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radiant-reid · a day ago
Swooping in
Tumblr media
A/n: From this request
Derek liking someone at the bar (you know the usual) Spencer is the wingman & when he goes to talk Morgan up the girl is more interest in Spencer
Summary: Spencer accidentally, unknowingly takes the girl Morgan's trying to get to go home with him
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Fem!Reader (Fluff)
Content Warning: Alcohol consumption
Word Count: 2.2k
Spencer wasn't sure how he got dragged out of the BAU as soon as 5 o'clock hit. Usually, having finished his paperwork, he'd go home and read or see a foreign film.
However, it was the first Friday night they had been in DC for a month. So Morgan insisted they all went to the bar. Elle and Garcia decided to join, with JJ claiming she already had plans. It was true, by the plane ticket, she had done a poor job at hiding, to New Orleans.
So, Spencer ended up in the back seat of Morgan's car, listening to everyone chatter while Morgan drove to the bar.
He was handed a drink almost as soon as he got in the bar, unsure of how Elle managed to acquire them so quickly. Although he usually didn't drink, Spencer downed the liquor fast enough to catch everyone's attention.
"Wow, Boy Wonder, ready to get hammered tonight?" Garcia joked as they walked to a booth while Morgan went to get shots.
Spencer nodded, trying to be as convincing as possible. In truth, he knew if he was relatively drunk, they'd put him in a cab, and he'd get to go home. So, the quicker he drank it, despite the unappealing taste, the sooner he'd be in bed with a book.
When he reached for the shot, Morgan pulled it away from him. "I know what you're doing, kid." He told Spencer quietly so Elle and Garcia couldn't hear it. "Just relax, and you could actually have a good time."
"Fine." Spencer agreed, his eyes searching around the bar to watch other people his age having a good time: drinking, talking, and playing pool. It was as loud and busy as usual.
Morgan ruffled his hair, causing Spencer to pull back, scrunching his nose. They all chatted for a while, with Spencer being forced to nurse his drinks by Morgan.
"Alright, it's time to go find someone to bring home." Elle declared, rubbing the palms of her hands together menacingly. She glanced around the bar to find someone she was interested in, Spencer assumed.
He could only imagine what it would mean to take someone home. Unsurprisingly yet atypically, he'd never had a one-night stand.
"That is exactly what I was thinking." Morgan agreed, also looking around the crowds of people.
Elle raised her glass, Morgan matching her action before clicking them together. "To picking up girls." She toasted jokingly.
Morgan nodded, looking over to Penelope. "What about you, baby girl, going to join in on the fun?" He asked her. Spencer had no idea how talking to strangers about something that wasn't murder could be doable, much less entertaining.
She thought it over before shaking her head. "Not feeling it." She decided.
"Perfect, you're going to be my wing-woman then, Pen." Elle declared, ready to go.
"Wait, so I'm stuck with Reid?" Morgan complained.
"You can't exactly leave him here." Garcia counted, smiling at the young genius who was clearly out of his comfort zone.
Spencer glared over at Morgan, although he understood why he couldn't be the best wingman. "I can hear you." He reminded them.
"And you can't go with Garcia," Elle mentioned, smirking into her glass and looking between them knowingly.
"Why?" Spencer asked, realizing he was the only one out of the loop.
Morgan laughed, shaking his head while looking at Garcia. He turned his attention to Spencer. "People think we're together, and it's some kind of threesome thing." He explained.
"Oh," Spencer said. Even he could see how often they looked like they were dating. "I could just go home." He offered, hoping Morgan would decide that was okay.
Morgan shook his head quickly. "No, you're coming with me." He concluded. "Good luck, and may the first person out of here win." He told Elle. Spencer knew they were both so competitive, so it made sense they made it a game.
Elle didn't wait to get a head start, dragging Garcia out of her seat and over to a girl playing pool. Spencer could recognize that she was pretty, and from the photos he'd seen of Elle's hookups, her type.
"Okay, you see her?" Morgan asked, discreetly nodding over to a girl sitting alone at a high table. Spencer followed his eye line, looking at the girl. She was pretty, very, very pretty. The type of girl that if Spencer had a fraction of Morgan's confidence, he'd go and talk to. "I'm going to go pick her up, and you're going to be my wingman."
Spencer frowned, nodding slightly. "Right, how do I do that?" He questioned. Morgan was pleased there was one thing he knew more about than Spencer.
"Usually, I make my wingmen go over and talk to the girl first." Morgan started, causing Spencer's eyes to widen. He'd take his chances running out of the bar over that. "Don't worry, I won't make you." He assured him. "Don't talk too much about statistics. I love your facts, but they're not exactly bar talk." Spencer agreed, but it was more of a nervous reaction. Thankfully, Morgan wasn't attempting to be his wingman because then there would be nothing but statistics. "You're just there to make it less awkward, and if the chance arises, to make me look good. Then, once I tap your foot, get out of there so I can get me some loving." He concluded.
Spencer was glad he didn't forget things because Morgan's information was no less than complicated. "Okay, then I can go home?" He asked hopefully.
"Yeah, I'll even get you the first cab," Morgan assured him. "I just have to get her out of here before Elle manages to beat me." He hurried Spencer along, already getting out of the booth.
Spencer looked around for Elle, who already looked like she was going to win. "Let's get this over with." He was thankful Morgan seemed to be so good at getting girls to go home with him. It meant he didn't have to spend much longer in the bar.
He took Morgan's lead as he sauntered over to the girl, a picture of confidence. If that's what beautiful girls were attracted to, Spencer had no chance.
"Okay, follow my lead," Morgan whispered as they stood up. "Here." Morgan handed Spencer a $50 note which made him frown. "When I say, go and get us a drink." He explained as they made it to the table.
She was even prettier up close, Spencer decided. And having seen her smile, he envied Morgan. "Hi." Morgan greeted her, taking a seat next to her, nodding for Spencer to do the same thing. "So, my friend here is kind of bad with girls." That was an understatement. "And there's a girl at the bar who's really pretty, so I need your advice. Should I go up and talk to her, or is that too direct?" Spencer could have sworn Morgan nodded towards the girl he was talking to. Maybe he shouldn't have switched to contacts so soon.
The girl looked half confused and half-amused. "You should definitely go and talk to her." She directed.
Morgan nodded, and Spencer waited to follow him to wherever this girl was. "Hi, I'm Derek Morgan." He introduced himself, offering out his hand for her to shake.
Spencer didn't understand, but it looked like she did by the way she giggled. "That was clever." She acknowledged, shaking his hand. "I'm Y/n Y/l/n." It took a minute, but Spencer understood his pick-up tactic. He didn't understand why Morgan needed him there. "And you are..." She trailed off, looking right at Spencer. He hadn't noticed her eyes until then, but they were the most gorgeous color.
His brain ticked over why she wanted to know his name, but he realized that was just part of a normal conversation. "D-Doctor Spencer Reid." He stuttered out. He would have guessed the look on her face was fascinated.
"And the two of you work together?" Y/n guessed, her eyes flicking between them. Spencer took it as a good sign for Morgan that she seemed to be engaging in conversation.
Morgan nodded. "At the FBI." He replied, puffing out his chest slightly.
"Wow, so you probably didn't even need to ask me my name." Y/n joked, causing Morgan to laugh.
"I didn't, but I could go back to Quantico and look you up," Morgan claimed. Spencer wasn't sure that was true. He'd definitely need Garcia's help to do that.
Spencer realized that it might not have been so literal when Y/n just laughed. "What do you actually do at the FBI?" She asked, interested.
"Besides looking up pretty girls?" Morgan asked with his award-winning smirk. Y/n blushed, sending him a smile.
Spencer answered instead. "We make profilers which help local law enforcement catch serial criminals." As soon as he said it, he realized it was probably a mistake. No girl wanted to talk about murder in a bar.
"Pretty boy, why don't you get the lovely lady and me another drink?" Morgan questioned, nodding towards the bar when he noticed Y/n's glass was empty. Spencer nodded, unsure of whether or not he should get himself one.
"I'll have a gin and tonic." Y/n requested, smiling softly at Spencer. He felt like he was going to melt, his stomach flipping.
"Did you know genever originated in Holland? Franciscus Sylvius, who was a physician, created it as medicine during the 16th century. It was believed to improve circulation and other ailments. They gave it to Dutch soldiers during the Dutch War of Independence in the 17th century, which is both where the phrase 'Dutch courage' comes from and where the English discovered it while they were fighting the Dutch." Spencer started before he could stop himself, using his hands to demonstrate his point.
As soon as he stopped talking, he walked away, not wanting to see the odd look he assumed Y/n was giving him.
"Spencer's-" Morgan started, ready to tell her how Spencer occasionally rambled, solely due to how smart he was.
"Cute." Y/n cut him off, blushing after she'd said it.
Morgan furrowed his brows, nodding. He couldn't help but feel like she meant he was cute in a handsome type of way, rather than the way someone would find a baby cute.
So he asked, wondering if maybe she was messing with him. "Cute-handsome or cute-adorable?"
"I'm sorry." Y/n apologized, realizing how awkward she'd made the situation. "I know he was trying to be your wingman, and you seem like a nice guy-"
"Let's just stop with that." Morgan joked, not wanting her to have to let him down gently. Sometimes it just didn't work out. He understood that. Although he was reeling in shock a little. "No hard feelings." He assured her.
Y/n nodded thankfully. "You're right in calling him 'pretty boy'." She smiled, looking over Morgan's shoulder to watch Spencer holding their drinks. There was some so endearing about how adorable he was.
Morgan was still a bit lost for words, unsure of how he'd lost a game Spencer wasn't even playing.
"So, are you going to be my wingman or what?" Y/n asked, just as Spencer was getting closer.
"Sure." Morgan agreed, smiling at her. He could see something genuine and pure in her.
Spencer returned, shooting Y/n a shy glance and Morgan an apologetic smile. He was about to walk away when Y/n grabbed his hand. His brain short-circuited as he felt the softness of her palm on his.
"Sit." She instructed with a kind smile.
When he looked to Morgan, he nodded. So, Spencer took a seat, noticing how Y/n's hand lingered over his for an extra second. "Did you know Pretty boy actually has 3 PhDs?" He asked Y/n rhetorically, placing a hand on Spencer's shoulder affectionately.
"Wow." Y/n nodded, her attention now fixed on Spencer. He blushed hard, unsure of why Morgan seemed to be publicizing his achievements.
"And how many words can you read a minute?" Morgan asked, despite the fact he already knew the answer.
"20000," Spencer mumbled.
Y/n loved how shy he looked, cheeks red as his eyes darted between them. "Is that right, pretty boy?" She asked with a smirk.
Spencer recognized the smirk. It was a flirty smirk he'd seen Morgan wear so many times before. "Uh, yeah... w-what's going on?" He asked.
"Y/n wants to take you home." Morgan declared, watching how flustered they both got.
Spencer was bright red. "You what?"
"Did you have other plans?" Y/n asked, playing into the joke.
"Yes! Wait, no- I don't... I don't have plans." Spencer blurted out all at once.
Y/n giggled at him, standing up. "So, wanna come?" She asked.
Spencer had never nodded faster in his life, stumbling as he jumped out of his seat. He turned back Morgan, who just nodded and gave him the thumbs up.
As soon as Elle and Garcia saw Spencer holding hands with a girl and walking out of the bar, they raced over to Morgan.
"What just happened?" Elle asked, taking the seat Y/n was in.
"The world just flipped on its axis," Morgan mumbled, down the rest of his drink.
Garcia's mouth widened as she realized what had happened. "You two just lost to Reid." She informed them with a teasing grin.
"I need a drink." Elle declared, standing up to go back to the bar.
"Me too." Morgan agreed, following her.
Garcia followed them just to tease them. "I can't wait to tell JJ about this."
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gubler-me-up · 2 days ago
Playboy and Pretty Boy
Tumblr media
Request: Heyyy! It's octoberrrr! I just wanted to ask if you could do one where Spencer and the reader are invited to a Halloween party with the rest of the team. When Spencer sees the reader in her costume he decides to drag her to an empty room. I'm sorry if it's too much, I've just been obsessed with possessive Spencer not wanting to share what's his lmao. I understand if you choose not too ^^
A/N: Thanks for the request, anon! Had to get some October/Halloween fics out on time this year unlike when I published one last year around Christmas i think like??? Anyway, we move. We love a good possessive Spencer fic and I don't wanna promote nothing to no one buuuuuuut here's the spotify playlist I created for your ~smutty~ delight! Play it if you'd like or don't, it's up to you! Either way, enjoy the fic, sunshine 🎃
Couple: Spencer Reid/Fem!reader
Category: Smut~~~
Content warning: Possessiveness, mention of infidelity from third parties, penetrative sex, unprotected sex, light spanking, clitoral overstimulation, female and male orgasm, creampie, fingering, oral sex (male receiving)
Word count: 4.8k
You placed the black bunny ears on your head to complete your costume. You took a step back from your bedroom mirror to get a full look at yourself. You did a slow twirl to look at yourself from every angle. When you chose your costume, you weren’t entirely sure if it was the right choice.
It hadn’t been your top choice but it was a choice you’ve always wanted to try one Halloween. The younger you would have been too self-conscious to wear it but now that you were older you wanted to embrace your body. When you tried it on, you didn’t feel sexy right away but the more you tried it on, the more your confidence grew.
You couldn’t wait to show off your costume to everyone at the staff Halloween party. They had never even seen you with a skirt above the knee before. The expression you really couldn’t wait to see was Spencer’s. Obviously in the eight months you two have been dating, he’s seen every inch of you. However, he knew you weren’t a risk-taker with exposing so much of yourself in front of a huge group of people.
You heard a few knocks at your front door. You quickly slipped into your stilettos and grabbed your purse off your bed before running out of your room. You went to your coat rack and took down your leather coat. You threw it on, tied it tightly around your waist, and untucked your perfectly curled hair from the collar.
You opened the door to see Spencer in his best Dr. Alan Grant costume. He wanted to channel his Jurassic Park fantasy this Halloween which you found adorable. He stood there in a pair of khaki’s, a button-up long sleeve jean shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and a classic safari hat. Oh, how could you forget the red bandana tied around his neck to tie the whole look together.
He looked at you curiously, having no clue of what your full costume was. He looked at your bunny ears which brought a smile to his face. You touched them as you smiled back at him.
“Do you not like it?” You asked.
“No, no, I think you look adorable with bunny ears. Guessing you’re going for a bunny, matrix look?” He questioned.
You giggled. “It looks like that, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, when we get to the party I’ll reveal my whole outfit.
“I’m excited to see it. You’ve been teasing the idea of it for so long,” he said.
You wrapped your arms around his neck before giving him a kiss on his lips. He placed his hands on your corseted waist. You wondered if he could tell what you were wearing. From the ears to your collar showing, it wouldn’t be hard to piece together your costume with the feel of the corset.
“I can’t wait to see it. I know you’re going to look amazing,” he said as he gave you another kiss.
You smiled. “I hope so. I want to be on your level of amazing.”
“You’ve been beyond my level of amazing since the day we met,” he said.
You chuckled as you pushed him away from you. “If you keep up that sweet talk, we might never make the party.”
He chuckled. “Fair enough.”
You turned around to lock your door before he took your hand. The more compliments he gave you, the more confident you felt in revealing your costume at the party. The image of seeing his jaw drop to the floor as soon as you took off your coat was your singular motivational factor.
You two walked into the banquet hall where the party was being held. Spencer held the door open for you to enter and followed in after you. You saw almost all your coworkers in a light you’d never seen them in before. They seemed like completely free spirits in their costumes. No pun intended.
You two made your way over to the coat check. You handed over your purse and were about to take off your jacket but you heard the familiar clicks of a certain someone’s heels running towards you. You looked up and turned your head to see a fairy Garcia leading the pack containing lumberjack Luke, pirate JJ, and Tara with a glass of champagne.
“It’s about time you two arrived,” Garcia said.
“We’re only ten minutes late,” you said.
“In Penelope’s mind, you might as well have been an hour late,” JJ said.
“Well, we’re here now and that’s what matters. Our dynamic team filled with Dr. Alan Grant, a beautiful fairy, strong lumberjack, courageous pirate, and…” you trailed off as you thought of who Tara was supposed to be.
