pushed her trust me. " He said hastily taking long steps to remove the gap between us, trying to take my hands again
. He was so close that his lips were touching mine as he whispered" Please believe me. " Sending chills down my spine.
I jerked his hand roughly this time,pushing him a little " Don't!........ don't want any explanations Park it's okay, from the past few months you already behaving so distant I understand it must be your need. But I-I can't live with this any longer. I can't suffer like this anymore. " My throat dried up, i licked my lips , raising my hands a little in air, trying hard to complete the sentence.
" Let's divorce, please I can't take this anymore. " I said with my trembling lips. Finally I was able to say the thing which was inside my heart, mind for so many weeks.
Jimin took a few steps back from me, " What?..... What did you just say?? " Why was he sounding angry. I swear at that time I saw something In his eyes. Was he angry? But why was he? He had no right to be the angry one. I'm supposed to be angry.
" You heard what I said, I've packed my stuff... I'll leave now, was waiting for you so that I can give you a last chance to explain yourself,and you did. "
I said trying to control my shaking hands. Why was I feeling scared??? In the meanwhile i bought my bags in the main room,giving him time to process everything...
Taking a last glance at him I sighed and started walking towards the door, until I felt his hands on my waist dragging me back gaining a loud gasp from my mouth.
"We aren't finished now, we need to talk and until that happens you aren't leaving. Baby. " He said carrying me towards the bedroom.
" Jimin STOP!!!!! Put me down RIGHT NOW!!!" I started to kick my legs in air. He was strong not buff in any sense but strong enough to handle me. He threw me on the bed lightly,
"are you crazy." I winced a little......
"She was trying to come out of an abusive marriage.. She used to be my student y/n I don't know why she did that...I just helped her to find a good lawyer and trust me baby I was just trying to tell her that everything was going to be okay." He spoke I turned my head other side trying not to believe in his words.
" Baby you know I would never do this, yes I know lately I've been keeping distance from you........... Because I don't want you to get hurt y/n I would never cheat you. I know I'm wrong I let her do that thing but as soon as I realized I really did pushed her. I told her it was the last thing I would expect from her in return of helping"
He explained me whining like a child. " Please believe me" He said with his glossy eyes.
" I will not believe you. Even if you are right I still want a divorce jimin, you've fallen out of love for me. You don't like me anymore.. So please let's just end things here for our own good. " I begged sobbing a little. I was reluctant... Even if he's right I'm still not changing my decision. I'm stubborn and drained. I'm hurt.
"Y/n I'm not giving you a divorce " He said sternly staring me with a cold gaze.
" You can't force me to stay with you Park. " I shot back standing up from the bed he again pushed me on the bed.
, " Y/n you know there was reason why I acted like shit in the past.. You know how am I. Was insecure baby trust me I know how much you've been hurting because of me.. But trust I was giving myself time to be the man again whom you love. "
He spoke so softly cupping my cheeks.
" I know I cannot justify my actions in any way... It was wrong... I also ached for you love, for your touch.... But when your father fought with me telling me I'm not good enough for you I started to loose my confidence, he asked me to leave you so that he can give you to a much deserving man."
Sobbing softly he continued, " I promised you that I would take your all worries and convert them into happiness.. But look at me now I'm the sole reason of your misery. " He started crying connecting our forehead together.
The continuous tears falling from my eyes was making my head a little dizzy.
" Minnie you could've told me..? Hmm? You know how...much I love you...who said anyone is perfect? No one is perfect Minnie everyone has their own flaws and you too have. And I'm still proud of you because you are fighting against your insecurities for me. Yeah?? Stop crying baby please."
I made him look me in the eyes while cupping his jaws. " It's okay we all lack something.. Somewhere that doesn't mean we'll give up. There's still a long way to walk, we can't give up on us Minnie. " I said pecking his lips, then kissing his forehead.
" I swear I don't want anyone to kiss me but you. Please trust me I never asked her to do this. I'm ashamed. Sorry I failed you. " Jimin spoke lowering his gaze.
" I believe you, now stop crying hmm??? " I asked getting on my knees where he was sitting till now.
" Please don't leave me... I-I'll try my best to be the perfect y/n I promise... Just don't leave me like this I'm a wreck I know... Give me another chance.. Please??? " He cried hugging me so tight like his life is depends on it.
