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#speaking spanish
raulesparza4eva3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Does anybody else love it when he speaks Spanish?? 馃グ馃グ馃グ
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fieriframes19 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[Unbelievable. We need never be ashamed of our tears before. It's...[ speaking Spanish ]. Little, but hot.]
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holly-natnicole8 months ago
Gosalyn: "Dad, con todo el debido respeto, voy a ignorar completamente todo lo que usted acaba de decir." Drake: leans over to Fenton to whisper "What'd she say?" Fenton: sweats "She said she'll be happy to do what you told her!" Gosalyn: "That's n鈥!" Fenton: quickly covers Gosalyn's mouth. Drake: blinks in confusion.
____________ (According to a translator on the Internet, "con todo el debido respeto, voy a ignorar completamente todo lo que usted acaba de decir" means "with all due respect, I will completely ignore everything you just said".)
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andnowadragona month ago
Tumblr media
For some reason, he didn't acquire Spanish as a child despite having a Spanish-fluent mother and grandparents who spoke it around him. So I'm stuck in this weird place as a gringo who grew up in a white-as-hell conservative state, took three years of Spanish in high school, and have to translate for him (who grew up in a Latino-dominant city right on the U.S.-Mexico border in Texas). 馃槀
I can't speak Spanish very well, but I understand most of it when I hear or read it.
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jackieslieke3 months ago
Kinda random, but have you seen Ivana鈥檚 TikTok? Her and Ona are big goofy 馃槅
yesss their friendship is the cutest 馃ぇ
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nikkitasevolia year ago
Jared speaking spanish is my weakness 馃槏馃槏 @lostinletoland let鈥檚 melt together 馃槏馃槏
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mallr4tsa year ago
Tumblr media
Summary:聽 Javier messes up his first impression when you meet him. Embarrassed, he results in only speaking to you in Spanish, as he's too nervous to mess up again.
Pairing: Javier Escuella X Fem!Reader
Word Count: 3668
Rating: SFW Tags: Speaking Spanish, Friends to lovers, First kiss, Fishing, Dancing, Slow dancing, Fluff, Slow burn.
Notes: I love the idea of Javier being a super nervous guy, so of course i鈥檝e gotta write it!!!!! Requests always open!
Read on AO3 Read English only version
Tumblr media
You were new to the gang. They had saved you after O'driscolls had slaughtered your animals, burnt your crops, and set your farmhouse on fire. Your home and family were gone. They originally showed up to rob your home whilst you slept, hearing of your comfortable income, but it soon became a gang war and the Van Der Lindes were quick to take your side. You were saved and taken in. They offered you safety back at their camp, and you quickly accepted their offer, not having anywhere else to go.
They seemed to have some morals. Arthur had told you on your way back to camp how a while ago, the gang went to rob a carriage, only to find it had women and children inside, so they left them to it. They later heard that the O'driscolls robbed the same carriage later down their path, and slaughtered everyone.
You were thankful they were here, even if it was to originally rob you.
Clemens Point. It was a lovely camp, south from where you lived, and close to Rhodes, a somewhat local town for you.
You arrived during the dead of night in the company of Arthur, Lenny, and Hosea. Arthur helped you off his horse whilst one of the women put a blanket around you and took you over to their tents, reassuring Arthur that they would take good care of you.
You were frightened, shaking. You had every right to be.
Hosea explained everything to Dutch, and he calmly welcomed you to the camp, telling you you could say as long as you wanted to.
You felt safe.
The next morning you awoke before everyone else, though your night's rest was interrupted with nightmares. You got up from your temporary bed and made your way to the campfire, warming yourself up by it as the cold morning air surrounding you. A short while later you could hear someone approaching you, you turned, somewhat startled, but calmed quickly as you saw it was only Arthur approaching. "Mornin Miss (L/N), didn't mean to scare ya'," he said as he sat beside you. "Oh, it's not your fault. I'm just so on edge, but I'll calm eventually," you replied. "You take your time. You have every reason t'be feelin like this," he lit a cigarette as he spoke. "Mhmm," you said as you nodded.
The two of you sat in silence for a while. By the time he had finished his cigarette, most of the camp was awake. Arthur offered you a hand as he stood up and said he'd introduce you to everyone. You smiled and accepted it.
