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#spencer reid x reader
Thermal Energy (S.R.)
Tumblr media
Request: Spencer and reader are undercover & they have to pretend to be fucking? reader is straddling reid & hes so turned on but he knows its fake and eventually they talk about it and eventually do fuck?
A/N: This has been sitting half complete forever and it’s finally here! Bon appetit! Couple: Spencer Reid/Fem!Reader Category: Smut (NSFW, 18+) Content Warning: Grinding (clothed), kissing, dub con (mutual pining, but one party is unaware), unprotected sex, penetrative sex Word Count: 6.2k
According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, the average normal body temperature is commonly considered to be 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the normal range of adult humans is somewhere between 97 to 99, with younger children having higher averages thanks to a higher surface area relative to their weight a more active metabolism.
Fevers can be good, though. An average adult human needn’t worry about their body temperature until it breaches 103 — well over the 100.4 degree mark that defines a true fever — unless they are also experiencing a number of troubling symptoms. Headache, unusual skin rashes, sensitivity to bright light, stick neck, mental confusion, persistent vomiting, or difficulty breathing and chest pain, to name a few.
This is all to say that I was positive I was going to die.
While I was pretty sure that I was free of viruses and bacterial infections, I still couldn’t help but feel like my brain was melting and my body was on fire. Logically, I knew that fevers usually elicited the opposite sensations, and I should feel cold if my temperature regulation was truly on the fritz, but there was just no ignoring the fact that my head was pounding, my face was flushed, and I felt like I was going to throw up or pass out.
I hadn’t decided which just yet.
I hadn’t talked to anyone about these thoughts and concerns, but luckily, I didn’t have to. Luke was already staring at me like I’d grown three heads, and I wouldn’t have even questioned that conclusion if it had turned out to be true.
“Are you sure you wanna go through with this?” he asked, but I didn’t answer.
The answer was too complicated to explain in any other way than ‘Yes, and no.’ I certainly wouldn’t be able to expand on that idea in the little bit of time we had left. Instead, I simply covered my face with my hands and let out a frustrated groan, which he accepted as a ‘no,’ and solidified my belief that he wouldn’t understand.
“I can do it. Penelope won’t mind,” he offered, like that would help.
“I’m fine. It’s fine,” I answered with enough cracks in my voice that even the most pothole ridden road would seem pristine in comparison. “Everything is fine. Besides, I’m already here, so...”
My mind was still racing. I knew that Luke was just trying to help, but something about his persistence began to dig at deep-seated insecurities. I had already been close to my breaking point when he spoke again. Nothing but a calm statement of fact.
“Yeah, so am I.”
And I snapped.
“I said I’m fine! Why the hell do you want to do it so bad?!”
An uncomfortable silence took the place of my raised voice, and I realized that I was doing nothing but proving his original point that I was, above all else, not fine.
“Listen, I just…” Luke paused. He considered his words carefully, and then continued, “I don’t want anyone to get hurt. And I know, you’re both adults and professionals but…”
I dared him with my continued silence. I demanded that he just say the truth that we all knew, to rid me of the last bit of hope I had left. To finally grant me the freedom to move on from the woman I’d never be able to love the way I so desperately wanted.
“I know there’s some unresolved feelings between you two and I would hate for it to get even more… complicated.”
But then I thought of her. The already broken parts of my heart began to shatter piece by piece, turning to dust among the deserts of my lungs.
“I’ll be fine, Luke,” I said, sounding so very far away. “This might come as a surprise to you, but it’s not the first time a girl has rejected me, alright?”
That time, it was his turn to say nothing. After a few more uncomfortable seconds, I turned to him to see that look of pity I knew I’d find.
Or at least, I really thought that I would find. Fate, however, had different plans.
“… What are you talking about?” he asked, instead.
The dedication to playing dumb, while flattering in some sick sort of way, just felt like a punch to an already twisted gut.
“I mean that I get it. She doesn’t like me, it’s just for work” I mumbled before waving one final white flag before I let myself be consumed by it all. “I’m saying you don’t need to worry about it.”
I thought of her again. I could see her smile, the soft curves of her body and how they always seemed so inviting. It was nothing crude — she didn’t call to me because of lust alone. It was a safety, a belonging that I felt whenever her hand brushed against mine. The kind that could only undoubtedly become better when the surface area and friction increased.
I can’t do this, I finally admitted to myself.
I almost admitted it to him, too, but when I turned, I found Luke still completely lost. Baffled, really, by whatever the hell was happening in my head.
And for the first time, I realized that we had been having two entirely different conversations.
“Reid… I wasn’t talking about you.”
But before I got any more satisfying of an answer, it was too late.
“Reid, we’ve gotta go!” Emily called, and I had to go.
It was meant to be simple. The unsub was an odd and innovative one. It was remarkably easier to catch him than the others. After all, most people didn’t bother using military grade thermal scanning equipment in their serial killer scheme.
All we’d needed was a distraction. It wouldn’t take very long, everyone agreed. Maybe five, ten minutes maximum. There would be no active microphone within the room that the team could hear (upon Penelope’s insistent teasing that she didn’t want to know what happened when the door closed). However, he would hear every word uttered.
Despite the unwelcome guest, it would still just be the two of us in the room. Her and I. Apparently, according to the others, we were an unlikely but somehow perfect pair to play pining lovers.
It was supposed to be simple. I just needed to hold her and pretend that I loved her as much as I actually did. I had somehow let the others convince me that I could do it.
But as soon as she opened the door and I saw her, there was only one thought burning through my mind.
How the fuck am I meant to do this?
“Hey, Spencer.”
Luckily for me, the dumbstruck nature of my response had several reasonable explanations. For one, this was incredibly awkward regardless of who it was. Secondly, I am not known for my social skills generally.
But most importantly of all, she was practically naked.
The plush hotel robe hid most of the more sensitive areas, and of course, logically I was aware of the fact she’d been wearing a thin set of nude-colored undergarments. Most thermal scanning devices are rudimentary, after all. They wouldn’t be able to see through the robe for the most part, although depending on certain activities or hormones, certain areas of the female anatomy had a tendency to produce… excess heat.
There’s no way I’m going to be able to do this.
Unbeknownst to the war of information and speculation raging on in my head, (y/n) let out a rather dreamy sigh that woke me from my reverie.
“I was wondering when you’d show up,” she said, and my heart took the words as a challenge to make its presence known.
When she stepped away from me, I followed without hesitation. My body struggled to be nearer to her. Every part of me sought her out in any way I could without outright grabbing hold of her.
Yet, when it came time for me to start stripping out of my clothes, she was the one who’d touched me. I hadn’t even asked her to— although I certainly hadn’t resented the touch, either. By all accounts, I wanted her to touch me.
My mouth hadn’t quite caught up, though. Or perhaps it was just a testament to how powerful my insecurities were, that they drowned out the desire the second her hand finished the last button on my shirt and slid under the collar.
“Y-You don’t have to…” I blurted out, stopping to clear my throat while the girl froze like a deer in the headlights.
As soon as she tore her hands away from me, I missed them. I craved to feel the pillowy softness of her palm against my throat, to watch her eyes as they roamed the newly revealed skin until I was as bare as her.
“I’ve got it,” I lied to reassure her.
Her response was equal parts charming and childish. Unable to touch me, but also not able to leave, she opted for turning her back to me and clamped her hands over her eyes. From there, she rocked on the balls of her feet like it might make the time pass faster.
If it accomplished anything, though, it made me want to move quicker. To hold her again.
“You’re adorable.” I hadn’t realized that I’d said it until I’d heard my own voice, but once the words were uttered, I hadn’t regretted them. They were true, after all, and she’d deserved to hear them.
Once I was as naked as her, if not more so, considering I didn’t have the excuse to wear a brassiere, I placed a firm hand on her shoulder. She leaned into the touch, turning to face me with eyes darting everywhere but my face.
Adorable was right.
“Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked in the hope she would hear how nervous I was. I wanted our mixed bag of anxieties to be enough to calm her in the least.
Although, with the knowledge that Luke had so kindly dropped on me right before walking into the chaos, I supposed we weren’t ever going to be on equal footing.
Still, she looked so certain when she whispered, “Yeah… I’m ready.”
I didn’t dare question her. Perhaps it was foolish for me to be so willing to believe her when I had been too much of a coward to alert her to just how badly I’d craved her. How many nights I’d spent dreaming of her touching me, even in the most innocent of ways.
The other memories of her, the ones that would mirror this evening, were had more often while I was awake.
As I was awake then, climbing awkwardly onto the middle of the king-sized bed. Even with her joining me, it felt far bigger than necessary. I would never want her to be that far away from me.
She was shaking, but she was careful as she clambered on top of me. I knew she was overthinking — I could see it clear in her eyes. I almost assured her that she had nothing to worry about, that even if she did appear inexperienced or unsure, that would only make her even more breathtaking in my eyes.
But then she shyly asked, “Is this alright?”
And my heart melted to mush. I couldn’t think of anything worth saying, and definitely was unable to turn those thoughts to words. All I could feel was the concentrated heat between her thighs as it came to rest against the quickly growing bulge between mine.
“Yes,” I strained.
She lowered the rest of her weight cautiously, her body finally coming to rest against mine with an undeniable comfort. Her body’s confidence, while not shared by her conscious mind, was well supported by the heavy sigh that flowed from my lips.
Everything about her was soft and warm. Her hands that rested against my chest calmed my fast-beating heart back into a normal rhythm. Of course, that accomplishment was short lived, considering what she did next.
With a sharp inhale of breath, she began grinding our hips together. In only just a few seconds of movement, a breathy, dark moan slipped from her lips and shot straight through me. While I knew that she had been meant to act like she’d been enjoying herself, there was nothing fake about the sound. Especially not when it was paired with quick, pulsing muscles that dragged up and down the length of my erection.
“Does that feel good?” she drawled between whimpers and panting breaths.
My answer, while not entirely straightforward, was arguably understandable.
If that hadn’t been clear enough, though, I made sure that she was aware of just how good she felt. My hands abandoned the sheets they’d been patiently resting on and shot straight for her hips. She gasped at the roughness of my contact, and I smoothed over angered skin as gently as I could, given my current, mostly feral state.
“Kiss me,” I ordered, hoping to distract us both from muttering dangerous truths.
She stared at me with a perplexed but pleased look about her. It was adorable, and although I would have gazed upon her in any form forever, I needed her closer.
“Wh—Mmm!” she protested by sounds alone when I pulled her head down for our mouths to meet. She certainly hadn’t done anything to try to stop me. Anything that might’ve been misconstrued as rejection dissipated within milliseconds of me kissing her.
She was the one who deepened the kiss. Her hands came to my cheeks, which pink and burning for her, before she ran her fingers straight into my hair. That was where she found the leverage and courage to begin long, grinding motions against my fully erect dick between her legs.
“That’s it,” I breathlessly and vaguely instructed, “Keep going, pretty girl. Fuck— yeah, just like that.”
There was no way for me to describe to her just how breathtaking she looked from where I was. The sinful image of her using my stationary body to pleasure herself. The obvious desire painted in her eyes.
The sound of it when she whimpered my name.
I couldn’t handle it. I pulled her closer because I knew if I had to keep looking into those eyes, I would turn to ash with her at her pyre.
She crumpled so easily against me, though. Even that felt like too much.
“God, you feel amazing,” I cried. Then, because it was true and for no other reason, I muttered, “I want to feel you come on my cock.”
She returned a long, drawn-out whine. A sound that begged me to move with her harder, to drive her over the edge and potentially crash in the oceans below with her. Her hands were completely lost in my hair, her face buried against my neck that burned with her breath pumping between hot, pouted lips.
“Hold me,” she begged.
My arms wrapped around her without hesitation. I had been waiting for her to ask. I pulled her closer while continuing to guide her hips in the rocking motion against me and I thought I might die if we didn’t stop soon.
But then I began to thrust against her. Stars broke out over my vision, the pleasure derived from such simple friction completely overwhelming all else.
I was so close to so many things. But I couldn’t lose control of myself. Or in the very least, I needed her to do it first.
“Please,” I whispered into her ear, “Please come for me, pretty girl.”
She had always been good at following instructions.
Her whole body tensed, trembling and retreating further into me. I tried to keep our bodies sliding against one another even as I felt the tell-tale fluttering of strong, sensitive muscles pressed firmly against me.
“Good girl,” I praised as I rubbed her back with flat palms, trying to secure her position against my chest when the euphoria faded. “That’s my good girl.”
I’d wanted the words to sound more sincere, but they were spoken through exhausted, strained cords. She had reached a satisfying conclusion, but my body was still aching with need for her. To slip past tiny, soaked little panties and feel that sensation again from the inside.
(Y/n) hadn’t moved. She hadn’t spoken a word since it had happened, remaining hidden from me but with our bodies melting together from the heated space between plush bathrobes.
I might’ve been able to get her to talk. I could’ve continued to reassure her, thank her, explain that I was only being weird because I was five seconds away from begging her to let me touch her in even less professional ways.
But before either of us spoke another word, the gunshots resounding through the complex spoke them for us.
She jumped, trying to escape from me but finding my arms holding her tightly in place until we’d heard the magic words.
