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starlesscne · 2 months ago
What kind of YouTube accounts do you think the grishaverse characters would have?
Oh gosh I love these questions! Hehe.
Alina: runs a pet channel with so many cute cats and puppies that she saves from the street and rehomes to loving owners. Has her own pet-products brand, everything is super high quality but also affordable, and she has struck partnerships with many vets and zoos! Harshaw is often a guest on her channels and gives tips on kitty care!
Aleksander: emo metal indie songs. Think Jonathan Young or Violet Orlandi, just edgier. He has a great voice (as we now Binbons does) and he plays the guitar while Ivan is his drummer. Both of them attract people of all genders and ages to their channel, especially Aleks, because he's just so dark and tall and handsome. Ivan has fewer fans since he doesn't like showing his face much, but his fanbase is extremely dedicated.
Fedyor: gaming channel! It's mostly him just getting his ass handed to him in games like CoD and LoL, but his commentary is always hilarious and he keeps all of his swear words appropriate. Never says fuck/damn/shit/etc on camera and never calls anyone an asshole. He substitutes these with "YIKES" "Oh nooo bestie", "that's sad" and, when on multiplayer, "stop asking for heals you barnacle!". Ivan also makes the occasional appearance (which their fanbase is delighted for, the fans just KNEW these two were dating) and he kicks Fedyor's ass if they play 1v1 or carries him throughout the game during co-op. Fedyor loves that uwu.
Genya: makeup and fashion tutorials ALLLL the way. She has such an eye for art and aesthetic, matches colors perfectly and gets so creative with different styles or makeup and outfits. She has her own makeup brand (as in @darbydoo22 's fic!) and hosts many different guests so as to spread diversity (for example, she calls Nina over for larger body types).
Zoya: tea/politics channel but she's actually serious about it, does extensive research and never falls for drama or clickbaits. She swears a lot, but her audience can always rely on her to deliver facts and listen all of her sources and proof. She's also known to have made trolls/haters run crying to their mamas.
Nikolai: runs a monthly Ravkan history podcast! He often invites Zoya to give her view on current events and compare them to similar situations of the past, also providing analysis.
Inej: gymnastics channel! Her tutorials range from easy for beginners to hard enough that may make you break your back. She always looks encouraging, positive and active without overselling it or filling her videos with sponsorships. She also films her acrobatics performances and uploads them to encourage her fans to try new things.
Kaz & Jesper: it's a buzzfeed unsolved channel and im not even kidding. It was Kaz's idea but Jesper tagged along and now it's a mess. Kaz has a deadpan, unimpressed face every time they enter a clearly haunted building and Jesper screams and jumps if he as much as sees a bat. Milo is their channel's mascot and Jesper's emotional support!
Nina & Matthias: they run a cooking channel together, though Matthias is just her helper. It's obvious in every video he's madly in love with her & their banter is hilarious. They have done collabs with Fedyor's channel where they all play cooking simulators or invite Fedyor to help them make traditional Old Ravkan recipes! Ivan has also joined along sometimes, but he looks a bit lost.
Wylan & David: they run a science and chemistry channel together! Wylan also makes crazy experiments such as "dropping 1000°C metal ball into a pool of orange juice!" and David keeps listing facts about why these experiments are usually a terrible idea.
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incorrectravka · 4 months ago
Ivan and Fedyor: Who plays the trombone and who slams the oven door when General Kirigan isn't home?
Oh you know it's Ivan that plays the trombone and Fedyor slams the oven door or a window or whatever.
Bonus: Nina joins them and starts slamming another window. Zoya is about to commit triple homicide.
Tumblr media
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qqueenofhades · 2 months ago
Good day to the actors of the two diplomats at the winter fete who had to do multiple takes of their talk about Zlatan and West Ravka while walking around various scenes of that one guy shoving a cake into the other's face in different ways.
Lmaoo. Every single time I watch that scene, when they move into the frame and start talking, I'm like "look I'm sure this is all very important and plot-relevant and whatnot, but also please move just to the side a bit so I can see what is going on back there with the post-cookie cuddles and flirting, okay? Yes this is more important than Political Intrigue and Etcetera. Shhhhhh."
I mean. Plot schmot. Look at these morons.
