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kahousstuff · 2 days ago
Hey can you do a smut imagines where Ben is jealous because one of the umbrella said something about the reader?
ooh yes!! i’ll try to keep this as gender neutral as possible and keep it sparrow ben since he seems like the jealous type.
yours | sparrow ben x gn!reader smut
Tumblr media
In which Ben's insecurities are glaringly obvious, and you're going to have to show him that you're his
“Don’t say that, y/n, you’re beautiful the way you are.” Diego was nonchalant about it, which erased any romantic context behind his words, but nonetheless, you noticed how it perked Ben’s ear. You hadn’t realized that you’d started rambling and self-deprecating.
“What the hell, man?”
“Relax, dude, you know I didn’t mean it like that. Maybe if you showed your partner you loved them then they wouldn’t be saying such things.” 
“Shut your mouth, knife boy.”
“You’re not serious.”
 Ben’s grip on your hand tightened considerably. “Let’s go.”
“Ben, it’s fine.” He pulled you into the hall, the expression on his face comically angry. "Why do you have to get so jealous? You know he literally has a girlfriend, right?"
“It’s not fine,” the tip of Ben’s thumbs ran over your knuckles; he could bite his nails if he wasn’t insistent on keeping his hand on yours. Rubbing the back of his palm, you tried your best to calm him. "Look, I'm sorry, but–"
“I’m yours, Ben.” You kissed his temple, standing on your toes to do so.
“Do you ever feel like I don’t show that I love you?” His eyes turned to glass as he looked at you with uncertainty, his speech abrupt. “Is he right?”
“No, he’s not.”
"Then why would he say something like that?"
"As nice as Diego is, do you really think he knows our relationship better than we do?" Blinking rapidly, you tried not to break eye contact with Ben.
"No, no."
"Then relax." Pinching his palm, your hold on his left hand remained.
“I love you so much, y/n.” He held your chin between his fingers, leaning in to kiss you with his full heart.
“I love you, too.” Pushing your lips onto his again, you tried your best not to break this kiss, allowing your hands to grip his waist as Ben lead you into his bedroom, the crisp daylight illuminating the bedcovers.
Against the table at the front of the room, he had you cornered between its surface and his own body.
Ben’s lips trailed to your neck, sucking at the skin. "Saying it isn't enough." He moved behind you to leave a trail of kisses along your side, his hands growing adventurous as they ventured across your body and sneakily removed your shirt. 
"Then show me, Ben."
With this, he led his fingers to your ass, cupping it gently before giving it a light squeeze. "My pleasure," he pulled down the little shorts you wore, his covered cock pushed against you. He grinded himsle against you, his nips on your skin leaving subtle marks. The overstimulation gained from this was exhilarating, your body desperate for him to be inside you.
"You're so polite," you heard the light snap of his boxers coming off; instinctively, you placed your foot on the small chair to your right to allow him easier access to your quivering hole.
Ben pushed into you slowly, allowing you a few seconds to adjust to his presence; the precum on his tip was plentiful enough to provide lubrication. His hands were bound to your waist, his thumbs pushing you forward with subtle force. Leaning on the table, you waited for him to start moving.
And when he did, you found yourself knowing the meaning of bliss; his movements gentle enough for your comfort but his size great enough to rock your body to the pace of his thrusts. "How are you so good at this?"
"Devotion," you heard him moan as he nipped at your ear, his hands never leaving your body.
"Maybe I should let you get jealous more often,"
"Don't worry darling, I'm always down for this." The thrust that followed this was faster than the previous ones, its impact making a tight slap against your ass.
"I'm close,"
"Cum for me," you let out a strained groan as you came undone, your orgasm cascading from your hole. Ben's orgasm fell behind you by enough seconds to ride you out, his breathing fast and then slow in a matter of moments. In the end, you were just two slightly sweaty bodies, his room smelling of your endeavors.
"Being loved by you is my favorite thing, you know?" Smiling, you pushed your back onto his chest, collapsing just a little bit against him.
"Loving you is my favorite thing," Ben tapped your chin, signaling you to look up and back at him. Kissing your forehead, then your nose, he held your frame close to him.
