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#speak now

What’s going on right now in the world with #blacklivesmatter & #justiceforgeorgefloyd, I understand that celebraties are going to talk about it. I understand that they are going to support the movement. But please, don’t make it about them speaking up. It’s really nice that they use their platforms for a good cause, can’t deny that. But don’t forget what this is about — don’t forget the cause.

Remember their names, SAY THEIR NAMES. SPEAK UP! I am not black, but I hear you and I stand with you. You were there for us Hispanics when we needed it. Now, you need more voices to speak and shout with you, for all of your struggles and tragedies that shouldn’t happen — that you shouldn’t witness. Just know that I stand next to you, I will join you. Your fight is my fight — not because you stood beside us, but because this has been going far too long. No one should fear for their life’s. No one should feel threatened because of their skin color.

It’s time for a change.

I saw this sign that someone did and it said:

WHITE PRIVELDGE means I can do the following WITHOUT the fear of being harmed or killed

I can go jogging… Ahmaud Arbery couldn’t.

I can be detained by the police… George Floyd couldn’t.

I can go birding… Christian Cooper couldn’t.

I can relax at home… Breanna Taylor, Atatiana Jefferson & Kathryn Johnson couldn’t.

I can have a mental health crisis… Anthony Hill couldn’t.

I can defend my girlfriend from armed intruders… Kevin Davis couldn’t.

I can run (unarmed) from a cop… Walter Scott couldn’t.

I can play loud music… Jordan David couldn’t.

I can ask help from a stranger… Renisha McBride couldn’t.

I can play with a toy gun… Tamir Rice couldn’t.

I can lawfully carry a weapon… Philando Castile couldn’t.

I can get a traffic ticket… Sandra Bland couldn’t.

I can walk home with skittles… Trayvon Martin couldn’t.

I can party on New Year’s Eve… Oscar Grant couldn’t.

I can go to church… The Charleston 9 couldn’t.

I can shop at Walmart… John Crawford couldn’t.

I can sell CDs… Alton Sterling couldn’t.

I can owe a fine… Nicholas Thomas couldn’t.

I can take out my wallet Amadou Diallo couldn’t.

I can breath… Eric Garner & George Floyd couldn’t.


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Now is the time to wake up to the truth. Don’t focus on your past beliefs or your guilt. Wake up and see what is happening around you, especially if it makes you uncomfortable!

Black and brown human beings are being killed right before our eyes!

I’m not going to take the stage here because I know that we should be listening to black people in this time, but I have one question for you.

What are you going to do to facilitate change today?

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One statement. One wrong bit of information can change a child’s perspective of the society and can poison the mind of an entire generation.


Hate is taught.

Children are not born knowing they could be killed for just existing.

Children are not born knowing they will be denied the same things other children have.

Children are not born knowing that they should treat people differently based on their race and gender.

Children are not born knowing violence.

Children are not born knowing they could harm another person without reason using its “status”

This is the time to take a stand together.

Stand against discrimination.

Stand against inhuman behaviour.

Stand against inherent racism.

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SPEAK NOW WORLD TOUR  - (FEB 9, 2011 - MARCH 18, 2012)

On our first night at Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts, right as I sang a lyric in “Fearless” – “With you I’d dance in a storm in my best dress, fearless” – I felt a drop of rain hit my hand. Then another, then another, then a monsoon broke out. I saw girls with their perfectly curled hair turn sopping wet. I thought, “They’re all gonna leave.” Instead, they went nuts, dancing in the rain, screaming louder. It was awesome.

insp: xxx
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I run my fingers through your hair

And watch the lights go wild 

Just keep on keeping your eyes on me 

It’s just wrong enough to make it feel right

And lead me up the staircase

Won’t you whisper, soft and slow

And I’m captivated by you baby

Like a fireworks show

Sparks Fly- Taylor Swift (aka what a great bridge)

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Hey guys! I’m new to tumblr but made this account because I heard this place has a really welcoming community of swifties! I’m following as many of you guys as we can, let’s all support each other through these trying times. I’m signing off for tonight - it’s nearly 1 AM here in the U.K.
I’ll be posting some of my favourite Taylor songs tomorrow - might be doing reviews and stuff! Let me know if you’d be interested. Goodnight! xoxo

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“Miss Americana” is really important now. Taylor showed us that she learned how to speak up for herself and she’s fighting for what’s good and right not only for her but also for those who can’t speak up. I’m really proud that I’m looking up to her.

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