Arthur took his time introducing you to every member the two of you came across. They were all so lovely and welcoming, though he didn't introduce you to Micah as he said "this ones a rat, whole camp hates him. Dunno why we keep him really, Dutch's orders I suppose," and shrugged.
Sean seemed overly welcoming and had the personality of someone who was constantly tipsy, though he may be. He makes sure to let you know that you'd feel like a member of the family in no time. Charles gave you his deepest condolences and offered you a shoulder to cry on if you ever needed it. Along with offering to take you hunting if you ever wanted a distraction. Swanson said he would pray for your speedy recovery and assured you your family would be very welcomed into heaven. You wondered why a man of God was drinking himself to death.
The two of you continued to wander around camp. "Ahh! There he is!" Arthur said as he gestured to the tanned man helping himself to a cup of coffee. "(Y/N), this is Javier. He's a real charmer," Arthur teased as he nudged you. Javier looked up at you from his coffee and you could have sworn you saw him tense up. His eyes widened slightly, and he came to a halt, somewhat in shock. "Well don't just stare at her, Javier. Say hello to the lady. This ain't like you t'be ignorin' a woman," Arthur said to him. "Uh.. Hola," Javier sheepishly replied. He seemed shy.. no, stunned? Maybe he hadn't woken up yet. "Hello, Javier," you replied to him. "Dutch found Javier years ago after he fled Mexico, it's a long story," he whispered the second half of that sentence to you. "He didn't speak a word of English when we met him," Arthur smiled. "Sorry, uhh.. excuse me. I've not woken up yet," Javier blurted out as he rushed off to the other side of the camp, staring at the ground as he walked. "That was weird. Normally Javier is more.. Javier, I guess. Ain't seen him so sheepish before, especially not around a woman," Arthur apologized to you. "Oh it's okay. I hate first impressions, maybe he does too?" You replied. "Mhmm. Ah well, plenty of time to get t'know him," Arthur said as he poured you both a cup of coffee then continued his tour around the camp.
Later on that day you insisted that you return to your house to collect whatever was left there. Valuables, belongings, food, etc. Arthur warned you how emotional it'd make you, but came with you on the journey.
Your house was ruined, vanished, forever gone along with everything inside of it. There was nothing to save. The Barnhouse, however, was still standing and untouched. You went inside to collect a few things: weapons, a tent, some photos that were pinned to the work table in there, and a few more things. Feeling somewhat relieved, you headed back to camp, shedding a few tears on the way. You had a bittersweet feeling on the tip of your tongue, as if you had just buried that chapter of your life, and could begin a new one.
Charles helped you set up your tent. You decided to camp next to Arthur, as the space next to him had a beautiful view of the lake and beach, and because you felt safe camping next to someone who had helped you so much. He later left you to have some time alone. You sat against a tree and watched the sunset, hoping when the sun rose the next day you would really feel like this was a new chapter for you. There was no going back, only forward. You assured yourself that you can't stand around looking over your shoulder at the past, you must keep moving on.
As night had fallen, you decided to go and socialize a bit. Drinking seemed to be a very big social activity in this group, so you took a beer and sat yourself down at the fire with some others. They welcomed you as you sat.
You mostly listened, learning more about them as a group and individuals. You quickly picked up on small things: Uncle spent most of his time asleep and complaining, John and Abigail were somewhat together and Jack was their son, Dutch had a very fatherly role and had raised some of the members, Micah was one of the newest members to the gang, etc. As you people watched, you couldn't help but notice Javier sat diagonally to you. You noticed how his eyes would sometimes flick over to you, he would regularly rub the back of his neck, lick his lips, bounce his leg. "Why are you fidgetin' so much, greaser?" Bill asked as he sat beside him. "It's annoyin, stop it," he grumbled. "It's the bugs, Bill. They're all over me tonight," Javier shrugged. You felt it was a lie. "Well fuckin' swat em 'n' stop it," Bill replied. "Trying my best here, amigo."
