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no thank YOU for sending an ask! 💘

pls don’t ask me about the hotchreid tl i am still trying to figure this out for myself

in the first few seasons we could see that they had potential for a solid friendship so i think they start to hang out more outside of work. they’re both nerds at heart and just get each other. also shared trauma so yea.

they start to hang out and become each other’s save space and support system. spencer always had a crush on hotch because he’s a handsome strong man and he is weak for that ;)

one night when hanging out they drink one or two glasses of wine too much and both start to get sappy about each other which ends in drunken cuddling and smooching. they fall asleep on the couch together. hotch has kind of a freak out in the morning because that’s his subordinate he made out with last night.

eventually they talk about their feelings and realise they can’t without each other and want to be with each other for real. they then begin to secretly date for several months.

spencer has a hard time keeping it a under wraps because he sometimes feels like hotch’s dirty little secret when rationally he knows it’s not true. aaron notices that something is off and they eventually talk about it and decide to come clean to the team.

they decide it’s best to tell them on a night out. they’re both nervous WRECKS but when they confess every one just smirks at each other and start exchanging money. after all they work with a team of elite profilers so they all had a hunch. they were NOT being sneaky at all. at the end aaron receives the shovel talk from all of their team members. but he would never ever hurt his baby 🥺

i got a bit carried away oopsies

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not only did I just start criminal minds this week and already am on season 2,, I have cried over Spencer Reid at least 10 times and Derek Morgan at least 5,, this show made me cry over a potential serial killer kid and and actual serial killer

evil show.

I shall keep watching anyway

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this scene was so cute especially the run he does at the end 🥺🥺

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Originally posted by ozed


Originally posted by toyboxboy

Title: lonely moonlight

Request: no

Couple: Spencer Reid/Fem!Reader

Category: angst (w/ maybe the tiniest bit of fluff); songfic

Content Warning:  thoughts of wanting to cause harm, verbal arguments, mentions of divorce, intrusive thoughts, talks about abortion, mentions of bad mental health, ptsd (?), mentions of anxiety, mentions of needing to get help, someone walking out on their partner, pregnancy, mildly ooc spencer, post prison!reid, swearing (if any) (if i missed anything or something needs to be tagged, please message me and i’ll add it)

Word Count: 6,694

Summary: spencer left his partner and ends up regretting it. 

A/N: howdy partners! This is for @badthingshappenbingo​ (more about that later), blocking off the rejected apology square on my card (pictured at the bottom). this is very loosely based on the song lonely moonlight by ryan ross! this was something i don’t usually write. it’s probably the most angsty fic i’ve ever written… and it’s a little more on the “darker” side. please pay attention to the content warnings, and again if i missed anything, please message me! thank you everyone for the love and support on my other works!! check out my masterlist!


The days following up to me leaving were bad. I wondered if that’s what it was like for Aaron and Haley. Although, there were different circumstances between the two of them. Same with David and all 3 of his wives. But, who am I to compare my problems with my superiors and their problems. Although, their wives left them… Not the other way around. Not like how I left you.

I should have stayed. We could have figured everything out. But I left. I think it’s because I got scared and didn’t know how to talk to you. And the reason behind why I got scared is a valid reason… I wanted to cause harm…

“God! This is so ridiculous!” you shouted from across the living room. I watched as you looked around the room, at all the piled up books and files. “I just do not understand you!” Your shout was louder than before, causing me to flinch slightly.

“I don’t know what you want from me!” I returned the shout, watching as it was your turn to flinch. “What do you want!?! Huh!? You know I can’t read your mind!” I stared at you. I wish I had noticed you were crying before I yelled.  But that didn’t stop me… 

“Spencer!” The way your voice shook didn’t bother me. But what did bother me was the way my hand started to ball up. It scared me. I took a step back, pressing my body against the wall that was closer than I originally thought. 

I looked at you before I stormed out of the living room and out of the apartment all together. The sounds of your light footsteps followed behind me, and your faint voice calling out my name. I didn’t stop though, even as you begged me to stay. I couldn’t stay though… Not when I wanted to cause harm to someone I loved. 

So, I left.

