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#special interest

Dumb stupid question.

What’s the difference between a hyperfixation, special interest, and just something you like a lot?

When I was in middle school, I REALLY loved Harry Potter. Absolutely obsessive. I read and reread the series dozens of times, knew loads of trivia, collected merch and toys, was even on Pottermore for a time. It was the basis of most of my conversations. I wrote/read fanfiction and drew fanart. It was an essential part of my development. My Harry Potter birthday party ROCKED.

Today, though I am still an HP fan, I really, really like space, miniatures, dinosaurs, pirates, and stuffed animals. However, I couldn’t claim to know a lot about them and I’m not sure I have the mental capacity to read textbook-like material about them.

But! I do listen to a space podcast and I can talk to you minimally about reusable spaceships and what causes a black hole, have a mental databank of Build-A-Bears I love, and could probably make a miniature version of anything you could think of that would be fit for a Barbie. I might even be able to get through a “bullet-point” fact book about the more sciencey subjects.

So, is there a middle ground? Must I be obsessed like I was with Harry Potter for it to be considered part of my ADHD, or is my lack of a SpIn/hyperfixation a side effect of the healing from when I was depressed in 2018 and lost my passions?

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I got a new comfort item! I’ve been on a fantasy kick lately ie: fairies, dragons, unicorns so I’m really happy

Her name is Lisanna after one of my favourite characters from Fairy Tail 😁

If anyone is wondering, she’s from the Bearington Collection. If you’re looking for a soft toy they have virtually every animal and they’re very soft. My plush cat Titania is also from them

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I used to collect these sonic boom dog tags. And there was one of Tails that I fell in love with, I literally wore it all the time (except for when I’m sleeping or in the shower). I remember that I broke it one day and I was heartbroken.. I thought that he looked adorable on it which is why I loved it so much.

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