“Ah, yes,” Tara said.
She then reached into her back pocket to pull out her FBI badge. You looked at her puzzled but the other JJ and Luke seemed amused. Garcia, not so much.
“Rossi and I decided to be FBI agents for Halloween this year,” she chuckled.
You laughed. “Such a classic outfit. You wear it well.”
Everyone laughed as Garcia rolled her eyes. As you all knew too well she was a fan of dressing up to the nines for Halloween. However, you thought Tara’s costume was the best of the night.
“Next year we’re going costume shopping for you in September to make sure you and Rossi can’t contemplate another trick like this,” Garcia said.
“Regardless, everyone looks awesome,” Spencer said.
“Talking about everyone, let’s get into the party. Y/N, take off your coat so we can get to stepping,” Garcia encouraged.
Everyone looked your way. You hadn’t expected such an audience to be around you as you stripped off your jacket but you guessed you didn’t have a choice. Either way, they were going to see your costume, so might as well give them a show.
You untied the belt around your jacket. You let it open up and gently shrugged it off your shoulder to expose your entire Playboy Bunny outfit. Your black corset, collar with the bowtie, cuffs with cuff links, sheer black stocks, bunny tail, and a prize pin pinned to your side with your ‘Spencer’ written on it.
You handed your jacket over to the man managing the coat check and from his look alone, you knew all eyes were on you. You turned back to look at Garcia, Luke, JJ, and Tara, who were all trying to look respectfully and not look too long at all.
“Oh my God, you look so…wow,” Garcia said.
“You’re smoking, Y/N. I can speak for everyone in this building that we’ve never seen this side of you,” Tara said.
“Is that a good thing?” You asked.
“Yes,” everyone answered simultaneously.
You smiled at them before turning to look at Spencer. His reaction was the one you wanted to see the most. When you saw his face, you could tell he was still in awe. He kept on running his eyes up and down your body, even doing double takes on certain parts.
“Lover boy’s speechless which means we should leave these two alone. Who knows what he’s holding back from saying with us around,” Tara said.
You turned your head to see them scurry off, leaving the two of you alone. You looked back at Spencer. Before he even said anything, he grabbed you by your hip and gently pulled you in for an intense kiss. You felt his hand caress over your ass and slightly squeeze it before quickly retreating it back up to your hip.
You bit your bottom lip as you placed your hands on his chest. You could see in his eyes he had taken everything he needed in and was ravished by what he saw. It made the fire inside you burn bright knowing how bad he wanted everything he saw in front of him.
“You look beyond any word I can think of to describe how you look right now,” he said.
You giggled. “The genius Dr. Spencer Reid can’t think of a word to describe how I look? I think I might have broken your brain.”
He chuckled. “In the best way possible.”
You smiled before leaning in to give him another kiss. You didn’t linger too long on it. You knew the others had been waiting for a while for you two to enter the party, so you didn’t want to keep them waiting any longer.
“How about we head in before Garcia starts using her fairy magic against us?” You giggled.
He smiled. “We wouldn’t want that. Nice touch on the prize pin.”
You giggled as you grabbed his hand and guided the way into the crowd of FBI agents dressed as various people and things. As you walked further into the party, you felt Spencer’s grip on your hand become tighter. You furrowed your eyebrows as you questioned in your mind why he was holding your hand so tight.
You turned around to look at him to see him glaring around the room. You looked in every direction he was staring at and noticed a pattern. Everywhere he stared had at least one guy eyeing you hard despite you holding your boyfriend's hand.
You stopped walking to turn and look at him. He didn’t look at you but rather kept looking around at all the men staring at you. You let go of his hand so you could place both of your hands on his face to direct his stare at you. You gave him a gentle smile so he could come back down from whatever headspace he was in.
“Don’t pay them any mind, Spence. I’m with you and only want you. Who cares if they stare?” You asked.
“I do because I know what they’re thinking when they’re staring,” he said.
“Well, half of them should be ashamed if that’s the case because they’re married. Anyway, don’t let them distract you from a good night we can have with our friends,” you said.
He sighed. “I’ll try, it’ll just be hard.”
“I get that but remember this little bunny is yours,” you said as you kissed him.
A smile soon appeared on his face. You smiled even wider as you saw that cheerful look come back to him.
“You’re right. Sorry, I just get a little lost in jealousy sometimes,” he said.
“No need to apologize, it happens to all of us. How about I grab us some drinks to loosen up and we get back to having a good time?” You suggested.
“That would be great,” he said.
You gave him another kiss. “Great, I’ll be right back.”
You let go of his face and made your way over to the open bar. You approached the crowd at the bar, waiting for your turn to get to the front. As you waited, you couldn’t help feel some stares at your tail from behind you.
You turned your head around to see a few men you knew all too well from the bureau turn away and act as if they were talking about the weather. You rolled your eyes as waved at them to let them know you caught their stare. They sheepishly smiled and waved back before moving away from where they were standing.
“Hey, Y/N,” you heard a male voice next to you say.
You turned around to face the voice you found familiar. It was SSA Ryan Turner from the violent crimes unit. You two had worked together for a bit when you were in that unit, so you knew him fairly well. He had been married to his wife for five years and had a two-year-old. From the way he was looking at you made it seem as if he forgot all about that information.
“Ryan, long time. How’s the violent crime unit treating you? Still top performing agent?” You asked.
“Well, when you moved to the BAU someone had to take that title, right?” He joked.
You smirked. “I guess. I’m surprised you’re not the unit chief for the team yet.”
He shrugged as he placed his left hand in his back pocket and ran his right hand through his gelled hair. Trying to hide his wedding ring while also trying to show you he still had an untamed side to him. You pull out a Playboy costume and men lose their sense of humility. It was quite humorous to watch.
“You know, I’m more of a team person than a leader who calls all the shots,” he said.
“Or your work ethic isn’t the best. Remember we used to call you SSA procrastinator,” you said.
He chuckled. “If you had stuck around that could have been your position and I would be your handy sidekick.”
“Are you a handy sidekick to your wife and child too?” You asked.
He cleared his throat. “Of course.”
As he rambled something trying to cover his tail, you glanced over to where Spencer was standing. He was talking to a few agents. Or well, the agents were talking to him. He had a stare that could cut steel targeted at Ryan.
You looked back at Ryan to let him know you were going to grab a drink. Before you could utter a word, he grabbed your hand with his right hand. Obviously. You widened your eyes as you knew Spencer wasn’t going to just let this slide from afar.
“We should catch up sometime. Maybe we can go to dinner next week. I’ll pay,” he suggested.
You opened your mouth to reject him but you soon felt an arm wrap around your shoulder to bring you in tight next to them. You looked up to see Spencer beside you with his focus directly on Ryan. It seemed as if the battle of testosterone was about to commence.
“SSA Turner, long time. How are your wife and kid?” He asked.
Ryan let go of your hand. He had already waved his white flag which nearly brought a chuckle out of you. He gave Spencer the politest smile he could conjure up which was borderline invisible.
“They’re well, Dr. Reid,” he answered.
Spencer then started to kiss your temple without breaking eye contact with Ryan. You smiled at his soft kisses as you held the hand that dropped over your shoulder.
“That’s nice to hear. I also heard about an offer to go to dinner with Y/N. Is that offer extended to me as well since you know, we’re together,” he said as his kisses trailed to your neck.
“If you want to come that’s fine but since Y/N and I were on the same team, I thought it would be nice to catch up,” he explained.
“Well, Y/N and I are on the same team now, so I think it would be the courteous thing to invite the both of us. You know, an FBI agent outing,” he said as his kisses trailed back up to your temple.
“Guess we can schedule it,” Ryan said, unenthusiastically.
“Great. Hope to see Maria and what’s your son's name again? Oh yeah, John,” Spencer said.
You could tell from Ryan’s red face he had reached his upsetting defeat. Spencer didn’t relish long in his glory as you felt his arm slip off of your shoulder. You looked over at him and saw him give one last unimpressed glare over at Ryan before walking off.
You watched him walk off and sighed. You knew he needed some time to cool off but you didn’t want him to think you were entertaining this whole dispute. You looked at Ryan who looked as if he was ready to leave the vicinity as well. You would try to scurry away as fast as you could too if you were told off that hard.
“I’ll talk to you later, Ry,” you said.
“Yeah,” he said.
He then scurried into the crowd at the bar with his tail between his legs. You couldn’t help but smirk at how easily Spencer sized him back down to earth. You hadn’t seen him so riled up in front of another guy before but it was definitely a sight you wouldn’t mind seeing more often.
You made your way toward Spencer who was standing near the snack bar. You knew he was upset from the way he wasn’t snacking on anything. He loved to snack.
“Spence,” you called.
He turned his head to look at you with razor-sharp eyes. You knew they weren’t directed toward you but rather hadn’t died down from his encounter with Ryan. You took his hand in yours to bring him back down to a calmer state of mind.
“Do you want to talk?” You asked.
“I just find it disrespectful for a majority of our colleagues to be looking at you as if I’m not in the room,” he said.
“I understand and agree, but you shouldn’t let them bring down your mood,” you said.
He moved his gaze from you to navigate his eyes around the room. You saw his eyes narrow the more he looked around which indicated to you he didn’t like what he was seeing. He then looked at you with this wash of irritation over his face.
“Actually, let’s go somewhere private where there aren’t a million eyes on your ass,” he lowly said.
He guided you by the hand to the back of the banquet hall you didn’t even know was there. He didn’t go far down the dimly lit hallway though. He stopped right before it near a door right near the edge of the hallway. He opened the door with such confidence as if he knew it would be unlocked and empty.
He led you inside and you gladly followed his lead inside. He let go of your hand once you were inside and closed the door then flicked on the light. He turned to look at you as he leaned against the wall, letting out a sigh full of frustration as he took off his hat and tossed it to the side.
“Guess you can’t trust your own coworkers,” he mumbled.
You shrugged your shoulders as you walked to the opposite wall. You were going to sit on the chair leaning against it but opted to lean against the wall in front of him. He was right to feel the way he did. Hell, you would have thrown a fit if anyone tried to ask him on a solo date while visually undressing him.
“Just ignore them,” you said.
He straightened himself up before he walked over to where you leaned against the wall. He came right up to your face, placing his hand on the wall next to your ear. You looked into his eyes, getting lost in that raging passion you saw.
“They have theirs. Why can’t they just let you be mine?” He asked.
You gasped as you felt his free hand rub the crotch of your corset. You closed your eyes and tilted your head back as he started to kiss your neck. He then unbuttoned the two buttons holding your corset from exposing your lower regions.
You opened your eyes as you felt his kisses stop trailing up and down your neck. You saw him staring intensely into your soul as you felt his hand sliver into your stockings and past your underwear band. You let out a roaring moan as you felt two of his fingers curve into you.
He gently yet promptly stroked your g-spot which earned him endless breathy moans from you. You grabbed onto his shirt as you looked deep into his eyes to show him how much you wanted him and only him. He leaned in to softly kiss you on your lips and gently bit your bottom lip as he leaned away.
“I am yours,” you moaned.
He smirked before going back to kissing your neck. “I don’t mean to be so possessive. It’s just hard knowing so many men want you that makes me that way sometimes.”
“But you already know I only belong to you,” you moaned.
He leaned up from your neck to look at you again. He licked his lips before they formed into a satisfied smirk. He then pulled out his fingers from within you and placed them in your open mouth. He pumped them gently in and out of your mouth as he watched you enjoy the taste of yourself.
“I like that. Let me hear it again,” he whispered.
“I only belong to you,” you moaned around his fingers.
“Again,” he whispered.
“I only belong to you,” you moaned around his fingers.
He removed his fingers from your mouth. You stared at him with lust-filled eyes and your body desired more of him. By the way he stared at you made you know he had the same feelings towards you. He grabbed your jaw and pulled you in close to you to give you a long, passionate kiss.
He slowly turned and you did so as well, not breaking the kiss. He then leaned away from your desperate lips as you waited for his next move. He gave you one last quick peck on your lips.
“Show me you belong to me,” he demanded.
You couldn’t have dropped to your knees quicker. You wasted no time in undoing his pants as you stared up at him the whole time. You yanked his pants and underwear down in one motion to expose his huge boner in front of your face.
You placed your hands on his thighs and wrapped your mouth around his dick. You nearly engulfed the whole thing in eager hunger to show him exactly who you belonged to. You watched as he tilted his head back and let out a deep moan as you bobbed your head back and forth to get your rhythm going.
He grabbed your hair as he tilted his head back up to look down at you. You didn’t break eye contact with him even when you gagged. You wanted him to see how much you enjoyed every second of having his huge dick in your mouth.
“That’s a good girl,” he said.
He then shoved your head deeper onto his dick. You choked on it which formed a few tears in your eyes but you enjoyed every second of it. You took it like the champ you were. He bit his lip in pure pleasure at the way you looked with your mouth stuffed with his dick.
“You look so beautiful choking on it,” he complimented.
He then pulled your head away from his dick, leaving a trail of saliva strings dangling from your mouth which were still connected. He looked behind him at the chair against the wall. He grabbed it and moved it so the seat was against his knees. He sat down on it and patted his thighs.
“Let’s see how well a bunny bounces on it,” he said.
You immediately took off your heels before you stood up to pull down your stockings and underwear. You stepped out of them before you straddled your legs around him. You looked right in his eyes as you slowly eased yourself down on his dick.
The more you slid on it, the wider your mouth opened. It was always such a pleasure and eye-opener every time you had to be on top of him because you were reminded of how many inches he had. You moaned loudly as you started to get into the rhythm of moving up and down his dick slowly.
He aggressively grabbed your ass. “I know bunnies bounce faster than that. Go faster.”
“Yes, baby,” you moaned.
You grabbed onto his shoulders as you bounced up and down on his dick faster just as he instructed. For a little extra motivation, he spanked your ass. You let out a yelp as you bounced faster.
You looked into his eyes to see how much pleasure you were indulging him in. You leaned down and kissed him feverishly as you kept up your pace. You both moaned into each other’s mouths as you made out.
“Am I doing it for you, baby?” You asked.
“You always do,” he said.
Then you felt his hand move towards your abdomen and soon felt it dip a bit lower. You bunched his shirt up and shrieked endless moans as you felt his thumb circle your clit. You almost lost your balance completely from the overwhelming stimulation of his dick hitting spots in you and his finger stimulating you from the outside.
He pushed you close to him so you could be right against his chest. His kisses trailed your neck as you moaned out his name. If anyone was near enough to the door and didn’t know you two were together before, they definitely would know now.
“Who do you belong to?” He asked.
“You,” you shrieked.
“And who can make you feel this good?” He asked.
“You,” you shrieked.
“And who’s going to make you cum?” He asked.
“You,” you shrieked.
You used one hand to grab the back of his neck as you continued to bounce on his dick as he gave your clit no mercy. You gasped a breathless moan as your pace slightly slowed. You felt your legs shake as you let your orgasm run loose throughout your body. You became almost limp on top of him.
You tried to gain back the same momentum to bounce on his dick at a fast pace but your legs were giving some trouble, still a bit wobbly from your orgasm. He knew right away and grabbed your hips to help you move up and down his dick.
You bit your bottom lip as you leaned up from him to show him how gone you were. How much you wanted him to take control to finish himself off inside of you. You desired to feel him cum inside of you to show you just how much you were his.
“And who am I going to cum deep inside?” He asked.
“Me,” you moaned.
He leaned in and kissed you. “That’s what I like to hear.”
He then pushed you all the way down on his dick. You shrieked out a moan as you grabbed onto his shirt. You bit your lip and tilted your head back as you felt him cum deep inside of you as he said. You could appreciate a man of his word.
You felt him kiss your breasts as he moaned out the last bit of his orgasm. You tilted your head back up and grabbed his face to focus it on you. You leaned in and kissed him quickly before parting from his lips.
“Told you I belonged to you,” you whispered.
He smirked. “Sometimes I need a good reminder.”
You giggled as you gave him one last kiss before getting off of him. You quickly put back on your underwear and stockings as he pulled up his pants. You could imagine everyone wondering where you two were. It wouldn’t take long for a team of profilers to piece it together but hopefully, if you two walked out looking normal, they wouldn’t inquire.