Ignoring the shuffling of footsteps outside, you closed your eyes, hoping he'd never move away from you.
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thehargreevesfamily · 11 hours ago
Klaus to Viktor: There’s no magical cure for depression, anxiety, insecurity, or any mental illness there is.
Klaus: However, Diego once said to me, “Whenever you feel sad, imagine a t-rex trying to make a bed.
Klaus: I know it shouldn’t work, but do you know how hard it is to be sad with that image in your head?
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x-eliph · 2 days ago
personally, i need to see everyone’s answers to this. im lowkey thinking it was kourtney LMFAO
Tumblr media
this is not me, credits to the twitter user^^
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A trio of varying masculinity that I would like to see go absolutely apeshit about something adorable like a cute dog or something: Five, Diego, and Sparrow Ben
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shaerin · 2 days ago
just finished umbrella academy S3 and I had the thought that Grace presence in the sparrow academy timeline implies that (at least) one of the sparrow had the habit of killing their nanny since it's shown that Grace first purpose was to replace the nannies that Viktor kept on killing
So now i'm wondering who's the culprit. putting most of my money on Jayme or Christopher
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fandoomrants · a day ago
Jennifer Incident
Okay, so ever since it was first mentioned we've all wondered what this incident was, right?
What we know is that it's something that has happened in both timelines yet in the Umbrella timeline Ben died and in the Sparrow, he somehow got away with only a scar (it is sorta believed it's from then, right?)
And there are many theories about who Jennifer was, one of the most popular being that she was a girl that Umbrella!Ben sacrificed himself to save, yet Sparrow!Ben let her die and that's how he survived it.
There are also some theories that she wasn't a person but that's what the tentacles are called and it might make some sense since we know Umbrella!Ben didn't seem to like his powers much and didn't like using them, therefore meaning he wasn't much in control of the tentacles, yet Sparrow!Ben is often using them and seems to be in control of them. Yet the one hint that shows it happened in the Sparrow universe too is this painting in Ben's room we can see of a girl with "Jennifer" written at the bottom, which indicates she was a real person, after all. So this makes me scratch that. Although I don't fully reject the idea he somehow dies because of his powers, only that Jennifer is not them, lol.
What I personally think is, that the two versions of Ben aren't that different deep down. It's the same person, just grown in a very different environment. The Umbrellas grow to become dysfunctional and are seen by Reginald as a failure when he meets them in the 60s, so that's why he decides to go on a different route and adopts other children (well, we learn that the Umbrellas haven't been born in that timeline except for Ben but still, there are other differences too) and this time, they're brought up in a completely different way. He basically robs them of all emotional attachments, for example making Pogo go away, or Grace being not their "mom" but more like some sort of a servant. As a result, they become a strong and good team but they lack the closeness and care for each other that the Umbrellas have. The Umbrellas are dysfunctional but more or less care for each other and they've relied on each other while growing up, while for the Sparrows, everything's been a competition and trying to prove they're better than the rest. So that's why Sparrow!Ben is more of an asshole, yet there are hints of how this is more or less of a facade. So, to me, it sounds unlikely that he'd let an innocent person die instead of him.
I saw a theory a few days ago that Umbrella!Ben might have originally died trying to save Klaus. (This breaks my heart on too many levels). And I started thinking, I can really see him dying to save one or more of his siblings. But Sparrow!Ben? Sloane was right, he cares more about not being invited to a party than for his dead siblings. (Because they weren't a real family, they were rivals, someone failed to raise children once again).
So, I promise I'm getting to the end of this, my personal theory now is, Jennifer wasn't someone who Ben failed to save, or let her die. She was maybe someone involved in another way (maybe even the enemy they faced?). In the Umbrella universe, Ben died while protecting the rest, in the Sparrow universe, he didn't do it and that's how he survived.
What we also know is that Sparrows' numbers change and Ben was once number 1 but for some reason, he was demoted. What if this is how he "failed" and became number 2?
