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President Trump’s “Law and Order” Speech LIVE During White House Riot (Part 1 of 2)

A news reporter with the protesters, suspects the White House police wanted protesters gone for a couple of reasons. What happened the day before just outside the White House. And soon the “Curfew” was about to take place and none of the protesters were leaving. 

  What Happens After President Trumps “Law And Order” Speech (Part 2)

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on Colonialism,” Aimé Césaire
Between colonizer and colonized there is room only for forced labor, intimidation, pressure, the police, taxation, theft, rape, compulsory crops, contempt, mistrust, arrogance, self-complacency, swinishness, brainless elites, degraded masses.
No human contact, but relations of domination and submission which turn the colonizing man into a classroom monitor, an army sergeant, a prison guard, a slave driver, and the indigenous man into an instrument of production.
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on Colonialism,” Aimé Césaire
Every day that passes, every denial of justice, every beating by the police, every demand of the workers that is drowned in blood, every scandal that is hushed up, every punitive expedition, every police van, every gendarme and every militiaman, brings home to us the value of our old societies.
They were communal societies, never societies of the many for the few.
They were societies that were not only ante-capitalist, as has been said, but also anti-capitalist.
They were democratic societies, always.
They were cooperative societies, fraternal societies.
I make a systematic defense of the societies destroyed by imperialism.
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In Vain?

  Gen. Mark A. Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, reminded commanders that members of the armed forces had sworn an oath to Constitution, which “gives Americans the right to freedom of speech and peaceful assembly.”

“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” Evelyn Beatrice Hall wrote the phrase as an illustration of Voltaire’s beliefs.

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on Colonialism,” Aimé Césaire
I hear the storm. They talk to me about progress, about “achievements,” diseases cured, improved standards of living.
I am talking about societies drained of their essence, cultures trampled underfoot, institutions undermined, lands confiscated, religions smashed, magnificent artistic creations destroyed, extraordinary possibilities wiped out.
They throw facts at my head, statistics, mileages of roads, canals, and railroad tracks.
I am talking about thousands of men sacrificed to the Congo Ocean. I am talking about those who, as I write this, are digging the harbor of Abidjan by hand. I am talking about millions of men torn from their gods, their land, their habits, their life-from life, from the dance, from wisdom.
I am talking about millions of men in whom fear has been cunningly instilled, who have been taught to have an inferiority complex, to tremble, kneel, despair, and behave like flunkeys.
They dazzle me with the tonnage of cotton or cocoa that has been exported, the acreage that has been planted with olive trees or grapevines.
I am talking about natural economies that have been disrupted —harmonious and viable economies adapted to the indigenous population— about food crops destroyed, malnutrition permanently introduced, agricultural development oriented solely toward the benefit of the metropolitan countries; about the looting of products, the looting of raw materials.
They pride themselves on abuses eliminated.
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on Colonialism,” Aimé Césaire
Security? Culture? The rule of law? In the meantime, I look around and wherever there are colonizers and colonized face to face, I see force, brutality, cruelty, sadism, conflict, and, in a parody of education, the hasty manufacture of a few thousand subordinate functionaries, “boys,” artisans, office clerks, and interpreters necessary for the smooth operation of business.
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A New York City woman’s impassioned plea to a group of looters to stop what they were doing is resonating with people across the country.

EAST VILLAGE, New York City (WABC) – A New York City woman’s impassioned plea to a group of looters to stop what they were doing is resonating with people across the country.

Desiree Barnes said she approached the group Saturday night in the East Village after they began looting the stores below her apartment.

That is when a man on the street noticed her message and started filming.

“You are here profiting off of our pain,” she said. “You think about what it’s like to be a black woman in this neighborhood who lives with people in public housing.”

Barnes, who was an aide to President Obama, went on to tell the vandals that they don’t even realize who they are hurting with their actions.

“And you think it’s OK to take down a neighborhood, you don’t see corporations here, there are human beings that live in this neighborhood,” Barnes said.

She went on to urge protesters to make sure they are registered to vote.

The man who captured the video, Dan Ladue, said he wanted to help her get her message out.

“The resonance from people from all walks of life, all across the board, both sides of the aisle, is something I haven’t seen from people in a long time,” Ladue wrote. “She’s a New Yorker, she knew what she was doing.”

He said he could tell she was frustrated and wanted to be heard, and based off the overwhelming response he received after posting the video, he said he knows she isn’t alone.

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I really love learning languages so I’m going to try and learn a 5th one. Any recommendations on how to learn one?? I love what I’ve been doing but I’d enjoy new ideas

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“So Cute Baby’s Sweet Speech” - PediaSure Advertisement

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Who am I? Do you mean where I’m from? What I one day might become? What I do? What I’ve done? What I dream? Do you mean … what you see or what I’ve seen? What I fear or what I dream? Do you mean who I love? Do you mean who I’ve lost? Who am I?

I guess who I am is exactly the same as who you are. Not better than, not less than. Because there is no one who has been or will ever be exactly the same as either you or me.”

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