You slipped your feet into your stilettos. You noticed his hat was still on the ground so you walked over to pick it up. You turned around to walk over to him. You smiled as you placed it on his head and fixed his hair.
“And just like that, Dr. Grant looks as if he hadn’t gotten into a wild ride with a bunny,” you joked.
He chuckled. “I wouldn’t mind taking several rides on a bunny.”
You giggled as he fixed your bunny ears for you. For someone who wore his tie perpetually crooked almost all the time, he had an eye for straightening out costume ears. You leaned up and kissed him when he was done.
“My hero. How about we grab a drink and perhaps leave a little early?” You suggested as you turned around.
“Sounds like a plan,” he said as he squeezed your ass.
You bit your lip as you opened the door to walk out. You took his hand off of your ass and held it in your hand as you shut the door. You smirked at him.
“Maybe if you slap my ass around Ryan, he’ll get the message loud and clear,” you joked.
“If a ring on his finger isn’t loud and clear enough to make him faithful to his wife, I doubt any message is loud enough for him,” he said.
“Oh, how I love your subtle shade,” you chuckled.
He kissed your temple. “And I love you, playboy.”
“I love you too, pretty boy or should I say petty boy?” You giggled.
He smirked as he let go of your hand to wrap it around your shoulder to hold you tight as you two walked back into the party. You could proudly say you made the best choice out of the pack of FBI agents to call yours. Or should you say that you belong to.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Gifs of Spencer Reid: 45/who knows?
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the evolution of spencer reid's public speaking skills <3
1x2 compulsion // 4x8 masterpiece // 7x11 true genius // 13x16 last gasp
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House Calls
Tumblr media
Summary: Wes asks his receptionist if she's coming to the building's Halloween party, letting it slip that he just wants to spend time with her outside of work.
Warnings: co-worker's, mutual pining, getting together, shower sex, oral sex (female receiving), fingering, penetrative sex, condom use
Word count: 2.5K
Spooky week masterlist
Working for Wes was the best job in the world. He was never late, he closed up early when they didn’t have any more patients and he still paid her for the full day. He was the best boss in the whole world. And she had a massive crush on him.
Who didn’t? Some ladies brought their cats in just to batt their eyes at him and hope he wants them too. He never took anyone up on their offers, so much so that she expected him to have a wife at home. Why else would a man as hot as him turn down conquests?
“Hey,” he leans against her reception desk. “Are you coming to the building Halloween party tonight?”
“I didn’t know there was one?” She answered honestly. “I was just going to hand out candy at home and go to bed early.”
“Oh,” he looks disappointed. “I was hoping it would be my chance to see you outside of work. All the offices get together for drinks a few times a year, it’s normally boring when the dermatologists go, the dentists skip Halloween… it’s fun, I promise.”
She’s shocked that he wants her to go, and yet a smile builds. “Oh… I mean I can go, is it a costume thing?”
He nods, “I wear the same outfit every year, I have a pair of scrubs covered in fake blood…”
“That’s cool,” she immediately feels dumb for saying it but she’s always awkward around him. “I think I have an old sexy nurse costume somewhere I can slip into… we could match?”
He nods, “do you want me to pick you up?”
“Sure,” she nodded, “or you know, we could just hang out together and skip the party altogether?”
“Yeah?” He smiles, “and then I wouldn’t get to see you in a sexy nurse costume?”
She just shakes her head with a smile, “I guess I could go for the free booze and some time with you…”
“Atta girl,” he teases back, tapping the edge of her desk with a big smile on his face. “I’ll be at your place at 6? Is that okay?”
“Sounds great.”
She wasn’t kidding when she said she had a sexy nurse costume. Adding fake blood to her neck to make herself the tiniest bit scary and a few homemade rips, she unbuttoned the first few buttons and pushed her tits up as she looked in the mirror. He would be pulling into her driveway any moment and she wanted him to fuck her brains out by the end of the night.
When he knocks on the door, she opens it before he can even lower his hand, “hey.”
“Hi,” all the breath gets knocked out of him when he sees her.
“Shall we?” She grabs her things and points behind him.
He swallows sharply, nodding like a maniac and following her lead, “you look amazing.”
“Thanks,” she shrugs, playing it off like it wasn’t what she was going for.
He’s never been quiet, not in the few months that she’s been working for him. He was always outgoing and friendly, talking to everyone and everything that entered his practice. He loved his patients and their owners, he was the best vet in the area and yet he was currently too nervous to talk to her as he drove.
“Are you sure you want to go to this party?”
He nods, “Yeah, I just didn’t expect that you’d look even more amazing than you normally do and I turn into a potato when I’m attracted to someone…”
“Ah,” she smirks. “Well, you should know that’s how I feel about you every day when I’m at work.”
“Really?” He looks at her almost too long when he should be paying attention to the road, she points out the windshield and reminds him with a teasing laugh.
“Yeah, I thought it was obvious?”
“I’m oblivious, I’ve been told that before,” he adds, “I really didn’t think you were interested, I thought you were just friends.”
“I’ve been told my flirting comes off more motherly… I like to take care of people,” she shrugs back. “I really like you.”
“Do you want to just skip this party then?” He teases her back.
“and end up at your apartment and in your bed?” She asks carefully.
“Y-yeah,” he nods, “if you want we can?”
“I really want,” she lets out a shaky breath. “I’ve wanted to for a while.”
“Okay then,” he smiles, turning down the next street, looping around backroads and making his way over to his place as fast as he could.
They bumped foreheads in the dark as they reached in for another kiss, laughing as their lips touched. For some reason, they thought it would be smart to rip their clothes off and climb into the shower together, “you need to get all this fake blood off your neck before I let you in my bed.” Wes said, ever the neat freak.
They get into the shower together, stripping each other completely naked with smiles and giggles, stealing kisses and pinching each other's butt cheeks when the other wasn’t looking.
The laughter that erupts into the room is pure, carrying the weight of their lust for each other throughout the room. Standing under the stream of the water in the dimly lit, yellow room, she held his face in her hands, close enough now to really study his face. Huge pupils, his adorable nose, those bushy brows. She’s always loved everything about him.
He helps her wash the fake blood off of her body, avoiding getting her hair wet and using this time to kiss down her body and touch every inch of her skin that he could. As he washed the soap down her legs, he kissed he hip and she took a deep breath, bracing herself by holding on to the shower wall, she carefully helped him spread her legs. Resting her thigh on his shoulder, he smiles up at her, “this is okay? Right?”
She nods, “I always wanted you to give my pussy a good checkup.”
He kisses the inside of her leg, letting the water cascade down her body like a waterfall as he kissed her. “You know, I make house calls…”
She laughed, “I’ll be calling you all the time.”
“You better,” he smirks, pressing his lips just above her clit, and then lower, ghosting his bottom lip over the sensitive skin on his way down, kissing her opening and then dragging his tongue back up her folds.
She gasps, leaning back against the shower wall and spreading her legs more as he started to lick and suck on her velvety skin, taking his time and enjoying every single moment of it.
“So responsive,” he mumbled against her skin, he sounded absolutely wrecked from just eating her out.
Moving his tongue faster and faster, sending shocks through her legs as her voice trembled, “holy shit, Wes, please.”
“like that?” He smirked, pushing his wet hair back, his lips glistened with cum before he licked his lips, “wanna cum on my face?”
“More than you know,” she signs, gripping his hair and pushing his face back against her.
He’s so fucking good with his tongue, she can’t get enough as he flicks her clit at a speed she didn’t even know was humanly possible. Pushing her right over the edge, she cums on his face with a shout.
He kisses back up her stomach, reaching around her to turn off the water on his way to her lips. Tasting herself on him, she moans into his mouth, making him groan.
“Fuck, we need to dry off and move to the bed,” he whispers, opening the shower door and reaching for a towel.
It’s more sensual than she imagined, having him run a towel down her body as he collects all the water droplets. She does the same exact thing to him, applying kisses to his body as she does so as a thank you for all the affection he’s shown her so far.
Back in his room, he tosses her onto the bed and climbs in beside her, it takes her no longer than 2 seconds to straddle him and hold him close.
Y/N dipped her face into the curve of his neck, nipping and sucking at his skin. Wes giggled, his hands roaming up and down her naked back. The pads of his fingers going up then his nails trailing back down, the perfect motion to make the hair’s on her body stand up.
“Y/N?” Wes whispered. Y/N hummed against his skin, continuing to kiss him. “Do you still want to?”
“God, yeah,” she replies, it’s a no-brainer. She wants him so bad she could actually die from whatever the female version of bluebells was.
Wes kissed her once more before getting off the bed and flicking the light on. Y/N watched Wes’ tiny butt as he walked to the other side of the room where his pants were on the floor, grabbing a condom.
Wes threw the sheets off and climbed into bed once again, settling between her legs. Y/N perching herself up on her forearms, she tilted her head up in motion for Wes to lean back in and kiss her. Hard enough that she was lying flat on her back as her nails scratched down his.
It’s possible that kissing Wes was better than anything else in the world. She couldn’t help but smile, Wes’s lips hitting her teeth making them both laugh.
“Stop making me laugh!” Wes shrieked, “I’m trying to sleep with you.”
“Then get on it!” Y/N said with a giggle that placed her tongue between his teeth.
Wes kissed her cheek, then her jaw and down her neck once more. He lightly sucked on her pulse point which led Y/N to let out a light moan followed by her clit throbbing, all but begging her to get a move on. She felt Wes smirk against her neck as he made his way down between her legs once more that evening.
“Flip,” Wes insisted, guiding her hips till she was on her stomach with her ass perched in the air.
She couldn’t see Wes, she could only imagine the hungry look he gave him as he spread her cheeks. He gave her ass a quick smack, sending a shock wave of arousal through her body that generated a shocked moan.
Y/N melted at the feeling of Wes’s tongue at her entrance. Y/N grabbed a pillow and shoved her face in it to hide her moans as he once again devoured her pussy.
He pulled back, Y/N immediately missed the feeling, pushing her ass back in an attempt to bring him back. “You’re so tight baby I think I need to get you ready for me…” she could hear the pleased smirk on his face.
“Just fucking get inside me,” she begs. “Do anything?”
Y/N relaxed after that, as she felt Wes push a finger inside of her while his lips stayed on her clit. He lightly pulled out and pushed in again, over and over as he enjoyed the sound she made. It was intoxicating, the feeling of the man she’s secretly loved for months opening her up, finally.
Adding a second finger, and a third, all working harmoniously together as they rubbed against her g spot, sending shockwaves throughout her whole body.
When Wes pulled out, the empty feeling came back and she sighed. Y/N rolled back onto her back, Wes slotted himself between her legs once more before laying partially back on her. Y/N placed her hands on his cheeks and pulled him in for a soft kiss.
“Hi,” she whispered between kisses.
Wes giggled, kissing her again, “hello.”
“Are you going to fuck me now?” She asked with a cheeky smile, knowing the answer but it was fun to ask anyway.
Wes smiled and sat back on his knees, it was fascinating how quickly they changed between desperate lust and curious passion. Sure she wanted Wes to fuck her senseless, but she also just enjoyed looking at him and taking in the moment to remember forever.
He rolled the condom over himself, pumping himself as he bit his lip. He was thick and warm and she knew it was going to be amazing, her body tingled and the sheets suddenly felt like a cloud beneath her as she anticipated it.
He pushed in ever so slowly, they made constant eye contact as he leaned in more and more, dropping over her as he bottomed out. Resting on his forearms, boxing her in, his forehead rested against hers while he attempted to stay still and let her adjust.
He reached under her knees to hold them up, slowly pulling out and gliding back in as she gasped against his lips.
“Fuck,” Wes moaned, thrusting in and out of her faster and faster each time.
Y/N let out a soft chant of curse words as Wes slid past that beautiful bundle of nerves and collided with her cervix over and over and over. He reached between them with one hand, rubbing her clit with his thumb as he fucked her.
Part of her wanted it to last forever, the feeling of euphoria right before she came that made everything good in the world. She had no pain, no problems, no issues. All she had was a cock pounding into her and the feeling that life was worth living as long as she was with him. The other part of her, however, was greedy, wanting to chase this high and reach it right then and there without savouring it.
Wes was getting desperate now too, his thrusts getting more erratic and his breath was equally as uneven. Y/N felt herself getting close, her veins were on fire, her toes started to curl, “fuck,” she cried out one last time as she came on his cock with a gasp.
“Shit, fuck,” Wes said before biting his lip and tilting his head back. His movements stilled and Y/N felt him release inside the condom.
He was panting, coming down from his high, he let go of her legs and pulled out before dropping to her chest again. Y/N wrapped her arms around him softly, his curls were touching her chin as she rested her head against his. Wes’s cheek was on one boob and his hand was now cupping her other boob. The post-sex cuddle was a favourite of hers.
“Don't fall asleep on me,” Y/N warned, “I need to get cleaned up.”
“Hmm,” Wes hummed in acknowledgement but didn’t move at all.
“If you don’t get off me I’ll leave you,” she jokingly warned.
“I’d like to see you try and get out from under me in order to leave me.”
Y/N grabbed him and tossed him over, Wes now laying on his side of the bed almost falling off as he gripped the sheets desperately, “Hey!”
“What? You asked!”
“Fuck you!”
“Just did!”
Wes smirked, Y/N couldn’t help but laugh right back. She kissed him one last time before getting up and slipping into the bathroom. She closed the door and leaned against it, smiling, she couldn’t believe how happy she was, how far they’d come and how nothing had changed in their relationship even after the sex…
Maybe working and playing together wouldn’t be that bad.
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Tumblr media
Summary: After a bad few days, where stress has caught up with you, your boyfriend Spencer provides words of comfort.
A/N: Tried to make the stress very non-specific so everyone could be comforted by Spencer! Let me know what you think!
Masterlist | Requests
There were often days, weeks, or months where the world felt rallied against you. It was a certainty, you were absolutely sure, that everyone experienced such targeted difficulty. Today, however, the world seemed so unfair and built up against you that it was hard to take comfort in that knowledge.
Your shoes scraped against every step as you clambered up the stairs to your boyfriend’s apartment, feet feeling so heavy it was hard to fully lift them between steps. Your hand slid along the railing, gripping the solid wood in an attempt to pull yourself up the mountain of stairs. It took an age, but eventually you reached the top step.
Heaving a deep breath, attempting to quell the storm of negativity within, you plastered a smile onto your lips. Shoulders set, expression schooled, you moved to his door and rapped your knuckles against the wood. You heard him yell through the door, indicating he was coming, and the excitement in his tone pulled a peal of happiness from you. If anything could make you feel better today, it was definitely going to be Spencer.
The door opened quickly and you were greeted with an almost goofy grin as he struggled with his over-large coat. “You ready to go?”
Trying to mirror his enthusiasm, but likely failing spectacularly, you nodded quickly even as your eyes darted to the floor. Had you been looking up to him you would have noticed the crinkle between his eyebrows as he looked over you; the gaze that swept over everything from your slumped shoulders to your wringing hands. You would have seen the stilling of his hands as a deep concern etched upon his features.
His voice pulled your gaze back to his, “I - uh - I just need to grab something,” he gestured back into his apartment with his thumb and stepped aside to allow you pass, “do you want to come in?”
“Sure,” you assented, moving past him and into the familiar space. His apartment was so cozy, comforting. Everything about it was so familiar, so very Spencer, that a small relief warmed through you.
“Is everything okay?” You started at his sudden question, having thought he had disappeared to locate whatever he had needed to grab.
“Uh-“ your mouth hung open as you looked at him in slow surprise. Blinking rapidly, you finally nodded; “yeah.” The word was so obviously a lie that it was doubtful your profiler of a partner would miss it.
Kindly, instead of calling you out on the clear mistruth, he stepped closer and lowered his tone. “It’s just, usually you aren’t on time.” A small upturn of your lips met that, an action that encouraged him continue. “On average you tend to be seven minutes and thirteen seconds late. Your lateness is always because you stopped to get coffee from your favourite shop, but you’re both on time and you didn’t stop for coffee?”
You kicked your feet against his floor, a rueful expression overtaking you. “Guess I can’t hide anything from a profiler, huh?”