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aw yes 🥺

spencer has been around jack as his fathers partner since he was really young so jack considers him a parent!! aaron and spencer both made sure that he never forgot haley though

aaron has strict rules so when jacks wants to go somewhere or stay past the curfew he goes to spencer because he’s a bit more chill. he never got a typical teenage life so he wants jack to be carefree. of course they have rules about drinking and they have educated him how to react in dangerous situations because they know what kind of people are out there

they teach jack from a young age it doesn’t matter with whom he falls in love with. they just want him so be happy 🥺

when jack first brings home a love interest, aaron will be the embarrassing dad making all the jokes and getting out the photo albums. spencer will just fondly smile at his hubby and tries to get to know the person jack brought home. both spencer and aaron will be in protective mode though because they want to prevent their son from heartbreak but in reality they know he has to make his own experiences

thank you so much for your ask!! 🥺✨ hope you like them

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so there are a few scenarios i can picture:

when LEOs make derogatory comments about spencer, aaron will be SO angry but he tries to control himself because he’s the unit chief and he needs to be professional and can’t punch someone in the middle of a police station. but he will definitely put them in their place because no one talks like that about his spencer.

let’s be honest, spencer gets hurt a LOT so aaron is constantly stressed about him and will have breakdowns while no one is watching because he can’t live with the fact that spencer puts his life in danger every day :(

they’re both very private people but i believe that if the team teases spence too much about “meeting someone” or “putting himself out more” hotch would just snap at some point because he wants everyone to know spencer is his and his only >:(

aaah thank you so much for you ask!! 🥺 share your thoughts on this with me if you like 💭

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  • Warnings:  Canon-typical violence + mention of past abuse
  • Notes: Here it is!  It’s almost twice as long as the rest of the installments but I just felt like there was no good place to break it up so…I hate ending things.  This made me CRY.  And cry more.  I hope that the ending was satisfying for those of you who went on this journey with me!        

“This is the place?” JJ asked, standing at the end of a long dirt road descending straight into a thicket of trees.  They couldn’t see the end of the road, couldn’t see any signs of life, but it was exactly what Sue had described.  

“It’s giving me the creeps,” Emily replied, patting the gun at her hip, just to make sure.  “God I hope she’s telling the truth. If I have to survive some kind of Deliverance bullshit, I will kill her with my bare hands.”

“I’ll hide the body,” JJ smiled, nudging Emily with her elbow playfully. They laughed a little before hopping back into the SUV with Spencer and telling him to drive slowly down the road.  The tires kicked up a cloud of dust as they made their way down the winding path, branches and bushes scraping against the doors like angry fingernails on chalkboards.  As they moved forward, the trees became thicker, less sunlight made its way through and Spencer almost turned on his headlights before they broke out into a clearing.  In the center of the clearing was a big old house that looked like it was smiling, children playing out in the front yard on a homemade swing set.  Emily squinted and thought she could make out Jack’s figure sitting on the steps, hugging a backpack, talking to another boy about his age.  Everyone in the yard stopped, froze when they saw the SUV approach.  

“That’s…a lot…of kids…” JJ muttered, and she’d just given words to what they’d all been thinking.  There had to be ten children in the yard. “What is this place?”

“I knew this whole thing was going to suck,” Emily groaned, opening her door as the SUV rolled to a stop.  The three of them walked shoulder to shoulder toward the house, and as they approached, Emily noticed that Jack looked up and a sudden flash of recognition blanketed his features.  It took him only seconds before he jumped off of the steps and rushed toward them, nearly knocked JJ over as he wrapped himself around her first, then Spencer, and finally Emily.  

“You came for me!” he cried, squeezing himself so tight around Emily’s waist.  “I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m so sorry…” he was crying now, she could feel the tears soaking through her shirt and she circled him in her arms and just let him cry.  JJ and Spencer moved forward, approaching the house, looking for the adults.   They were nearly to the porch, all of the children still frozen and staring but now JJ thought that they all looked expectant, hopeful, jealous even.  

“Who are you?  You’re trespassing…” a woman said, stepping out into the sunlight, with a man behind her brandishing a rifle at his hip. “You leave our kids alone.  They’re here legally, they’re ours.”  