" I know baby.. I know I'm sorry I asked for the divorce.. It was wrong of of me trying to give up on you.. On us. I will not I promise. " I said while making him look at me.
He was all red from the crying..his nose was so red. He was looking really cute right now. I pecked him on his lips unable to hold myself.
" We'll make our relation work. Ok? " I asked, he immediately nodded at my words... Nestling his face in the crook of my neck seeking comfort. It was his favourite place to relax. I smiled a little massaging his scalp.
" Let me make it upto you, I know how much you suffered because of me. " I could feel his breath on my neck making me shift a little.
" You are tired Minnie.. " I spoke softly feeling his warmth.
" Please.. Let me make love to you. " He asked pulling his face back looking me in the eyes. How can I say no to him? When I was also aching for his touch...aching to be loved by him like in the old days. I nodded.
He pulled me into a kiss soft and light at first and then quickly changing it into a sloppy and streamy kiss.....he pulled me making me sit on his lap.
. I could honestly feel his boner by now. He didn't gave me enough time to settle until he again messily took my lips between his. I shifted a little on his lap making him groan..he grabbed my hips massaging the flesh a little.
I don't remember the last time I kissed him like this...maybe two months ago? I threw my hands around his neck pulling him in. I turned around keeping my leg both sides of his waist and sitting directly at his crotch.
I swear I heard him cursing. I giggled a little, " So impatient Minnie??? " I teased him pulling myself back a little looking at his face... Red cheeks, red nose swell plump lips... Any outsider will think he's drunk but no he isn't.
He whined, " Pleaseeeee.....kiss me. " He was asking so desperately making me chuckle a little. I again captured his lips kissing him so passionately....Grinding myself on him. I can never get tired by the taste of his lips.
He was whining, cursing in between. I grabbed his hair a little tilting his head. His neck looked so inviting I quickly latched my mouth marking him with purple bruises,sucking the sweet spot. He gasped loudly.. Shuddering a little in my arms...Grabbing my waist a little roughly.
I moaned at his actions. Even though jimin is mostly a dom in bed, but he would gladly be a sub for me. I devoured his neck until he asked me to stop. I looked at him through my half lidded eyes lost completely in lust.
" You had your fun kitten, now its my turn. Yeah?? " He asked receiving a subtle nod from me.
" Tell me if I should be gentle anytime you feel.okay?" He asked looking the answer in my eyes. I nodded again.
" You remember your safe word right? " He tapped my chin, I hummed at his question this time.
" It's been so long since you used it.. I'll try be a little gentle. Okay? " He pecked me lips,
" Please....please love me Minnie, I've missed you so much. " I said softly while hiding in the crook of his neck. He chuckled,
" I know baby.. I promise I'll make you feel good.. I'll make it up to you. " He said whispering over my Earshells.
Author's pov :
He gently placed her on the bed pulling her out of her clothes. She wasn't shy being all naked in front of the man she loved. She didn't felt more beautiful anywhere else but in front of him.
No one worshipped her like jimin did. For jimin y/n was the most beautiful girl he ever settled his eyes on. She was delicate yet so strong... So innocent yet a vixen for him. Only for him.
Jimin wanted to break her everytime they made love, because then he would be the only one to fix her.
He kissed her again taking her breath away, he moved his hands over her breasts they were so soft, 'he thought' he played with her nipples until she cried in his mouth.
Suddenly he was being greedy with her wanting to give her the pleasure she deserved. He exactly knew how sensitive was she there, he still twisted, slapped her nipples making her shudder in his own arms.
He loved the sounds which y/n was making. Watching his wife in pure ecstasy, his cock twitched in his pants making him blind with lust.
After torturing her breast for a good amount of time, he moved his hand slowly towards her stomach she grasped his hands asking silently to let her breath, but may be jimin's feelings were too hard to be controlled.
He touched her clit making her tremble with pleasure. To hold her still jimin grabbed her back hairs a little firmly keeping her in place...
She cried in pure pleasure as jimin was working inside her pussy at the same time kissing her so deeply that the next day she would only remember his name.
Jimin was finger fucking her so hard that she was sure she would pass out. Y/n received one of the best orgasm of her life, panting a little she fell on the bed.