One by one they either passed out or went to bed. "Goodnight," you said to John as he got up and made his way over to his tent. "G'nite you two," John replied. The two of you, referring to yourself and Javier - the fidgety one, the one who had barely spoken to you, the one who ran off when you first met. 'Thanks, John,' you thought as he left. Not in a mean way, just you were unsure what to talk about. Though you liked a challenge, so you perked up and began speaking to Javier, which caught him off guard. "So, Javier. How did you join the camp?" You asked him. "I, uhh..," he paused and rubbed the back of his neck. "Dutch me encontr贸," he replied. "What?" "Dutch me encontr贸. Hace mucho tiempo." "I don't understand what you're saying," you said as you squinted. "Oh Dios. No se como hablar contigo. Eres hermosa y estoy luchando por no hacer el rid铆culo," he spoke as he rubbed the back of his neck yet again. "Lo siento. Me voy a la cama. Buenas noches." Javier stood up and quickly walked off, making his way to his tent. You watched as he plopped himself down on his back, crossed his ankles, and pretended to sleep. 'What the hell.'
Every encounter with Javier was the same after that.
Weeks had passed. The gang felt more like home as the days went by.
By now you fit in very comfortably with everyone, even Javier who continued to only speak Spanish to you. Everybody questioned it, Arthur had even told him off for it, saying it came across like he was trying to be unwelcoming to you. A good few members of the camp found it funny, and you didn't really seem to mind. His confidence had picked up a lot after the first week, by now he spoke to you as if he was speaking to anybody else, just not in English.
You had just finished your camp chores and found the rest of the sunny day free to do as you pleased. You wandered around camp, seeing what everyone was up to. Near the horses sat Javier, fiddling about with some fishing gear. By now, you had developed some questionable feelings towards the Mexican. The two of you had technically never spoke, but you often found yourself dreaming about the stunning tanned man. You adored his long hair, tucked away in his ponytail, shorter strands sharpening his strong face. You hoped he'd one day tell you how he got the scar across his brow and one along his neck, in English hopefully. He was always dressed so smartly, which wasn't surprising as he was often cleaning his shoes or brushing the dirt off his clothes. He wore one of your favourite outfits today. Black trousers, white shirt, black waistcoat, and orange necktie. He was hatless today, though you did enjoy the sight of him in his bowler hat. You approached him.
"Whatcha doin there, Mr. Escuella?" you asked him. You rarely called him Javier, and your excuse for that was that he'd never introduced himself in English. So until he began to speak English, you would only address him formally. It made him laugh, you enjoyed teasing him. "Solo estoy preparando algunos art铆culos para ir a pescar," he replied as he looked up from where he was sat. "Oh, looks like you're sortin' out some fishing equipment," you said as you properly looked into what he was doing. You often did this, taking notice of whatever his current task was. Seeing as he'd never tell you what he was up to. "驴Quieres venir?" Javier asked as he signaled to the two of you, then to the lake. "If you're asking if I wanna come, then yeah, I do," you smiled. He smiled back and stood up. "Vamonos," Javier replied as the two of you made your way over to your horses.
You climbed onto (H/N), who surprisingly had survived the attack that night. Your horse must have fled when the attack happened, but later showed up at the camp. You assumed (H/N) had tracked you and followed you here. They were a smart horse, well bonded with you. They reminded you of home, but in a happy, loving way. You were glad someone had survived.
Javier took you to a small lake, a couple of minutes away from the camp. You didn't bother hitching your horse, giving them some time to wonder about and relax. Javier stayed silent as he got his rod out and began baiting up, you did the same, standing beside him. The two of you cast out, going in opposite directions. You decided to break the silence. "So when are you going to start speaking to me in English?" You asked him. "Pronto, tal vez," Javier shrugged. "I hope you just said soon," Javier nodded at you. "Oh, lovely! Nice to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel," you smiled.
Javier didn't reply as he managed to get a bite. You had heard he was a good fisherman but didn't expect him to catch anything within seconds of him reeling out. He reeled in a decent sized fish, unhooked it, and placed it into the bag beneath his feet.