“All clear.”
I released her, and she nearly fell off the bed in her haste to get away.
Away from me.
“Are you okay?” I asked, and that time I needn’t have worried about it sounding genuine.
She didn’t give me an answer, anyway. She didn’t even look at me before she turned to bolt out of the door with nothing but an unfastened robe and bare feet.
I was still so lost in the chaos of what had just happened, drunk on the feeling of her body as it gave in to me despite the barriers between us. I let her slip away. I sat alone on the bed, dizzy and unsatisfied with how little I’d gotten to hold her in the aftermath.
Luke finally found me, but his attention remained torn between the broken man on the bed and the half-naked woman doing whatever she could to get the hell away from me.
Eventually, he chose me, and a few words that were more bitter than sweet.
“What the hell happened?” he asked.
“I-I… I don’t know.”
There had only been a few times I had considered leaving the BAU. Most of them were things to be expected: emotionally disturbing contact with bodily fluids à la Silence of the Lambs (take your pick of scenes), that time I almost got my finger bitten off by a rogue and very enthusiastic serial cannibal, or when I was forced to sleep next to Rossi’s incredibly loud snoring.
But that day wasn’t like the others. That day was the closest I’d ever come to making that call. It would be easy. Or at least, easier than owning up to what I’d done.
The reality of the situation had barely dawned on me and I was already absolutely miserable. The thought of seeing Spencer again —of looking into those big, beautiful brown eyes— made me so anxious that my brain skipped the racing thoughts and jumped straight into nauseating apathy.
I hadn’t talked to him since it happened. I’d barely talked to anyone. Luke, who had been my confidant in all things Spencer-related, was useless. After his third repetition of the phrase, ‘Just talk to him,’ I had accepted that he must have finally lost his mind. There was no other explanation for such a ridiculous suggestion.
But I would be lying if I pretended like I hadn’t considered the conversations a million times over. I’d rehearsed all the possible ways to apologize for what I’d done, and none of them came out right.
That was why the call was so appealing. Because as I sat there, alone on my couch, I realized that I would eventually have to talk to him again. And the worst part was that I really, really wanted to. Enough so that when I heard someone knocking on my door, I’d almost convinced myself that it would be him on the other side. Of course, I’d luckily talked myself out of that romcom train of thought before I opened the door.
… to find Spencer, staring at me with an equally astonished face.
“Hey—" he tried to say, only to be met with my door slamming shut in his face. Or at least, it tried. But instead of hitting the frame, it hit his foot wedged between. “Ow!”
“Sorry!” I shrieked.
“You actually tried to shut it?!”
The door, stuck between a rock and a hard place, wavered back and forth while I panicked trying to figure out if I’d injured him badly enough that I had to let him in. But when he’d just started hopping awkwardly in place while cursing under his breath, I knew he would be fine.
“I mean, I’m still sort of just waiting for you to move out of the way…” I muttered.
The hopping ceased; replaced with a heavy sigh that dropped his shoulders far enough that I was forced to remember my face buried in the crook of his neck.
“Please, stop being like this. We need to talk about it.”
“About what?” I laughed nervously, “That could mean a lot of things.”
Spencer’s brows jumped in a familiar, friendly challenge as he asked, “You want me to say it? Out here?”
I glanced down each end of the hallway to my apartment building, only to find him staring at me with a knowing smirk that made him look equal parts charming and infuriating.
“… Fine,” I conceded, nonetheless.
I guess the charming half won out in the end.
Spencer had been in my apartment before, but only under conditions where I knew the space reflected the best side of me. But that night, with junk food scattered around the living room and horribly toxic romantic comedies still blasting on the television, my pride was taking the biggest hit I’d faced yet.
A profiler misses no clues, so long as they are not about themselves. So, I could only imagine what Spencer saw in my breakdown. Regardless of the nasty truths that he witnessed, however, he still turned to me with a smile, however solemn.
“What do you want to talk about?” I asked when the silence stretched on too long.
It was a dangerous game. There was no way for me to know how he would respond. But of all the potentialities, the one that unfolded before me was the one I expected least of all.
“I didn’t know you liked me.”
Then, there was silence, joined only by the dramatic swell of music from a soundtrack I’d heard a million times before. The kind that should have motivated me into telling the truth, but which instead played as the background music to a pathetic attempt at a denial.
“Whaaaat?” I dragged out with an unconvincing chuckle, “Psh… who… who said that?”
Before I’d even finished, he answered, “Luke told me.”
“Son of a bitch.”
“I didn’t realize. I’m sorry,” he continued despite my protest.
Once it was out in the air, I was surprised to find the words came easier. I figured it was just the practice because it still didn’t sound good enough to me. But I had to say something.
“It’s fine. I knew it — us, we, whatever — wasn’t going to happen. And I’m really, really sorry that I made you uncomfortable. I feel fucking awful about it. I mean, I practically assaulted you while you were just trying to do your job and—”
Spencer raised his hand so quickly that it actually brought my lips to a halt, and I floundered for a few seconds before he balked, “No, you didn’t. What are you talking about?”
Again, I spoke (yelled) without thinking, “Spencer, I wasn’t faking!”
And, for the first time, so did he.
“Neither was I!”
That time when we both froze, I was forced to action by the long, drawn-out confession scene about to play. I hurried to turn the damn thing off, and unknowingly gave us both enough time to process what had just happened.
But when I looked up at him, seeing the laughter and confusion reflected in his eyes, I couldn’t help but laugh when I yelled back, “… what?!”
Through his own laughter, he shouted, “How could you think I was faking?!”
“I don’t know!”
“That’s so stupid!”
“Well, that’s easy for you to say!” I said through a burning face, not from anger, but relief and embarrassment and happiness all rolled into one. “Not all of us are geniuses, you know!”
But with each passing second, filled with laughter that made my lungs burn, I felt the distance closing. It became smaller and small until his arms wrapped around me.
Spencer held me, tighter to his chest than ever before. For what felt like the first time, my body began to adjust to the warmth of his embrace. It felt like the kiss of a bonfire against my feet; the occasional inhale of cedar smoke and the short lived incandescence of sparks on the wind.
I pulled away from him, if only to see the eyes I had been so scared of.
“Hi,” he said with a significantly goofier smile than the previous, charming one.
I smiled, too, although I tried to hide it by chewing on my lips between the elephant in the room.
“What do we do now?”
In a fascinating turn of events, a role reversal smacked into us with full force. The burning heat in my face seemed to transfer to him. From his torso up, Spencer turned red at the question. Even his hands grew tighter from their position on the small of my back, and his tiny whispers were barely intelligible.
But they were enough for me to make out a few unhelpful words.
“I… I mean… We could do nothing, or… we could... You know?”
“No? Know what?” I whispered back, not to tease him but because I genuinely didn’t know.
True to his profiler nature, Spencer seemed to recognize my ignorance at least a little. Enough to grant him the confidence to clear his throat and announce with as much confidence as could be expected from him, “We could… pick up where we left off?”
There was no soundtrack, no confession of love or credits rolling on the screen. The apartment was silent in every way besides our heavy breathing of shared air. When we were close enough that each inhale was recycled, Spencer took the initiative not to wait.
His hands covered my cheeks in a whirlwind of motion. He pulled me forward, closing the distance and claiming my mouth for what still felt like the first time.
Spencer kissed me so hard and fast and full of passion that I’d honestly almost forgotten to kiss him back. But as soon as I knotted my fingers through his unruly curls, all reservations were abandoned. The two of us stumbled over haphazardly discarded shoes, which were quickly joined by whatever clothing got between the two of us. We left a trail of fabric and fear in our wake, led by laughter and something that felt like love.
It felt everything and nothing like the last time. Although our skin still touched the same, the smiles on our face made it all the better. Sure, we could barely kiss because our teeth got in the way, but I couldn’t care. Not when he helped me onto the bed only to quickly crawl on top of me.
Out of instinct, I covered my chest the second he’d removed my bra. We had finally crossed the line, leaving me barer before him than he’d ever seen. Although I should’ve seen it coming from a mile away, I still shied away when he sighed with adoration in every particle of breath.
“Don’t do that. Please,” he begged quietly, “You are so unbelievably beautiful. There isn’t a single thing about you that I would change.”
His hand traced my jaw, and his eyes stayed with his knuckles as they dragged over my cheek. I focused on the softness of it all, rather than the hardness I could feel pressed against my leg.
Eventually, I caved, admitting sheepishly, “I’m embarrassed.”
Without any hesitation, Spencer replied with a laugh, “I especially wouldn’t change that. Makes me feel better about being nervous, too.”
“You shouldn’t be nervous,” I muttered with an ungraceful snort that he didn’t seem to mind, “Unlike me, you’ve already successfully managed to get me off.”
“Hmmm… We’ll just have to change that,” he suggested through the side of his mouth, “But… I will warn you that I can get a bit competitive…”
I giggled in response, which the man above me clearly took as a challenge to his word.
So, without any further ado, his hand slipped past the final defense of my underwear. My gasp made him pause, but only until my legs wrapped around his waist and pulled him closer. With that implicit consent, he continued. Lithe fingers teased my entrance for a few seconds, gathering already abundant wetness that brought a smile to his face.
“How about you do it again for me, pretty girl?” he cooed just as one finger entered me, quickly joined by another.
I wanted to talk, to cry his name or assure him that I would do anything he told me to if it meant that I could be with him longer. But the thought of him wanting me was too overwhelming, too earth-shattering of a realization to focus on anything.
All I could feel was him. I felt his breath getting heavier and more desperate the louder my whines became. I watched as his pupils swallowed amber fire irises that still burned around the blackness. More than everything else, though, I basked in the slippery friction of our bodies as they coated in sweat and anticipation.
His fingers were too fast to keep track of, so I didn’t. I relaxed as much as my body would allow, and instead focused on how he inspected each of my responses to his actions. Each time he was rewarded, he would try it again. He treated me like his favorite project; a mystical, mythical thing for him to memorize and learn to master.
I could barely keep my eyes open, but I wanted to. I wanted him to see the way he made me feel so that he could understand that I was his, without reservation.
For the second time in a matter of minutes, Spencer interpreted that look as a challenge. He kissed me again, although the force behind it felt more like a plea than a demand. His tongue tangled with mine at the same time his finger started to draw small, tight circles around the tiny bundle of nerves.
“Come for me,” he panted, “Please.”
How was I meant to say no?
He hadn’t waited for an answer. He kissed me again, almost like the act was more vital than breathing. Even when my jaw dropped open and I sang his praise, he stayed as close as could be. He smiled against my cheek, and I swore the relief flooded him the same time my whole body tensed beneath him.
“Good girl,” he whispered, “That’s my pretty girl.”
The world continued to rock throughout the impossibly long peak. It seemed to get worse when it was over. I was left drunk on him and yet still craving more. I wanted to be nothing but a disaster made of the both of us; inseparable. Together.
I pulled his hand away, suddenly overstimulated and not wanting to fall apart again just yet.
“Are you alright?” he asked with all the concern in the world before offering, “We can stop.”
Even that was too sweet to refuse. I hadn’t wanted to, anyway.
“No, don’t stop,” I urged.
When he didn’t buy the desperation in my voice as anything more than post-orgasm bliss, I used my legs around his waist to pull his hips to mine. I soaked in the power I felt when his eyes started to roll to the back of his head just from feeling the warmth against his erection.
“Are you sure?” he struggled, still. The concern and insecurity from the other day bled through his words.
It made me all the surer of something I was already certain about.
“I want you, Spencer,” I said with a smile, “Please.”
The bashful glance he gave me told me everything I needed to know. I had never felt so safe in someone’s arms. So at home in the heat of our bodies finally meeting in the middle. Even when he pressed forward, I felt no pain. Just a recognition of him as another part of myself.
Spencer entered me slowly, seeming to savor every new sensation as he came to rest inside of me. His breath came harder, and I could feel his pulse beating against my nose as I buried my face in his neck.
No words were necessary. Our bodies started to move in tandem, rocking against one another in perfect harmony. His thrusts slowly gained momentum until I was forced to come to a stop. From there, he scrambled from his position to stretch my arms over my head so that he could interlock our fingers. Closer and closer we came until there was nowhere else to go. Nowhere to escape the euphoria of our body colliding.
I tried to kiss him, but the action was thwarted by his name falling from my lips.
“Is this what you were picturing when you were sitting on my lap?” he shot back, taking my bottom lip between his teeth just to show me how much he was holding back. “You could feel how hard I was for you. How badly I wanted to fuck you.”
The memories hit me with full force, and it all reminded me of how I swore this would never happen. But now he was inside of me, bringing me to the heights of passion for the third time despite my having never returned the favor.
“Please, Spencer,” I begged, but he did not relent.
“You have no idea how close I came to tearing off those little panties and just — Fuck!” he cried with a particularly brutal thrust. He held himself there, grinding harder against me just to feel how it made my powerless body squirm underneath him.
I should’ve known he’d see it as a challenge.
He brought our faces just close enough that he could see the sparks of desire in my eyes turn to fire as he teased, “I could feel how much you wanted it. I could feel every tight little muscle tensing and twitching. Begging to be fucked.”