In a pure bliss. Jimin smiled softly at her caging her in his arms to give her comfort. She nuzzled her nose on his cheeks seeking some sort of warmth, she closed her eyes.
After good 30 minutes she woke feeling horny again. Such a shameless creature she thought. But she wanted to make her man feel good.
Jimin was there laying closing his eyes. He was warm.. She thought. She moved kissing his neck then his jaws and then his lips. He shifted a little in his sleep, making her giggle softly.
She thought of an idea to wake him up she quietly moved towards his crotch, shifting his pants a little taking out his member. She missed it so much.
She slowly took it into her mouth. She started to suck him a little softly at first.. Then bobing her head up and down feeling him getting hard inside her mouth.
Jimin shuddered at her actions he was asleep... Thinking it was dream jimin cursed " Fuck ahh" . Y/n moaned a little.. Jimin's moans always turned her on.. She started bobbing her head a little fast devouring his cock.
By the time jimin was awake grabbing y/n's hair pushing her down his cock, " Such a filthy baby you are.. Couldn't keep your hands off me. Baby? " Jimin asked between his moans and y/n was only able to humm sending the vibrations to jimin's cock.
He groaned he knew he wouldn't be able to hold himself for long, if she continued like this. He saw y/n was fingering herself in the mean time, he slapped her hands away, " You won't touch it until I say so.! Okay baby? " He said pushing her more on his cock.
She was only able to keep her hands on her back restraining herself from pleasuring by her own. Jimin cooed at her action,
" My pretty baby looking so good stuffed with my dick in her mouth. You missed it darling didn't you? " He quirked his Eveybrow at her and she only nodded.
He removed her from his cock....quickly taking her into a kiss feeling himself on her tongue he slapped her ass,
" Gonna fuck my pretty baby good. Yeah? You want that love? " Jimin asked in between the kisses. " Please..please... Please daddy please fuck me. "
She begged with her puppy eyes making jimin loose his remaining sanity. He held her grabbing her neck kissing one last time before asking,
" What's your safe word pretty.!? " , " Cold " She replied... Nodding at her words he flipped her on her stomach raising her hips a little he licked her juices.
" Fuck, you are so wet y/n!!! Are you this horny for me baby?? " He said while drinking her juices from her pussy. She cried and moved forward... Jimin held her ass firmly giving her a warning to stay still.
But she was getting eaten out after so many weeks how could he expect her to take it like a good girl? She again moved forward because the pleasure was too much... Jimin slapped her pussy this time,
" One more time you move and I'm tying you y/n" He warned her. He again started to devour her and she again jerked forward. That's it. It was the last straw. Jimin stood up,
" So-rry sorry-yy daddy i-i m sorry. " She apologized trembling. Jimin moved forward and grabbed her by neck,
" Listen little slut I'm going to fuck you now don't mess it up, be a good girl and take what daddy's giving. Understood.!???? " He raised his voice a little
. A shiver ran down through her spine. She only mewled taking her lower lip between her teeth and nodded.
He flipped her again.. Her back was pressed against the mattress. He entered in her without giving a warning she hissed,.. Even though she had taken him so many times before but jimin was no small, he was big and fat.
It would require a few thrust to open her up. He slowly thrusted a few shots then starting picking up his speed earning a nod from her to increase his speed, he started fucking her like a maniac, so hard so rough yet so passionate ,
" Ahhh f-uckk ji-mi-nnnn slow please- please slow " She panted but jimin didn't bothered to listen and was fucking her at his own pace.
She knew her safe word if she really wanted him to be slow she could've used that. Y/n was scratching his back, he hissed. Taking her hands and pinning them above her head... Holding them with one hand and the other one choking her.
, " You like it baby?? Yeahh?? You like me fucking you so deep so good.?? " Jimin asked between the thrusts. She Only nodded.
Y/n was speechless her mouth was opened but she couldn't utter any thing but his name. Jimin.
He can easily see the tears brimming near the corner of her eyes.. She was so deep in pleasure, loving every bit of it.
" Min-ni-" , he stopped and slapped her nipples growling, " Dad-dy daddy I'm sorry. " She quickly Rephrased her words., " Please it's too much " She pleaded while sobbing this time with pleasure.