Your careless response did not appear to appease his concern. He gave you a smile, one that didn’t quite crinkle his eyes, and stepped closer. Wringing his hands together, he paused for a considering moment before asking another question. “You’re not feeling great?”
It was less a question, more a statement. Spencer, of course, knew the stresses that had been piling upon you recently; he had been your shoulder to cry on through it all. So far, however, you had managed to hold it together pretty well. But, today, the line between coping and crying felt just a bit too thin.
Giving up on any pretence of pretending everything was fine, you took the few steps separating the pair of you and wrapped your arms around him. Not only was it pointless to hide your feelings from your boyfriend who literally studied behaviour for a living, you also didn’t want to. When you were young you had thought sharing your feelings of stress and difficulty a sign of weakness. Now, wrapped up in Spencer, you knew that there was no weakness in relying on someone. Especially when that someone loved you like he did.
You only noticed your tears when you tried to speak - the hoarseness of your throat warning you of the wetness of your cheeks. “It’s all catching up with me.” You croaked out.
A hand was smoothing soothing circles over your back whilst he leant his cheek upon your temple. “It’s okay,” he told you quietly, letting the warmth of his arms calm you before he gave you words that sent relief coursing through you. “We can stay in tonight?”
That sounded perfect to you, but a guilt still crept over you. “Spencer, you’ve wanted to go to this place for like… forever.” It was true, he had given you more information about this particular planetarium over the last two months than you thought possible and you couldn’t take away his chance to go.
Pulling back to look down at you, warm hands rubbing over your arms, he laughed. “It’ll be open next week, we can go then.” The sincerity and sweetness of this gesture overwhelmed you and your lip trembled as you held back fresh tears. Apparently recognising this latest emotion bomb, he quickly made you laugh with an attempted joke that wasn’t really funny at all. “If we stay in and- and look out the window,” he began gesturing vaguely to the window in question, “it’ll be like we’re in a terrarium instead.”
It wasn’t funny, not even slightly, and you could tell he didn’t think so either. But, you smiled through quiet tears and responded in kind; “the opposite of a planetarium.”
Lips quirking up, he squeezed your arms once before steering you onto his sofa. Melting into the soft upholstery, you hummed at the relief of changed plans. You loved exploring new places with Spencer, he was like your own personal tour guide wherever you ventured, but an evening in the familiar confines of his home was often unbeatable.
Spencer didn’t join you right away, moving to his kitchen and clanging about as you settled into comfort. Eyes dropping shut, you let your head fall back against the pillows and tried your best to relax the tense set of your shoulders. Spencer’s softer footsteps, his shoes now discarded likely beside the door, alerted you to his reappearance. Cracking a single eye open you broke into a smile as he handed you a mug. Steam rolled from the mug in curling waves, the vapour filling your nose with the pleasant sweetness of cocoa and you thanked him immediately. “How is it you always know how to make me feel better?”
Smiling warmly down to you, he quipped an answer that did raise a chuckle from your downturned lips. “Simple mathematics.” He paired the statement with wiggling fingers as though he had just finished some spectacular magic trick; the motion warmed you almost as much as the mug you clutched.
Patting the spot next to you, you sidled closer to him as he took direction and settled beside you. Sending a slow, cooling breath over the scalding contents of the mug, you quirked a brow at him. “Math? How does that work?”
Cupping his own mug between his hands, the small ceramic surface almost entirely disappearing beneath his grip, he settled back as he explained. “Well, over the time that we’ve known each other I’ve gathered ‘data’ about your likes and dislikes.” You twisted in your seat as he explained, letting your back rest against the arm of his sofa to allow you watch him entirely. “Over time I’ve noticed what makes you happy when you’re feeling down - it’s different depending on what’s upset you.” He lowered one hand to rest warmly over your ankle as you stretched your feet onto his lap. “Today, I knew you were feeling overwhelmed so it was a reasonable estimate that you would want to stay home.”
You sunk further into the sofa and nodded. Your returning words were caught in your throat at the fact that he had referred to his apartment as your home; a pleasant flutter of your heart meeting the sentiment. Home. it felt right. When you untangled your tongue, the giddiness still tinged your words. “In short,” you started, daring to sip the still steaming liquid before you finished, “you pay attention.”
Squeezing your ankle, he gave a hearty laugh and a sheepish nod in response. A comfortable silence settled over the pair of you then, only the cautious slurping sips of hot chocolate punctuated the pleasant companionship of quiet.
When you had drained your mug, the drink spreading a pleasant warmth through your chest, you shifted position again. Carefully, you moved your feet - aware his mug was still half full - and shifted to lean into his chest. Subtly, he shifted his own position to provide you with greater comfort. Head now leant against his chest, you smiled at the steady rhythm of his heart. “Spencer?” you asked, enjoying the way your voice seemed almost muted in the still air.
“Yeah?” His hand dropped lightly onto your hair, smoothing over it before his fingertips rubbed light circles over your temples.
“Tell me something.” You murmured, eyes falling closed against his ministrations. “Something fascinating like you always do.“
Fingertips not stalling against your request, his mind too quick to stutter, he quickly responded. “You know,” he began musingly, tone suggestive of a wandering mind, “the English language lacks quite a few adjectives.”
“Like what?” You asked, gaze settled on his features as your fingertips toyed with his shirt.
His gaze roamed over the window, the rain now battering the pane of glass more dramatically, and his lips quirked up at the edges. Looking down at you, eyes warm upon you, he murmured an unfamiliar word in the space between you. “Gluggavedur,” you raised your eyebrows in silent question, “it’s the comfort of watching bad weather from a window.”
You smiled and turned your gaze to the window. Under your breath you repeated the word, your pronunciation shaky at best, and nodded in some kind of agreement. “I like that,” you told him, tone low to match his. “Do you know any more?”
An arm curled around you, pulling you closer and you buried yourself further into his side. “Gezellig,” he told you, the word unusual to your ears but sounding sweet in his timbre.
You waited in the warm silence for him to elaborate but he seemed almost shy to. Eventually, curiosity pushed you to ask, “what does that mean?”
Head tilting, his cheek coming to rest against the crown of your head, he breathed a slow sigh before responding. “It’s the comfort of coziness with someone you love.”
The words registered in your mind, a cozy warmth spreading from your chest to the very tips of your toes. You had never considered that specific type of comfort before. He was right, unsurprisingly, there was a specific type of comfort that curled around you when you were with someone you loved. When you were with him.
Your eyes drifted back from the window to his features. His head shifted at your movement and caramel eyes met yours. Hand delicately tracing from his chest to his cheek, you moved up to softly press your lips against his. The kiss was hoped to press your gratitude into him. You pulled away, only very slightly, and whispered a response. “I like that one the most.”
He smiled down at you, a relief washing over his features as he watched the stress melt from you. “Thank you,” you murmured to him in the cozy air between you.
“For what?” He asked, genuinely unsure. How could he not know how grateful you were for every little thing he did for you?
Shaking your head lightly at his question, at the confused crinkle between his eyebrows, you kissed him again. Your stresses still existed, some problems couldn’t be solved in a day, but in this sweet moment with him the burden seemed a little less heavy
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reidscanehand · 2 days ago
can I request something with 8 and 87? Spencer x BAU!Fem!Reader, maybe where reader is very playful and sarcastic with Spencer and he just loves it and ends up falling for her.
Love In Its Natural Habitat
RCH 3K Celebration
Prompts: 8. “[David Attenborough voice] And here we see the lesser spotted ____ in their natural habitat”; 87. "Oh my God, I love you."
Pairing: Spencer Reid x BAUfem!Reader
Category: Fluff
TW: cursing
Word Count: 730
Hello, darling! Thank you so much for this lovely request - I loved writing it and I hope you enjoy it!
"And here we see the lesser spotted Dr. Spencer Reid in his natural habitat."
Spencer smiles immediately. He'd smelled your perfume the second you'd entered the bullpen, but your adorable - and rather spot-on - impression of David Attenborough gives him an excuse to look up and meet your gaze.
“Good morning to you, too,” he teases. He’s rarely confident enough to tease people, but, as he’s found since you’ve joined the team, you make him more comfortable than he ever thought possible. You seem to legitimately care about what he says, what he does - you make the world a far less awkward place for his awkward little soul to live.
That alone has him half in love with you already. That and you’re just so damn precious. He used to attribute humor to a kind of unchecked meanness - or at least a quality with the potential to become meanness. But, somehow, you’ve turned that around for him as well. You make jokes about things, never people, if anything, which always puts him more at ease. You seem to tailor your humor to who you’re talking about - like impersonating David Attenborough for him, something you’re aware he’d find funny. And, God, you’re just so pretty. Even this early in the morning. 8am on a Monday will lose it’s ominous power to you r radiant presence every time. The lavender sweater you’re wearing makes you look so precious that all he wants to do is press kiss after kiss to your nose and forehead. He wants to tell you how comfortable you make him, how happy you make him, how-
“Spencer?” you ask gently. He blinks, meeting your eyes again. It’s with absolutely horror that he realizes that you’ve been trying to get his attention and he’s been zoned out thinking about how much he likes you.
“Um, s-sorry,” he stutters. “I didn’t mean to- I’m not even-“
“It’s okay,” you cut him off sweetly. “It’s early and it’s a Monday. Luckily, I was trying to get your attention with a cure.”
You reach over to your desk and hand him a cup of coffee.
“Sugar with a splash of coffee,” you joke. “I hope you like it.”
There’s nothing else for it. He takes the cup from you in a sort of awe, then looks at your smiling face and begins to laugh; hard.
“What’s so funny?” you ask, your smile never faltering.
“Nothing,” Spencer manages to say between gasps of air and chuckles wracking his soul. “It’s just-oh my God, I love you!”
And just like that, the spell is broken.
His laughter stops, your eyes widen, his mouth drops, your breath hitches, his hand covers his mouth, your eyebrows skyrocket.
After what feels like a million seconds of silence, your expression softens and Spencer rasps, “I’m - I’m so sorry.”
“You know,” you say softly after a moment. “You apologize for things that warrant no such apology.”
“Wh-what do you-what do you mean?” he sputters, heat crawling from his spine to his cheeks.
“You apologize for laughing, which you shouldn’t because it’s delightful to hear you laugh. You apologize for knowing a lot, which you shouldn’t because it’s remarkable,” you list. You take a deep breath, your eyes dropping from his for only a moment before you say, “And you apologize for loving me, which you shouldn’t.”
“Wh-why?” Spencer asks timidly. You stand and cross to him, perching on the edge of his desk timidly, before reaching out and cupping his cheek in your hand.
“Because I love you, too.”
Link to My Main Master List
Link to My 3k Celebration
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thatredheadwriter · a day ago
Missed You
Spencer's been away for far too long for a case. Reader is dying trying to follow his rules, and she'll be well rewarded for it.
This is an NSFW one shot featuring Spencer Reid x reader. Do not read if you are under 18 years of age or are uncomfortable with the following topics:
dd/lg kink
D/s dynamics
praise kink
choking (light)
unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it, folks)
Spencer was the best boyfriend you could ever ask for. He was also an amazing dom. He was the first person you'd ever really shared your desires with, and instead of profiling you, like you'd initially feared, he was more than happy to help you explore your fantasies.
You'd been experimenting a bit with having more of a full-time dynamic, something you absolutely loved. Spencer was strict but fair, and didn't have a lot of rules, but one of them was killing you right now.
Spencer's biggest rules were all about your wellbeing, as you tended to be like him: too much caffeine, not enough real food or sleep. But his one major rule for you in the bedroom, that he expected you to follow at all times, was that you were never allowed to touch yourself without his explicit permission.
The team had gotten called out to a case in Utah, and as they were leaving got diverted to Minneapolis to help in a child abduction case. Spencer had been gone for an entire week, longer than he'd ever been since you started dating.
You missed him. Not just sexually, although the past two mornings you'd woken up grinding on the pillows. You missed his laugh, and the way his hands would graze your back as he moved around you in the kitchen in the mornings. You missed waking up tangled in a mess of limbs. But most of all, you just missed his bright presence.
Spencer had called you from the tarmac to let you know he was finally headed home, and you nearly blew his eardrums out with your excited shriek. The thought of your best friend and dom finally coming home had you buzzing with excitement.
That was three hours ago. In that time, you'd washed the bedsheets and remade the bed. You showered while the sheets were in the wash. When you got out, you slipped into Spencer's favorite set. It was baby blue, almost white, and flattered you extremely well. You lit some scentless candles, knowing that fragrance sometimes bothered him, and went into the living room to wait.
You had fallen asleep by the time Spencer came home. You did your best to stay up, but it was late and you'd had an early meeting at work. So when Spencer opened the front door, he saw you, curled up on his desk chair in the corner, dressed in his favorite lingerie. He gently set his bags down on the floor and shut the door behind him and locked it. He quickly crossed the room to where you were and knelt to be at your eye level.
"(Y/N)," he said softly, caressing your cheek, smiling as you began to stir. You drew in a deep breath through your nose and your back arched as you stretched out of the uncomfortable position.
"Spencer," you smiled and wrapped your arms around his neck, taking in his feel and smell. His arms wrapped around you and rubbed your back soothingly. "I missed you so much."
"I can see that," he pulled away from you and looked you up and down. "Don't worry. I don't plan to be gone that long ever again."
"Good," you smiled again before pulling him into a kiss, which quickly grew heated. Even though Spencer didn't have the same rule to follow that you did, he'd still been away for an entire week, and his sexual frustration nearly matched your own.
Spencer's hands began to roam your body, reacquainting himself with the curves he'd dreamt of every night he'd been gone. His right  hand finally settled to knead your ass gently while his left migrated north to tangle in your hair.
"You really did miss me, huh, princess?" he pulled you away by his grip on your hair and you whined in response. His right hand left your ass only to land a quick swat on it. "Use your words, darling."
"Yes, daddy," you leaned into his touch, needing to be closer to him.
"Were you a good girl?"
"Of course, daddy. I'd never break the rules."
"What about the rule that you're supposed to be in bed by ten on weeknights?"
"Tonight isn't a weeknight," you pointed out, but Spencer just shook his head.
"I'm talking about Wednesday night. You were texting with Garcia well past midnight, weren't you."
You mentally cursed, not wanting to get in any more trouble. Garcia texted you right as you were getting ready to crawl in bed, and you of course responded. Two hours later you were still talking. She must have mentioned it to Spencer that night.
"I'm sorry."
"I'll take that as a yes. So tell me what the punishment is when you break that rule."
Your heart sank, and you felt like you might cry, "No cumming for twenty-four hours." A tear slipped down your face, and Spencer's thumb wiped it away.
"Good thing it's already been twenty four hours."
Your face lit up and you threw yourself into his arms. The action threw him off-balance and you both landed sprawled out on the living room floor. He laughed at your extreme reaction.
"Thank you so much," you pressed a quick peck on his lips. You could stare at him all day, but the growing bulge beneath your thigh hinted that he was in the mood for more.
"But," he said, still smiling, "I think maybe you need to be reminded who makes the rules here." He pulled his lower lip between his teeth. With that, he rolled over, so he was on top of you, but instead of doing anything he simply stood up. His hand reached down for yours, and he helped you off the floor. Spencer led you back into the bedroom.
"Strip," he commanded before sitting on the edge of your bed. You quickly followed his orders, dying to have him inside you already. As soon as you were naked, he gestured for you to join him, and led you to straddle his lap. You mewled pitifully as your sensitive heat made contact with the rough fabric of his pants.
"Shit, baby. You're so wet for me already. Making a mess on my pants," he looked into your eyes, and you blushed and tried to look away. But Spencer wouldn't allow it. He gripped your jaw harshly and forced you to look at him. His fingers slowly moved from the bruising grip around your chin to tap on your lips. You opened them, and he slipped two of his fingers inside your warm mouth. You began to suck and were rewarded with being able to watch him throw his head back.
"You're going to be the death of me," he pulled his fingers from your mouth and you let them go with a 'pop' . "Lean over the edge of the bed, on your stomach," he directed as he stood up, making you move. You did as he ordered and laid down on the cold duvet.
Behind you, you could hear the sound of Spencer undressing, and you resisted the urge to turn and look at him. Your mouth watered and your pussy quivered as you heard the sound of his belt coming off.