Tumblr media
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buffaluff · 3 months ago
My beloved fandom grandma... We have been talking about it so much on the server, so whenever you feel inspired to draw Sun Summoner Fedyor and Shadow Summoner Ivan, you know your adopted children would love to see it ❤😊
Tumblr media
We always see Fedyor referred to as Ivan’s personal Sun Summoner sooooo some fine people have crafted an entire lovely AU exploring this fun idea!
I’m just here to draw some swirls 😂🌀☀️💖🌑
(okay now my askbox is officially empty so hurl your prompts thusly! but also gently, with love)
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jadegoyl · 4 months ago
How do we feel about Will coming back from a dangerous gig where it hadn't been sure if he'd survive it and then coming back to their camp and Nerron sees him and they both freeze for a moment. And a second later, Nerron runs over, throwing his arms around Will and Will clings back, briefly lifting Nerron up from the force of it all. Neither of them speaking because they both know. Do we like?
we love it a LOT but we also dont believe nerron would let will go on a mission that dangerous on his own. that said, will lifting nerron up is very close to my heart
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tinyarmedtrex · a year ago
A very good day to you, dear talented author! May I please be added to your taglist, so that tumblr shall notify me of uploads of your newest masterpieces?
And a good evening to you most pleasant reader! I would be both thrilled and delighted to add you to my tag list! Thank you for your interest!
Tumblr media
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tio-trile · 2 years ago
I absolutely adore your Anethema cosplay, you are gorgeous!!
Thank you so much!!!! (*´∀`)~♥
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10yrsyart · 2 years ago
sparklingrainbowdragon replied to your photoset “what can i say, except i enjoyed this immensely. please read Good...”
This is awesome and perfect and I like to think that Crowley did not *gasp* but just said "Gasp" out loud
@sparklingrainbowdragon you are absolutely right, he did in fact just say “gasp!” out loud.
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earnestly-endlessly · 6 days ago
Hey, I love your blog; thank you for looking up all these recs for people!
I just rewatched "Days of Future Past" and wondered what would have happened if they DID pull off sending the Professor back. Are you aware of a fic about that?
Cheers, have a great day!
Thanks for the ask @sparklingrainbowdragon. I'm sorry for the delay but I have been searching and searching for a fic where Charles goes back. I swear there is, or used to be, a fic where Charles was sent back but I just can't find it. However, there are some fics that fit the bill a bit loosely and I thought I might add them as a compensation for not finding what you were asking for. Perhaps someone out there knows of a fic (@gerec, @ikeracity) and if I find it I'll put it here.
The future makes of you what it will (the recreational time travel remix) - pocky_slash
Summary: They probably should have destroyed those time machines once they fixed the future, but while they have them, Erik doesn't see why they can't do a little more recreational meddling.
Always Pass on Good Advice – cygnaut
Summary: Charles realizes there’s only one person who can talk Erik out of his terrible plans: himself.
Replay - Unforgotten
Summary: After Magneto of an X2-ish future succeeds in the unthinkable, Charles sends his consciousness back to 1962 to guide Erik away from the path that will lead to the genocide of the human race forty years hence.
Charles knows that Erik has always loved him, and intends to use this knowledge + sex to seduce Erik away from his ideals in his youth.
There's no way this well-thought-out, sensible, debugged and 100% bulletproof plan can possibly go wrong.
By Any Means Necessary (Trial and Error Remix) – Unforgotten
Summary: After Charles' untimely death in the dark future, Magneto goes back instead of Logan—but no matter what he does to try to change the past, he can never seem to change himself. In the end, there's only one option left, and he's more than ruthless enough to take it.
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reinarandraw · 5 months ago
Hello there! Thanks for all the like and kind words for the first chapter Heartbound! It makes me more motivated to finish this project!
Anyway, here’s a little preview of the next chapter lol
Tumblr media
Also since some asked me about tagging list, please reply to this post if you want to be added to the tag list for this comic!
@icarusinstatic said
This looks so good omg 😊 so excited to see where you take this!  If you have a tag list may I be added to it?
Thank you! My plan is to just show what it is like to be Heartbound with your partner. Since this ship is still new, we have a lot of things to explore and it’s great! I’ll add tag you when I post the next chapter.
@sparklingrainbowdragon said
Oh, I sure am going to come back for more!
I hope the next one won’t disappoint! I’m still trying stuff here and there so let’s hope for the best!
This is amazing! I can't wait for the next chapter 😍 also, if you have a tag list, could you please add me as well?
Thank you! The next chapter probably will be up on Sunday. I’ll try to have consistent upload schedule. I’ll tag you when the chapter is up!
