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#speed paint

It’s more of this gal! I keep drawing her a lot recently and decided to turn some practise into art kf her so here is my portrait study hehe :V

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I never did post the time lapse of stein did I!

It even has a doodle that shows my brain going “oh thought, must draw it” then goes straight back to stein.

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Speed paint

coloring and shading on the same layer is enjoyable

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Here’s the speed paint for the Venti piece I posted yesterday.

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Day 3343 – February 24th, 2021

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3 Key Qualities Of D.Westry- The Best Speed Painter Entertainer!
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It’s been a while…here’s Sheba and her cat

For Washington Studio School and DC Art Model Collective

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Aaaaaand here we go! :)


A gift for @mad-gutz :D

I swear I love the lil bean-❤️❤️🍒🍒🍒✨🥺

Hope ya like it :]❤️🍒

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If you thought there was any kind of method to the madness that is my art, you are greatly mistaken.

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