“Fuck me, Spencer!” I sobbed, rocking my hips against the unbelievable hardness still resting at my deepest point.
There was only one mercy granted, a brief reprieve of his retreat before he filled me again all at once. But I couldn’t blame him for wanting to be closer when his thrusts were so off-beat and his body had started to shake under the weight of it all.
In a plea for my own form of mercy, and a moment of honest self-reflection, Spencer gave another nervous, but happy chuckle as he said, “I’m gonna do more than just fuck you.”
He didn’t need to say the rest for me to understand, but he did it, anyway. He said it so I could hear it, and never, ever doubt that it was true.
“I’m never going to let you go again.”
I wrestled my hands back from under his grip. He let them go, our bodies still matching rhythm as I threw every limb around him in a final embrace. We came together in a moment of blinding bliss and pure chaos. Forcing himself to the hilt inside of me, Spencer called my name one last time before I felt it. The gentle thrum of his warmth filling me, his body trembling while he tried to get impossibly closer.
I pulled his face forward to kiss me, surprised to find he still had the coordination to do that. Even after he collapsed against me, he tried to keep our lips connected until the very last second.
Eventually, we gave in to the powers of physics that required us to remain as two separate beings. He rested his weight atop me, and I welcomed his heaving chest by drawing loose patterns across his back.
Our bodies were drenched in sweat and other bodily fluids that seemed less daunting than usual. In fact, I quite enjoyed the way that friction was non-existent. I basked in the rays of sunshine in the form of Spencer, and I held him tighter, knowing that I might burn but loving the way it felt, nonetheless.
“You’re so warm,” I mumbled sleepily against his cheek.
“I can move if you want,” he offered to no avail.
Because I remembered the distance from before and decided, “No. I like it better this way.”
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sinfulspencer · 2 days ago
I’m not sure if this is gonna make sense but I like thinking of dom!spencer and I feel like it would be fun to read a fic where he takes the sub!reader’s panties after he c*ms in her before they head home for the day. He could make her go around like normal then Derek notices what is dripping down her thighs as she’s giving him files or something and basically Spencer ends up sharing her with Derek.
If you’re not comfortable with this lmk. I think it would be fun.
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Fem!Reader
Rating: mature (18+, minors DNI)
Warnings: dom/sub undertones (Dom!Reid, Sub!Reader, SoftDom!Morgan), daddy kink, light degradation, dirty talking, oral sex (female and male receiving), nipple play, unprotected sex
Words: 6.4k
A.N.: This is my first time writing a threesome so I hope it’s not as bad as I’m pretty sure it is. Hope you liked this! I’ve had so much fun writing it. I will probably write more. ;)
“Spencer, I...”
He covers your mouth with his hand, his mouth attacking your neck. “Be quiet, doll. I don’t think you want someone to know what I’m doing to you.”
You close your eyes, throwing your head back. His thrusts are getting quicker, his pace much more irregular than before and you can barely stand on your own legs as you feel them buckle. You know you’re close.
Moaning softly against the palm of his hand, you slide your own down to touch his other one that is resting on your hips. Spencer’s chest is pressed to your back, his tongue tracing circles before his teeth sink into your skin. He knows you love this, he knows you want to be loud but you can’t.
If somebody finds out you’re getting fucked inside the bathroom, it’d be the end of your career and your reputation in the FBI.
“Fuck, you feel so good around my cock. – Spencer whispers, his words sending shivers down your spine as you grip his hand – Can’t wait to have you all for myself tonight, I’m going to take my sweet time with you.”
You open your eyes, nodding your head to his words. You can’t wait either because going home means being able to be loud, his name rolling off your tongue louder and louder each time.
Spencer closes his eyes, his face buried in the crook of his neck from behind as he keeps pushing his cock in and out of you. His thrusts are sloppier, his hands are sliding down on your hips as his fingers dig in the smooth fabric of your skirt.
You bend down just enough, your face pressed against the cold surface of the wall. Spencer uses his hands to steady himself, watching the way his cock disappears inside of you as your juices coat all of it. The sounds you’re not making are going to be the soundtrack of that night and he can’t fucking wait to hear all of them, wanting to ruin you.
“Are you close, doll?”
He doesn’t need to say anything else because soon you’re coming, your whole body shaking because of the pleasure crashing through you as you squeeze your thighs. Spencer forces himself to keep quiet, using his mouth to bite your neck in order not to scream out your name.
Your walls are clenching hard around his cock, taking him so perfectly no matter the small cubicle you’re in. He slides both his hands down your body, smacking your ass just to see it bounce right there where he’s buried inside of you.
“Good girl. – he whispers, closing his eyes and throwing his head back – Fuck, I’m close.”
You’re oversensitive, your legs are shaking and if he doesn’t keep you up and pressed to his body, you’re sure you’d fall down. Spencer wraps his arms around your waist and growls into your ear, fucking you even deeper and harder than before.
You can feel him twitch inside of you, the soft sound of your whimper sounds like music to his ear.
Finally he reaches his peak, the orgasm exploding through his body as you put your own hand over his mouth. He did it to you as well so why can’t you do it to him too?
Spencer fills you with his warmth, sloppily pushing himself inside of you as he rides the last drop of pleasure you’re squeezing from him. You’re still pressed against the wall, your head slightly turned to look at him.
You wait in silence, trying to catch your breath after what has just happened. You’re completely spent and you’re lucky Spencer had waited until this afternoon to yank you inside this bathroom, or you wouldn’t have been able to focus on your job.
Sometimes he can get very impatient and has to have you everywhere he goes.
You don’t complain because you feel exactly the same.
“That’s it, doll. – Spencer whispers, leaving a kiss on your bare shoulder – You were incredible.”
Blushing, you bite your bottom lip. You whimper at the sudden loss when Spencer pulls out of you, your juices mixed with his come dripping down your thighs so you bend down.
You’re about to pull your panties up when Spencer stops you, clicking his tongue.
“Give them to me.”
Widening your eyes, you shake your head. “Spencer, absolutely not. If I don’t wear them, someone’s going to see...”
His eyes are silently telling you to keep quiet and obey, but you’re not going to budge. Your job means a lot, you don’t want to lose it because he wants to have more fun with you. And what if someone sees the result of your little trip to the bathroom with Spencer? What if they connect the dots and realise you didn’t go in there because you weren’t feeling well?
“I’m going to keep this. – Spencer steals your panties from your hands, stuffing them in his pocket – I want you to walk around with my come dripping down your thighs, I want everybody to know that someone owns you. That I own you.”
His right hand travels up to your throat, your eyes immediately finding him.
You nod your head, licking your bottom lip. “Yes, daddy.”
He leans forward, kissing your lips. “Good.”
Rolling your eyes, you pull away from him as you push down your skirt. It covers your thighs but you still feel his come dripping down – you hope nobody sees it. The idea of everybody knowing you belong to Spencer is hot, but at the same time it’s fucking scary.
Excitingly scary.
Once you’re all fixed and set, you head out of the bathroom stall. Spencer sneaks up behind you and gets out before you can say another word. You’re tempted to get back inside and clean yourself but you don’t want to disobey Spencer’s orders, because he’ll find out – and you hate punishments.
When you step out of the bathroom, you almost bump into Morgan.
You can feel your cheeks heating up. “Hey Derek.”
He looks extremely good today, wearing that white shirt tight around his biceps. You’ve wondered many times about touching them and gripping them, dreaming about scratching them as he touches you and does things to you that Spencer would probably allow.
Derek eyes you up and down, raising a brow. “You okay?”
Snapping you out of your thoughts, you give him a weak smile. “Of course, it’s really hot today. That’s...”
He hums, not really believing your answer. “Right, it’s hot. Let’s just hope it’s going to rain tonight.”
Spencer is listening to your conversation, crossing his arms and looking at you from the glass doors. He can see how you’re squirming in front of Derek, how you’re squeezing your thighs. He knows your body better than you do: you want Derek.
He doesn’t blame you, Derek is a really attractive man.
“I have a report to give you, the one you asked me this morning. I finally finished it. – you say, changing the topic before you get more nervous – Come to my office and I’ll give it to you.”
Derek watches you walk away in silence, his eyes landing on your thighs. He can see something dripping down and when Spencer touches his shoulder, he connects the dots: you went to the bathroom and immediately after, your boyfriend followed you. Both of you didn’t think anybody would notice but Derek did, laughing to himself and shaking his head from behind his desk.
He doesn’t blame Spencer for wanting you, you're an incredible woman.
Attractive, smart, fun.
Spencer walks back to his desk, sitting on his chair with his legs crossed. He wants to see what Derek is going to do now that he has seen what happened in the bathroom. Is he going to make a move on you or is he going to be the incredibly respectful best friend he’s always been to Spencer?
You run your fingers through your hair, letting out a soft sigh. You’re pretty sure your colleague has understood what happened to you and why you were so flustered as you talked to him. You just hope he’s not going to say anything to Emily – or you’ll get kicked out of the team.
Sex can’t be the reason you quit this job.
Derek waits for a few seconds before heading to your office, knocking on the door.
“Come in!”
“Hey. – says Derek, stepping inside your office with a smile – I didn’t want to rush you with the report, I could’ve waited until tomorrow or the end of the week.”
You give him a reassuring smile, squeezing your legs once again. How can he be so fucking hot? And how amazing would he be with those strong hands, holding you down and...
Derek snaps his fingers in front of your face. “Y/N?”
Blinking, you get your attention back on him. “Yes? Sorry, I zoned out.”
He releases a soft laugh, crossing his arms to his chest. “I noticed. Are you sure you’re okay? Do you want me to get you a snack?”
“No, don’t worry. Thank you for your concern, though. – you answer him, your eyes finding Spencer standing on the doorstep – Hey Reid.”
Spencer steps inside, closing the door behind his back.
Derek doesn’t say anything, turning around to look at your boyfriend before furrowing his brows in confusion. You don’t know why Spencer closed the door and came to your office because you don’t have anything to do or give him, but you’re not going to kick him out.
Having these two incredibly handsome men in the office is not a bad thing.
However it’s distracting and... Even though it’s time to go home, you don’t want to get too overwhelmed.
“I have a question for both of you.”
You stand up from your chair, confused. Derek is giving him the same exact look but he doesn’t pull back, interested in what Spencer has to say.
“How do you feel about group sex?”
Maybe you didn’t hear this correctly, maybe you misheard something.
How can Spencer be so casual about this?
“I mean, uh... – Derek is completely shocked, staring at Spencer in disbelief – I don’t have an answer right now.”
You shake your head, turning to look at your boyfriend. You don’t mind asking someone to join you and Spencer in the bedroom, but sometimes it’s nice to talk about a topic like this before actually asking the question and jumping into the event without thinking about it too much.
It’s Derek.
You would love to have him all over you.
However... It's weird. Maybe a bit embarrassing. Not uncomfortable but kind of.
Derek glances at you, noticing you’re staring at Spencer as if he just killed someone right in front of your face. He doesn’t blame you, he wasn’t expecting your boyfriend to ask him that kind of question either.
“Y/N, answer me.”
You snap out of your thoughts. “You know the answer.”
“Say it anyway. Derek doesn’t. – Spencer tells you, walking towards you before placing a hand over your shoulder – He will be pleased.”
You bite your bottom lip, gulping as you look back at your other colleague. Spencer’s fingers are caressing your shoulder in the same spot where he left a mark with his teeth, your skin still warm because of it.
Derek doesn’t seem uncomfortable.
“I’d like to, uh... – Spencer touches your shoulder again, giving the support you so desperately seek to talk – I would love to join us in bed.”
You and Spencer had this talk before.
When he told you that he would like to add other people to your sex life, you were ecstatic because group sex has always been one of your fantasies. Sex, oral sex, simple petting, whatever – you’re up for it and Spencer is interested as well, wanting to please you and wanting others to please you as well. At the same time you know that sometimes, couples who are inexperienced with these kinds of situations tend to get lost in their own little worlds, forgetting the third person because they’re too focused on bringing their fantasies alive.
The third person is not a toy, it’s a person; they have their own feelings, they own emotional baggage that might explode through or immediately after the experience which is why Spencer never wanted to have this kind of experience with someone they don’t know.
Derek seems the perfect addition to their fun, whether it's a one-time thing or more. Spencer wouldn’t mind the second option, if he has to be honest.
“We understand if you don’t want to, Derek. – you say, glancing at Spencer before turning to your colleague – And...”
Derek crosses his arms to his chest. “When?”
Spencer smirks at his answer, his hand sliding down to your hip. “Whenever you want. We’re free tonight, if you want.”
“Sounds like a plan. – says Derek, his eyes turning to your face – I can’t wait.”
When he leaves the room in silence, you can’t help but cover your mouth with a hand. Never in the world would you have thought you’d have the courage to say those things out loud but Spencer pushed you – and now you need to prepare for tonight.
“Oh my fuck.”
Spencer chuckles, pressing a kiss on your forehead. “Emphasis on fuck.”
You’re sitting on your couch, your eyes low on the floor.
Derek and Spencer have been having a conversation ever since they stepped inside of your apartment, as if your boyfriend hadn't asked him to basically have a threesome with you and him a few hours before.
You’re a nervous wreck and you don’t know how they’re so calm.