Jimin halted after 3-4 minutes understanding her pain " Baby.. Wanna ride me? " He asked moving away from her. She quickly nodded.,
" Come on hopp on this dick and fuck yourself, you've missed me right?? Show me how much you missed daddy. " He said while shuffling back taking the support of the bedhead,
ruffling his his blue hairs backwards a common habbit of his which made him more attractive, he looked so sexy so intimidating... So inviting.
Y/n didn't wasted a second hopping on his dick, " Go on baby, come please yourself. " He kissed y/n messily. She grabbed his hairs tucking a little to earn a moan from him, y/n was riding jimin like it was the sole thing which would keep her alive.
Jimin and y/n both were a moaning mess. Jimin kneeded her breast so much that it was red by now. , " i-i dad-ddyy i- please it's too much I'm ti-red. " Y/n somehow spoke these words in between. Taking the support of his shoulders.
Jimin nodded getting up grabbing y/n's jaw asking her to open her mouth, it was one of the kink he liked to spit in her mouth.
Y/n immediately opened her mouth sticking out her tongue to take what her jimin was giving. Jimin spit in her mouth, y/n took it like a good girl able to taste his sweet saliva mixed with her own's, she quickly savored it and gulped opening her mouth again to show him what she did... He smirked,
" You are so good for me baby ", he cooed and immediately kissed her sloppily... He asked her to lay on her stomach.. She did.
Jimin again started to fuck her senselessly he knew he wouldn't last more than 10 minutes now so he quickly moved his hand rubbing her clit...
She moaned on the mattress, jimin grabbed her hair with one hand whispering dirty and filthy things to make her reach her high.
They both were close rubbing against each other.. Fucking so hard that the bed was shaking, making creaking sounds. Jimin rubbed her clit so fast and rough that she came after two minutes gasping and wincing feeling the over stimulation she mewled just liked a kitten.
It turned jimin even more he fucked her in an inhumane pace quickly filling her up, coating her walls with his cum.. While praising and comforting her with sweet and innocent words. A clear sheet of sweat was visible on their bodies.
Jimin quickly embraced her whispering sweet things telling her how much he loved her. How good was she for him and kissed on her forehead and whispering love you in her ears.
They fell asleep in the hope that from now they'll build their relationship again, to give another chance to each other as well as to themselves.
To help each other grow once again. After all it was their love and trust which held them together. They'll probably find where their love lies in.
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scorci-chan · 6 days ago
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♡♡ Happy SpanksGiving Chelsi! ♡♡
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
her poor sheepie buns
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Let's get a Follower Wank Bank started!
Reblog w/a pic of the celeb who gets you there best!! I'll start....
Tumblr media
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tommytheterrabdl2 · a month ago
Tumblr media
My baby boy Tommy likes getting his diaper changed by his Mommy Misty after a good spanking.
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thatesqcrush · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
More in line with this blog. 🤣🦃
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bai-watch · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I woke up to 100 followers!!?
Call me a broker because I’ve been working for that $pank bank 🏦
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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mysteryincoutofcontext · a month ago
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This is a biker gang I could get comfortable with.
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oktdom · 12 days ago
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Tumblr media
Best of London tanners best quality of leather
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sir-render · a year ago
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Happy Spanksgiving to all. 😊
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silverfoxden · 7 days ago
"A proper Spanksgiving celebration."
"Complete with dinner & desert!"
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littlepupthoughs · 12 days ago
Since I'm still tipsy here's an update for you kinky fuckers~
So since the post about my sleep-spanking incident with Sir has gained some popularity I told him about it. He thought it was hilarious. He then proceeded to smack my ass. Since we were already in a giggly mood I laughed and said "That wasn't even close to how hard you hit in your sleep!" And continued giggling. (Hindsight- bad move) Then of course my unprepared self got a smack that almost sent me in to next week. Shocker. He then said something eluding to giving me more to write about.
So yeah! Since then I have been very careful to avoid anything that might get me in to spanking territory again.
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nuit-mere · a year ago
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Old photo I never posted.
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cleo-rose · a year ago
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I just wanna be spanked like this everyday, is that too much to ask? OnlyFans link in bio🔥
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