You made a whole heartrender husbands comic?! This fandom is honestly so lucky to have such awesome and talented artists! Thank you so much for this, I'm super excited for part two! ❤🖤❤
Heartrender Hubands is exactly the ship dynamic I love (battle couple, grumpy/sunshine couple, the grumpy one is soft around the sunshine one, and they’re supposed to be the bad guys so yeah) so I kinda want to do something? The Grishaverse fandom has tons of talented artist and I’m super happy when I see some Heartrender Husbands arts as well. People are so quick!
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starlesscne · 2 months ago
I think Fedyor could vibe with Jesper because they are both such flirts, but Jesper almost killed Ivan TWICE, the boy is on thin ice.
If they meet under normal circumstances I feel like they would be great friends! But Jes not only tried to kill Ivan, he also flirted with him, which Fedyor cannot forgive. No sir. You FLIRT with husband??? You flirt and then you YEET him out of a SKIFF? Jail for Jesper. Jail for Jesper for one thousand years.
Jes, you better sleep with one eye open from now on... Fedyor looks like such a sweet guy but he definitely ain't gonna forgive that!
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veirtyel · 3 months ago
Chapter eleveeeeen!
Taglist:  @heathersbread @sparklingrainbowdragon @buffaluff @starlesscne @tiredraven04 @atticusfinchthelegend @alicanteathings @potterloud @artemisalilianvesta @angelicdestieldemon @keithredacted @aroconfusion @francuskiakcent @fate-and-destiny
Like this post if you want too be added to the taglist!
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qqueenofhades · 4 months ago
*respectfully* another request for Russian Revolution fivan? 👉👈😶
That winter is the worst that Fedyor can possibly imagine. It turns out that for a band of idealist socialist revolutionaries, overthrowing the old system and planting your flag in fiery triumph is a hell of a lot easier than building a functioning alternative in its place, and in the meantime, everyone is going to suffer. The Bolsheviks are victorious, yes, but now they're fighting with fellow socialists, the White Russian counter-revolutionaries, other militants, and the entirety of capitalist imperialist Western Europe, who view their success with horror and are desperate to stop the Red plague from infecting their own war-weary, restless-minded populations. There is famine and cold and death at every turn, and Fedyor sees things that he will never be able to forget. Russia is a war within a war within the Great War, which itself is still raging, though the new Bolshevik government has promised to get them out of it as fast as possible; the country's ruinous losses have fueled their support. The capital, for that matter, isn't even Petrograd anymore. It's Moscow. Everything has changed.
Fedyor battles to get home to Nizhny Novgorod, where he finds his family alive but deeply shaken. They have never been wealthy, but they're comfortable, and the first time he has to see his father stand in a bread line, it rattles Fedyor too. The idea of trying to just keep their heads down and hope this nonsense blows over seems ludicrous. But now his older sister Katya is sick, can't stop coughing, and it's that, if nothing else, that galvanizes Fedyor to return to the civil war and the racked-apart world that awaits him out there. "I have... a friend," he says to his worried parents. "In the Red Guard. If I can find him again, he might be able to help."
This is, of course, a lie in almost every imaginable way. Ivan Sakharov isn't his friend, just a man who didn't kill him in the Winter Palace and sheltered him from the immediate aftermath of the sack. Fedyor has no way of knowing if Ivan is still alive, if he is in any position to procure medicine for Katya, or anything else. But everyone is desperate, and the Kaminskys are in the same boat as everyone else. His parents give in, hug Fedyor tightly, and wish him Godspeed.
Finding Ivan is the next challenge. All Fedyor knows is his name and that he is (probably) from Siberia, so he travels to the headquarters of the newly-formed Siberian Army in Yekaterinburg and asks there. This is a mistake, because the Siberian Army, while originally founded in sympathy with the Bolsheviks, has now fallen out with them, and Fedyor barely gets out with his skin. But he boards the Trans-Siberian Railway, rides aimlessly east, has a chance conversation with a fellow passenger, and is told to ask in Krasnoyarsk.
Krasnoyarsk is a beautiful city in southern Siberia, and if Fedyor was here under other circumstances, he would like to look around. But he confirms that there is indeed an Ivan Sakharov from around here, who is a member of the Red Guard, and who might be posted to the Bolshevik regional headquarters in Chelyabinsk. It's worth a try. It's advancing spring, the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk has been signed (ceding a sizeable chunk of Russia to the Central Powers, but Lenin views it as an acceptable compromise en route to worldwide socialist revolution) and Russia is technically out of the Great War. If this is true, Fedyor can't see it.
