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thank you for checking in! :)

spectrum is doing great–making progress, growing ideas, and having a great time with my alpha readers.

i got a bit derailed this week with the full request on arterial gold, but i’m hoping to get back to spectrum this weekend

i’m just a bit over 10k right now and things are about to get a lot more fun :)

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The smell of chemicals and blood burned her nose as she walked in. She instinctively narrowed her eyes from the pristine linoleum tiles and fluorescent lights that bathed the sleek white room in a glaring shine. It bustled with nurses and tech teams prepping for the surgery: disinfecting the tools, mopping up the blood, filing notes into the system.


Bethany all but moaned as she shoveled the mush into her mouth, scarfing down bite after bite as if she hadn’t seen a meal in days. The trays that were delivered to their cell never truly stifled her hunger; it only consisted of a few stale crackers, dehydrated fruit, and lukewarm water. The mush wasn’t much better, but it was hot and soft and made in heaps. It was easy to imagine as a homecooked meal, fresh from the stovetop, just less appetizing than a steaming stack of pancakes would be.


She flinched, pulled from her daze. A thin freckled woman stood behind her in a slick black pantsuit. Her auburn hair was tied into a tight ponytail, and the layers of makeup didn’t do well to hide the wrinkled features beneath. Her aged voice and grim expression made her stick out like a sore thumb among the young subjects, especially with the brown briefcase she clutched at her side.


Bethany’s chest pumped rapidly, a fire igniting inside of her, hotter than she had ever felt it before. The chains binding her wrists took on a red-hot glow. She gritted her teeth, her nostrils flaring with every ragged breath. Heat shot up her spine, spreading through her back, her neck, her scalp, the ends of her hair. A growl rumbled in her throat, and she stopped dead in her tracks.


“It’s impossible!” Bethany nearly screamed, staggering back. “No one leaves, not unless it’s in a body bag. There isn’t… there isn’t any other way out. I’m trying to save you.” Her eyes burned, tears begging to fall. She was reminded all over again how truly hopeless it was to get out of this place. Reclaiming her body and voice brought some semblance of normality back into her life, as if things were piecing themselves back together despite all odds, but all of that crumbled down once she let hope in.

I’m tagging: @skwilliterate @percvalx @silvertalonwriteblr @acrimoneous (and anyone else who wants to participate!)

Your words are: run, love, fight, day, clear

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i’m not formally diagnosed (beyond adult ADHD and several autism spectrum quotient tests, of which i’ve all scored within range), but where there’s smoke there’s fire, and my heads been billowing smoke my entire life. i never understood what it all meant until literally dozens of people that i know with asperger’s told me that i’m probably on the spectrum. i didn’t accept it for a while, but once i finally humored the possibility and did research into it… my mind was blown wide open as i was bombarded with answers to questions about myself that i never thought could be explained, just by looking back at my whole life through that spectrum lens. i’m high functioning, as in i’m literally going to be a doctor in two years, but it has been an agonizing constant struggle to maintain myself through that. i’d go into more detail but i’m more or less fine now (hardest year of eye school is out of the way) and since realizing i’m definitely somewhere on the spectrum, i’ve felt the best i have in years finally understanding just a bit more about who i really am and how fucking magnificent my being actually is. so, if you are on the spectrum, please know that you have incredible value, i understand you, and i love you.

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Seed of Life & Human Unification

Created by Nathaniel Thandie - 4/20/2020

The symbols and colors corespond as follows:

PURPLE - Androgyne

INDIGO - Nonbinary

BLUE - Male

GREEN - Neutrois

YELLOW - Intersex

ORANGE - Maverique

MAGENTA - Female

“May we, the Rainbow Warriors of Light, build a bridge through the darkness for humanity. May we guide them through this Waking Age by uniting the Spectrum of Luminosity in all of our Diverse & Wonderous Forms, leaving behind only the abusers and those that threaten The Earth & Our Life.”

(Below is a design I made with the intent to update the current concept for the Genderfluid symbol- as a Genderfluid person I wanted to include more gender types within fluid experience; ie, the addition of ⚲ Neutrois and ⚨ Androgyne binary set, and the indication of a fluid wave connecting the ♂Male and ♀Female binary set.)


(P.S. Please note that myself, the artist, identifies as Genderfluid & Trans-Androgyne, and often feel between names in an interpersonal sense; while in a legal sense, I have yet to solidify my chosen name change, and while the name Nathaniel may one day be considered a dead name of mine, currently it is still with purpose in my life at this time.)

