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There’s everyday me, and then there’s speech and debate tournament me. Guess which one acts like they’ve downed three cough syrup bottles and was dripped in kerosene. Don’t talk to me until you’ve screamed dancing queen at the top of your lungs, dancing with a cafeteria of strangers.  

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So I’m gonna use this as an out let for a while. So me(liberal) and my family( conservative) we’re making jokes about Elon musk. Then we started discussing Jeff besos and then I stated that he could solve world hunger and it wouldn’t affect him financially, and my whole family just started saying that we shouldn’t feed them we need to teach them to do things. So I stayed quiet not wanting to outburst or do anything to make them more upset. My mom saw me and said ok wait she wants to say something, but in a way that sounded like a joke. I told her I didn’t want to say anything and they just moved on like it was nothing that they just tore me down.

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Judge, during the PMC, my partner, the prime minister, laid out the affirmative arguments to support the passing of the resolution. However, in the LOC, the leader of opposition offered no rebuttals to the aff arguments aside from “because I said so.”

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I promise that literally no one cares about this but me, but…

Listen to Me was a highly problematic and hilariously bad attempt at making a movie about debate back in ‘89. There are some core elements of the story that could have worked if the actors and script were just better. That’s where Candy Jar comes in, an updated pretty-good version of that film.

Both of them have these major elements: 

  • two debate partners who can’t get along form a romantic relationship
  • the pressures of the activity and going to a prestigious college as a working class person 
  • a focus on the pressure of having a prominent politician as a parent
  • a tragedy before the final debate motivates the leads to work together
  • the final debate is won by speaking from the heart instead of being technical

This post brought to you by: the fact that Listen to Me is streaming free on Amazon Prime 

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Have you ever heard the tragedy of Lincoln-Douglas the Wise? I thought not. It’s not a story the Interpreters would tell you. It’s a Debate legend.

Lincoln-Douglas was a Dark Lord of the Debators, so powerful and so wise they could influence the resolution to create a Kanteon Ethics framework… They had such a knowledge of the Dark Side that they could keep the ones they cared about from being affected by impact calculus.

The Dark Side of Speech & Debate is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. They became so powerful… the only thing they were afraid of was losing the framework debate, which eventually, of course, they did.

Unfortunately, they taught their apprentice everything they knew, then their apprentice killed them in their sleep. Ironic. They could save others from consequences, but not themselves.

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i know we didn’t get to finish competition season, but i think even without that, i count my original oratory as a success. i helped at least one person in their life, helped them reach and stand up for themselves and that’s enough to make it all worth it.

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I talk about twilight in my OO and I can TELL who in the room is actually a fam because it’s the people who react when I say the line “then they had a weird half vampire baby called resume”

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