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the-clever-cupboard · a day ago
Spellwork: Spell Reflecting
This method can be far simpler than trying to break a spell! Working with the momentum of the magic takes far less energy than trying to stop that momentum altogether.
Tools and Ingredients
A small mirror
A black or white candle
Black pepper
Anointing oil
Begin by anointing your candle and rolling it in the pepper and oregano. Place the candle in a holder on top of the mirror. Light the candle and as you do so say the following incantation:
“Return to your maker, and leave me in peace. Should the way be barred, Your power will cease.”
This incantation ensures that even if the caster has protected against spell rebound the curse will still be broken. Allow the candle to burn itself out and dispose of the remains outside of your home.
Cleanse yourself and your home immediately.
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cephalort-cephalart · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
✨Spell✨ I saw someone I follow using this witch prompt list for October and decided to join in on a whim. This is a bit rough since I wanted to post my first one on the actual date, but I intend to loop back around and do the ones I've already missed, too.
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thewitchystuff · 10 months ago
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Edit: fixed the bad transcript of full moons from May to August.
A little witchy calendar to look forward to next year, since this one was a little bit.. cursed.
This lets you know about the full moons, new moons, wheel of the year celebrations and zodiac entrys, I hope you can use this to aid you on your practice.
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the-clever-cupboard · a day ago
Spellwork: Brute Force Curse Breaker
This spell is simply an example of one that can be used, there are many out there and you can and should pick and tailor a spell to most closely fit what you know about the curse.
Tools and Materials
Air Drying Clay
Water charged with the sun’s energies (preferably at noon)
A slip of paper and a pen (red ink is preferable)
Bay leaf
Black candle
Fire-safe container
A tool for writing in clay
Cleanse yourself and your workspace thoroughly and anoint yourself with solar water. Light the candle.  Write down on your slip of paper all of the effects that the curse has had on you, be thorough and specific. When you have everything written down, fold the bay leaf into the paper and set it on fire, allow it to burn completely to ashes in the fire-safe container.
When the ashes are finished smoldering set them aside. Take a small portion of clay (enough to create a talisman that will be easy to carry but not so small that you cannot inscribe it) and anoint it with a drop of solar water. Mix the ashes into the clay thoroughly. Roll the clay into a ball and flatten it into a disc, be sure not to make it too thin. On one side, inscribe the words: “No more befouled, again unbound, again unbidden”
On the other side inscribe a symbol to represent the curse, this can be a sigil but it can also just be a simple doodle. Close your ritual space, blow out the candle and let the talisman dry according to the directions provided.
When the talisman is completely dry take it outside early one morning and allow it to sit in the sun until noon. The talisman is now finished, carry it with you everywhere you go and it will absorb the energy from the curse, preventing it from affecting you. On the next new moon take the talisman and smash it, rendering the curse that it has absorbed useless and broken. Dispose of the shards outside of your home.
This should be performed at night for maximum impact. The best moon correspondence for the intent would be new or waning.
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chibird · 8 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This magical bunny has been practicing helpful spells all week! ✨Other notable spells include: motivational spirit-booster, good weather charm, and ward against small irritations.
Chibird store | Positive Pin Club | Webtoon
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regal-bones · a month ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Of all the places to visit when braving the Deadlands, living Marrun is the most alien of them all. Where the trees sweat and grass blinks, one can only imagine what horrors lie just under the skin..."
All my current spells from the School of Flesh, hoping to do more of this kind of stuff soon!
Feeling brave? Explore Marrun in A Map of the Deadlands by clicking here!
Feeling generous? Support me on Patreon for as little as £1 and get some cool stuff in return!
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wendynerdwrites · 2 months ago
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auguryandalchemy · 4 months ago
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☾ Rose Salt ☽
One of my personal favorite things to make, Rose Salt has a variety of uses. Whether you use it as a scrub in the shower to cleanse yourself and your energies, as a relaxing soak in a warm bath to relax in, or sprinkle it in doorways and on windowsills as a form of protection, it’s multipurpose and very easy to make! What You’ll Need: - Dried Roses - Salt - A Vessel With a Lid to Keep It In - A Mortar & Pestle Optional: - Rose Essential Oil Steps:
Take the petals and buds of your Roses, save the stems and thorns for other spells, and grind them finely with your Mortar & Pestle.
Add Salt.
Mix both well until they are combined well.
Add the mixture into the vessel you chose.
Add the essential oil, seal the vessel, and gently shake to combine everything together more easily.
One of the many properties of Roses is Protection as is with Salt so combining the two gives you a simple, fragrant protective material to keep around your home.
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thewitchywitch · 8 days ago
~My loved ones are illness free~
⭐Likes charge, reblogs cast⭐
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theskepticalwitch · 3 months ago
Your power comes from you first.
No one else.
No other beings. No herbs or crystals or tools. It comes from you.
You are the pinnacle of your power, everything else is just something to channel it.
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