The afternoon continued to drift by as the two of you fished in silence. Silence wasn't that bad, you guessed it wasn't as different as the two of you talking, considering you never understood what he was saying. The two of you had reeled in a decent amount of fish, all going to be ruined by Pearsons cooking later. You saw in the corner of your eye Javier yawning. "Want to head back soon?" you asked him. "Cinco minutos mas," Javier replied. You recognized that 'cinco' meant five, and minutos clearly meant minuets. So you assumed he said 'five more minutes.' Your translating train of thought came to a halt as you felt a harsh tug on your rod, much harder than any you'd ever felt. Javiers eyes snapped open as he saw you get pulled forward slightly by your rod. "Eso es un gran bocado," Javier said as he watched you panic and begin to reel in the monster of a catch. "Oh shit!" you yelped as it yanked you forward again, almost knocking you over. "A little help please, Javier!" Javier dropped his rod and rushed to stand behind you, arms reaching round to grab a hold of your rod, one of them on top of your own. You could feel Javier tense up as he helped pull on the rod, the two of you surprised by how much this beast of a fish was fighting. Javier let out short pants, his breath tickling your neck. You became too aware of how much he was pressed up against you. It felt like he was using helping you out as an excuse to press up against you, and you definitely didn't mind.
Another harsh tug snapped you out of your daydream as you were yanked forward again. Javiers quick reaction saved you from falling into the lake as he quickly grabbed a hold of your waist. His hand quickly went back to help you reel in your catch, clearly not wanting to cross too many lines. You felt your back press against his shoulder as you leaned back. The two of you fell to the floor as the line snapped, maybe you shouldn't have put some more weight onto the rod. You felt Javier hit the floor underneath you, your back against his chest as you fell on top of him. You were quick to roll off him, looking at him to see if he was alright. "Shit! Sorry! I didn't mean to squish you," you said to him. "Estoy bien. No puedo creer que se haya escapado," Javier replied, leaning up to prop himself up on his elbows. You couldn't help but laugh about it. Javier smiled at you, glad you were enjoying yourself. "It's a shame we didn't catch it!" You said as you laughed. "La pr贸xima vez," Javier said as he stood up.
Javier offers you his hand to help you up, to which you gladly accepted. You couldn't help your chest feel warm as his skin pressed against yours, rough palms against each other. Once you were up, Javier let go. It felt like he was embarrassed, maybe awkward. You questioned what his feelings were toward you, if maybe he viewed you as more than a friend. Javier picked up his stuff and whistled for his horse, you did the same. The two of you had a quiet ride back to Clemens Point, though talking wouldn't make much difference.
By the time you were back, the sun had almost set. Whilst away, Dutch had announced they were going to have a party tonight. It was nice to see everybody so lively for once. They were always lively, and drunk, but something was different about tonight. You wandered around the party, helping yourself to the beer crate whenever you passed it. You felt a comfortable tipsy level, and more social and friendly than usual. John had spent a long while drunkenly telling you how glad he was that you'd joined the gang, and how well you fit in here. Sean jumped into the conversation and heavily agreed with him, saying you're a 'lovely lass,' and that hes glad you decided to stay. You couldn't help but smile as the two of them praised you. In the distance, you saw a familiar figure sat alone at the table. You excused yourself and went over to them.
"Need some company, Mr. Escuella?" you asked him as you approached. "Siempre necesito tu compa帽铆a, hermosa," Javier replied as he gestured for you to sit down at the table. You took your seat. "Why are you sat all alone?" "Solo estoy pensando." "Something on your mind?" You asked. He nodded. "Me pregunto c贸mo empezar a hablar contigo. No puedo evitar estar nervioso a tu alrededor. Tu me vuelves loco." "Ah, Javier. When will you learn that I don't understand what you're saying?" you sighed in a jokey tone. Both of you looked over your shoulders at the sound of Dutch turning on his phonograph and turning it all the way up. He asked Molly to dance with him, who obviously accepted. Javier snapped his head back around to look at you. "Quieres bailar conmigo?" he asked you. "Sorry Javi', I dunno what you're saying," you shrugged. Javier pointed to the two of you, then to Dutch and Molly. "Are you asking me to dance, Mr. Escuella?" You asked him. "S铆," he replied as he nodded. "I'd love to," you said. Javier sprung up from his seat and offered you his hand, which you happily accepted and both made your way to the 'dancefloor.'