And, this would actually work with another theory I have. This one is that, even if it sounds really funny, I refuse to believe Christopher was always a cube. I believe he was once a real person, who went through an incident that made Reginald, similar to what he did with Luther, have no other choice than turn him into something else. And what if it happened then? Because Ben didn't try to sacrifice himself for him?
And this would also justify how Ben failed so majorly that he lost his position, one of his siblings almost died because of him.
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hazelthebasil08 · a day ago
Honestly seeing a lot about how Viktors trauma is very focused upon and I totally agree
All the siblings have a lot of trauma that needs to be worked through and they don’t need to cater to Viktors trauma 24/7
But still Allisons actions were very unnecessary lol and if it wasn’t for Viktors trauma the apocalypse would have never happened and there would have been no reason for the second and third season lol
(Also I don’t know much about the comics but I’ve heard this is the most canon Allison’s has gotten to that version of herself??)
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deepstydelight · 26 days ago
i will burst out laughing if five's opening scene in season four is him in school glaring at everyone.
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fivesmannequinwife · a month ago
I just find it so funnily cruel that Original Timeline Reginald adopted 7 children with superpowers, got scared of their powers, and consciously minimized them and tortured them in order to break their spirits and not let their powers grow too much. Then 1960s Reginald found out that the Umbrellas weren’t strong enough nor had cohesion as a team (due to their father’s terrible parenting) and got so repulsed that he raised a different set of children by  training them harder and cutting off their only two sources of “human” connection and affection (Pogo and Grace, by firing Pogo and stripping Grace from her “mother” status)... all for said children to turn exactly into what Original Timeline Reg feared, which is against him and overpowering him to a point he could no longer use them lol he managed to fuck up twice lol 
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feralnumberfive · a month ago
Christopher just goes "æ¿‽/%¡&∅" and his siblings go "Damn!! Sick burn Christopher!!"
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kahousstuff · 2 days ago
Hey can you do a imagine where the Sparrow reader is the girlfriend of Ben and Ben wake up horny and mind night so he go to the reader room? Something smut, romantic and fluff
yeah sure! i love me some romantic smut
dreaming 'bout you | sparrow ben x fem!reader smut
Taking care of your boyfriend is something you'll do anytime.
Tumblr media
No matter how hard he tried to think about Pogo or Reginald, Ben’s thoughts always trailed back to you, and his boner stayed painfully hard. His eyes had snapped open earlier at the close of a wonderful dream he’d been having— one that involved you, him, and a bed, and anyone could see where that could go. Before he could finish in his pants, Ben was awake.
You were asleep in the next room, blissfully unaware of the sinful dream he’d been having and his current state. 
Sliding a hand in his pants, Ben felt the heat of the blood that rushed in his cock, its sensitivity incurable as he tried to stroke it.
Maybe it would be an okay idea to disturb you, take the smallest chance that you’d let him in?
He peeled his fingers from his throbbing length to push his frame off of the bed, feeling around to find the door. Stepping quietly, Ben felt his way to the next room over, the low levels of light from outside marking the floor. “Hey,” he whispered in the doorframe, staring at your sleeping form under the covers.
Ben creaked closer to you, the warmth from your body in the air. “Darling?”
The shine of your eyes was the only thing visible in the dark as your eyes fluttered open, your lips slightly parted. Wordlessly, you slid to the other side of the bed, lazily patting the space beside you.
Like a cat, he curled around your body, smelling your hair in the process; you turned to face him, kissing what you could hope was his nose. Curling up to Ben, you could feel the obvious hardness in his pants. “Is this what you came here for?”
Your hand rested on his cheek; you felt his face grow warmer from the question. “Yeah, but this is fine, too.” Your fingers were pushed up by a smile.
"Is it?" You were tired, but he could keep you awake as long as he liked. "Are you sure?"
"Honestly, not really."
Trailing your hands down his body, you flipped him over to rest on his back, removing his shirt with haste so you could kiss his chest. "Let me take care of you," you whispered, your hands holding his thighs with your lips slightly above the waistband of his pants.
"This is how the dream I had went,"
"You were dreaming about me?" You cast aside his pants; they fell with a soft thud onto the carpet next to the bed, your greedy fingers playing with the opening of his tight underwear. His cock was painfully close to your face, its heat radiating.