"Hands," he said, and your arms flew behind you. He used his handcuffs to restrain them behind your back. When he was finished, his hands trailed down your bare skin, leaving goosebumps in their wake.
Suddenly he raised his hand and landed a harsh smack to your right ass cheek, and you gasped in surprise. You knew Spencer was doing this for your pleasure. If it was really meant as a punishment, you wouldn't be on the bed, and it wouldn't be his hand. The slick grew between your thighs as he continued his assault on the tender flesh of your ass and upper thighs.
By the end, you were a whimpering mess. Incoherent phrases fell from your lips, begging him to please fuck you. Spencer rolled you to your back, arms still pinned behind you, and you finally got to see him in all his splendor. He was breathing hard as his hand reached down between your thighs and made contact with your throbbing cunt. He gathered some of the wetness there.
"Is this all from me spanking you?" he asked darkly.
"Yes, daddy," you whined, fully in subspace now. He brought his fingers up to your mouth and you happily sucked them clean. You watched in anticipation as he pumped his hard length twice, and then lined up with your sensitive entrance.
Without warning he pushed into you and immediately set a harsh pace. You cried out, finally being satisfied the way you needed to be. His hands gripped your thighs and raised them up so your knees locked around his slender waist.
"Oh, fuck daddy," you cried, and Spencer landed a harsh slap right over your clit.
"Watch your filthy mouth, babygirl," he warned.
He reached up to wipe a tear away from your face with his thumb before slipping that thumb in your mouth, allowing you to suck on it. You were just beginning to clench around him when he pulled out of you. You whined, but he was having none of that. He used his broad hand to roll you over and pushed you up further onto the bed.
Spencer crawled on the bed behind you and splayed his palm across your upper back, pushing your upper half further into the mattress. He entered you once more and reached around to massage your clit. His hand on your back moved up to your neck.
He wrapped his fingers around your throat and used his grip to pull you up so you were flush against his chest.
"Are you going to cum around my cock like a good little whore?" he breathed roughly into your ear.
"Yes, sir," you practically screamed.
"Beg for it. Beg me to let you cum around my cock," he ordered.
"Please, daddy. Please let me cum around your cock. Please sir, I need it," you said like a prayer, eyes squeezed shut, head thrown back against his chest.
"Cum for me," his teeth grazed your ear. The hand around your throat squeezed lightly and the hand on your clit rubbed faster and harder. Your face froze in a silent moan as you came hard around him. You swear you could literally see stars as his fingers continued to stimulate your clit. As you came down, he ceased his ministrations on your clit and released his grip on your throat.
Spencer allowed you to sink forward back into the mattress. Both his hands gripped your hips tightly in order to fuck you even harder. He began to lose his rhythm and before you knew it he was shooting hot spurts of cum inside of you.
He slowly pulled out of you, being extra careful of your sensitivity. He moved away from the bed and came back with the key to unlock your handcuffs. Your arms lazily fell to your sides, and Spencer set them down on the dresser nearby. He quickly returned to your side and helped you to roll over.
"Hey, how's my girl doing?"
"Good," you sighed, allowing your eyes to close.
"Can I get you anything?" he asked, stroking the outside of your thigh.
"Mm...water and ice cream."
Spencer laughs at your requests.
"If I let you have ice cream this late, you have to get up and go to the bathroom, so you don't get an infection."
You cracked an eye, and gave him a look that had him laughing even harder. But you really wanted the ice cream, so you hauled yourself up and carefully padded to the bathroom. Every muscle in your body felt sore, and your head was still buzzing from your mind-blowing orgasm.
Back in the bedroom, Spencer was already under the covers, two pints of Ben and Jerry's on his lap along with napkins and a pair of spoons. You slipped on a clean pair of underwear and pulled on one of Spencer's college t-shirts before joining him in bed.
"I really did miss you, you know," he said as he passed you a pint of your favorite flavor.
"I can tell," you laughed, making him blush. "So how was the case?"
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Hi! Could I please request a Spencer Reid x Reader blurb? I saw this on another blog from a long time ago but, could you do “You did what with the banana?”
Sorry this sat in my inbox for so long! This was definitely a tricky prompt, but I'm happy with what I came up with. Hope you are, too!
“You did what with the banana?” Hotch’s voice cut through Spencer’s thoughts as he watched you through the blinds. You looked nervous, which made sense considering that you were the reason Spencer was in Hotch’s office, ready to be reprimanded.
Let it be known that despite current circumstances, Spencer Reid still loved you.
When you first started working at the BAU, you were welcomed with open arms. Whip smart and great in the field, you thrived in the role and the team accepted you almost immediately. But no one seemed to anticipate just how well you and Spencer would get along. Or how much the office prank wars would escalate when the two of you joined forces. Perhaps you and Spencer caused more trouble together than you did apart; you brought out that side in each other. Exhilarated laughs and shared looks across the bullpen, your mischievous smile the catalyst for the warmth behind Spencer’s ribcage. He loved you, but it was entirely your fault that Spencer was now trying to come up with an explanation for today’s incident that wouldn’t make the pragmatic unit chief let out one of his trademark exasperated sighs.
“Hotch, I need you to know that it was technically Y/N’s idea in the first place. I was simply demonstrating a fundamental lesson about physics and the coefficient of friction–”
“Reid.” Spencer shut his mouth as Hotch gently stopped him from going off on a tangent. He couldn’t tell if the action relieved him or frustrated him. Hotch took a beat before continuing.
“I’m sure you didn’t mean to cause any harm. But Anderson was not happy when he came into my office today. And I just want to get this sorted before it becomes any more of an issue. Make sense?” Hotch softly explained, stern exterior shielding the clear bias he had toward the younger agent. Toward anyone on his team. Spencer nodded. “Good. The banana?” He raised an eyebrow expectantly as Spencer began to ramble.
“Right! Okay, so essentially Garcia was complaining about Morgan beating her in Mario Kart, which isn’t a new topic of discussion. They have game nights every month and he always beats her. I’m not sure why she’s so surprised every time. Anyway, she mentioned that she lost the last round because Morgan had thrown a banana peel at her that had slowed her down just long enough for him to beat her.”
“Then, Y/N asked if a banana peel could actually wipe someone out like that in real life. So, you see, I was simply explaining the mechanics behind the action, and I grabbed a banana from the break room to demonstrate.”
“I think I know where this is headed.”
“Morgan missed the peel. Anderson wasn’t so lucky. I didn’t mean for anyone to get hurt, Hotch,” Spencer explained, cheeks reddened with embarrassment.
“An accident.”
Hotch leaned back in his chair, almost speechless. Like he wanted to laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation, but he couldn’t let his Unit Chief mask slip.
Spencer glanced back toward the blinds in search of you, only snapping his attention forward as Hotch folded his hands across the desk and leaned in.
“You know, it’s been nice to see you come out of your shell over the last several months. And Y/L/N definitely plays a role in that.” Spencer flushed at Hotch’s words.
“That being said, the two of you seem determined to cause trouble whenever you’re together. I’ve let most of it slide, because it’s usually harmless, but now I’ve got an upset Anderson and likely some explaining to do to Strauss.” Spencer sunk a little in his seat.
“I’m sorry, Hotch. We didn’t mean for anyone to get hurt. Anderson was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.”
“Just…” He let out a sigh. Spencer winced. “Maybe tone down the pranks and such.”
Spencer nodded once before Hotch motioned to the door, effectively ending the conversation, and dismissing him. And so, with a Yes, sir! Spencer was exiting the office, feeling simultaneously guilty and relieved. As soon as he was back in the bullpen, his eyes instantly found yours. Your face twisted into a knowing grimace as he approached.
“You threw me under the bus, didn’t you?” Spencer chuckled at your assumption, knowing that it was unequivocally what had happened. He wrapped his arms around your waist.
“You’re just lucky I didn’t tell him you wanted someone to slip.”
“Hey! I was simply observing the mechanics behind the slipperiness of a banana peel. It’s not my fault that Anderson just happened to walk by at the exact time. Besides, Garcia was hoping that Morgan would be the one to slip,” you shrugged.
“I just want him to know what it’s like!” Penelope called out, after not-so-subtly eavesdropping from the opposite desk, not an ounce of malice in her words.
“To be fair…” you started, “it was really funny.” A disbelieving grin spread across Spencer’s face. He leaned his forehead against yours, incapable of being mad at you.
“God, what am I going to do with you?” He mumbled, face set in a firm scowl of mock annoyance. You smirked at him, reveling in this moment before replying.
“Use my unrivaled skills to get back at Morgan before he retaliates once he figures out the banana peel was meant for him?” Spencer barked out a laugh before looking you in the eyes, fondness in his gaze and amusement in his smile. It was in that moment that Spencer knew you were the one for him, and that Morgan had no clue what was coming. The two of you just needed to do a better job of sneaking around Hotch. Spencer pressed a quick kiss to your temple before walking out of the bullpen with you, hand in hand.
“You read my mind.”
send me blurb prompts!
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girlspencer · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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sadqrose · 3 days ago
a bad, no good day
Tumblr media
Spencer had had a very bad, no good day.
Spencer loved coffee, fresh-brewed coffee. He had poured sugar in his coffee, or coffee in his sugar, and ended with a coffee-stained shirt.
Yes, Spencer had a very bad, no good day.
Spencer unlocked the front door, his satchel hanging from his shoulder, and he hung his coffee-stained coat and scarf on the door.
She held his hands in hers. “A very bad, no good day?”
Spencer half-heartedly kissed her hand, shaking his head “yes,” and crying.
”I’m sorry, Spence,” she held him. “How about you take a shower, and I’ll wash your clothes for you?”
“O-Okay,” Spencer fret. “C-Can you shower with me?”
“Yes, of course,” she held his hand, and led him to the bathroom, and took off his, shirt, pants, and underpants.
“C-Can you wash my hair?” Spencer asked, tears in his eyes, and she lathered her hands with soap, shaking her head “yes.”
She washed Spencer, and washed the bad day. Spencer’s had bad days, bad days where he held the hands of the dying, and he’s crying over a cup of coffee.
“I’m sorry you had a bad day,” she rinsed him. “I’m sorry.”
She washed his unruly curls with the lavender shampoo, and he closed his eyes.
“A cup of coffee,” Spencer said, his cheeks tear-stained. “A cup of coffee, that’s my bad day. A cup of fucking coffee.”
“Spence, you had a bad day, and your bad day’s a cup of coffee, but if your bad day’s a coffee bean, I’d wash your hair, and hold you.”
“I love you,” Spencer washed her, and her tresses.
“I love you, Spencer.”
She rinsed the shampoo and conditioner, and wrapped herself in a a towel, and Spencer.
“I love your good days and bad, you.”
Tumblr media
@silverhetdanes @obislut @pervhotch @rigatonireid @sweetandsunny @heartmira @averyhotchner @cmily @reidslibrarybook @strawberryspence @jswessie187 @wheelsup @parahmur @holding-on-to-my-youth @thosecriminalminds @xoxo-jnh-xoxo @mimischaos @nomajdetective @reidsbookclub @drayshadow @hxllprince
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talkethtothehandeth · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
That’s all, thank you for your attention
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babymetaldoll · 2 days ago
Movie marathon (Spencer Reid x reader)
Tumblr media
Word count: 3,8K
Summary: Spencer wants to ask (Y/N) out on a date for Halloween, and they end up watching horror movies and giving kids candies.
Warnings: Extremely fluffy. You've been warned.
A/N: Hi guys!! hope you have a great day! Are you excited about Halloween? I've been picking the movies we are gonna watch that day, 'cos my plan is a movie marathon. Which are your favorite horror movies?
Tumblr media
It wasn’t a secret that Spencer loved Halloween. It wasn’t a secret either that he loved (Y/N). Well, everybody knew it except for her. Apparently, her colleague and best friend was completely blind to all the little things Spencer did unconsciously, and that gave him away.
JJ knew Spencer loved (Y/N), and tried to help him. But he denied his feelings, blushed, and shook his head.
- “Just because she is my best friend and we spend time together outside the FBI doesn’t mean I have feelings for her,”- he argued and looked around to make sure (Y/N) wasn’t near to hear JJ’s words.
- “No, but the fact you bring her her favorite coffee every Monday to make sure she starts the week with a smile gives it away.”
- “I’m just nice with my best friend.”
- “Come on, Spence! There is nothing wrong with being in love! You should ask her out! I am sure she likes you too!”
Spencer was about to argue when (Y/N)’s voice stopped him. She was just walking into the bullpen carrying a bag of Halloween decorations. It was October 1st, and she was ready to spread her love for the season.
- “She’s perfect for you, Spence,”- JJ whispered and tapped on his back before adding- “Just ask her out.”
- “Hello guys!! my favorite month just started! and it’s time to start getting into the spooky mood!”
(Y/N) smiled and left the bag on her desk. Spencer stared, curious and excited to know she shared that interest. Not that he didn’t know, she had told her five months earlier, over lunch. Spencer could tell the exact time and date of that day. That been the first time they had shared a meal ‘cos the rest of the team was in a meeting, and they were basically alone at the bullpen. After eating, (Y/N) suggested they’d get something sweet at the closest bakery and maybe also a coffee. To Spencer, that was pretty much their first date.
- “So, (Y/N), what are you going to do for Halloween?”- Spencer asked her as they walked to the subway after work. It had been a slow paperwork day, no case that took them outside the city.
- “I don’t know. I haven’t planned anything yet”- (Y/N) confessed and smiled at her friend- “Do you have any plan?”
- “No, nothing.”- he answered, mostly whispering.
- “What do you usually do that day?”
- “Not much. It depends. Last year I went to Edgar Allan Poe Shadow Puppet Theater.”- Spencer confessed, and for a moment, he got ready for the jokes and the teasing. That was, after all, the usual response to his planes.
- “You had a date?”- (Y/N) asked, intrigued.
- “No”- Spencer chuckled and blushed as he turned to (Y/N) and shook his head- “I went all by myself.”
- “I love horror movies. Last year I went to a reenactment of the 19th-century Phantasmagoria all by myself. None of my friends wanted to go with me.”
Spencer gasped. He had thought about going to that event but ended up deciding on the puppet show. Maybe they would have met. Maybe they could have dated. Maybe they could be more than just coworkers.
But none of that had happened, and there was no use in overthinking it. If only that were how Spencer’s brain worked. But it wasn’t. That night, he rolled in his bed, imagining all the things that could be different in his life if only he had picked phantasmagoria” instead of puppet theater.
- “Be real”- he cursed to himself and covered his head with a pillow- “Even if you had seen her at that show, you wouldn’t have dared to talk to her.”
And he was probably right. It took him two whole weeks to say hello to (Y/N) without stuttering. Two weeks. Imagine how awkward it had been for him to work around her on a case during that time. How would he just walk to her and say hello during a phantasmagoria? No way.
But that had to stop. They were friends now, good friends. Best friends. And Spencer loved (Y/N) more than he ever imagined loving anyone. If there was someone able to make him change, that was her. And that’s why Spencer Walter Reid had an epiphany at 4 am. He was going to ask (Y/N) out for a Halloween date.
Yes. He was.
Ok, he was going to do his best to do it.
Fine, he was going to overthink it for the rest of the month and probably chicken out by the 28th.
But he was sticking with his plan. He was going to do his best to ask (Y/N) on a date on Halloween.
October 28th
(Y/N) walked to the kitchenette in the bullpen to refill her coffee cup, and Spencer followed her in a matter of seconds. He had tried to ask her out at least ten times during that month, and every single attempt had ended up with Reid stuttering and rambling facts about Halloween.
- “Hey Spencer! here for more coffee?”- (Y/N) smiled at him and grabbed his cup, refilling it for him.
- “Thank you”
- “I’ve got some cookies if you wanna share them. I don’t know why, but I’m craving sugar with my coffee.”
- “Actually, that’s completely normal during the season. Our instincts tell us to store up during fall so we can survive a long, scarce winter. This is known as “chipmunk” behavior. A study had subjects keep diaries of every single morsel they ate and drank seven days a week for six years. And the team found subjects were packing in 222 more calories a day in autumn or an extra 20,000 calories over that three-month period. Fall eating exceeded winter by 11%, spring by 14%, and summer by 12%.”