Javier's other arm found its way comfortably around your waist, as your joint hands raised slightly. You put your spare arm on Javier's shoulder, enjoying the feeling of touching him and being held. The two of you swayed in time with the music, your chests very few inches apart. "So, Mr. Escuella. Why is it you can only speak Spanish to me?" you asked. "Como dije antes. Eres hermosa y, por una vez, estoy demasiado nerviosa para hablarte ingl茅s. Me preocupa arruinar mis posibilidades," Javier explained, as if you would understand him. "Sorry, but I didn't understand a word of that. I think the translating part of your brain might be broken? Is there anything I can do to fix it?" you jokingly asked. "Podr铆as besarme. O simplemente ser m铆a para siempre," Javier shrugged. You exaggerated a sigh. "Maybe we're just never meant to speak," you teased. "No digas eso." "You know, when I was a kid, I used to read loads of fantasy books. I read this one where a princess once kissed a frog, and it turned him into a prince. Do you think that would work with you?" You asked him. "No me convertir茅 en un pr铆ncipe, pero no rechazar茅 un beso tuyo," Javier replied as he nodded in agreement. "Well then," you said as your other hand left Javiers and found its way around his neck. His other hand met your waist and pulled you in against him. "I hope this works," you smiled.
Javier lent in to finally meet your lips, something the two of you had craved for so long. You could feel his arms slip tighter around your waist as he pulled you against him more as if he had been longing to touch you. His hand came up to cup your cheek, fingers then trailing up to run along your hair, as your lips softly moved against his. He exhaled softly as he pulled away from you, not wanting to cross any boundaries.
"Did it work?" you asked as you slowly pulled away. "It did, but I may need another one, just to make sure I don't turn back," Javier flirtingly said. You smiled and wasted no time meeting your lips against his again, this time for much longer. You could overhear someone cheering the two of you on, which made the both of you laugh mid-kiss.
The two of you pulled away and his hand found its way around your waist again. You rested your head on his shoulder, feeling his cheek lean lightly on your head. "Do you want to know a secret, Javier?" You asked him. "Okay," he replied. You leaned up to whisper into his ear. "Yo tambi茅n hablo espa帽ol." You laughed as you felt Javier stop dancing and tense up. "You mean.. this whole time?" "S铆," you replied, laughing. "Oh dios, esto es tan vergonzoso," he pinched the bridge of his nose. "You know, I think you're beautiul too. And I've always been nervous to speak to you," you reassured him as you kissed his cheek. "Well I'm glad I haven't made too much of a fool of myself," he replied. "Eh, only a little bit," you teased, as you leaned in to kiss his lips once again, knowing this kiss would be far from the last.
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ruidositasestamosmasbonitas10 months ago
Talking about Speaking Spanish
Born in Northridge and raised in the San Fernando Valley, CA, currently 20 years old:
My first language is Spanish; I spent all four years of high school in native Spanish classes, and going to college I almost immediately declared my Spanish major. I didn't really realize until I was in college that the way people expect me to speak Spanish is colonized as hell. When I'm at home and I speak it, I'm comfortable in it, knowing that even if I say things in half-Spanish and half-English, that I'll still be understood, and that what I'm saying is important. Going to college and now going onto my third year of my Spanish major, I'm learning that these professors don't care about my ideas or concepts or what I have to say if it isn't in the formal, grammatically correct Spanish. I didn't grow up speaking that kind of Spanish, and even all 4 years of high school, what mattered was what I had to say in that Spanish. I know how to write in Spanish, I鈥檝e been writing papers in my first language for six years now. I don鈥檛 choose the 鈥渞ight鈥 word to describe what I mean, and that discredits everything I have to say?聽Why does my Spanish have to conform to your eurocentric standards? What is the Spanish major supposed to do for these brown students if you never had any intention of listening to them?
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theycallmebobboba year ago
My @buddietinesweek鈥 entries on ao3
(To be added to as the week progresses)
Day 1. Secret Admirer
Buck's Not-At-All-Secret Admirer
Buck has a 'secret admirer'. Everyone knows it's Eddie, even Buck. Eddie has a plan though
Day 2. 鈥淭hat might just be the least romantic thing you鈥檝e ever said to me鈥
Kiss Me Sweetly
鈥淭hat might just be the least romantic thing you鈥檝e ever said to me鈥 Buck deadpans. Eddie can鈥檛 help but chuckle as he runs his thumb across Buck鈥檚 adorable pout.