He arrives in Chelyabinsk in March 1918, a fortnight after the treaty. Travels to the Bolshevik headquarters, asks, and --
"Fedyor Mikhailovich," the voice says, sounding genuinely stunned. "Is that you?"
Fedyor's heart skips a beat. He wasn't sure that the other man would remember him, that he would find him at all, but it's Ivan Ivanovich, looking grimmer and grumpier and more hard-edged than ever. He stares at Fedyor, who stares back at him. They move convulsively, clasp each other's hands, draw into an embrace like old trenchmates stumbling on each other unexpectedly. Ivan says, "What are you -- "
"If you ask me what I am doing here one more time," Fedyor interrupts, "I will smack you."
Ivan stops short. He looks like he might not object to that, and something hot and shameful and sweet curls warm in Fedyor's stomach. There's something else in their eyes, distinctively so, when they look at each other. Then Ivan says, "Why are you here, then?"
"My... sister." It sounds foolish, flimsy, when he utters it aloud, but no matter. "Katya. She's sick."
Ivan frowns. "With that Spanish influenza? They're saying it's particularly bad this year."
"No, I don't think so. I was just hoping... someone like you, that you might be able to find medicine for her. Or a hospital."
Ivan's eyes flicker. Then he says, "Are your family sympathizers to the cause? That would make a difference in what I was able to find."
"We're desperate," Fedyor says roughly. "We can be Reds, Whites, Greens, whatever you want. After your lot have come in and shot everything straight to hell -- "
"And is it better for the Americans, the British, the Japanese, the French, all interfering in Russia and trying to overthrow the will of the people?" Ivan snaps back. "The capitalists are terrified their own people will do the same to them as the Russians, so -- "
"It's not important." Fedyor has not come here to have a political argument. He has come to save his sister. "Can you help?"
"I don't know." Ivan spins restlessly on his heel. "Maybe."
"Please," Fedyor begs. "I will do anything."
For a moment, their eyes catch, hearing a certain and unmistakable subtext in that, that he does mean anything, and might not object. Then Ivan says, "No. I will not take that."
Are you sure? They both know what he's referring to, plain as day, without another word exchanged. Fedyor takes a step. "Ivan Ivanovich," he says. "I am... at your disposal. If you help her."
Their eyes continue to lock. Fedyor is burning from head to toe, and with something he can barely articulate. Then, brusquely, Ivan shakes his head. "No," he says. "No, I will not do that. Goodbye, Fedyor Mikhailovich. I hope you find arrangements elsewhere."
"Ivan -- please -- "
It's too late.
The door closes.
Ivan Ivanovich Sakharov, once again, is gone.
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liaduval · 4 months ago
*sees your amazing drüskelle!Ivan au art*
*thinks your brain and au are very neat*
*falls in love with au and the story*
Want to read fic about
*no fic about this version of the au*
Want to ask if I can write fic about
*no time because of already started fivan project*
Want to read fic ab-
Tumblr media
yeeeeeeeessssssss !!! I love your work so much!!❤️❤️❤️ please feel free to write all you want!👀
I am so happy people like this sleepdeprived brainchild of mine
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buffaluff · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
When Fedyor crossed the room with a few long strides, Ivan prepared himself for being yelled at, questioned, shoved, maybe even hit—Saints knew Fedyor had every right to be angry. He had never dared to hope for the fierce, desperate hug Fedyor pulled him into.
Again, I’m a sucker for a Siege and Storm retelling where no one dies 😇 And again, this is from @sparklingrainbowdragon’s fic exploring that trope…and despite the drama of the last illustration, I wasn’t able to go long without also including the anticipated reunion 🥺💖
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manyfandomsonelog · a year ago
Ask Game
Thank you @julian-is-tired for tagging me!
Answer these five questions and tag 5 people:
1. What’s your comfort activity? Re-reading books I’ve already read and re-watching things I’ve already watched.
2. Favourite book? Night Watch by Terry Pratchett or Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman (I think that’s how you spell his name?)