Spencer stopped talking and realized (Y/N) wasn’t saying a thing. She just stared at him with a warm smile on her face.
- “So, yeah, it’s totally normal.”
- “So I’m a chipmunk”- she stated and chuckled- “It makes sense.”- Spencer just smiled and nodded.
- “Yes, you are.”
There was a deep silence in that kitchenette as the two of them stared at each other with silly grins on their faces. If life gave us clues, Spencer would have gotten a text message alerting him that was the perfect moment to ask (Y/N) out. Which, of course, he didn’t, ‘cos he was speechless.
- “So, what are you doing on Halloween?”- (Y/N) asked him- “Got any plans already?”
- “N… no”- Spencer stuttered, feeling the blush on his cheeks- “You?”
- “No. I was thinking this year might be nicer to stay home and do a movie marathon, give candies to the neighborhood’s kids.”
Reid felt his heart breaking with every word. She would never accept going out on a date with him if she didn’t want to do anything that day. It was a good thing he never got to ask her.
- “Sounds nice,”- he whispered and sighed.
- “Would you like to join me?”- (Y/N) asked and looked straight into her cup of coffee- “We could get a pizza, eat candies and do nothing.”
- “Y… ye… yeah. That sounds fun.”- Spencer flustered and smiled. (Y/N) felt the same. She actually felt back in high school with that entire conversation. She was so nervous about asking Spencer to her house, though they had literally had been there over hundredth times in the last ten months.
- “Great! it's a date! Do you wanna pick the movies?”- she smiled and watched him, nodding.
And just like that, Spencer Reid got himself a date.
October 31st
Spencer wiped the sweat from his hands on his pants one more time before knocking on (Y/N)’s door. There were kids in disguise walking around the neighborhood already. The young doctor couldn’t help but remember his Halloween days back in Las Vegas. He felt a warm tingling in his chest when he imagined living in that house with (Y/N), giving away candies to the kids, maybe having their own little babies. A domestic life. Being loved by (Y/N) and loving her every day. The only woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.
- “Spencer? Can you hear me?”- (Y/N) waved, and he wiped his head around, surprised.
- “Sorry, I was… just thinking.”
- “Very concentrated, apparently,”- she added with a smile- “Come in.”
- “(Y/N)!!”- a kid ran to her door, followed by all her little friends- “(Y/N)!! Trick or treat!!”
- “Abby! you look so scary!!”- (Y/N) gasped as the girl spun around for her, showing her vampire disguise.
- “Thank you!!”
- “Don’t you think she deserves extra candies for that disguise?”- (Y/N) asked Spencer, who had been staring at their interaction with a warm smile on his face.
- “Yeah, she definitely does?”
- “Is this your boyfriend?”- the little girl asked, wide opening her eyes and staring at Spencer in awe.
- “This is my friend Spencer. Spence, meet Abby, my neighbor’s daughter.”
- “Are you dating?”- Abby asked again and stared at them.
- “No, Abby. We are not.”- (Y/N) confessed, and somehow, it actually bothered her not to date her best friend.
- “Would you like to go out with me, Mr. Spencer?”- Abby asked, making both (Y/N) and Spencer laugh.
- “I’m flattered, Abby, but I think you are too young for me.”
- “I’m five and a half!”- the girl was almost insulted.
- “And I’m twenty-six already. It’s a big age gap.”- Abby pouted at Spencer’s words, but her sadness faded away as soon as (Y/N) grabbed the candy bowl and gave him a massive amount.
- “Have fun, kids!”- (Y/N) waved as Abby and her friends ran to the next porch. She then closed the door and chuckled- “Sorry, she is little, but her personality is huge!”
- “Yes! I noticed!”
- “Sometimes I babysit her. I used to do it more often before joining the BAU,”- (Y/N) explained and walked with Spencer to the kitchen.
- “You cooked?”- he wide opened his eyes and noticed there were many dishes with Halloween-themed snacks.
- “I couldn’t help it. Last night I was on Pinterest, and one post came out... the next thing I knew, I had an entire Halloween board filled with snack ideas, and I wanted to try them out.”- she explained and smiled.
- “Everything looks delicious… and spooky.”- Spencer whispered, smiling. He looked at her and noticed how her cheeks were blushing with his words, making his heart skip a beat.
- “I’m glad. That was the idea.”
- “Now I feel bad. I only bought movies. If I had known, I might have attempted to cook something, fail miserably, and then buy something to bring.”
The way (Y/N) chuckled with his joke was all that Spencer needed to be happy. She was all he could ever need to be complete for the rest of his life. He just had to find the guts to tell her.
The first movie they watched was Halloween, the original Carpenter’s version from 1978. They sat on the couch, eating and making jokes about the movie.
- “Why does everyone who has sex in horror movies die?”- (Y/N) asked as they watched Michael slashing Lynda.
- “I guess that’s Michael's trauma.”
- “Not just in this move. In all the scary movies, it’s the golden rule: if you have sex, you die.”- (Y/N) turned and looked at Spencer.
- “Well, if we were in a horror movie, I would be the last one standing”- he joked and (Y/N) laughed immediately.
- “You and me both.”
They looked at each other, still smiling but not moving. Spencer just felt like everything in his body told him to lean in and kiss her. (Y/N) was thinking just the same. But would he reciprocate her feelings? Did Spencer know she had invited him over as a date? She had tried to make it as clear as possible, but she wasn’t sure Spencer had gotten the hints. She had literally said “It’s a date” when she asked her, but… did he get it?
The bell ended their moment, and (Y/N) stood up right away, grabbing the candy bag.
Spencer looked at her, giving away treats for the kids, and sighed. He loved her. There was nothing left but to gather the courage to tell her. Even if that meant ruining their friendship.
The second movie they saw was Carrie. (Y/N) remembered Spencer had told her he was bullied in school, and for a moment, she was scared that film could trigger unwanted thoughts and memories. But he suggested it. He said it was a horror classic, both the book and the movie.
But they decided to watch the remake. Spencer didn’t like it, but (Y/N) thought it was ok. She even jumped a few times, making Spencer chuckle.
- “Stop laughing at me”- (Y/N) argued as soon as she caught Reid suppressing the giggles.
- “Then stop jumping! It’s funny”- he answered, laughing.
- “Well, you better protect me if any psycho shows up!”
- “(Y/N) should I remind you, you are an FBI agent? you are trained to be on the field, and above all, I’ve seen you train with Morgan, and you were amazing.”
- “When did you see me train with Morgan?”- (Y/N) frowned, and Spencer didn’t know what to answer.
- “Well… I saw you once… you were at the gym… with Morgan. I wanted to talk to him, so I went to the gym… and you were there.”
The bell interrupted Spencer’s lousy explanation. He jumped from the couch and grabbed the bowl of candies.
- “I’ll get it!”
(Y/N) watched him go and felt how the butterflies in her stomach reached her chest too. Spencer smiled as he opened the door and gave a bunch of candies to each kid standing on the porch. She could perfectly imagine being his wife, living in that house, and having two gorgeous daughters, with long, wavy hair, like their father.
(Y/N) was in love with Spencer. But didn’t know how to let him know.
The third movie they watched was The Conjuring. Neither of them had seen it yet. They had run out of candies, so they turned off the lights and closed the curtains to pretend no one was home.
- “Ok, this one looks creepy.”- (Y/N) whispered, crossing her legs on the couch and hugging a pillow against her chest. Spencer looked at her for a moment, remembering a conversation he had years before with Morgan. He had said, and his brain quoted: “It (Halloween) does provide a pretty good reason to cozy up with a scary flick and a little Halloween honey.”
Spencer finally understood what he meant. So he did the unthinkable. He moved closer to his friend on the couch. That was it. That was all he managed to do. But that was enough to make him hold his breath, afraid he had scared her away.
Of course, he hadn’t. (Y/N) was excited to feel Spencer’s warmth next to her. She might actually pretend to be more crept out than she really was, just to get a little closer to him.
But (Y/N) didn’t have to pretend at all, she was terrified with the movie. She kept jumping and covering her eyes with her hands. Spencer wasn’t doing much better either, but he kept his cool and pretended not to be scared, just for (Y/N).
- “Oh shit!”- she murmured and turned to look away from the screen as Spencer quickly wrapped an arm around her, and she pressed her face against his neck- “Let me know when that scene is over”- she whispered and held his shirt tight. Spencer just nodded as a response. He wasn’t sure he knew how to speak. He could feel her breathing against his neck, sending shivers all over his body. Did he die and go to heaven? ‘cos he was sure that wasn’t happening in real life.
- “Is it over?”- (Y/N) whispered, feeling Spencer’s cologne all over her and his arm around her. She didn’t want to move from there, but she knew her friend wasn’t comfortable with physical contact.
- “Not quite yet”- he murmured and waited a few more seconds- “Ok, now you can watch.”
- “Sorry, Spencer. I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable.”- (Y/N) apologized right away and sat up straight, holding her pillow again.
- “You didn’t… I don’t mind… come here.”
And in what might be an effect of the adrenaline rush, Spencer Reid wrapped an arm around her, moving her closer to him. She carefully rested her head on his shoulder, feeling her heart beating so fast, she was sure it was about to burst.
- “Better?”- he whispered, and she looked at him, his lips inches from hers. Could she just kiss him? But, would he mind? Could he get mad if she did? (Y/N) felt like Spencer, running all the possibilities result of that action, when lips colliding against hers made her stop thinking.
Spencer Reid was kissing her.
She was caught off guard but quickly replied the kiss. It was sweet and shy, but it felt like the best first kiss she had ever had before. It felt like what a last first kiss should feel like, ‘cos from now on, she didn’t want to go on looking, she wanted to kiss him until her last day on earth.
Slowly, the kiss ended, and Spencer opened his eyes, scared of what might happen now. He didn’t really think about it. He just couldn’t stop himself when she was so close to him.
- “Yes, much better”- (Y/N) answered and giggled, leaning in and kissing him again. Spencer wrapped his arms around her waist as she did the same around his neck.
That second kiss was more filled with hunger and love. It wasn’t as shy as the first one. Spencer even dared to move his tongue between her lips, tasting her. She reciprocated and moved her tongue between his lips slowly. That was enough to make Spencer feel a little bolder. So he caressed her cheeks with both hands and then cupped her face, holding her in place until she gasped for breath.
- “I’m sorry,”- he whispered and pulled apart.
- “Why? For kissing me?”
- “No! No! No!”- Spencer quickly tried to explain- “I just thought I was hurting you...”
- “I just needed to breathe a little, that’s all,”- she replied, blushing- “You can kiss me some more if you’d like.”- the way she added those last words, almost embarrassed, was endearing.
- “If I’d like? I wouldn’t stop. Ever.”- Spencer quickly answered, leaning in and pecking her lips.
- “Then don’t stop.”- she whispered and kissed him, moving closer to him on the couch. So close that she was almost sitting on top of him.
Knocking on the door interrupted their make-out session. (Y/N) was now straddling Spencer on the couch, and his hands caressed her back as her fingers played with his hair.
- “Just ignore them. They’ll leave”- she whispered against his lips as Spencer just hummed and continued kissing her.
But the knocking didn’t stop. And after a few minutes, (Y/N) gave up and moved from Spencer, making him whine right away.
- “We already ran out of candies! Oh! Melissa! Hi! What are you doing here?”- at (Y/N)’s porch, her neighbor Melissa and her little daughter, Abby, looked at her.
- “No, they’ll leave,”- he said, but (Y/N) was already at the door, him following her closely.
- “I’m sorry to bother you, it’s just that…”- Spencer stood next to (Y/N) and looked at the woman and kid, trying his best not to look frustrated.
- “Hi, Mr. Spencer”- the girl waved.
- “Hi Abby.”
- “Is everything ok, Melissa?”- (Y/N) asked her, worried. Maybe this was about a case. Maybe something bad had happened to her neighbor.
- “Yes, everything is just fine. You are gonna think I’m crazy, but when Abby said you were here with a man, I got scared. I mean, you don’t usually hang out with…”- Melissa was embarrassed, to say the least, and she kept talking, not making things better- “You don’t usually bring men to your house, so I thought something bad might be happening, and I wanted to make sure you were ok.”
- “I told you he is her boyfriend, mom.”- Abby added.
Spencer blushed right away and felt (Y/N) holding his hand silently.
- “Everything is fine, Melissa. My boyfriend and I were just having a movie marathon.”- the way those words made Spencer’s heart skip a beat was incredible.
- “And we ran out of candies, so we decided to shut the curtains and turn the lights off,”- Spencer added, smiling apologetically.
- “I bet they were kissing,”- Abby told her mom, making (Y/N) giggle.
- “I’m sorry I bothered you.”
- “No, please, Melissa. Thank you for taking care of me.”
- “Yes, thank you!”- Reid added and waved as the neighbors walked away- “That was sweet,”- he said after (Y/N) closed the door- “The fact she cares so much for you.”
- “Yeah, I was thinking of all the times you’ve been here before, and she had to interrupt us the only time we have been making out.”- (Y/N) sighed and walked back to the living room.
- “We can always continue kissing.”- Spencer whispered and sat next to her, wrapping her body with an arm- “Or we can continue watching the movie.”
- “We should start over though, I don’t know what happened in the last forty-five minutes.”
- “I know. This happened”- Spencer grabbed her body and moved her closer to him as he pressed his lips against hers, making her giggle.
- “I meant in the movie.”
- “Nop, I have no idea what happened in the movie, sorry.”- (Y/N) continued chuckling with Spencer’s answer and rested her arms on his shoulders as she kissed him.
- “Wait, I have a question.”- Reid whispered and moved a little, still feeling her lips against his as he spoke.
- “What is it, Spence?”
- “Did you mean it?”
- “What?”
- “When you said I am your boyfriend,”- Spencer murmured and looked at her. She blushed and sighed, biting her lips.
- “Do you want to be my boyfriend?”
- “Are you asking me to be your boyfriend?”
- “Do you want to ask me to be your girlfriend?”- (Y/N) giggled and watched Spencer’s face blushing even more.
- “Yes, I want to ask you if you want to be my girlfriend.”
- “I do”- (Y/N) whispered and pecked his lips- “Anniversary on Halloween, that way you’ll make sure we won’t ever forget it. Smart.”
- “Yeah, I had it all planned”- Spencer smiled as he leaned in and kissed her one more time. Technically, he wasn’t lying.
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plus-size-reader · 2 days ago
Falling Leaves
Tumblr media
13 Days of Halloween 2021
Spencer Reid x Plus size!reader
Word Count: 2431 words
Warnings: none
Summary: Showing Spencer all your favorite things about fall
You loved fall.
You really, really loved fall.
Everything about it was as aesthetically pleasing as it was relaxing, and you couldn’t have gotten enough of it, even if you tried.
It only came around once a year, and as obvious as that was, it made that time of year so much more special when it happened. It was unique, every time, and you just wanted to share that joy with everyone.
If you could.
The trouble was that you couldn’t exactly share how much you loved autumn with everyone around you.
What you could do, however, was share it with the man you loved.
You had been in a relationship with boy genius, Spencer Reid, for quite some time now but you’d never experienced the autumn season together.
This was going to be your first fall as a couple, and you couldn't have been more pleased.
You knew that he enjoyed this time of year based on stories from his childhood and conversations in passing with others when it would come up but you’d never seen it with your own two eyes.
You’d never gotten to share a pumpkin coffee together or dress in matching sweaters for a walk in the park, but now you could.
That potential was more than enough to add a bit of a skip to your step, and as the days ticked on, that excitement only grew.
This season meant more to you than anything else did, and it just felt like the perfect time to share with someone you loved.
It didn't really feel like anything could go wrong.
Spencer loved experiencing things he’d never done before, even if they pushed him a little out of his comfort zone, and you just couldn't wait to show him.
The possibilities were endless and you were thrilled.
There were just so many little things, more nuanced things about fall that most people were in danger of skipping over entirely if they weren’t paying attention, that you couldn’t wait to share with him.
After all, what were good things for if not for sharing with the person you loved most in the world.
Spencer was your person.
He was the first person you thought about when you wanted to do anything, or when you had something to tell someone. He was that for you, and that included the bad stuff and the really good stuff.