It’s normal to be nervous about trying something new. Even though you trust Derek and you love him as a friend, you don’t know what to expect from this experience because you’ve never done it before.
Spencer hasn’t either, but Derek has. Apparently it was common for him in College to try new things and this happened to be one of them, one of his personal favourites.
You cross your legs, turning to look at Spencer. “Hm?”
“Come here, doll. - your boyfriend says, tapping his thighs - You seem nervous.”
You struggle to get up from the couch, your nerves getting the best of you. You want to try this, you want to do this and see how it feels for both you and Spencer - but at the same time you’re terrified of Derek’s judgment over you.
You know he would never belittle you or make fun of you for enjoying something in bed, he’s one the most open-minded people you’ve ever met. There’s a difference between talking about sex and having it, though - what if at the end of this experience your friendship will end?
That’s not something you want to happen.
“I’m very nervous. - you say, sitting on Spencer’s thighs with an arm looped around his neck - It’s not you, Derek. I just don’t want tonight to ruin our friendship.”
When you and Spencer started dating two years ago, you were much more closed up than right now. He taught you how to express your feelings, how to actually talk and say how you feel because communication is the only way you can salvage a relationship. Keeping everything inside is not good because it breaks you from the inside, destroying your relationship brick by brick no matter what the other person does.
No matter how scared or nervous you are, you have to tell the truth.
Derek scoots closer on the bed, his hands still on his thighs. He doesn’t want to touch you unless he has your permission - he might be incredibly attracted to you but he’s a decent human being and knows that if he even tries to touch you, you’ll bite his hand off.
“We’ll make sure to keep you pleased and comfortable, Y/N. - Derek says, his voice soothing your nerves and making your nose twitch - Me and Spencer are going to have so much fun.”
You glance at your boyfriend, your hand playing with the curls right behind his neck. “I know.”
Spencer slides his right hand between your legs, a soft moan leaving your lips at the same time Derek puts his left one on your thigh. You don’t know what to focus on first, so many things are happening at once: Spencer is pushing his fingers towards your panties, Derek is kissing down your shoulder and you find yourself closing your eyes and moaning their names.
Having sex with Spencer is one thing, but having sex with Spencer and Derek is on a whole other level.
It’s totally different from what you’re used to, but you can’t wait to try everything they want.
Being nervous is normal, but overcoming your nerves is going to allow you to enjoy everything and you don’t want to miss a single detail about tonight. You want to have fun, you want to please them, you want to see them crumble underneath your fingertips, you want them to not be able to think about anyone else but you for the next few days.
Or weeks, or months, or years.
You know it’s already going to happen with Spencer, but you want it to happen with Derek as well.
He needs to remember you everywhere he goes, even when he's in bed with someone else.
“Why don’t you strip down for us, doll?”
Spencer brushes the tip of his fingers up and down your slit covered by your panties, your head nodding as you try to wiggle out of his grip. Derek sits back down on the couch with a hand behind his neck, his eyes staring at you hungrily.
“Show Derek how beautiful you are, doll.”
“He already knows.” you say with a wink
Derek lets out a laugh, turning to Spencer. “She’s not wrong.”
You shrug off all your nerves as you start to unbutton your blouse. You want to give them a show but at the same time you want to be quick, needing to feel their hands all over you again - and for the whole night. Spencer licks his bottom lip, spreading his legs just enough to put a hand between them and cup his bulge.
He loves watching you and knowing that you’re stripping off not just for him, makes it incredibly hotter.
You lift your blouse and throw it on the floor, pushing your skirt down.
You’re still not wearing your panties because they’re inside Spencer’s pocket.
Derek licks his bottom lip and moves a hand forward, trying to touch you. You move closer to him before glancing at Spencer, him giving you a quick nod - even though this experience is all about sharing and giving each other pleasure, you want to be sure Spencer is okay.
“You’re gorgeous, Y/N. - Derek says, looking up at you - But you’d look better without this.”
His hands run up your back and unclasp your bra, sliding it off your shoulders.
Now you’re standing completely naked in front of two men all dressed up.
You thought you’d feel nervous but you don’t, you’re actually incredibly turned on. Their hungry eyes are staring you down, especially Spencer’s - he seems to be having the time of his life even though he hasn’t touched you yet and he’s still watching you with his colleague.
Derek presses a kiss on your belly as his hands cup your breasts, squeezing them lightly. “I’ve always dreamed of doing this to you. I knew you’d feel like this.”
You close your eyes and throw your head back, your nipples hardening against the palm of his hands. “Do it for as long as you want, sir.”
Spencer smirks, standing up from the couch and getting behind you. Biting your bottom lip, you try your best to focus on Derek’s tongue now swirling around your right nipple. A soft whimper comes out of your mouth as you struggle to stay still, Derek’s other hand gently spreading your legs.
“Do you like his touch on you, doll?”
You nod your head, Spencer’s hot breath lingering on your neck. “Yes, daddy.”
Derek is not surprised by the nickname you have Spencer as he looks up at you, admiring the way you’re arching your back and wiggling closer to him. His tongue slides around your nipple before he sucks on it, using both his hands to caress your inner thighs.
Spencer gives Derek a quick look and they both smirk. You don’t even notice their exchange of looks, too focused on the pleasure that both of them are bringing you. Spencer pushes his hips against your ass, his boner gently pressing against you.  His hands skimming over your hips before smacking your ass and at the same time, Morgan slides his left hand between your legs.
You whimper at the sudden touch, bending over when Morgan’s thumb brushes over your clit.
“Fuck, sir… I…”
Spencer slaps your ass once again, his chest on your back. “Are you that needy, doll?”
You quickly nod your head. There’s no point in lying to Spencer, especially if you know this could lead to him punishing you and making things worse - you don’t want punishments tonight, you just want all the pleasure they can give you.
“Keep your legs open for me, princess. - Derek says, snapping you out of your thoughts - I want to see all of you.”
Spencer forces your legs open as he keeps you still, his mouth attacking your neck and his teeth sinking into your skin. You let out a loud moan, gripping his arm when Derek slips two fingers inside of you - you immediately clench around him, your wetness making it easier for him to start fucking you.
He’s quick, pushing in and out of you.
“Let us hear you doll, we want to know how good we’re making you feel. - Spencer whispers in your ear, his right hand travelling up to your face - My good girl, you look incredible right now.”
You whine at his words, your hips grinding against Derek’s fingers. “Please, sir, I…”
You want to beg Derek to touch you more, you want him to push another finger in, you want his mouth, you want everything he can give you but right now you can’t talk. You can’t manage to use your words to form a coherent sentence because you’re overwhelmed - and they’ve just gotten started.
How is this possible?
Spencer takes a step back and you fall against him, your mouth slightly open as a chorus of little moans and pleads comes out of it. Derek gets off the couch, immediately getting on your knees.
You can’t even look down at him because soon you feel his mouth attaching to your clit, your hands flying behind his head to push him closer to you. You were not expecting this and the sounds coming out of your mouth are proof of it, your body almost collapsing.
“Fuck! Fuck, Derek.”
Spencer nudges his nose against your neck. “Is he making you feel good, doll? Do you have having his fingers and his tongue fucking you?”
You nod your head, incapable of moving. You grind against Derek’s fingers and moan when his lips suck on your clit, the pleasure spreading rapidly within you - you want to come, you know you’re close but you’re scared of saying anything.
Spencer smacks your ass, watching it bounce before pushing his trousers down. “Oh, you’re close? Do you want us to make you come, doll? Do you want me to give you permission to come?”
You struggle to nod your head, gasping when Derek pushes a third finger inside of you. Your arousal is coating his hand and half of his face, his lips now pressing kisses on your inner thigh.
He looks up at you, smirking at the sight. “I think she has earned it, Spencer. Don’t you agree?”
Your boyfriend nods, kicking his trousers away from the carpet. “I do. Make her come, Derek. Come on.”
Morgan doesn’t need to be told twice, his fingers picking up the pace. You gasp at the sudden sensation and you push his head between your legs, his mouth attacking you and devouring you. You were expecting him to be incredible with his mouth, but fuck, not like this.
You moan his name, throwing your head back as Spencer lets his cock spring free. You can feel it touching your ass, pre-cum leaking down and smearing all over your skin.
You want to focus on both: Spencer’s cock and Derek’s tongue and fingers, but then the second gets the best of you.
And soon you’re coming, a loud whine coming out of your mouth.
You don’t even realise Spencer has a hand wrapped around your neck until you feel his fingers digging into your skin, his mouth biting and licking the soft skin of your throat. Derek hasn’t stopped his ministrations on you, the pleasure getting almost painful.
You try to shuffle away from him but you don’t really want to do that, you want more.
One orgasm is gone, but you hope there will be more coming.
“That’s it, doll, you did so good for us. - Spencer whispers in your ear - Doesn’t she taste amazingly, Derek?”
Derek stands up from the floor, licking his bottom lip. “She does. Do you want to taste it yourself, Y/N? Do you want to know how sweet you taste?”
You can’t even nod before Derek leans forward and connects his lips with yours, his tongue sliding inside of your mouth. Spencer grinds his hips against you, watching you as you lazily make out with his colleague right in front of him.
The sight is just so fucking exciting.
You can taste your arousal on Morgan’s lips, your arms immediately wrapping around his neck to deepen the kiss. You can’t get enough of him but you want your boyfriend as well, so you slowly pull away from the kiss.
When you turn around, Derek lifts his shirt off his chest and throws it on the floor. You run your hands all over Spencer’s torso, leaning forward to leave kisses all over his tender skin until you’re down on your knees for him.
It doesn’t take long for you to suck his cock into your mouth, bobbing his head up and down. Spencer hasn’t asked you to do anything but you know his expression, you know his eyes and you can recognize his body language.
He needs this.
“Show Morgan how good you are at sucking my cock, doll. - Spencer mumbles, running his fingers through your hair - Let us see those pretty eyes.”
When you open your eyes, you notice both of them are staring you down. Morgan is beside Spencer and they’re both completely naked now - they look so fucking good, you wish you could look at them for hours and months and years.
You feel so fucking lucky right now.
Lazily blinking, you slide your tongue all over Spencer’s length. He grips your hair and tugs on them, forcing you to take all of his cock inside your mouth - you gag around it but you keep your eyes on his face, not wanting him to miss a single second.
In the corner of your eyes you see Morgan slowly stroking his cock, long but thicker than Spencer’s. You wonder if you’re going to feel both of them inside of you, you wonder if Spencer is going to allow you to ride Morgan - he probably will.
“Suck him off as well, doll. He deserves to know how your mouth feels.”
You pull away from Spencer’s length, your saliva sliding down your chin. Spencer doesn’t need to tell you twice as you turn your head to Derek, looking up at him and gripping the base of his cock in your hand. You stroke it just a little bit, precum leaking all over it.
“Go ahead, princess. Let me see how good you suck my cock. - Derek says, putting a hand behind your hair and grabbing a handful of it - “You already look amazing on your knees, you’re going to look much better with my cock down your throat.”
You wink at him because you know it’s true, so you lean forward and you open your mouth. Derek pushes himself inside of it and lets out a huge sigh, admiring the way your lips are tightly wrapped around his length. He feels your tongue running up and down his shaft, your cheeks hollowing and making everything even better.
Spencer is touching himself as well, admiring the way you move up and down his cock.
You pull away for a split second, licking the head of his cock. “Am I being good, daddy?”
Your boyfriend nods, licking his bottom lip. “You are indeed, doll. You’re always good, so eager to please me and today, to please him.”
Derek is too focused on the pleasure caused by your mouth, humming in pleasure and his head falling back. His fingers grip your hair and force his cock down your throat, making you gag at the gesture - you don’t pull away.
That was fucking hot.
Using your mouth on Derek, you glance at your boyfriend as you realise something. He deserves a little touching so you move your right hand to his cock; you wrap your fingers around the base of it and you start to stroke it, moaning around Derek’s length.
It’s difficult to focus on two things at once, especially if you have tears in your eyes and you can feel your arousal dripping down your thighs.
You love giving blowjobs and you love pleasuring your boyfriend even more.
The pleasure is ready to explode through you but you’re not surprised.
This can easily push you to have your second orgasm.
“Princess, can I fuck your mouth? Please. - Derek whispers, his voice sounding much needier than before - I have to.”
You don’t even look at Spencer, nodding your head. “Yes, do it sir. Please, use my mouth.”
Putting your left hand behind your back to focus on his pleasure without stopping to touch your boyfriend’s cock, you keep your eyes on Derek’s face. He starts rocking his hips back and forth, his cock sliding down your tongue and hitting the back of your throat over and over again.
Saliva is dripping down your chin, tears streaming down your cheeks.
This is so fucking good.
Spencer pushes your hand away, stroking his cock by himself. He wants to admire the show you’re putting on for him and for Derek, he wants him to come down your throat and watch you swallow every fucking drop.
“F-fuck, Y/N, you’re so fucking good.”
You can feel Derek twitching in your mouth so you lazily blink, staring at him. You allow him to take a hold of your head, snapping his hips back and forth as he fucks your mouth over and over. You don’t want him to stop, you need to feel him come down your throat.
You want him so fucking bad, it’s overwhelming.