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“ABA therapy

A type of "therapy” that forces autistic children to conform to normal societal expectations instead of appreciating them for who they are. This requires them to work with “therapists” 20-40 hours a week in which they’ll comply to act however way his/her parents want them to act even if it’s physically and psychologically scarring. A lot of times the “therapists” will force autistic people to not stim or restrict meltdowns. They’ll also emotionally manipulate their clients in which they reward them for being obedient and restricting their natural habits. This can often lead them to being overly obedient and anxious later in life in which they’ll be scared to stand up for themselves for what is right.“ - taken from Urban Dictionary. I’ve been forcibly in therapy for 3 years, i’m #autistic and i want more representation for people in my community.

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Spectrum — Excerpt 5

chapter. 11

Reagan, Matthew, and Randy’s Introduction Scene

“Is it just me, or does it feel like we’re being watched?” Sam murmured as they entered the line.

“We are. Just ignore her.”

“Her? The girl from the other day?”

Bethany picked up her tray of mush, dying for another sandwich. “She wants to talk.”

“Okay… should we talk to her?”

“We’re not interested.”

“Not gonna lie, I’m pretty interested now,” Sam said, nudging Bethany’s shoulder. “What’s the harm in making friends on our last day?”

Bethany scoffed. “That friend getting us killed.”

The girls carried their trays to the corner table, but a hand met the crook of Bethany’s elbow before she could sit. She locked eyes with a boy much taller than her. He wasn’t anyone she’d ever seen before—albeit she never paid much attention to the other subjects—but she recognized his curly mop of hair. He was the subject who had his head down at the meeting.

He subtly nudged his head toward the corner table on the opposite side of the room, hiding the gesture by scratching the dark hairs of his beard. There sat the rebellious girl with her legs crossed over the afroed guy’s lap.

Bethany and Sam glanced at each other unsure of what to do before Sam took the step forward. They followed him across the cafeteria, placing their trays on the table.

“If it isn’t the infamous Bethany Torres,” the girl teased. Bethany couldn’t help but look dumbstruck. “Don’t look so shocked, you’d be surprised how careless they are with subject files. The research is where the real money is.”

“Who are you?” Bethany asked uneasily, vulnerability snaking up her spine.

She beamed and turned to the man she was draped over. “This,” she said, cupping his chin, “is my bodyguard and piece of ass, Matthew.” He rolled his eyes playfully. “And this tall glass of water beside you is our friend Randy, but he barely speaks English.”

The boy who brought them over grunted.

“Podrías tratar de aprenderlo,” he muttered. Bethany stifled a smirk and he quirked an eyebrow. “¿Puedes hablar español?”

“Sí, un poco,” she responded, a half-smile drawn on her lips.

“Hey, it’s enough having one shit-talker I can’t understand, let’s not have two,” the girl cut in, Randy grumbling as his mess of curls fell back over his unshaven face. “As I was saying, that’s Matthew and Randy, and I’m the woman, the myth, the legend, Reagan,” she pronounced, dramatically tossing her jet-black hair over her shoulder.

“Okay…” Sam drawled. “Why did you want to talk to us?”

Matthew replied, “We’re planning an escape.”


(A/N: Hey! Sorry if the Spanish parts aren’t very accurate or well-written, I’m still trying to correctly incorporate it into my writing. Any feedback would be great!)



@heldinhishands, @vesaeris-writes, @acrimoneous, @glorious-thorns, @notwritinganyflufftoday, @zwritesiguess, @skwilliterate, @genzwriting, @pumpkinbabywrites

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HELLO!! LOOK AT MY DARLINGS!!! @scarvenartist did an absolutely gorgeous job of capturing the main characters of my newest project, spectrum! i knew what they looked like, but i didn’t know until i saw them and ??????? LOVELY

(click for higher resolution–i wanted them side-by-side bc they’re a pair)

maud is a caffeine-addicted biohacker with quite the twisty past, and zee is her best friend and co-conspirator. 

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“I’ve been on edge since the day they took me, and it’s gotten me this far. Letting my guard down now isn’t an option.”


age. 20

pronouns. he/him/his

sexuality. straight

nationality. nigerian-american

height. 6’0

personality. 1w2 | principled and warm

zodiac sign. virgo


Matthew grew up with privileged and pretentious people, and his father was no different. He wanted to earn his way rather than be tied down by handouts for the rest of his life, having learned nothing about the world. His decision to run away at the time seemed like a step in the right direction before his life of wealth was traded in for one behind bars.

Protecting his friends was his prerogative even before he discovered his enhanced strength and speed. Having these abilities are a double edged sword for him; while he’s even more capable to keep those he cares about safe, he knows they’re in more danger now than ever.

Matthew has always kept Randy and Reagan in line, acting as their moral center when days were hard. Following the rules and making smart decisions could mean life or death, and he considers all odds before he so much as takes a breath. However, his protectiveness can make him extremely paranoid at times.



@heldinhishands, @vesaeris-writes, @acrimoneous, @glorious-thorns, @notwritinganyflufftoday, @zwritesiguess, @skwilliterate, @genzwriting, @pumpkinbabywrites

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