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Wallace West, aka Wally 2: Electric Boogaloo, is an entire mood in Death Metal: Speed Metal

First he shows up late with Starbucks with no clue what was happening (same honestly)


God I love him, he’s thrown into this weird Death Metal universe and is so freaked out by everything


He’s also just completely done with Wally and Barry’s drama


The Flash fam collectively has one braincell and it is owned by Jay Garrick…. (mostly)


Then he gets a 90’s style costume and is. Not. A. Fan.


And finally…..


Wally doesn’t want to be involved with this whole crisis mess.

He took one look and was like ????? No thanks

He’s so relatable, I love him

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On the subject of the speedforce actually! The reason why Hal almost managed to go fast enough to fly into it but didn’t (Hal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corps #28) is because the Speedforce sensed what was gonna happen and basically went “oh honey no I can’t let you do that, you’d never find your way out again” (this is true! Only a speedster can find their way out of the Speedforce) and basically just. Shoved him slightly to the left so he’d avoid Doing That

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one of the only good things N52 did was expand on Speedforce lore but I also feel like I should show yall what it looked like in older canon? Cuz I showed some panels of it from Flash 2011 but not how it looked before oops


the interesting thing about these colours is that in the 90′s Wally described the speedforce as being “silver, morphing hyperdimensional cells.” Now, silver is very close to being the colour of lightning depending on shade, which, to me, means that the red and yellow is simply the colour it takes when applied to the kinetic energy of our plane of existence

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#1dayleft 🔥😁😁🙏. I ended with this song because it’s one of my favourite in this album:

Alma Adicta - Speed Force

This album has 11 songs with a variety of genres, you will certainly enjoy this release 🔥🙏😁

#edmproducer #deephouse #edmlifestyle #speedforce #album #viralvideos #viral #versatileproducer #ilovemusic #spacemusic #musicislife #countdown #electronicdancemusic

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