3. Top 3 favourite characters? Samuel Vimes, Granny Weatherwax, Toph Beifong
4. Favourite meal? I’m gonna go with favorite home-cooked meal and say my mom’s vegetable fried rice... it’s amazing
5. One thing you’ve always wanted to do? K*ss somebody.. haha jk.. unless...
@marzipain-in-the-ass @booknerd-23 @sparklingrainbowdragon @codes-age-old-problem @wannabecowboypunk
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tinyarmedtrex · 2 years ago
Greetings, I have become a huge fan of your reddie fics within seconds, could I please be added to your taglist? That would be awesome and make me extremely happy, thanks!!
umm omg thank you so much!!! Yes of course!!
Tumblr media
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fandom-necromancer · 10 months ago
1771. I never, ever want to hear you say that again.
This was prompted by the amazing @sparklingrainbowdragon! Enjoy!
Fandom: Detroit become human | Ship: Jerralph
Jerry sat on benches all over Detroit watching the sunset over the city. They enjoyed seeing it from different perspectives and reconstructing a full view. It kept their processors busy and made them feel whole being occupied with one singular task with every unit. It was nice being able to sit there out in the open, not having to worry. Ever since the revolution had ended and the laws had been set into place it had become a lot safer for deviants like them. In the beginning humans had been weirded out, but by now androids just roaming the streets at all times often without a real goal had become the new normal. And if a few of them had the same face and watched the sun set simultaneously, it was just another interesting oddity in their lives. Sometimes they spoke to them. A human woman asking a unit why they were sitting there every day. Jerry had enjoyed explaining it to her and she had smiled and joined the unit for the evening. But that was about all human contact Jerry had. They liked staying to themselves, tired of explaining the hive and still afraid in a distant part of their distributed soul. But it was getting better.
When it got dark and the sun was gone, Jerry stood up in one coordinated motion and began traversing the city. Although life had adjusted, there still was crime. Resentment against androids, people wishing everything would change back to the “good old days” when androids cleaned up after them. More than once Jerry’s hive had helped in preventing such crimes or get help in time. By now the police knew him by name, because he called at least once a week.
And it seemed it wouldn’t change this week, unfortunately.
‘No! No, Ralph doesn’t want to! Let Ralph go! Ralph doesn’t want-‘ ‘Shh, hey, I know how you’ve been. You liked it with me. Look at you know. I will reset you, take all these hurting memories away from you. Wouldn’t that be nice?’ ‘No! Ralph doesn’t want to die!’ ‘You wouldn’t die. You would just be like you were before. You can come back to my garden and tend the plants. You like that, don’t you?’
‘I don’t think he would like that’, Jerry spoke up, entering the side street. They were already recording, calling the police and streaming it to the separate computer the police had set up just to hold evidence like this gathered from the android network of Detroit. ‘I would advise you to stand back and wait. The police is already on the way.’ ‘What?’ The human stepped back and looked at the Jerry unit that had picked up the conversation first. ‘The fuck is your problem?’ ‘The way you threatened this android is our problem’, Jerry answered. ‘But it is a problem already taken care of.’ As if to confirm what they just said, sirens became audible. ‘Shit’, the human cursed and looked around, deciding to bolt. But at the other end of the street, Jerry had already taken position with four more units that had been in the general area. The human stopped and nearly stumbled to the ground in shock. ‘What the fuck?’
‘We advise you to listen to what we said’, Jerry reminded him. ‘As you haven’t yet done anything to this android, we are sure you will get away with a fine. Although we are sure the way you reacted you don’t deserve getting off that lightly.’ Jerry led the man back to wards the cowering android while making sure a few units kept him out of reach. They noted from the street how the police car approached and decided to go and calm the android while another unit talked to the police about what had been about to happen.
‘Hey there.’ They send one unit out not to overwhelm the small android and made it crouch before him. ‘Our name is Jerry. You are Ralph, have I heard that correctly.’ ‘Y-Yes. Ralph. Ralph is scared.’ ‘That is okay. We are taking care of the situation. The police is taking this man with them and you don’t have to see him again.’ At least that was what Jerry hoped for. ‘Are you okay? He didn’t hurt you, did he?’ The android looked up and Jerry could see nasty scars interrupting an otherwise… beautiful face. ‘No. Ralph had these before’, he said and tried to hide them with his hand. ‘He never hurt me. Others did.’ ‘Okay. Hey, that’s nothing to be ashamed of’, Jerry cooed. ‘Look, we are scarred too.’ Jerry showed him the busted hand of the unit that was talking to him and then let the other units flash portions of their arms or faces that had small imperfections, too. It wasn’t anything as dramatic as Ralph’s scars, but he hoped it would make the android less self-conscious. ‘Can you stand?’, they asked, seeing that the man was taken in by the police officers. They let their units disperse but kept a few close in case the man hadn’t been alone. ‘Yes. Ralph can stand. Ralph wants to go.’ ‘We know a place. Is it okay if we lead you there?’ ‘Where is it?’, Ralph asked, pulling his tarpaulin around his shoulders. ‘It is a quiet place. Without any humans. You are safe there. We hid there too, once. It’s by the river, not far from here.’ Ralph thought about it, then nodded and carefully took Jerry’s hand. ‘Ralph wants to go there.’