Derek grunts as he keeps moving inside of your mouth, his thrusts slowing and faltering until you feel the first drops of come filling your mouth. A second later he empties himself inside of your mouth, forcing you to almost choke on his come - you wouldn’t change a thing, though.
“That’s my good girl. - Spencer announces, smiling proudly - Swallow it, doll.”
You do, the salty taste expanding in your mouth.
“Such a cumslut, aren’t you?” says Morgan
You blush – of course you are, has he seen Spencer Reid?
You love this a little too much.
Spencer is the one pulling you up to your feet, wrapping his arms around you before dipping down and kissing your mouth.
It’s the first kiss he gives you since this whole experience started and it feels so fucking incredible, his lips mixing with yours and your tongue melting against his. His hands are brushing over the tender skin of your hips, before they slide down to your thighs as he squeezes them.
He hasn’t had his orgasm yet.
And you know exactly how to give it to him.
“That was fucking hot, princess. – Derek says, gently pulling you towards him as Spencer sits on the couch with his legs spread open – I’ll definitely need you to do this more.”
Giggling, you nod your head. “Gladly, sir, if my daddy allows it.”
Spencer taps his thighs. “I will but now I want to fuck your pretty pussy, doll. I’ve missed it.”
“Are you going to come inside of her just like you did this afternoon? – Derek asks, his smirk spreading at your shocked expression – I saw his come dripping down your thighs, princess. It was fucking hot, I hope to watch mine doing that tonight.”
Your boyfriend chuckles, tapping his thighs. “You will, Derek, don’t worry. She’ll be good for you and she’ll take your come inside of her pretty pussy. Won’t you, doll?”
You whine but don’t complain, immediately sitting over Spencer’s thighs. Of course you want Morgan to come inside of you, of course you want to ride his beautiful cock but right now all you care about is fucking Spencer – and feeling his come inside of you, warming you and filling you up so fucking nicely.
You need it, your whole body aches for it.
Spencer grabs the base of his cock and brushes it against your wet folds before letting it sink inside of you. He doesn’t wait for you to adjust – Derek’s fingers did all the work before – because he starts bucking his hips up, fucking you just like you need it.
Derek is staring at you, watching your mouth opening and letting out the softest of sounds. Your back is arching, your hands are scratching your boyfriend’s chest and you don’t even know how to steady yourself.
That’s when he settles behind you, on his knees.
His mouth attacks your neck exactly where Spencer’s was before, his right hand sliding down your chest to settle right above your pussy.
Derek can feel Spencer’s cock pushing in and out of you, but his attention is all on your clit. He starts massaging it, making you whimper his name in pleasure – you start bouncing on Spencer’s cock, allowing yourself to drown in the pleasure.
Your mind is blank.
“Oh fuck, daddy, please...”
Spencer grips your breasts, squeezing them harshly. “Please what, doll? Tell me what you’re begging me for.”
You whine, struggling to open your mouth again. “Fuck me harder, please. Daddy, I need it so fucking bad.”
“Such dirty words coming out of such a pretty mouth. – Derek intervenes, slapping your clit with his hand – You look so fucking hot on his cock, though. You’re taking it so well.”
You whimper at the gesture, rolling your hips. “It’s my day job, you know.”
Spencer chuckles at your response, nodding his head. “It surely is.”
Derek teases your clit again, pressing down on it with his thumb while Spencer picks up the pace of his thrusts. You can feel yourself ready to jump over the edge of the pleasure, but you don’t know if you can come.
Spencer gives you that permission by grabbing you by the face and pulling you down, kissing you harshly. You moan over his lips, feeling Morgan’s finger massage your clit even quicker than before.
Spencer’s cock pushing in and out of you, and Morgan’s finger teasing you so well, are enough.
And soon you’re coming again, your arousal drenching Spencer’s cock and Morgan’s finger. You see stars as you almost fall back against your colleague’s chest, whimpering both their names and moving your hips.
Your whole body is shaking, you don’t even know what you’re saying. You’re begging them, you’re calling out their names – nothing that’s coming out of your mouth makes sense but they don’t seem to care.
“Fuck, I’m going to fill you up so fucking good. – Spencer mumbles, pinching both your nipples – Take it all, you fucking whore.”
When Spencer's thrusts inside of you start to falter, Morgan picks up the pace and uses his thumb to massage your clit. His mouth is leaving kisses up and down your back, while his free hand is smacking your ass – now there are two sets of handprints on your skin.
You can’t wait to take pictures of their signs all over your body, you’re dying to show them all to your boyfriend and giggle with him about this incredible experience.
Spencer’s mouth is still covering yours as his seed finally spills deep within you, warming you from the inside and allowing you to ride out your orgasm until you’re panting and withering on top of him.
“You’re definitely cumslut. – Derek adds with a chuckle, watching you collapse on top of your boyfriend – You did so good for us, princess. You’re incredible.”
Spencer wraps both his arms around your waist. “Did you hear what he said, doll? You should be proud of yourself, you did really well.”
You mumble something, too busy coming down from this orgasm. You know you did good, you know you were fucking incredible and you made both of them come at least once but you want more.
On the other hand, you’re totally spent.
You can barely lift your head to look at one of them in the eyes.
Spencer’s cock twitches when you roll your hips, his come dripping down your body. He slowly pulls out of you and presses a kiss on your forehead, watching Derek as he runs his fingers between your legs to collect Spencer’s come.
And then he pushes his fingers deep inside of you, fucking your boyfriend’s come back inside of you.
You don’t even whimper, used to the gesture. Spencer always does it every single time he can come inside of you, he finds it extremely fascinating and hot to know that he’s marking you again and again.
“Thank you.” you manage to say
Derek leaves a kiss on your shoulder before sitting on the couch beside you, admiring your body curling up on Spencer’s chest. Your arms are wrapped around his neck and you’re clinging onto him, not wanting to leave him.
Your body feels like it’s on fire.
You’re so fucking tired, you can barely feel your legs.
“She’s exhausted. – you can hear Spencer whispering – It was fun, wasn’t it?”
“Yes, it was. We should do this more often. I didn’t know you had it in you.”
As they laugh, you slip into a state of slumber.
Tonight was fun.
You definitely want to do this again.
Maybe next time you’ll be able to feel Morgan inside of you.
You can’t wait.
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radiant-reid · a day ago
Wherever I'm going, I'm happy you're coming
Tumblr media
A/n: This was requested by @lhhluvr, based on the song 'Pretty Boy' by The Neighbourhood, which was written about Spencer Reid (I refuse to believe otherwise) Requests are still open
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Fem!Reader
Genre: fluff
WC: 2.8k
CW: nothing ??
"Hey, baby, I'm home!" Y/n yelled out as she walked into their shared apartment, dropping her bag on the floor and her keys on the sideboard.
"In here, my love," Spencer replied. Y/n took the few steps into the lounge/dining room.
Their apartment was far from big, a bathroom, a bedroom, a kitchen, and a living room they had a small dining room table in. But, it was comfortable and only a few blocks from Caltech, close enough for Spencer to walk.
It was the place that they had lived together since the start of Y/n's junior year at college, half a year after they started dating. To most people, it would have seemed rushed. But they met a semester into Y/n's freshman year at UCLA. Spencer had been a teacher's assistant for Y/n's undergraduate mathematics class. Despite the fact, his degrees came from a different college, Y/n's professor was once his at Caltech.
Y/n had made the fortunate decision to go to his office hours before her midterm with a concept she didn't get. She was met with the incredibly young-looking TA, who she had wrongly assumed was her professor's high school-aged son.
She was so used to the frat boys who didn't care about her that Spencer was a breath of fresh air at first. As she got to know him, she realized how amazing he was. Funny, intelligent, quirky, and really handsome.
When she learned they were the same age, she knew she was interested in being more than friends. His nervousness only made him more endearing. It took him 3 dates to touch her, but after that, he hadn't stopped.
They were absolutely, hopelessly in love.
Spencer was sat at the table, looking over some paperwork, what she assumed was another paper he'd aced.
Y/n smiled involuntarily when she saw him, walking over to wrap her arms around his chest, resting her chin on his shoulder.
"Missed you today." She mumbled absentmindedly. Despite whatever short amount of time they spent apart, Y/n always missed him.
Spencer turned to place a kiss on her cheek. "Missed you too."
"What did you want to talk about?" She asked him quietly, still wrapped up in the warm atmosphere they had. It was theirs, away from all the tests, exams, classmates, parents, bills, and stresses of their lives.
Spencer flipped the paper over so she could see the front page. Written across it was 'employment contract.' Y/n pulled away from him, furrowing her eyebrows, not remembering when Spencer applied for a job.
Spencer looked up at her apologetically, but Y/n wasn't sure why. "What's happening?" She asked him, growing nervous with every moment he didn't speak.
The worst conclusion she jumped to was that he wanted to break up, and she had no idea how she'd deal with that. She wasn't sure why she thought that. Maybe because it was the worst thing that could ever happen to her.
"Can we sit?" Spencer requested, gesturing to the couch.
Y/n nodded, her heart starting to race as she prepared for the bad news. She sat down, and Spencer sat next to her, his contract in hand.
"Are we breaking up?" She spluttered out before she could stop herself.
Her heart was thumping in her chest, feeling like the walls were closing in on her.
Spencer shook his head, giving her instant relief. "What? No. Not at all. Wait, do you want to?" His own doubt started to show.
"No, not at all." Y/n breathed out. "I love you." She reminded him.
"I love you too," Spencer replied, gazingly lovingly into her eyes.
He leaned in gently to place his lips to hers, always so delicate like he was going to break her. She wrapped her arms around his neck, lovingly kissing him back.
With both of them fully reassured of each other's love, Y/n turned her attention back to the paper in Spencer's hand, putting her own hands on top of his. "So, what's happening?"
"Oh right," Spencer remembered, drawing his eyes off Y/n with some difficulty. "Do you remember last month when I met with Jason Gideon?" He asked her. Y/n nodded. How could she forget? Spencer tried on a hundred different shirt and tie combinations, Y/n reassuring him each one looked nice. She had only seen him that nervous a handful of times. "He wants me to join the FBI," Spencer announced, the secret finally out.
Y/n's eyes widened in shock as her mouth dropped open. "Really? Spence, that's amazing!" She exclaimed happily. "You'd get to help people every day."
Spencer was thankful her reaction was so positive. He thought it would be, but he was nervous she'd take it the wrong way. Plus, he had conveniently not told her the full story. He felt guilty and horrible that he was about to ask her to uproot her whole life to move across the country with him.
And if she said no, he wasn't sure how he could live without her. All his bad thoughts were playing on a loop in his head.
Y/n's face dropped slightly when she noticed Spencer's troubled look. "Spencer, what's wrong?" She asked.
"The job is in Quantico. In Virginia." He stammered out.
Y/n almost looked like she was about to cry. "So we are breaking up?" She choked out, on the verge of tears.
Spencer let out a sigh, not sure if he should break up with her and save her the pain, or ask her to come with him. "I don't want to." He carefully stated, dancing around the facts.
"So you're about to ask me if I want to come?" Y/n preempted.
Spencer sighed, placing his head in his hands. "Y/n, I love you. More than I ever thought one person could love another." He started. "And I want you to come with me." He gently told her.
"So, we're good then? I'll come with you." Y/n figured, unsure about what had him so freaked out.
Spencer lightly nodded. "That's all I want." He replied. "But, I feel terrible about asking you to move across the country with me." He confessed.
Y/n shook her head, placing a finger under Spencer's chin, making him look at her. "Spencer, I hope you know that wherever you're going, I'm coming." She reminded him. "So long as you want me to."
"I do. You're the only thing I want to take with me." Spencer affirmed. "But I'm not sure I want to take the job." She remembered how excited Spencer had been once he came back from talking with Gideon.
Y/n stopped him for just a second, reaching out to grab his hands. "Spencer, there isn't one thing that could deter me from wanting to be with you." She reassured him. "Seriously, I'm there through thick and thin. Whatever challenge we might face. What's giving you doubts?"
Spencer had never been more grateful for her, squeezing her hands before speaking. "The job is in Quantico, but I'd be traveling around the country to catch criminals." He confessed. "I wouldn't be with you much of the time."
"Okay, you finally invested in a cellphone, so we can talk whenever you have time." Y/n figured out loud.
Spencer nodded, that was one thing ticked off his list. "You've still got half of your senior year left." He reminded her, aware of how hard she'd worked for the undergraduate degree. "Not to mention you're doing your master's degree starting next year. They want me there as soon as I can be."
Y/n nodded, thinking through the problem. "I'm sure I can transfer my credits."
"There is Georgetown University," Spencer mentioned, slightly smiling. It was like he had granted himself a moment to live out the dream in his head.
"See, so that'll be okay," Y/n said, seeing she had convinced him. "What else is bothering you, sweet boy?" She asked, sweeping stray hair off his forehead.
Spencer took a deep breath in, trying to calm the nerves that had been growing for far too long. He knew the adrenaline and cortisol were racing around his body, driving him to make a decision.
He'd felt like that before, during final exams, or around Y/n. But it had never been as bad as it was at that moment. His heart was beating so loud he wanted to puke.