“Not that one,” JJ indicated, pointing at Jack.  “That one was taken from his home and brought here against his will.”  

“No, no no no, we were told…” she began, but when JJ and Spencer pulled out their credentials she stopped.  “We run a home for children who are deemed unadoptable by their agencies, we take them and give them a home.  We’re not doing anything wrong.  That girl, she told us he was from a home in Virginia, his mother was murdered and his father was a murderer and he…”

“You were lied to, Ma'am.  His father is an FBI Agent and has been searching for him for weeks now.  We’re going to take him with us, he’s going home.  We’re sorry you were mixed up in this, but you have no legal right to keep him.”

“I understand.  I’m sorry Jack!” she called, waving at him.  “We would have loved you too!”  JJ and Spencer slipped their credentials back into their pockets and turned around, trying to avoid the gazes of all of the other children as they walked away. When they reached Emily and Jack, the four of them made for the SUV as quickly as they could.  

“We’re definitely having Garcia check this place out, right?” Emily asked through gritted teeth, waiting for Jack to get into the car.  JJ nodded vehemently, slipping into the passenger seat.

“As soon as we have reception.”    

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Rating : teen (for now)
A/N: This is a Supernatural, Psych, and Criminal Minds crossover, so hold on to the reigns as it gets crazy
Warnings: adult language, use of the word rape (that’s it nothing else about it.)
Summary: A case in Santa Barbara gets some special attention from several highly trained investigators as it rolls into the ER on a gurney.
Word Count: 560

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“Reid is a walking google search engine and Garcia is there to further the plot with her “tech magic” when the writers didn’t know how.“

Agree or disagree?

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Hello! This will be the masterlist for my fic “Miss Teacher” and all of the parts will be tagged below as links. The parts themselves will have a link that will take you to the next part as they are updated, as well as a link to take you to this master list! 

Part 1

Part 2

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Miss Teacher- Part 2

Pairing: Aaron Hotchner x Fem!Reader

Warnings: Making out, smut inserts, general bullpen/BAU sarcasm

Word Count: 2.5k

A/N: This is not looked over so all mistakes are my own! I know it kind of feels like a slow burn, and I guess it might be. Although, I do have plans for the next part :) I’m going to pin a master-list so you’ll be able to find the whole fic as I edit. 

I know the first part was posted on a different tumblr, but I promise that they both belong to me. I didn't have a Criminal Minds tumblr set up yet so I wrote it on my personal tumblr. 

Part 1


Originally posted by gabrielokun


Originally posted by gabrielokun

He finally gets to ask you out; although, its not as perfect as he had planned it to be. 

“Can I take you on a proper first date? Maybe Italian?” Aaron asked, breathless as you scrape your teeth along the sensitive skin of his throat. You don’t, necessarily, leave bite marks, but you enjoy the shivers that run through his body. 

“That sounds wonderful, I’d love to.” You agree instantly, pulling away to look up at him. 

His pupils are blown wide and lips are red and bruised from your kisses, hair disheveled from you running your fingers through it, and neck flushed from your ministrations. He was the most handsomest man you had ever laid eyes on, even more so now than all the other times you two had talked. He had a big smile on his face and his hands reached out to cup your cheeks so he could press one more kiss to your lips, letting out a soft yet pleased sound. 

“Let’s get you home, honey.” He rested his forehead against yours, eyes closed and relishing the moment before pulling away and helping you off of your desk. 

“That’s probably a good idea.” You stood on the tips of your toes and pressed one more kiss to his cheek before starting to fix your skirt and blouse. 

You guys watched each other with happy smiles as you righted your clothes: he buttoned up his top and smoothed down his hair while you fixed the hem of your skirt and tucked your shirt back in. Your hair was easier, you ran your fingers through it before tying it up with the hairbow on your wrist. 

“You ready?” Aaron asks, hands in the pockets of his slacks as he waits for you to finish. 

“Yes, sir. I just need to find…my bag…” you were looking around for your school bag, finally finding it under your desk, along with the files you had brought out to work on before Aaron had showed up. 

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i can write an angsty spencer fic and actively participate in my political science class at the same time and if you ask me, that is the essence of my being

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