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#sparda fam
incorrectnerov-quotes · 22 hours ago
Dante: 'Person of interest' is almost too flattering.
Dante: Like, if the police were to pound on my door and go, 'A man has been murdered in your building and you are a person of interest,' I'd be like, 'Moi? Oh, do go on.'
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boxofgrifs · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hello! Here’s an awkward convo that might have happened idk lol
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coo-fuu · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
just finished DMC5 and dangggg this family needs consultations on how to BE a family hahahaha
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incorrectnerov-quotes · 5 days ago
Dante: Who wants to make 5 bucks?
Nero: How?
Dante: I need someone to take the fall
Vergil, from downstairs: Oh my god!
Nero:..What did you do?
Dante: I can't tell you. Yes or No? No questions asked.
Vergil, from downstairs: OH MY GOD!!
Nero:....Make it 10
Dante: Done!
Vergil, from Downstairs louder: OH MY GOD!!
Dante:*Opens door before turning to Nero* You're a good nephew.
Dante:*grabs Nero and drags him out the room* I got him, Vergil!! Don't worry!
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duckydrawsart · 2 years ago
Random doodle of Dante from a few months ago that I just remembered. I really didn't like it at the time, but I feel less critical now
Tumblr media
I need to practice drawing Dante more tbh. I'm only ever satisfied with the profile sketches :/
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luvleekaotix-imagines · 2 years ago
Um, Sparda fam's reactions to reader, who is Dante's very straight-laced nerdy quiet kid, blasting 'Shoot to Kill' by AC/DC while they turn several demons into red paste with their weapon of choice. ((Sorry for previous ask, didn't know you don't accept racy stuff))
a/n: i only do nsfw stuff if i feel like it, i don’t take requests for it, sorry! but I can kinda do this? Lemme make it less specific so i can make it a little more detailed
You’re Dante’s good kid, but as you’re turning into a young adult and slowly figuring out who you are (as you do), your demonic heritage is starting to emerge and it’s not gelling well with your general hormonal/mental/emotional development. It’s just another thing you and the adults around you have to manage with you growing up. It’s hard. 
You get spikes of great anger and things that tick you off really tick you off. It doesn’t matter how quiet, sweet and conscientious you were a day before. This fury just comes out in bursts. Your blood relatives realise it’s probably that demonic side of you that’s trying to emerge and since they’re technically the only experts they try and figure out a way to help you.
♦Dante ♦
Tumblr media
Your dear dad is honestly a mess of an adult and you know that but you love him—you do. He’s doing his best. However, because you’re feeling your feelings and getting rebellious and mad and frustrated and not understanding what’s changing in you or why you’re feeling the way you do, you actually get mad at Dante quite a lot. They say you hurt the ones closest to you and its true in this case.
You get in more fights with him when he says he just wants to understand because you can’t explain it. You can’t explain or word how you feel and he gets a little pushy in trying to get you to talk to him because he doesn’t know what else to do. You say a lot of hurtful things to your father, but to Dante’s credit, he also understands that you hurt yourself when saying that stuff too. It doesn’t mean you don’t break his heart over and over, but that comes with the territory of having a young adult under your care.
Dante does his best to teach you how to activate your Devil Trigger. It’s something that is meant to come naturally, but before the first time you trigger, you don’t know what you’re looking to feel within yourself. Dante tries to explain it, but he’s got the emotional intelligence of a teaspoon and can’t verbalise it. Both of you agree that stabbing you is not a viable trigger experiment, even if it worked for Dante. The two of you figure it out eventually and when he sees your first shift, Dante feels super proud.
♦ Nero ♦
Tumblr media
Your cousin Nero has a lot of trouble talking to you. He just like, doesn’t understand how to be a regular family member very well. He looks after orphans with Kyrie, but that’s like trying to be a passable father figure and guardian. He’s not trying to be that with you. You’re cousins, closer to siblings. You’re struggling and he honestly doesn’t know how to help at first.
Nero is the one who notices your music tastes and oh thank god, it’s actually something he’s familiar with. The two of you start bonding over it and he figures out you try to get a lot of emotions out by listening to that style of music—like what regular young adults do. Why didn’t anyone in the family think of it before? You ask him if he’s surprised by your music taste because it seemingly doesn’t match your personality. Nero laughs and says ‘no’. You like what you like, it doesn’t matter how you outwardly act; no one is that cut and dry. It’s surprisingly mature of him.
You rock out with your cousin a lot. He makes you playlists of song recommendations and when you’re stressed out and in need of company, the two of you jam out with air guitar sessions. Sometimes the two of you are yelling and screaming lyrics at the top of your lungs. Some song recs include: ‘Down With The Sickness’, ‘Coming Undone’, ‘Freak On A Leash’ and ‘Break Stuff’.
Nero informs the rest of the family that you’re using music to cope with your mood swings. It makes Dante happy because its another way he can help. He teaches you how to play the guitar and eventually, even teaches you how to use Nevan when you’re strong enough to handle her.
♦ Vergil ♦
Tumblr media
Your uncle is unsurprisingly the most aloof of your family. He still struggles to connect with Nero sometimes and Nero is literally his own kid. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t care, it just means he doesn’t know exactly how to do the caring. Vergil is the fall back if you’re mad at your dad and your cousin isn’t around because he’s on a job. This actually happens more often than you think.
Most of your interactions with your uncle are fairly non-verbal. He’ll know when you’re mad and you just yell and kick and scream in front of him and he stays stoic and lets you feel your feelings. Sometimes it helps more than Dante and Nero trying to get you to talk. Sometimes you want to talk about stuff, but not in a way where other people can understand. You just want to rant and rave and get mad and Vergil is good at just keeping quiet and letting you have at it.
Vergil is also the one who forces you to physically fight your rage out. Dante takes it too easy on you and doesn’t test the physical limits of your demonic heritage. Your uncle isn’t going to outright stab you, but he retaliates a little harder than your father does and he often encourages you to come at him like you’re trying to kill him. It lets you really feel out the burst of rage you have. Vergil never hurts you so bad that you don’t recover by the end of the day and is very careful to keep an eye on your limits. Vergil is the epitome of tough love.
Some days you help Vergil and Nero out and invite Nero to team up with you to try and beat up his dad. Other days Dante will join in on the fun. It’s a really weird Sparda family bonding experience.
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shinfuransan · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
Forgot to post this yesterday. But yeah, I made a continuation of the Sparda Fam playing 3DS. LOL 
Crazy that I drew the top art in 2019.
How time flies.
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2mochi · 10 days ago
Family pics
Tumblr media
// so cameras already did exist when they were young (im sorry i dont know the proper timeline of the game haha) hope they have lots of childhood pics
// Nico took the fam pic :D
// I’m still having Sparda fam feels, anyone feeling the same and want to scream/cry? My dms are always open 😂
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nico-drives-badly · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I recently started hyperfixating on Total Drama Island for some reason, so I decided to draw my OC Rose and Nico in the TDI art style.
I was also going to draw the Sparda fam, but they didn’t turn out as well. :/
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incorrectnerov-quotes · 25 days ago
Vergil: I’ve invited you here because I desire to play the deadliest game-
Dante, nodding: Knife monopoly.
Vergil: I was actually going to hunt you for sport but now I’m really interested in whatever knife monopoly is.
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