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#speech and debate

i know we didn’t get to finish competition season, but i think even without that, i count my original oratory as a success. i helped at least one person in their life, helped them reach and stand up for themselves and that’s enough to make it all worth it.

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I talk about twilight in my OO and I can TELL who in the room is actually a fam because it’s the people who react when I say the line “then they had a weird half vampire baby called resume”

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that feeling when you lost on speaks in round 1 to a HORRIBLE, UNDESERVING freshmen parli team that actually cheated to be at state quals because they had no spring vars/debate entries and as a result you don’t break to semis + your best friends are next to qual instead of rightfully qualing :))))

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Idk how many of y’all were ever in Speech and Debate.

But I have a Lincoln Douglas Debate tomorrow…

I had actual months to prepare.

But I just started and finished it tonight.

I made an affirmative and negative case about nuclear arsenals.

And I want to sleep for a thousand years.

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Had my first speech + debate tournament this past week of this semester (snow has cancelled the last 3) and got first in oratory, 3rd in policy… the tournament was tiny and pretty Unfulfilling.. I hate small tournaments they make my placing feel worse or like easy? Idk it just wasn’t super validating. Have another tournament this weekend, last one 😭

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