鈥淪orry? It鈥檚 true though鈥 Eddie teases, and Buck playfully shoves him away proclaiming 鈥淣o you鈥檙e not asshole鈥.
Buck and playfully teasing each other between kisses.
Day 5. Valentine鈥檚 Day Gone Wrong
Failed Plan, Happy Family
Eddie had it all planned out. Reservations were confirmed, his suit was freshly cleaned and hanging on the back of his bedroom door and his speech was prepared. All he had to do was wait for Buck to show up at six sharp so they could go. Everything was set. He hadn鈥檛 planned for this.
In which Chis gets sick and dates get cancelled, but family prevails
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frontpagewoman2 years ago
Tumblr media
When Beto O鈥橰ourke answers a debate question in Spanish馃槀
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talkethtothehandetha year ago
I had my first ever conversation in Spanish with a native speaker and I鈥檓 still smiling about it. I overheard two women speaking in Spanish so I asked one, just to clarify, if they were鈥 and she said she only spoke French and Spanish. So, in Spanish, I introduced myself, said I was learning and wanted to learn more. I asked if my pronunciation and accent were okay and she said yes, just needed a little more practice. She asked me if I wanted to learn more and when I said yes she said that there was a class down in the capital, it lasts for two hours every night. But anyway, she gave me her phone number鈥 I guess she wanted to talk with me more; she also said she needed to learn English. I said it was nice to meet her, but that I had to go because my mom was waiting. After I shook her hand, I said 鈥渕ucho gusto鈥, and walked over to my mom. I couldn鈥檛 stop smiling. I held a conversation. I鈥檓 self taught, and I held a proper conversation. Yes, I made mistakes and missed some words she said, but I did it. And just that conversation, how good I felt after I parted from her鈥 it made me realize that this is what I鈥檓 meant to do. Languages are so beautiful, and so much beauty is intertwined within them. This is what I鈥檓 meant to do, and by God, I鈥檓 going to do it.
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theclassymike2 years ago
If you want to hear Lucas speak some Spanish watch the end of this clip.
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nikkitasevoli2 years ago
鈥淢e gusta la playa鈥 y a mi me gustas vos! 馃槏馃挄馃挄 his smile at the end 馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏
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icypantherwrites3 years ago
Why do you have Lance speaking Spanish in your fics? He only has one or two words in Spanish in the show?
And that is a true shame (regarding the show).
The creators made clear that Lance is Cuban. I personally headcanon that he and his family came to the U.S. as refuges when he was a kid, but no matter the case he鈥檚 with his family and they are either from Cuba or still live there and therefore Spanish would be his native language.
I grew up in a pre-dominantly Mexican neighborhood until my family moved to cornfield central in junior high. My best friend was Mexican and when we (plural as when you鈥檙e a twin you do everything together at that age ;p) would hang out at her house you would just be surrounded by culture and language. Her entire family spoke fluent Spanish (they were bilingual English as well) but that was their chosen language when at home. Spanish is *beautiful* by the way. Prettiest language honestly I think there is.
Anyways, Lance would come from the same environment where he knows English and speaks it fluently, but Spanish is his native one. He falls back on it in times of high stress or emotion -- because what is easier when your head is all muddled; speaking what came naturally first or translating to your second language? -- but then also incorporates it into conversation either for fun or because it just legit comes out first.聽
I also headcanon that Hunk has a decent grasp on Spanish as he was Lance鈥檚 childhood best friend and spent a lot of time at their house, absorbing it (cough, me, cough) although Hunk got way more practice than I ever did, and he can act as the translator for the most part for the team if/when Lance does fall back heavily into it.
So, long answer, but there be why Lance speaks Spanish in my fics 鈾
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mysimstorm3 years ago
Me dieron ganas de hacer un cc de un pa帽uelo del aborto legal, seguro y gratuito, pero seguro nadie lo quiere porque no conozco argentines que juegen a los sims pero bueno, voy a intentar hacerlo c:
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