Spencer let go of her hands, putting his contract down and reaching into his back pocket. It was his fight, flight, or freeze moment. And for once, he wasn't going to freeze.
He knew it couldn't have been nicer, but he didn't want to wait any longer.
When he looked back at Y/n, she had tears in her eyes. There was only one explanation for him being down on one knee, twisting a red velvet box in his slender fingers.
Sucking in a breath, he started. "I've known about what love actually is, scientifically, for years. And I wasn't sure I'd ever feel it. Y/n, you're the first person I've ever loved. You've taught me more important lessons than any book. And I'm not sure of anything in my future, but I know I want you in it." Spencer had thought about what he'd say for weeks, ever since he acquired the ring. "I'm going to stop myself before I start rambling." He stated, eliciting a slight giggle from Y/n, who was crying lightly. "So, uh, Y/n Y/m/n Y/l/n, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?" He finally asked, opening the ring box so she could see the silver band topped with a pear-shaped diamond.
"Yes, Spencer, a million times yes!" She declared, throwing her arms around his neck.
Spencer stood up, pulling her up off the couch and into a tight hug, his arms firmly around her waist. Y/n leaned back, holding his face as she admired his features. She paused for a moment before placing a kiss on his lips. Warm and full of love.
When they pulled back, Spencer was giggling, shaking his head. "That would have been really awkward if you didn't want to move with me." He joked, making Y/n laugh through her tears. With the pads of his thumbs, he wiped them away. "I hate making you cry." He mentioned, thinking back to the 3 occasions he'd made her cry and the numerous times he'd seen her crying.
Y/n shook her head, tears still falling. "They're happy tears." She assured him, grinning a little bit more.
"Good," Spencer whispered, kissing her again.
Y/n smiled against his lips, pulling back and laughing. Spencer frowned at her. "You didn't give me my ring." She offered as an explanation.
"Ohh, right." Spencer let out, unsure of how he could have forgotten when it was still in his hand. "Here." He told her, taking the ring out of the box and slipping it on her finger.
Y/n couldn't take her eyes off it. It wasn't big or showy, more simple and elegant. The band where the diamond was attached was littered with tiny little gemstones.
"Spence, are these?" Y/n asked, eyes filling with tears again.
"A mix of your birthstone and mine," Spencer replied, anticipating the rest of her question.
Y/n shook her head. "Spencer, it's so beautiful." She couldn't believe it, completely in awe as she moved her finger around to admire every inch of it. "I love it. Thank you."
"Thank you," Spencer replied. He had been so unsure whether or not she was going to agree that the ring had sat in his pocket for a week.
And now he'd done it. The ring was in its rightful place.
"I'm just so lucky," Spencer said, twirling a strand of her hair in his fingers.
"Spencer, I'm the lucky one," Y/n replied, finally looking up at him with a smile. "I do have something to ask, though." She requested.
Spencer wasn't worried about what she was about to ask. The ring was on her finger. "Yeah?"
"Can we wait to get married? Like a year or two?" Y/n asked.
Spencer nodded, smiling at her. "Yeah, of course. We can wait until you have a Ph.D. even." He told her.
Y/n rolled her eyes, not enrolled in a doctorate program. Spencer had been urging her to since she got accepted into her master's degree.
"It would be cool if we're Dr. and Dr. Reid." Y/n figured with a laugh.
"Hi, darling." Spencer hummed, wrapping his arms tightly around Y/n's waist, resting his head on her shoulder. Her back was flush against his front.
Dressed in a mini, sparkly silver dress, Y/n stood at the floor-to-ceiling window in the lounge room of their penthouse apartment in Dupont Circle, looking out at the view of dark DC.
"Hi," Y/n murmured, her hands resting on top of his. "Is it time to go?" She asked, still not able to take her eyes off the city skyline.
Despite having lived in DC for 12 years, it was still just as beautiful, especially with the twinkling lights of the city.
"Uh, check." Spencer directed, twisting his wrist around so she could see the time on his watch.
"6:48," Y/n announced. "You're early for once." She joked, feeling the vibrations of Spencer's chest as he laughed.
She had thought it would have taken him more than 23 minutes to get changed into his black tuxedo and white shirt.
"Do you ever think about this?" Y/n asked, her mind thinking as they stood there.
She would never get sick of the feeling of being in Spencer's arms, even as they got stronger over the years.
"Think about what, baby?" Spencer asked her, absentmindedly toying with the ring on her finger.
Y/n shrugged shyly. "Just us. We used to be so young. Now we're here." She attempted to explain.
"I know." Spencer agreed. "Just look where we made it."
She was looking, pinching herself every day that she had the life she'd dreamed of. A life she could only imagine when Spencer asked her to marry him.
"Daddy!" The cheers came, followed by tiny footsteps. Spencer's hands released from her waist as he spun around, Y/n doing the same thing.
Spencer bent down, opening his arms for 6-year-old Ethan and 4-year-old Sienna to run into. He placed a kiss on their curly brown hair while Y/n awed at them. Spencer had always been the best father to their 3 children. He truly was the perfect man.
"They wanted to come and say goodbye," Penelope explained, following the couple's children into the room, bundled blankets in her arms.
Y/n nodded, walking over at placing a kiss on the forehead of the newest member of the Reid family, sweet baby Willow. Both of them had promised it would be their last. They both wanted another after Spencer got out of prison.
"She's so beautiful," Penelope commented, cooing at the baby in her arms.
Y/n nodded. "Finally, the first one that looks like I was involved." She joked, nodding towards Spencer and the two 'big' kids who were identical to him.
"You're all so perfect," Penelope mentioned, tracing a finger over Willow's cheek. "Thanks for letting me watch them."
Y/n giggled, shaking her head. "I should be thanking you." She reminded her. "We'll be back around 11 if that's alright?" She mentioned.
Doctor Reid and Doctor Reid were going out for dinner with Spencer's teaching colleagues at his university as an end-of-semester celebration.
Penelope nodded. "It's absolutely never a problem to watch my angels." She told Y/n.
As if they were summonsed by their godmother's words, Sienna and Ethan attached themselves to her legs. Spencer appearing beside her, all 3 of them admiring the baby.
Y/n leaned down, placing a kiss on both of their foreheads. "Daddy and I will be back later on, okay?" She told them.
Ethan and Sienna nodded, matching brown curls bouncing as they looked at their mother.
"Okay, now be good for Auntie P," Y/n warned them, flashing stern eyes before smiling again, wrapping them in a hug.
"Love you, Mommy."
"Love, Mommy."
"I love you both too, so, so, so much," Y/n replied, placing a kiss on each of their foreheads before standing up. They took that as their cue to run off to the playroom.
Spencer took her head, both of them placing a kiss on Willow's head before making their way to the door.
"Bye, P, love you." Y/n waved goodbye to Penelope, standing with their daughter to see the couple off.
"Thank you, Garcia," Spencer called.
"Have fun!" Penelope yelled back, slightly bouncing the baby in her arms.
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boldlyvoid · 2 days ago
Paging Dr. Reid
Tumblr media
Summary: After being shot once again, Spencer invites the doctor who patched him up over for drinks... she ends up inside him all over again.
warnings: gun violence switch reader and spencer, age difference (9 years), pegging, rimming, oral (female receiving) strap-ons, sex toys, multiple orgasms, penetrative sex (both of them get fucked in this btw)
Word Count: 4.1K
a/n: i've been working on this for Months™ i'm so glad it's finally finished!
Y/N was the best trauma surgeon in all of Bethesda General Hospital. Having blown through medical school by the time she was 18, spending the last 10 years mastering her craft.
“Derek just called me, his buddy from the FBI’s been shot and we need the best hands on deck,” Savannah rushed through the sentence as she ran up to Y/N.
“Tell me what OR and I’m there,” she said, getting cut off by the sound of EMTs rushing him in.
“38-year-old GSW to the lower abdomen, massive blood loss but we’ve managed to slow the bleeding.”
“Follow me,” Y/N instructed, taking hold of the gurney and rushing him to OR 4. Her lucky OR.
The surgery was rough. A bullet had struck him in the side, avoiding his kidneys, pancreas and barely fucking up his intestines— but still entering and exiting his body in one clean motion. She took her time, making sure to patch him up to the best of her ability to leave minimal scarring on his tummy one day.
She didn’t know anything more about him till he woke up the next day and asked to meet ‘the doctor who saved his life,’ just a tad overdramatic but she thought it was cute. So she made her way to the agent’s recovery room.
She knocked on the door lightly, a pretty blond woman was sitting with him when she arrived. “Hi, agent Reid? I heard you were asking for me?”
“I’ll see you later Spence,” the woman smiled at him softly before squeezing past Y/N in the doorway.
“Doctor, but you can just call me Spencer,” he welcomed her into the room. “I wanted to thank you.”
“The pleasure is all mine,” she assured him. “It’s not every day I get to add ‘saved a fellow genius,’ to my resume.”
“Fellow?” she was met with an inquisitive stare.
She sighed lightly, giving herself away when she was trying to be modest about it at work. “You know who Doogie Howser is right?”
“The doctor from the television show who graduated medical school at 15?”
“That’s the one,” she laughed. “I finished high school at 13 and medical school at 20.”
“You got a medical degree in that time I managed to get 3 PhDs,” he politely bragged.
She smiled, feeling like she might have found someone on her level for the first time in years. It was just the large age gap that made it feel wrong, not even the fact that she was the one inside his body a few hours ago, sewing him back together.
“This might be inappropriate, but would you like to get a drink when you’re all healed up?” She took her shot.
His face lit up, he tried to sit up a little bit more before wincing a little. Sending Y/N hands flying to his side as she pressed on his bandages lightly. Shushing him as he winced.
“Yes please,” he said. Their faces were so close together as she held him in her reflexes.
She was lost in his eyes, his hand over hers on the side of his chest while they looked at each other. He looked like she took his breath away, but she knew it was all from the pain in his side and the fact he declined pain medication.
She backed up slowly, blushing slightly as his hand lingered on hers. “Try not to move so suddenly for the first few days.”
“Makes sense,” he smiled at her. “Can I have your number so we can get that drink you mentioned?”
“Of course,” she nodded feverishly. She took her pen and a business card out of her doctor’s coat, writing down the 10 digit number and placing it back in his hand.
“I’ll leave you to your recovery, doctor Reid,” she made sure to correct herself.
“Thank you again, doctor Y/L/N,” he waved.
12 weeks went by and she heard nothing from Spencer. She knew her exact words were ‘when you’re all healed up,’ she just didn’t expect him to take it so literally. He was either waiting till he was fully healthy, or he just didn’t want to talk to her again. Either way, she hasn't been able to stop thinking about him.
She thought they had a real moment. His big chocolate puppy dog eyes made her feel so safe and calm at that moment she wished she could live there forever.
“Earth to Y/N,” Savannah waved her hand in front of her face. “Are you okay?”
“Yeah,” she cleared her throat. “Actually no, would you tell Derek I have a message for Doctor Reid if he ever decides to actually call me?”
Savannah looked surprised, “okay, I see you.” She teased her. “Derek’s going to love this.”
Apparently, Derek and Spencer were very close, close enough that Savanah agreed to name her son Hank Spencer Morgan. Her opinion of him mattered a lot to Y/N. Savanah was her best friend at work, the only one who didn’t seem to put her career above people’s feelings.
By the time she was back in her apartment for the night, an unknown number started blowing up her phone.
“Well, well, well,” she took a leap of faith and teased the caller in hopes it was Spencer.
“Hi.” She heard his sweet voice finally. “I’m sorry I didn’t call sooner, I thought I imagined a hot doctor was hitting on me because of the anesthesia.” He apologized with brutal honesty.
He made her laugh, “guess again, handsome.”
“If you’d still like that drink, I’m making pasta and I have a new bottle of wine you could help me break into?” He offered.
“Is this a date Doctor Reid?” She blushed.
“The first of many I hope,” she could hear his smile on his voice.
“Text me the address, I’ll be there in an hour,” she said before hanging up. Rushing to her bathroom to start the shower.
She got all dolled up just to sit in an older man’s apartment. Legs shaved, new underwear she’s been dying to break out, the best bra she owns and a dress to cover it all. She was excited to see his reaction, yet her leg wouldn’t stop bouncing the entire Uber ride to his place.
His apartment building was nice, well taken care of and surprisingly larger than it looked from the outside. She eventually found his door, knocking 3 times and trying her best to look calm.
“Wow,” he was blown away by her the moment he opened the door.
“I could’ve shown up naked and it would still be better than my ugly blue scrubs,” she nervously laughed as she was ushered into his apartment.
He laughed, “that would’ve been interesting for sure.”
His apartment smelled amazing, she followed her nose to the kitchen where he was making, homemade and absolutely authentic, Italian Carbonara.
“It smells fantastic,” she complimented him. Picking up a wooden spatula and lightly moving the onions and pancetta around so it wouldn’t burn on him.
“Thanks,” he let out a deep sigh, “I did my absolute best to copy my coworker’s recipe.
Her heart swooned. He really cared about impressing her, “is there anything I can do to help?” She offered.
“Nope, if you want to sit at the counter here, I can open that bottle of wine?” He suggested.