"Of course, who wouldn't?" Ben's large hand held your head, a finger lost in your hair. "You're so beautiful,"
"It's dark in here."
"So? You really are, you know." Blushing, you touched his tip lightly, tracing the outline of him under the covers.
"Tonight's about you, Ben." You murmured softly before taking him in your mouth, twisting your tongue around his cock as gently as you could.
"What did I do to deserve you?" His hand remained in your hair as he gently guided your head forward onto him.
"Easy," you peppered him with more kisses before taking him down your throat, bobbing up and down vigorously; Ben's moans filled the room, leaving a bit of space for dirty whispers you could conjure in the darkness of the room. "Is this what I did in your dream?"
The rustling of the pillowcase suggested a nod.
Your lips were warm against the skin of his cock, its throbbing an echo in your mouth as you felt him come close to cumming. "Fuck, I'm close."
Swirling your tongue again, you allowed him to release into your mouth; of course, you swallowed every drop, his cum a subtle gleam against any surface it touched. "Feel better?"
"Miles," Ben tasted himself on you as he kissed you, his muscles relaxing onto the mattress. "Can I stay here?"
"Please," your whisper was shaky as you slid back next to him. You couldn't see his face, but you'd hoped that he was smiling to himself softly. Cradling his head in your arms, you fell asleep with your face wedged between his mess of spiky hair and the sheets, the flavor of what he'd left in your mouth mild as you returned to sleep beside him.
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thehargreevesfamily · 7 hours ago
Klaus: My head hurts.
Five: That's your brain trying to comprehend its own stupidity.
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x-eliph · 2 days ago
young sparrow headcanons :)
˚ ༘✶ ⋆。˚ ⁀➷
sloane would get yelled at because she’d get distracted easily on missions
jayme and alphonso got in trouble the most from goofing off
sloane would beg to braid jayme’s hair
ben had a diary 💀
marcus always flirted with the girl fans when he was a teenager
fei always read the teen titans comics for raven
alphonso had a hippie phase, don’t ask why, it just feels right
ben used his tentacles to open doors, grab stuff, just overall be lazy
christopher was a mamas boy
ben loved watching reality tv shows like the kardashians, just never wanted to admit it
jayme loved tony hawks pro skater
sloane loved the sims
alphonso had secret snack drawers in his bedroom
ben would mock marcus/fei when they’d speak
when marcus would read, he’d be lifting those little hand weights
sloane had a tamagotchi she would carry everywhere at anytime
jayme had a lisa frank phase that she regrets deeply but ben brings it up to annoy her
fei would beat everybody at guitar hero
when ben wouldn’t win a game, he’d storm to his room and not leave it for the rest of the day
they all trained fei’s crows to say stuff
they all fought over the remote
fei used her crows to attack ben if he was rude
marcus had posters of different things all across his walls
ben drew portraits of pogo and grace and would give it to them
christopher’s room was absolutely high tech
the idea of adding a gym onto the academy came from marcus
during board games, ben would flip the board over
fei used her crows to explore the city for her
christopher would imitate a fire alarm to scare everyone
alphonso tried to learn how to do a cart wheel but failed
jayme somehow learned how to breakdance
sloane forced ben and marcus to let her do their make up/ dress them up
Tumblr media
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amanitacaplan · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The Umbrella Academy’s introduction montage (1x01) | The Sparrow Academy’s introduction montage (3x01)
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absentfather · a month ago
The Sparrows argued over who should be number one and always changing their numbers, yet Viktor was never changed to number six, not after Ben’s death or after their timeline with him was gone. I know it’s probably nothing but I do like how it shows that Sparrows see the numbers as who is the best and who should be the leader, while the Umbrellas just see the numbers as what they were given and that they don’t really matter.
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catherine-sketches · a month ago
The plot of season 3 would be Vastly Different if ghost Ben was still around
Ghost Ben would call Sparrow Ben a Bitch for example
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hazelthebasil08 · 28 days ago
“The umbrella academy” but it has the side interview scenes like “The Office”
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