It just so happened that right now was a great time to share things with one another.
“Are you excited?” you asked, sipping your coffee gingerly as you walked, your arm entwined with his.
You knew that you had been waiting to do this all week, desperately trying to convince Reid to take a break from his busy work schedule and now that it was here, you couldn't have been happier.
This was all going great.
You had stopped on your way to the park to pick up some nice warm beverages, your own cup currently warming your hand from the cool autumn wind.
It was a really nice way to start your day, and now that you were here, walking a path in the park, you were entirely at peace.
“I suppose, it’s nice out today” he allowed, sipping the black tea he’d ordered for himself similarly, taking notice of all the interesting things surrounding you both as you strolled.
From the squirrels in the trees to the birds above you, it was all pretty interesting. He just didn’t realize how much went on when he was busy with work, or had his nose in a book.
Of course, he knew what fall was like and he’d experienced it before, but he’d never experienced it with you. 
Having you by his side was really serving to change his perspective on the whole thing so far.
It was nice.
The woods were beautiful, with every surrounding tree all decked out in oranges and reds and yellows. You had always come to the park as a kid in the height of this season to see them change.
It was one of the best things about watching the season’s shift from one to the other.
Every plant, animal, and microbe was prepared for this time of year, and there was something about the synchronicity of that which was so beautiful to think about.
“Isn’t it gorgeous?” you gushed, admiring everything this environment had to offer with a sparkling wonderment in your eyes.
There was just something about the way you saw the world that was so interesting to Spencer. Objectively, this was fundamentally average as far as parks went, and the weather wasn’t especially good or bad.
...And yet, you couldn’t have been more happy to be there.
You saw this as some kind of magical place where everything was changing and growing for the enjoyment of the two of you, and he loved you for it.
As wonderful and handy as his brain was in his line of work, it did make seeing the world like you did a little bit more difficult. 
Spencer liked things he could quantify, but you didn’t. Your brain worked differently from his.
You saw everything around you differently, and getting a glimpse into that way of thinking was a gift to him.
“Honestly, there isn’t anything particularly special about it” he shrugged, wishing he could say whatever it was you wanted to hear. He was having a good time, of course, he always did when he was with you.
He just didn’t understand why it had to be here out of all the places.
You could have had just as nice a time in your living room in your pajamas.
“Then you’re not looking at it the right way” You hummed, surprised at his honesty. 
This all came so naturally to you, sometimes you forgot that it wasn’t the same way for everyone around you.
Thankfully, that was something you could remedy, at least in part.
As gingerly as you could, you offered your hands to the man you loved, which he took slowly. Of course, he hesitated a little bit like he was unsure but you couldn't blame him for that.
The two of you had never had such a candid conversation about the world around you and the way it felt before.
He just wasn’t sure what to expect, not that you knew too much better.
You were just doing what felt right here, and trying to share the love you felt with the person who deserved it most.
Once you decided he was comfortable enough, you led Spencer over to some stumps and sat down gently, leaning in close to him. This was something he could handle, something that came naturally.
He knew how to love you without hesitation.
“Just close your eyes, and listen” you commanded softly and Reid complied as much as he wasn’t sure. You two had never done this before, but it didn’t surprise him that you approached this with just as much intensity as everything else.
You felt things so strongly, and you loved sharing everything.
That was never going to shock him about you, because it was one of the most beautiful things about you as a person.
Once his eyes were closed, you softly shifted your feet below you, filling the air with the crunch of a few dead leaves below your foot.
You thought it was great.
“There’s nothing quite as satisfying as stepping on a super crunchy leaf” You whispered, practically feeling the shiver that runs up Spencer’s spine at your words as soon as you said them.
He was vulnerable now, trying his hardest to see the world like you did, and that sort of made all his surrounding senses so much more sensitive than normal.
Spencer got the point, of course.
You knew that with his eyes closed, the crunch of the leaf would be that much more obvious, as would the chilling autumn breeze on his skin and the warmth from his teacup on the tips of his fingers.
It forced him to live in the moment, and honestly, it was working.
“Now, take a deep breath” you suggested again, the male doing as you’d asked in tandem with you, his lungs flooded with cold as he took in the crisp air.  
“Fall air is something else, isn’t it?” you smile, this time your words forced the mans’ eyes open, as if you had reminded him of something.
Which, knowing Spencer,  you certainly had.
“That fall smell everyone loves so much is just the scent of dying plants, did you realize that?” he asked, and you can’t help but roll your eyes with a giggle.
You knew that he was trying his best but at the end of the day, Spencer was Spencer and there was no changing that. 
You didn’t want to change that, you just wanted to show him how beautiful this really was.
It made you so happy, and you knew that he’d love it once he felt it too.
“Spencer, you have to stop thinking of this from a genius point of view, you just have to feel it” you tried, wanting nothing more than for the man to enjoy your favorite time of year as much as you do.
Not that it was that big of a deal, at the end of the day.
Spencer saw the world exactly as he needed to and there was nothing wrong with that. 
The important thing was that he’d come out here with you at all, not that he saw it just as you did.
The most beautiful thing about him was that he didn’t, after all.
Spencer Reid was unlike anyone else you’d ever met, and you couldn't have been more thankful for that.
“I don’t think I know how” he explains and you can't help but giggle once again, not in a mocking way by any means. Sometimes, you just found yourself caught off guard by how much you cared about him,
You really did love him more than anything.
“It’s okay. I have one more idea and if you aren’t hooked after that, we can go home and sit by the fire” you offered, sure that would get a reaction out of him.
That was Spencer’s favorite way to pass the time, and it always had been. He loved nothing more than sitting with you on the couch, a single throw blanket across your laps as you read and silently enjoyed each other's company.
It was perfect, and as wonderful as this had been, he would have much preferred that.
“Okay, what do you want to do?” he asked, finding himself at a loss as he tried to imagine what you could have come up with in the time you two had been sitting here in the leaves.
Leaves that actually had everything to do with the plan you’d hatched.
“Well, when we were kids, we used to gather up tons of leaves and jumped in the pile” you grinned, thinking back to all the evenings filled with giggles and leaps into huge piles of dead, crinkly leaves.
You were sure that Spencer was familiar with the concept but that didn’t mean he’d ever done it before.
The two of you had certainly never talked about it before.
“You want to jump in leaves?” he repeated, a slight chuckle following his words as he thought about what you were suggesting. You were adults, but for some reason, that seemed to be a perfectly viable option in your mind.
Naturally, the idea was kind of funny for him but that didn’t mean he was entirely averse to doing as you asked.
After all, you asked him to give this a try and he wasn’t about to refuse, even if this made him look like a giant child in a sweater vest. 
If he was being honest with himself, you could have asked anything of him and he would have agreed.
He just loved you that much.
“Yeah, why?” you hummed, trying to figure out what it was about this that was giving him pause.
To you, it seemed like a very normal thing to want to do this time of year, but evidently, you were wrong. Spencer seemed to think that was a strange way to spend your time, he just didn’t know how to say it.
“Oh nothing, I had just never thought about doing that” he shrugged, following your lead toward one of the biggest trees the park had to offer and the entire pile of crispy leaves resting beneath it.
It was going to be perfect.
The pile was already in a pretty good shape for jumping, but just to make sure, you took to fluffing it a little bit.
If you were actually going to get Spencer to jump into a pile of leaves like an elementary schooler, it was going to be the best pile of leaves you could get your hands on.
Everything had to be perfect.
“You need some help?” Spencer called, humor evident in his voice as he watched you fiddle with handfuls of dry, crunchy leaves, adding them where you felt it was lacking.
Right now, he was sitting down on a stump, watching you do your thing, but if he could be of any help to you, of course he would offer his assistance. This whole thing may have been a little goofy but he didn’t mind.
Just because he had multiple PhDs didn’t mean he couldn’t let loose and relax with his partner sometimes.
“Nope, I’m almost done. You just get excited” you prompted, the biggest smile on your face he’d ever seen.
You really were getting a kick out of this.
So, Spencer did as you asked and let himself relax as he finished his tea, watching you buzz around the pile like a busy little bee, creating the perfect leaf pile to jump into as many times as would allow.
It was great.
...and given the excitement you’d put into it, it wasn’t long at all before it was finished, and ready to play in.
“Alright, you wanted to learn how to feel fall, and this has got to be the best way” you grinned, stepping away to look at the wonderful scene you’d made in front of you.
There were very few things as comforting and exciting as a freshly collected pile of leaves, just waiting to envelop you completely. There was so much potential there, with hours and hours of fun to be had.
All you had to do now was have it.
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ssareids-coffee · a day ago
my person
slow burn, best friends to lovers
cw: brief mentions of sexual assault
tell me if you want this turned into a series!
the first time you met spencer reid you were both 4, your family moved next door to him and you became instant friends. science experiments in each others gardens, sharing books and exchanging facts became a comfortable routine for you both.
when you were 11 you told him you were bisexual, and as you waited for his response terrified that he would stop wanting to see you he told you he thought he was too. from then on you would watch movies and talk about who was the most attractive, knowing you could fully be yourselves around each other.
when you were 13 you got sick, staying in bed for hours, stopped turning up to school, not eating or sleeping. your parents called spencer and told them how worried they were and he rushed over. gently letting himself into your room, he found you softly crying into your childhood teddy. he crawled in beside you, wrapped his arms around you and you couldn’t hold it in anymore. “i said no, but he didn’t listen” you whispered as spencer started crying with you knowing what you meant and the statistics surrounding victims of sexual assault swirling round his head. for years after this he was the only man you trusted.
when you were 15 you both got drunk for the first time, spencer now being in college and surrounded by alcohol meant it was easy to get some vodka. chasing the burning liquid down your throats with orange juice as you swayed your hips to an album he never listened too but he didn’t care as you loved it. soft touches, quiet giggles and stolen glances as you two drunkenly danced the night away in his bedroom. in the dim light of his childhood bedroom you both shared your first kiss, gentle but passionate. when you woke up the next morning neither of you bought it up so you assumed it was a drunken mistake and he didn’t remember.
when you were 17 your family moved away and you and spencer were heartbroken. you promised to write to each other every month at least and call or text whenever you could. that was a promise you always kept. years went by, both of you busy with jobs that kept you away from each other bur you always spoke. daily texts, weekly calls, but you hadn’t seen each other so long your heart ached. no one from the bau believed you were real other than garcia, who hacked into his phone records and saw he really was talking to a girl called y/n. when you got promoted at work he was the first person you told, but what you left out was that you would be moving for this new position, right to where the bau was located, and even had found a flat in the same block has him. you wanted to surprise him, leaving in the morning on a monday you knew he didn’t have a case and quickly dropping your things at your new apartment before you drove to the bau. walking through the doors, you saw him, hunched over his desk with a coffee you knew would be too sweet.
“spence” you called, voice thick with emotion. he turned his head slowly, gasping when he saw you, dropping his coffee and running towards you. he picked you up and spun you round as he started crying with you.
“is this real?” he whispered, as you laughed.
“i’m here, this is real, i live here now, flat 6b in your building” you smiled as he exclaimed happily.
“we are neighbours again!!! this is the best day of my life!!’
“mine too angel, i’ve missed your face. even though you look so grown up now, look your a man!!” you laughed as you pinched his cheek.
“look at you! your all grown up, i always knew you would be gorgeous” he replied, tucking your hair behind your ear as he kissed your forehead. the team swarmed you both then, excited to meet the woman who had been spences biggest fan, supporter and friend all these years.
you both fell back into a comfortable routine quickly, getting takeout when you were both free, watching doctor who reruns and talking about all aspects of your life. one night, after a few glasses of wine you asked him about the kiss you shared all those years ago.
“you remember?” he said, cheeks flushing pink.
“of course i do, you were my first kiss, my first crush, my first everything” you replied giggling.
your faces slowly inching closer to eachother, his hand resting on the back of your head as you gently brushed lips. he pulled away quickly, running his hands through his hair.
“shit i shouldn’t have done that, i’m sorry i don’t want to ruin our friendship-“ he starts rambling, looking at you with pleading eyes.
“i thought you knew i am in love with you spence” you smiled gently.
“you love me?” he whispered, looking at you in disbelief.
“ever since the first time we accidentally blew up your treehouse with a science experiment gone wrong. i tried to forget about you, move on with other people but i just couldn’t. your my best friend, my first love, my only love” you replied, cheeks flushing as you pull your lip between your teeth waiting for his response.
“i’ve loved you for as long as i can remember, you are my angel, my person, my y/n. i wish i had known sooner, i wouldn’t have wasted all these years pretending i was happy just being your friend.” he said as he pulled your head towards him again, a gentle kiss quickly turning heated.
“then let’s make up for lost time” you whimpered into his mouth.
“you have no idea how long i have waited to hear you say that”
“i think i do”
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boldlyvoid · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Reader has had a crush on him for the last 9 weeks of her semester, but on Halloween night she finally has the courage to walk up to him at the local bar and offer to go home with him
Warnings: TA Virgin pre-season 1 spencer, academy cadet reader, drinking, oral sex(female receiving), penetrative sex, unprotected sex, creampies, cock warming, getting together
Word count: 4.1K
Spooky Week Masterlist
It had been approximately 2 months since she moved to Virginia for school.
Getting into the FBI academy after college on a whim, she packed her bags and flew in early to get settled. Overly eager to make friends, meet new people, have a life that she actually enjoyed…
Only that still wasn’t happening.
Turns out that studying to be an FBI agent was incredibly difficult and required round-the-clock attention, who would have known?
The closest to being a fed she’s been so far was fed up, but she was sooo ready for the Halloween parties to start. Finally giving her a will to live again knowing she’d get to dress up and drink everything in sight and feel something again.
She was never a party person in high school or during undergrad, mainly because she wasn’t ever invited. At least now she could just show up at someone’s party and no one cared, most of them were too drunk to even notice they didn’t know her. Actually, most people at college parties probably didn’t even know each other to begin with, that was the fun part.
She was so ready to get some good old-fashioned male attention that she spent a good chunk of her money on a cute Halloween costume. Beyond desperate to take someone home with her at the end of the night, preferably the teaching assistant in her profiling class… He didn’t look like the party type in the slightest, but she could dream about seeing him there.
And about what he’d do when he saw her. If he’d just awkwardly stare at her breasts like he did in class, maybe he’d bounce his leg off the floor, anxiously, as she stared at him for a little too long. Or if she was lucky, maybe he’d finally slam her against a wall and kiss her senselessly, hands on her tits as he rutted against her leg to the music…
She wasn’t sure if he was just overly nervous, or just afraid to lose his job. It wasn’t every day someone got to teach alongside FBI legend Jason Gideon, he valued his position.
She'd value him more if that position happened to be between her legs.
Sometimes it astounded her just how much this random TA made her feel. For a girl who only ever had sex with 1 long-term partner and 1 stranger in college, he made her feel like a whore starting the night shift every time she walked into class.
She had enough respect for him, and professor Gideon for that matter, to not wear anything revealing or be inappropriate in any way. But that didn’t stop her from leaning slightly when she asked Spencer a question, knowing his height advantage made it easy to look right down her shirt. And boy did he ever… his eyes were almost glued there when she would ask him a question, and it was a good thing she already knew the answer because whatever left his mouth wasn’t English.
The best time was when Gideon stepped out of the room, she’d chew on the end of her pencil as she stared at Spencer, looking up seductively at him, pushing her glasses up with a wink. He always turned bright red, crossing his legs and putting more attention into the papers he was grading.
All she wanted was for him to do something back for once.
Which was exactly why she was squeezing herself into a sexy police officer costume. Equipped with fishnets, thigh-high boots, and hand-cuffs. She knew it was a cliche going to a fed bar on Halloween while dressed like this, however, desperate times call for desperate matters.
Her roommates, Carol, Amber and Jade had convinced her to pregame with them a little, she barely knew them but they had good intentions with her. Always asking her to join, genuinely interested in sparking a friendship if and when she had the time.
Eventually, they had downed enough shots to carefully stumble down the street to the bar, it was colder than she expected, but the alcohol kept her warm and hard nipples really completed the look.
She had never seen him there before, she had however seen his co-workers. Everyone around town knew the BAU team, they were a big talking point. Everyone wanted a place on the team, or they talked shit about the unfair treatment the BAU got over every other department. Like why the fuck did they get their own plane?