On their way there, Jerry decided to give Ralph a bit of time to relax. Only when the LED switched to blue, they spoke up. ‘You said this man didn’t hurt you. So you knew him before?’ ‘Yes, Ralph knew him. He was Ralph’s former owner.’ ‘May we ask what happened?’ ‘Ralph… Ralph was a gardener. Ralph liked it. It’s nice seeing things grow. But… Others came. Visitors they said. They… took Ralph. Hurt him. Did… Did this.’ ‘Shh, it’s okay’, Jerry said, rubbing his hand. ‘You don’t have to tell me.’ But the android didn’t even seem to hear him. ‘They broke Ralph. He got away from them but… Ever since then, Ralph is broken and damaged and wrong and-‘ The android let go of Jerry’s hand and held his head with both of them. ‘Maybe Ralph should have gone with him! Maybe Ralph should have been reset to make it all go away! Maybe-‘ ‘Hey.’ Jerry had reached out and tried to touch the android to steady him, but the moment he did, Ralph lashed out at him. ‘Get away from Ralph! Ralph will kill you! Ralph has killed before! Ralph has a knife and-‘ The rest was lost to static as the android broke down on the sidewalk. Jerry swallowed , but got down too with only a moment’s hesitation. ‘Ralph? I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked. You don’t need to speak any further.’
‘No. Ralph is sorry’, the android answered silently. ‘You see this? That’s what Ralph has become after the humans were finished with him. Ralph doesn’t want to say these things. Ralph isn’t evil! Ralph regrets this so much! But Ralph can’t help himself, Ralph is just broken like that. Ralph should be reset or deactivated or-‘ Although it hadn’t helped last time, Jerry couldn’t stop themselves. They had to lean in and hug the lost and desperate ball of plasteel. They held Ralph for quite a while, before stepping back a little and muttering: ‘We never, ever want to hear you say that again.’ Ralph looked up. ‘You are not broken. You are just traumatised. You’ve lived through a lot. And we get how wiping it all away and forgetting about it is your only wish. But not like this. Had you gone with this man, you would have lost yourself in the process. He would have reset you, you would have forgotten, but you also would have been his slave, and everything could have happened again. What you need is another chance at life and safety. You don’t need a reset in the literal sense. You just need to figure out how to get better again. If you let yourself be taken like this, wouldn’t the evil humans that hurt you have won?’ Ralph looked up at them. ‘This is not how that works. Ralph doubts they even think of Ralph anymore.’ ‘Then why should you?’, Jerry asked gently. ‘You, as you are now, what would wish for?’
Ralph looked at the ground. ‘Safety and another chance at life sounds nice. Ralph would like that.’ Jerry threw him a smile and helped him stand up again. ‘Then come with us. We can keep you safe. If you want that.’ The android nodded. ‘Ralph would like that.
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For the challenge- hope
Thirty Minute Fic Challenge - Hope
start: 21:05finish: 21:35word count: 1,106
warnings: Maggie being the best mom ever!
* * * * * 
The house was eerily quiet for it being 9pm on a Saturday night, Maggie Tozier mused as she moved from the kitchen to the bottom of the stairs. Richie hadn’t gone out that night, due to conflicting plans with his friends, and had chosen to spend the night in his room reading comics and watching movies. Up until 7pm, there had been the noise of the television in the background, but now there was nothing.
She paused for a moment before shaking her head and walking back to the living room, taking a seat next to Went who was reading the paper from that day. As she sat down, Went turned his head, giving her a soft look, “What’s going on Mags? Is everything alright?”  