“I’d love to,” she said. Walking around his kitchen counter island to sit on the stool.
He set out placemats and fancy napkins, there were candles lit all around the room as soft piano music carried through the room from a nearby record player. It felt like she slipped back to the 60s, and this man was trying to woo her.
It was working, if he wasn’t already smart and sexy this would have been the main selling point. He made her realize just how much she had been settling for decent men in the past when perfection was only a few blocks away.
“So, how long have you known Savannah?” Spencer asked as he began to unscrew the wine.
“We were surgical interns together, we’re actually the only two from our year to be hired on as residents in the ER,” She subtly bragged. For once she didn’t feel like it would scare him off or wound his ego like it would with most men she knew.
“So, you’re almost 30 now?” He asked lightly, not wanting to offend her but also not wanting to break any laws.
She laughed, “just turned 29 in January.”
“Good, 29 was a great year for me,” he added before popping the cork out of the wine bottle.
He poured her a decent-sized glass and passed it over to her. “Thank you. You know, I would never have thought you were 38 but the EMTs wouldn’t lie to me.”
“No they wouldn’t,” he smiled into his sip of wine. “9 years isn’t a huge difference.”
“My intelligence probably makes up for the age difference,” she teasingly tossed her hair over her shoulder.
“In my line of work, if a man told you that you were smart for your age I’d tell you to run,” he was completely serious.
“You catch serial killers, don’t you? I know Derek stopped, but you didn’t right?”
He shook his head as he put his focus back into the pasta. “Not currently, I’m on a mandatory stress leave right now.”
“From getting shot?” She asked softly. Watching him carefully mix all the ingredients together in a bowl.
“Partly,” he lifted the pasta from the bowl with 2 of the wooden spatulas, dividing it into two plates that he set on their placemats.
He sat beside her now, watching her delicately swirl the pasta with her fork. Not wasting a second before digging in. “Sorry,” she covered her mouth. “I worked a 10-hour shift today, I’m starving.”
“Dig in,” he enthused. Copying her and taking a bite.
“So what did you do that made them put you on leave?” She asked.
“I went to prison,” he awkwardly smiled as she choked on her wine.
He nodded silently, “I was framed by a hitman that I had a hand in capturing, it was only 3 months but the trauma was enough to have my boss set new boundaries for me at work. One of which being that for every 90 days that I work, I have to take 30 days off.”
“Makes sense, your mental health is as important as your physical health. I try to take time off as much as I can for my own sanity.”
“What do you do for stress relief,” he asked out of pure curiosity. Sounding like he was desperate for a new trick.
“I masturbate,” it was his turn to choke on the wine. “What? I thought we were being completely honest with each other?”
“Yeah, no, I mean yes honesty is great,” he stumbled over his wording. “Going to prison is a big thing to just drop on a first date.”
“Dude,” she looked at him softly. “I’ve already been inside you, is this really only the first date?” She teased him.
“Normally I don’t let a woman inside me until I get to know her a little bit,” he replied. Teasing her right back.
She felt her body temperature change, he was trying to get her all flustered and it was working. Something about him made her feel like a horny teenage boy. “We’ll see about that.”
They continued sharing their life stories as honestly as they could. She found out about his drug use, his dead girlfriend and his mother’s health issues in a very short time span. Sharing back that her parents passed away when she was young. Explaining that if it wasn’t for Savannah, she might’ve really lost herself to depression after med school only to be met with the nicest response from Spencer.
He was lovely, the most perfect gentleman and host she could have asked for. She helped him with the dishes, asking him with complete sincerity if he was over his dead girlfriend.
“Honestly, I don’t think I truly knew her enough to miss her as much as I do,” he explained. “I was so obsessed with the idea of loving someone I didn’t actually appreciate the time I had with her.”
“So you haven’t been with anyone since?”
He set the last plate in the dry side of the sink, letting the water go before drying off his hands. “I’ve tried.”
“No one felt right?” She pried.
He watched her dry the last plate and place it in his cabinet. She moved so smoothly in his space it was like she had been there a million times. “Then I got shot.”
She couldn’t help herself from smiling, feeling just a little bad that he needed to literally get shot for them to meet. “Would’ve been so awkward if you died,” she cut the tension with a joke.
“Then I wouldn’t have been able to do this,” he said before placing his hands on her waist and pulling her in close.
She placed her damp hand on his shirt. Leaving a handprint on the purple fabric. Those big brown eyes got her, she was lost in them as his focus flickered to her lips.
“Can I kiss you,” he asked.
“I’d be pissed if you didn’t,” she replied before closing the gap between them.
His lips were so soft as they brushed across hers lightly. They softly kissed a few times before she snaked her arms around his neck and ran her tongue against his bottom lip. Begging to taste the expensive wine on his tongue.
She had never really done this before. She was never one for one-night stands, let alone fucking on the first date. Spencer made her feel alive like there was a fire in her that she needed to feed. She was more into him than anyone else she’s ever slept with.
She let him press her against the counter, lifting her up and setting her on the cold stone. She was a little taller than he was now, sitting up straight with her breasts in his face, he lightly kissed the centre of her chest
Dragging his bottom lip along her skin, she shivered, “fuck,” she whispered. “Please?”
“Please what?” He teased, “I thought you wanted to be inside me?”
She laughs, “maybe later.”
Reaching between them, she unbuckled his belt and pushed him back enough to hop off the counter. “Bedroom?”
“Up,” he whispers, wrapping his arms around her and letting her hop into his grasp. Carrying her to his bedroom as she kisses his neck, “If you’re serious, I’ll need a quick bathroom break.”
He sets her down on the bed, hovering over her as she sucks one more mark into his neck and flops back against the mattress. “Okay, so you’re telling me you just have a strap lying around?”
“Don’t you?”
“Well,” she gets all flustered, “yeah? Where is yours?”
“Bedside drawer,” he smirks, “I’m going to shower, you can make yourself comfortable in here?”
“Okay,” she smiles up at him, “hurry back.”
“I will,” he slips away and into the bathroom and she’s left in his apartment.
Sure enough, in his bedside drawer, there is a collection of sex toys, lubes condoms and a harness. She adjusts it to her size, steps from her dress and slips inside it when she notices one of the toys. Almost double-ended, to fit a g-spot vibe inside her while she fucks him, it made her blood rush with excitement.
Staring at herself in the mirror behind his bedroom door, the outfit she picked was perfect, she had no idea the night was going here and yet this is like a dream come true. She looks amazing, so much so that Spencer returns with a gasp and the drop of his towel.
Hard, gorgeous, and practically drooling over her.
“On the bed, big boy,” she instructs, easily slipping into a more dominating personality the second she sees him.
“Yes ma’am,” he teases, biting back a smile as he gets on the bed, staying on all 4’s, presenting himself to her easily.
She runs her hand along his ankle and along his leg, up to his perched ass where she lays a light slap. “Safeword?”
“Is red okay?” He looks back at her, still smirking.
“Sure is, do you have hard no’s?” Her hand trails up his back as she walks towards his night table, he shakes his head in response watching her take out the lube before winking back at him. “Lie down, on your back.”
She places the lube on the bed beside him, grabbing a few pillows to place on the end of the bed, she grips his legs and pulls him down the bed with a smirk. Propping him up, she spreads his legs and gets a good look at all his glory. She drags the tips of her fingers from his knees, down the inside of his thighs towards his groin, making him shiver.
Leaning in, she presses a kiss to his cock, “so pretty, you know that?”
“Mhmm,” he hums, watching her carefully with his bottom lips sucked into his mouth.
She looks at his scar quickly, feeling around it with a few fingers… because even when she’s off the clock she can’t stop being a doctor. Replacing her fingers with a kiss, that makes him suck in a shaky breath.
She takes the lube and drizzles it on his cock, lazily jerking him off with a smile, teasing him until he starts to beg but he keeps holding off. Hips moving with her stroking, following her hand and she jerks her hand a little faster.
“Flip.” Y/N insisted, guiding Spencer’s hips till he was on his stomach with his ass perched in the air once again.
He couldn’t see Y/N but he could only imagine the hungry look she gave him as she spread his cheeks. She gave it a smack, sending a shock wave of arousal through Spencer’s body that generated a shocked moan.
Spencer melted at the feeling of Y/N’s tongue at his entrance. Hot and slick, she licked a stripe over him. Spencer grabbed a pillow and shoved his face in it to hide his moans, but she just reached forward and yanked it away from him.
“Let me hear you.”
She pressed two fingers to Spencer’s perineum, pushing ever so softly but just enough to make Spencer let out a small scream as Y/N’s tongue rammed into him. Y/N’s other hand gipped his cheek, squeezing and pulling at it.
When she pulled back, Spencer immediately missed the feeling, pushing his ass back in an attempt to bring her back. He heard Y/N pop the cap on the lube and moaned back into the pillow. Before he knew it, Y/N was running a cold lubed-up finger over his hole. Circling it lightly before pressing in.
Spencer relaxed, letting himself pull Y/N in more while she curled her finger, she lightly pulled out and pushed in again— it was intoxicating, the feeling of her opening him up. A second finger, and a third, all working harmoniously prepping him, rubbing ever so slightly against his prostate and sending shockwaves through his body. Y/N pulled out and the empty feeling was back.
Spencer rolled back onto his back, Y/N slotted herself between Spencer’s legs once more before leaning in for a quick kiss. Spencer placed his hands on Y/N’s cheeks and pulled her in for a soft kiss at the same time.
“Hi,” he whispered.
Y/N giggled, kissing him again, “hello.”
“Are you going to fuck me?” he asked with a cheeky smile, knowing the answer but it was fun to ask anyway.
Y/N smiled and sat back on her knees, it was fascinating how quickly they changed between desperate want and passionate lust. Sure he wanted Y/N to fuck him senseless but he also just enjoyed looking at her and falling for her.
she lubed herself up and slowly slipped back into Spencer. He was thick and warm and it felt fantastic, his body tingled and the sheets suddenly felt like a cloud beneath him. He’s in heaven as Y/N bottomed out.
Stilling, she reached under Spencer’s knees to hold them up. She pulled out slowly before pushing back in and starting a rhythm. She angled the dildo up, hitting Spencer’s prostate with force, Spencer covered his mouth to muffle the scream.
“Fuck, baby, like that?” Y/N teased, fucking him harder and watching the glory on his face.
Spencer let out a soft chant of “fuck, fuck, fuck,” as Y/N hit that beautiful bundle of nerves over and over and over. Spencer jerked himself off in time with Y/N’s thrusts, feeling his orgasm building inside him. Right as she turned on the vibrating aspect of her strap.
Trembling slightly as she felt it against her clit with each thrust and grind of the harness. It felt amazing for her, but the residual vibrations travelled along the shaft of the dildo and to Spencer as she fucked him.
Part of him wanted it to last forever, the feeling of euphoria right before he came that made everything feel good in the world.
Y/N was getting desperate now too, her thrusts getting more erratic and her breath was equally as uneven. Spencer felt himself getting close, his veins were on fire, his toes started to curl, “fuck,” he said one last time as he squeezed the base of his cock and came all over his chest.
“Shit, fuck,” Y/N said before biting her lip and stilling inside him as she ground against the vibrations. Shockingly reaching her own high, dropping to his chest with a gasp and a tremble. She was panting, coming down from her high, she let go of Spencer’s legs and pulled out before dropping to Spencer’s chest again and cuddling into him.
“Holy fuck?” Spencer’s still catching his own breath, hands roaming her back as he held her against his chest. Then he does the unthinkable.
He unclips her bra before rolling her over, she’s laying on her back now as he kisses her chest. She arches her back as he pulls her bra off, throwing it to the floor and proceeding to take the harness off her. Peeling her underwear off with it, spreading her legs and lapping up her last orgasm with all the want in the world.
Her hand reaches for his hair, holding it at the root as his tongue circles her clit. A finger slips in easily, rubbing her g spot with each thrust, she can’t believe how good it feels as she ruts against his face.
“Fuck,” she moans, “I need to you fuck me with something, please? God, I feel so empty.”
He groans, kneeling between her legs no, his cock getting hard all over again. He streaks himself lightly, reaching into his drawer for a condom, “can I have a vibe too?” She smirks, never this confident to ask on most hookups, but Spencer was different.
“Yeah,” he hands her a bullet vibe, “should be charged?”
“I won't last that long to care,” she teases, “hurry up.”
He slides the condom on, taking his time as he pushes her legs back up and slides in with little resistance, she tosses her head back with a sigh, “thank fuck.”
She rubs the vibe over her clit as he fucks her and he’s so thankful, being able to finally give some well-deserved attention to her tits, gripping them both as he thrusts into her again. Finding his rhythm with his hips while lazily sucking on one nipple and palming the other breast.
She moans over and over, “yes, oh fuck, right there baby, please?”
“Yeah?” he mumbled against her skin, “wanna cum again?”
She nods, legs shaking as she gets right to the edge and she forgets how to breathe because it feels so good. Mouth opening and back arching as he sends her orgasm through her, a high-pitched sigh escapes her as she tosses her body back against the bed, hands in Spencer's hair as he switches between tits and fucks her through his own impending orgasm.