She held her breath as she walked in, absentmindedly following her friends towards a table in the back as she looked around the room. She sat down beside her friend, noticing how tight her costume really was as she did so.
She straightened out the belt at her waist and lifted her boobs into place, fiddling with the ends of her hair as she looked around the room. “Are you waiting for someone?” Carol noticed her acting off.
“No,” she shook her head softly. “Just hoping he shows up.”
“Who?” Jade pried, leaning across the table as her bunny ears slipped down her forehead.
“Just a guy from my class,” she shrugged.
“Is it that guy over there?” Amber suggested, staring at a man just behind Y/N as he watched her.
Y/N turned around slowly, acting like she was looking around the room when she saw him. Spencer Reid blushed as they made eye contact, waving slightly as she smiled. He was in full costume, dressed as someone from star trek that she didn’t recognize.
“Yeah actually. That’s him,” she said, getting up from the table and facing her friends, she pushes her boobs up and they all tell her she looks great.
“If I don’t come home, I’m at doctor Reid’s house,” she whispers before walking over to him.
He was standing between his co-workers, boxed in against the wall. Both of the women with them were smiling as they laughed at a joke the tall dark and handsome one made, but Spencer’s eyes stayed on her as she walked over.
“Hi, Doctor Reid,” she felt herself get flustered as she tried to keep eye contact with him.
His friends all stared at her, shocked that a woman walked up to him especially one dressed the way Y/N was. They smirked at each other, raising their eyebrows as they spoke without words.
“Hello Y/N,” his voice was soft, and just a tiny bit more confident than when he was in class.
“I really like your costume,” she complimented him. “Red looks really nice on you.”
He swallowed sharply, trying not to look her up and down again, “yours is really nice too.”
“Thank you,” she smiled. “I’m surprised to see you here, I’ve been trying to find an excuse to talk to you outside of class.”
“Is that so,” his friend interjected. “Derek Morgan,” he extended a hand to her, she shook it softly as she smiled.
“Y/N Y/L/N,” she smiled at him. “Spencer’s one of my TA’s, which is weird seeing as I’m just slightly older than him.”
One of the women laughed, “he’s the baby of the FBI. Hi, I’m Penelope.”
“JJ,” the other introduced herself. “I was starting to wonder why Spencer loved going to class so much, it surely wasn’t for all the marking Gideon makes him do.”
Her cheeks started to heat up as she held back a smile, “if you guys don’t mind, can I steal him for a bit? I have a few questions about a position piece I’m working on.”
“Go ahead,” Derek placed his hand on Spencer's shoulder with a smile, “have fun, pretty boy.”
“Okay,” Spencer awkwardly nodded as he stepped closer to her, “I’ll see you guys in a bit?”
“It was lovely meeting you all,” Y/N smiled, taking Spencer by the hand and dragging him out of the bar.
“I didn’t know that Gideon had put another assignment out?” Spencer asked softly as he followed her.
She stopped just outside the bar, dragging him down the ally between buildings and pressing him against the wall. The cold air brushed against all her exposed skin, making her shiver. “I don’t have to spell this out to you do I?”
“Possibly,” he was honest, “are you interested in me?”
She laughed at how innocent he was, “If that’s okay?”
He nodded, “yeah, god yeah, I never thought you would.”
“What if I told you I’ve been thinking about taking you back to my apartment and letting you have your way with me for the last 9 weeks?”
He laughed nervously, placing his hands in his pocket to rub the inside of his legs as she teetered on his tippy toes. “I’d ask if you’re serious?”
“As serious as a house on fire,” she replied softly, placing her hand on his chest softly as she looked up at him.
“This isn’t a prank?”
“No, absolutely not?” Her face dropped, looking at him with soft eyes, seeing the hurt in his face as his eyes darted around looking for something to place his attention on. “I think you’re really hot, Doctor Reid.”
He was flustered, breathing funny as he pulled at the collar of his shirt. “I’ve never, no one, I’m not, I can't because-“
“You’re a virgin?” She questioned, watching him nod feverishly as he took a deep breath.
“That’s okay, it would be cool if you wanted to explore?” she whispered, stepping in closer to him. Pressing her body against his, holding him against the wall. “You like to learn don’t you, Doctor Reid? I can teach you something for once…”
He was breathing heavily through his mouth now, looking down at her breasts as they pressed against his chest, his hands finding their way to her sides as he held her.
“Okay,” he agreed softly.
“I live just across the street with my roommates, but I’m sure you’d like to be alone?”
“Are you comfortable walking to my place? It’s only 5 minutes away,” Spencer offered.
“Only if you hold my hand?” She teased him softly.
“I’ll do anything you want,” he whispered softly, still close enough for her to feel his breath on her face.
“Okay,” she said as she pealed herself from him then, holding her hand out for him to take it. “Lead the way.”
Spencer nodded as he nervously interlocked their fingers, leading her from the alley and down the road. “It’s just a block over, are you cold?”
“No,” she smiled.
“Good,” he tries to make small talk but he’s nervous.
“Sorry if I came on too strong, I’ve been overthinking asking you out for 9 weeks.”
He laughed again, “I don’t know why…”
“I’m not sure if you know this but you’re kind, you’re handsome and you’re smart. That makes you unbelievably sexy,” she laughed as she explained it to him. “It’s like a code most women have where it’s like a triangle and you want a man to have at least two sides.”
“And I have all 3?”
“Yeah,” she bumped his shoulder as he smiled. “Most the time you’re lucky to find a guy who’s handsome and nice at the same time, most people settle for one or the other. It’s rare as hell to find a nice guy who’s smart and hot as fuck, in the most non-conceded way possible.”
“It’s understandable,” he agreed. “I think it’s normal to want someone on your level mentally, which would be the smart aspect. While also being interested in someone who respects you. And at a certain point, if someone means a lot to you, you can end up developing a sexual attraction towards them even if you didn’t find them attractive initially. It’s a lot like transference—”
“But also sometimes someone is hot as hell, a genius and adorably kind,” she teased him. “I thought you knew all the girls in class swooned for you?”
He scoffed, embarrassed by her words. “No, they just want better grades. Girls have always used me for answers and better marks.”
“Spencer,” she was shocked at how he didn’t notice it. “Sometimes when a person needs an excuse to talk to someone they’ll say anything. You don’t really think I’m not understanding how psychological profiling works? I just ask you questions because I like to hear you answer them.”
“And you like making me flustered,” he finds his footing and teases back.
She stops him in the street then. “Doctor Reid,” she changed her tone, batting her eyelashes at him softly. “Can you help me with this?” She leaned in closer, making her cleavage more noticeable.
He was flustered as all hell, pushing his hair out of his face and staring at her with blinking eyes, “they don’t all do that to me.”
She smirked, “some of them are more reserved than me, but lots of people want to fuck you.” Taking his hand once more and continuing down the street.
“Is it because they know I'm a virgin? There is a fascination with being someone’s first time,” he explains. “I have always been too scared to even consider taking someone else’s.”
“I lost mine at prom with a guy I had been dating since freshman year… it was so lacklustre,” she explains. “We tried a few more times but he just didn’t care to learn about pleasing me.”
“How could he not?” Spencer’s brow furrows. “I’ve never understood the men not being able to find someone’s clitoris jokes, it’s basic anatomy and it’s right there? It’s hard to miss it when you have someone aroused in front of you.”
“You’re not wrong,” she smiles, excited to see how he does once they reach his place.
“This is me,” he points, leading her in through the main door and up towards his apartment. She could tell he was getting more and more nervous as they climbed the stairs, his hands shook when he took his keys out and he struggled to unlock the door.
“Spence,” she uses a nickname to be soft with him, watching him turn to her with adoring eyes and a shocked breath.
“Are you okay?”
He lets them in and closes the door before answering with a nod, “yeah, I’m, I’m great really, I get nervous when I don’t know what to expect.”
“That’s more than perfectly normal,” she steps into his space tentatively and places a hand on his chest, “what would you like to do? I’m down to just chill and watch a movie if you change your mind because honestly… I just wanted to spend some alone time with you.”
“You barely know me—“
She cuts him off before he can question why she likes him again. “Which is exactly why I want t spend alone time with you. I want to know you—“
He kisses her abruptly, holding her face in his hands. It takes a second for her to register that it’s finally happening, and then she relaxes. Melting into his grip, her eyes close and it's the softest, most delicate kiss she’s ever had in her whole life.
She’s still shocked when he pulls back, smiling back at her, proud of himself. “I want to get to know you too, just with fewer clothes on.”
She laughs at how eager he is all of a sudden, “okay, lead the way.”
He takes her hand and tugs her into his bedroom, turning on the lights but dimming them down low, setting a mood that makes her smirk. He wanted his first time to be good, she wanted her first time with him to be just that… with him. She had 0 expectations, she was just excited to finally have Spencer Reid touch her.
She turns away from him, moving her hair out of the way, “can you unzip me, peeling out of this is going to be interesting…” she laughs nervously.
He laughs too, she can feel his hands shaking as he pulls the zipper down, having to rest his free hand on her hip for help, he manages to zip it all the way off before laying a kiss to her exposed back.
She gasps at the sudden contact, placing her hand on his and pulling him in until he’s pressed flush against her back and kissing her shoulder and neck. She moans slightly, feeling his hands explore her hips and stomach before he glides up to cup her breasts and give them a quick squeeze.
She can feel he’s getting harder behind her, continuing to kiss and grope her as she grinds back against him and moans to encourage him.
His hands slide under her outfit, pushing the latex fabric off her shoulders and down her chest before he turns her around and continues to kiss all her exposed skin. He walks with her, pushing her back towards the bed where she takes the initiative to push her outfit all the way off, over her boots and discarded on the floor.
She lays back on the bed while Spencer takes a moment to discard his shirt. She reaches for his belt, loosening it and opening his pants. “You still okay?”
“Fantastic,” he responds with a cheeky grin, “I can’t believe this is happening.”
“Well it is,” she sits on her knees and pulls him in for another kiss, mumbling against his lips, “how do you want me?”
He groans, kissing her again before resuming taking his pants off, “let’s get you fully undressed…”
“Okay,” she giggles, unzipping her boots and throwing them to the floor, she reaches behind her back to unclasp her bra and watches Spencer's breathing change as he sees her boobs for the first time.
“Fuck me,” he whispers.
She laughs again, “I thought that’s what you were doing to me?” She teases him. “Thank you, though, I guess.”
“You’re magnificent,” he compliments her again. “I’m— I’m the luckiest guy in the whole fucking world.”
She nods in agreement, pulling him onto the bed and climbing on top of his naked form. She sits in his lap, still in her fishnets and thong, his hands constantly run along her thighs and over her hips, across the small of her back and down to her thighs again. He can’t stop touching her, he’s acting as if he doesn’t keep touching her she’ll disappear into the night.
“I’m not going anywhere, you can take your time?” She reminds him in the form of a question, begging him to make it last.
He nods, “can I try something?”
She nods, “that’s what this is all about, remember?”
He lays her back on the bed and just looks at her for a moment, amazed by the fact he’s getting to do this and making her heart flutter. He’s so delicate as he hovers over her, kissing her neck and down her chest as he palms her breasts. He kisses the centre of her chest, the Vally between her breasts and then over to her nipple.
She moans at the contact, pulling his hips into hers so she can feel how hard just kissing her makes him. He grinds back against her, sucking a mark against her breasts, marking that he was there. He continues south and she knows what he wants to do and she’s so excited.
“I’ve always wanted to rip these,” he whispers as his fingers play with the fishnets, “can I?”
She nods feverishly, “please?”
He rips them at the seam, just enough to move her thong to the side and groan, “fuck…”
She smirks, “what?”
“Can you get any more perfect?” He whispers, leaning in and pressing his lips to her hip, continuing his kisses lower and lower until his tongue is colliding with her clit, knocking the air out of her in surprise.
For a man experimenting, he sure knows what he’s doing with his tongue. She grips his hair, holding him close as her back arches, pushing him into her and listening to the erotic sounds of him devouring her wetness and thoroughly enjoying himself. Palming himself and moaning against her fold, she’s so close but she’s afraid if she cums, it’ll send him over too.
“Fuck,” she breathes out, “Spence, please, fuck me already.”
He starts to kiss his way up her body and that’s when she starts to feel feral for him, wanting him more and more as he got closer to her. Groping hands, messy kisses, tongues fighting for dominance. Grinding hips, breathy moans, it was all very hot very fast. Y/N was antsy and alcohol made her hornier, she wanted him more than she could ever describe.
She flipped them over, kissing his neck and grinding against him as she heard his moans, “think you could handle me returning the favour?”
“I can try,” he breathes out, pushing her hair off her face as she moved between his legs.
Y/N tilted her head to the side, arching her eyebrow before dipping down and licking a stripe up Spencer’s cock.
“Fuck,” Spencer let out a long drawn-out groan.
She took Spencer in her mouth, deeper and deeper till he hit the back of her throat, swallowing and making Spencer jerk just a bit. Dragging her tongue along the underside of him as she pulled off with a pop. She had to stop herself from doing anymore or he would cum too soon.
“Holy shit,” Spencer whispered, “I didn’t expect that to feel so amazing…”
She smirks, “just wait till you’re inside me…”
He groans, tossing his head back quickly before sitting back up, “how should I do it?”
“How do you want to?” She asks right back.
He pulls her into his lap, she reaches between them to hold his cock and start to guide it in when he stills and grabs her hips, “wait, really?”
“I’m clean and on birth control, not many guys get to go in raw the first time,” she teases, “do you want to?”
He groans, “God, fuck… please?”
She brushes the head of his cock along her clit, dragging it through her folds until she’s sitting on him. Taking him all the way inside and watching his face change. His eyes widen in ecstasy, his mouth hangs open as a high-pitched breath passes his tongue.
His reaction was everything to her.
She smiles slightly, leaning in and pressing her lips to his gently, “you okay?” She teases.
“Y-yeah,” he nods, his grip on her hips tightening as he tried to not move, but she moved anyway, pulling off and grinding back down against him slowly, “fuck,” he groaned again, guiding her movements as she rode him.
He felt so good inside of her, bringing his right hand between them, his thumb meets her clit while she rides him, making her shutter and tighten around him, “shit,” he squeezes his eyes shut, using everything in his power to fuck her thought the intense feelings, god bless him.
“My nipples,” she whispers, “if you want to cum together, suck on them.”
He moans again, supporting her back with one hand as he brings her boobs closer to his face, sucking a nipple into his mouth and flicking the nub with his tongue. Her back arches, something he expected when he moved his hand to hold her there, she keeps herself steady by holding his shoulders, then the nape of his neck until she’s riding him while cupping his head in her hands.
She’s so close, and she can tell he is too as he pants against her, his hot breath on her skin and his thumb on her clit, not to mention his throbbing cock deep inside of her, about to burst.
“Fuck, Spence,” she moans, right on the edge as he cums unexpectedly, sending her there with him.
He moans against her chest, still rubbing her clit as she cums and fucking her through it. She couldn’t believe how incredible it felt to have finally helped Doctor Reid learn something new.
He covers her chest in kisses, making her giggle as he thanked her breathlessly and treasured every inch of skin available to him. “Happy?”
“You’re the most amazing woman in the whole world,” he whispers against her skin, “how can I make you mine?”
“You just did,” she whispers back, “you’re still inside me and you think I don’t want more of you? For a genius, you sure do miss a lot.”
A wonderful smile builds on his face, “really?”
She nods, “sex with you was only one daydream I have… the rest consist of holding hands and cuddling in the mornings and kissing you before I leave class and head to my next one. Stealing glances in the hallway and making out in the library… I want it all with you.”
He pulls her in for another kiss, breathing her in deeply and holding her close. Their foreheads rest together after, smiling back at each other with hope in their eyes.
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hallowdiamond · 2 days ago
Penelope : Emily, we saw you walking JJ home yesterday.
Emily : Yeah, we're friends.
Spencer : You were holding hands.
JJ : ... We were crossing the road?
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gublersgoblin · 2 days ago
Spencer: the Dead Sea is the saltiest thing on the earth
Emily: next to you and your geekass
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