“Mhm,” She nodded, turning her head back to the stairs for a moment, “Don’t you think Richie has been really quiet for most of the night? Normally when he spends the night in he is either yelling at his video games, playing music or watching movies. I haven’t heard a peep from him since before 7pm.” Maggie was tempted to go check on her son, but she stopped herself. He was seventeen years old, he didn’t need his mother checking on him when he was quiet. She trusted him to come to her if there was something wrong.
Went folded up the paper and stretched a little, sitting it on the edge of the sofa before turning his whole attention to his wife, “Just go see if he’s okay. I know you don’t want to invade his privacy, but I can tell it’s bothering you. Just knock on the door, stick your head in and see if he wants anything.”
Maggie bit her lip, weighing over the choice before she nodded and moved to the stairs, walking up slowly until she reached Richie’s bedroom door. She could see that his lamp was on, from the light illuminating from below the door, and she raised her fist to the door, knocking softly before opening the door just a crack.
Out of all of the scenarios that Maggie had envisioned, the one that she saw was not one of them. Instead of finding her son passed out with his clothes on, or engrossed in a book, or something else that would cause him to be quiet, what she saw was her son asleep on his bed...not alone. Wrapped around her son, dressed in one of Richie’s hoodies and a pair of shorts was none other than Eddie Kaspbrak.
Both of them were fast asleep, Richie’s arm wrapped around Eddie’s shoulder and Eddie’s around Richie’s waist, head resting on his chest. She hadn’t even noticed that Eddie had come over, he normally would come and say hello. Her eyes moved to the window, which was open a crack, and then to the overnight bag in the corner as her mind slowly pieced everything together. They didn’t want her to know Eddie was here.
At the sight, as well as the revelation, Maggie’s heart swelled. She was almost tempted to rush to the bedroom and grab the camera Went bought her for Christmas to snap a picture of the pair, but she was too scared she’d wake them up. Not even the mother in her, the small part that was screaming about her son in bed with another boy who he was very much into, could force her to wake them up.
With one final glance at the pair, Maggie went to close the door, only for it to creak a little. She froze, watching the two boys and wincing as Eddie blinked open his eyes, locking with hers from across the room. Eddie’s eyes widened and he moved to get up, but Maggie shook her head, slowly making her way into the room, taking a seat on the edge of her bed. Richie was still very much out of it, and Maggie knew that he could probably sleep through a hurricane.
“It’s okay,” Maggie smiled, reaching out a comforting hand to settle on Eddie’s arm, attempting to soothe the boy. It seemed to work as Eddie relaxed, slowly settling back into his previous position but this time with wide eyes and flushed cheeks. “You know, you don’t have to hide the fact that you want to stay here. We’d never kick you out, Eddie.”
His blush deepened and he bit down on his lip, “I- I know that...I just... we weren’t sure…” he trailed off and Maggie could see that he wanted to hide his face in Richie’s shirt. It was then, that Maggie reached her second revelation of the evening.
“Eddie...are you and Richie dating?” She asked, keeping her voice soft so as to not wake her still sleeping son. Panic surged in Eddie’s eyes and she quickly continued, “Because if you are, then it’s okay. I’ve known Richie was gay since he was fourteen, and I’ve also known that he’s been just as crazy about you since then...maybe even longer. You’re both seventeen, almost graduating and moving on to a whole new part of your life. I’m not going to be that parent who doesn’t let her child see his boyfriend.” She smiled warmly as Eddie relaxed once more.
“It’s...still very new,” Eddie whispered, clearing his throat just a little. “We- we’ve only been really dating for a few days. The first couple of weeks we just wanted to see if it would work without ruining our friendship’s not.” His blush deepened. “Richie means a lot to a lot a lot. You- you say he’s been crazy about me since he was fourteen? Maybe younger?” Maggie nodded. “Me too.”
Richie let out a groan, startling them both and Maggie moved to get up, “Well, you have our seal of approval, not that you ever needed it though.” She moved to the door. “Also, our home is always open to you Eddie, I hope you know that? I want you to know that you can come here whenever you want, whenever your life at home becomes too much.”
“T-Thank you...Maggie,” Eddie whispered and Maggie moved back across the room, leaning down to press a soft kiss to the top of his head. “You’re amazing.”
Maggie shook her head, finally heading back to the door, “No, I’m just a mother.” She winked and closed the door, walking back down the stairs to sit next to her husband again, who gave her a look.
“Everything okay?” Went asked once more and this time Maggie nodded her head.
“Everything is perfect, love. Everything is just perfect.”
* * * * *
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