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#speed ball

Forgotten Arcade Games Volume 10 - Speed Ball (325.960 Points)
A virtually unknown (but fun) pinball video game that reminds of Pinball Action. I think I played it no more than a couple of times, back in the day.

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It was a speed dating event, at the tables men and women sat opposite one another to try and see if there was a spark.  One guy was pretty jittery and all over the place.  The women across from him asked, “Are you okay?”

The guy tried to look at her and said, “Yeah…I took a speed ball before I came here.”


“I took the name of the event too literally…”

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The new Speed Ball!!

Release party 31/01/2015 @ Shibuya WOMB

Release: 30/12/2014

  1. m1dy - m1dy is Sexy
  2. REDALiCEDJ TECHNORCH - Leave For Earth
  3. DJ Myosuke - Demigod
  4. Massive New Krew - LOSE CONTROL
  5. P*Light - I Want You
  6. DJ Noriken - Eschatology
  7. aran - OMGWTH
  8. DJ Genki feat. Yoyoyuppe - Can You Live For Me?
  9. Minamotoya - Misfortunes
  10. kenta-v.ez. - dEstruct oNE momENt
  11. Noizenecio - Nighttime Fears
  12. Kobaryo - Magical Sanctuary
  13. USAO - Extra Mode
  14. t+pazolite & RoughSketch - See You Never

Comic Market 87 Release

Illutration by: 晩杯あきら [奴は仮名]

Art Direction & Graphic Design by: TAMIO IWAYA [GraphersRock]

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in the blanks hills of my wandering mind

i see the orb that envelopes my conscious

it spins and spins

but it runs me into the ground

and i can’t think straight 

I leave my body sometimes in hopes for a better beginning

my mind is the heroin

and this paper is the needle 

but my creativity is the drug


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