When it’s over, she has no idea how they managed to do that. Spencer’s resting on her chest, which is still heaving as she searches for whatever oxygen is left in Spencer’s stuffy bedroom.
“Can we do that again sometime?” Spencer asks carefully. Nervous and meek, secretly hoping she wants more time with him just as bad as he does with her.
“Page me the next time you want me inside you.”
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Soulmates, myths, philosophers and invisible strings
Tumblr media
(Not my gif. Whoever made it thank you and I’m sorry)
Summary: Dr. Reid is a very loved professor in the college he teaches at, when he’s not working on the BAU. There’s also another person who is very loved in said college and that’s Miss Y/L also known as Spencer’s female version. The students thought they were soulmates so… why don’t tell pull the strings that were already attached?
Couple: Professor!Spencer Reid x fem!professor!reader
Warnings: Spencer mention things about killers when he’s teaching. Let me know if you find something else!
Song this fic was inspired: Invisible string by Taylor Swift (mostly)
Category: Fluff and maybe a little bit of humour. I’m not good with jokes but I like to think this has a little bit of it.
Word count: 3793 words (not exactly)
Hello!! I’m so so excited about this fic and I’m so so happy to say that it’s for @samuel-de-champagne-problems’s fic challenge for her 1,000 followers. Congrats my love! I’m so so happy and proud of you and I hope you can like this fic a little <3
Warning: there’s much about Greek mythology like a lot of it and that’s because I’m obsessed with it. All of this was basically just me being a nerd and sharing some dumb knowledge with you so I’m sorry for that!!
Tagging: @measure-in-pain, @alexlovescriminalminds and @all-tings-diego
Tumblr media
Spencer never felt more comfortable doing something besides his job as an FBI agent until he became a professor in the criminology and physiology field in one of the colleges in DC because he loved to ramble about things he was passionate about, and he loved to know people could learn from what he knew, so teaching was definitely one of his favourite things to do.
Luckily, he became one of the most loved professors around the college. He felt flattered about it. Some of them loved him because of his looks, others because of the way he acted around them, always helping people who needed so and he was never mean, he was understanding and he would help you if you had troubles, he was also adored because of the subject he teaches. People loved to hear his stories in the FBI.
Yet he competed for the title of the best professor with the history and literature teacher, Miss Y/n Y/L. He knew who she was, they were coworkers after all, but Spencer never personally spoke with her. He saw her in the hallways, in the parking lot, sometimes even in the metro. He saw her in the library, in the cafeteria, in the meetings. He always saw her and felt something about her, yet he never spoke to her even if he wanted to. Even if he was dying to. He feel this need to be close to her and it frustrated him because he couldn’t explain why.
He heard stories from her and how amazing she was from his students. He felt a little jealous about it, but he couldn't actually mind.
Spencer, to be sincere, died to speak to this popular teacher, but he never dared to do so. Always scared he was going to mess it up or say the wrong thing.
Until a week ago when she was looking for a book. Spencer saw her in a comfy blue cardigan, her high black converse, and mismatched socks. His legs trembled. If he felt attracted to her before, he did much now.
"Do you need help with something?" He politely asked, standing behind her. His body was a little close to her, not much enough to make her uncomfortable but long enough to smell her perfume and hair, a smell he found familiar, but he didn't know where. His heart started to go faster and faster.
"Hi, yes. I'm looking for this book for my class, but I don't know where it is. I have knowledge there's only one copy of them here, you know how the library school is," she started to ramble. She looked down from his hazel, daring, and sweet eyes, and her face started to feel warmer.
Spencer Reid had an effect in people not even him knew. His eyes could melt ice just by a simple glaze and he could definitely melt someone’s heart.
"Yeah, the library sucks sometimes," he said trying to make her look at him, he was dying to feel her eyes on him once again, “Uh, which book are you looking for?” he asked.
She took her phone out and showed him a picture of one of the classic Greek mythology books, getting closer to his body and feeling his warmth. Spencer bend down a little to see the phone perfectly and his breath was on the back of her neck. He recognized the book. One of his favourites even. He looked at the table that was next to them. He was reading the book once again.
He walked and stretched his hand out to take the hardcover and cold book into his large hands. The book was old and a little broken, but the history in its pages remains untouchable.
"Here," Spencer handed the book. She looked at his hands.
"Oh, but you are reading it," she felt guilty then.
"Don't worry. I already read it like a thousand times," he chuckled, "But you can give it back to me once you finish," he said, looking forward to talking to her again.
Y/n sweetly smiled, and Spencer could feel himself being already under her spell, "Thank you and, of course, Dr. Reid."
And with that, she left.
Spencer's cheeks got warmer, and the blushed quickly appeared on his face while the smile never fade away.
She knew his name.
Spencer walked around his classroom. The bell hasn’t rung just yet, and he was waiting for his students to come in. He prepared a fun class for them, with some activities and mostly knowledge for those who actually were interested in the subject and not just him walking around and rambling.
He organized the papers and the books on his desk, and the bell finally made its sound while the students came in and started talking about the class they just had.
"Miss Y/L is so fun. I always look forward to going to her classroom," a girl said while sitting in the front seat while her friends followed her.
Spencer's heart stopped when he heard her name. He wiped the sweat out of his hands on his pants, trying to look as normal as possible.
"And she is hot," A boy whose name Spencer knew as Jaeden spoke and sat next to the brunette girl.
"You only think of that," the brunette said with annoyance rolling her eyes.
"As you do with Dr. Reid," the boy let out, looking at Spencer.
On the other hand, Spencer raised his eyebrows, looking at the girl who was too embarrassed to even look at him in the eyes.
Spencer cleared his throat when he saw everyone was on their seats already, trying to pretend he didn’t heard what Jaeden just said to not embarrass the girl any further, "Alright. I think we should start with the class," he said, walking to his desk for the papers he was going to hand. He grabbed them, his hair falling on his face and he could hear someone sighed.
But his plans were interrupted when the door softly opened. Spencer's eyes look at the sound, with one hand grabbing the papers and the other getting the hair away from his eyes. And he saw her figure, she shone like golden, pure golden.
"Miss Y/L," he said, trying to contain a smile but failed.
The class looked at Spencer's face who smiled sweetly, and their eyes travelled to miss Y/l, who also had a smile on her face. They could sense the energetic want to wrapped each other in their arms, it was strong and it embraced everyone in the room.
The brunette girl looked at Jaeden, who got closer to her heart, "She stole your man already. Look at him all whipped," he laughed, trying to make the brunette jealous. But she wasn't.
"Jokes on you. We already got married in my dreams."
Jaeden rolls his eyes.
"I'm sorry to interrupt the class, Dr. Reid, but-" she began to say, but Spencer cut her in the middle of the sentence.
"Call me Spencer, please. I-if you'd like."
The class giggled a little, and Spencer looked at the floor, feeling like a schoolboy again.
Y/n smiled at him, "I brought the book back, Spencer."
He smiled at the way she said his name. It sounds so sweet, so beautiful and angelic, so… familiar. It made him feel butterflies all over his stomach. He tried not to blush. Apparently, that was the only thing he was doing in front of her.
She walked carefully. Her students knew she wore mismatched socks. They never questioned why but they didn't know Spencer did as well until she stood in front of him, their feet looking at each other. Converse with Converse and mismatched socks with mismatched socks.
She wore one blue and one yellow, and he wore one yellow and one blue. They didn't notice, but their students did.
Y/n gave Spencer the book, and he carefully took it, without looking away from her. "T-Thank you," he carefully said grabbing his papers with much force as he thought they would fall at any moment.
She smiled and looked at his students, "Behave well, kids. Especially you, Jaeden," Spencer looked at the boy who had his cheek blushed.
Jannet, the brunette girl, lifted her hand before Miss Y/L left the classroom, "Did you know, Miss Y/L, that Jaeden has a crush on you?" She tried to have some revenge for what he had done earlier.
The class giggled again, and so did Y/n, "Yeah, he told me about it the second class we had together," She smiled, looking at Spencer one more time to then leave. Leaving Spencer as mess, wanting to run and follow her.
Spencer looked at the door where she just walked out, and Jaeden looked at him, "Same, Dr. Reid," Spencer frowned and looked at him.
Spencer walked through the library hallways of the college once again. There was a magnetic something that drove him there. Like a magnet. That's what he liked to think instead of thinking he was there because he knew she was there.
There was something about her he couldn't stop thinking about. Maybe it was her kindness and the way people talked about her, or how he, unconsciously and by that he meant totally conscious, saw one of her classes outside of the door in the cold hallway before his class. She mainly teaches about myths, especially Greek mythology ones, while she also talks about literature. It was her own subject, and the way she was passionate about it made Spencer tremble, and his heart felt this heartwarming feeling. He could feel something pulling him into her, but he couldn't figure out why exactly. Which instead of pulling him away, it called him like wolves to the moon. It pulled him more and more.
The way her eyes sparkled, and she moved her hands while she moved around the room. Yeah, it excited him. It made him feel like he could be like that with her and he would be not judged at all.
So maybe he was, indeed, in need to talk to her. Once he did, he couldn't stop anymore. But he wasn't complaining.
He held one book in his arms and walked while he scrunched his nose a couple of times, feeling nervous. And he saw her at the end of the hallway next to a window with the sunset illuminating her face.
She frowned at the new sense of presence. One she had felt every time the handsome Dr. Reid was around.
So she lifted her head, and her eyes looked straight to his hazel ones. Ones that had been haunting her for long enough. It felt different when she looked at everyone else. No one's eyes felt as exciting and sparkly as him, to be under his gaze and be admired, even only for breve seconds, for the most comforting and beautiful pair of eyes her own ones never had the privilege to analyze, until know.
So, even if she was intimidated by eye contact, she took the seconds her soul dared to look at his to memorize it. To love. She wanted to be able to know those windows to the soul as they were her own.
And when the eye contact was enough, she looked down, smiling at him first, of course. Smile that had Dr. Reid under a spell that couldn't be broken even with the strongest or wickest magic that could ever exist.
He felt devoted to her.
And so did she.
"Miss Y/n, "Spencer said without being able to keep the smile in. The butterflies acting up, and he licked his lips for a brief second. She repeated what he did and licked her own. They were synchronized already.
"Dr. Reid," she answered, with a shy smile as well.
On the other side, behind some tall shelves, two kids were spying on their conversation. Jaeden and Jannet.
"Care to repeat why we are spying on our educators?" Jaeden asked.
Jannet rolled her eyes, "They love each other. It's pretty obvious."
"Miss Y/l, it's like Dr. Reid's female version, or he is hers. The point is, because of that, they won't be able to move forward in their relationship. That's why we have to act and help them out."
"We? Excuse me, but I won't have any part in this," Jaeden argues.
"Then I will have to look for someone else to help me out, but they will end up together, and I can assure you that."
"What are you two doing?" Melissa, their friend, asks behind them, making them jump in their place, "Why are you two spying on them?"
"Jannet wants to parent trap them. She wants to do Eros's job," he rolled his eyes.
"Someone listens to Miss Y/ns class," Jannet jokes.
"Oh, I am totally in if you want some help," Melissa proposed, "I love how they look together even though I had a crush on both of them," she admitted.
Jaeden looked at her with a frowned, but said nothing. Melissa was the combination between him and Jannet, although he wouldn’t admit it out loud.
"I do want your help, Melissa. Thanks for being a good friend," Jannet said with sarcasm looking at Jaeden. He groans.
"Alright. I will help you out."
Spencer moved closer on the couch to her. Their knees slightly touching each other, a small move but strong enough to make them feel goosebumps, "And what are you teaching this week?" Spencer asked.
"We are talking about how different the myths can be depending on who tells them or where they get their information. The kids keep believing Medusa was Athena's priestess," Spencer nodded and chuckled.
"But isn't that version of the roman myth?" he asked.
Yes, he knew the answer to that question, but she wanted to hear it from her.
"Actually," she said, preparing to talk, "There's a few versions of the myth out there, but the one of Medusa being Athena's priestess and then being cursed was created by a man who used to change myths to fit his agenda. But the Greek myth is completely different."
Spencer looked at her. She looked beautiful while she explained something he completely knew but coming from her was like learning for the first time. It made him feel excited.
He could only nod. He didn't know what else to say as he was mesmerized by her.
She wasn’t only just beautiful and kind, but she was intelligent as well. Spencer thought that maybe she was the real goddess after all.
"What about you? What are you teaching?" Spencer came back to reality. He cleared his throat before speaking, shaking slightly his head.
"I'm gonna explain the different stressors and triggers in people and how that can affect the way they behave," he explained shortly.
“Interesting. Doesn’t that, sometimes, make them killers?” She asked loving the way he explained everything, his voice and the way he pronounced his words. No doubt why some of her students went to his class even if they weren’t studying that subject.
“It effects in the whole process for them to become one. Other ones had it in them and the triggers only push them into actually doing it.”
“Romantic subject,” she chuckled. Spencer smiled.
They both chuckled, staring into each other's eyes and looking away after a few seconds. Feeling obsessed with each other each second that passed by.
Y/n sat on her desk waiting for her students to come in. She always sat like that with her legs crossed above each other as it was more comfortable for her instead of the chair here she had awful back pain, and maybe it was because of her bad posture.
She hoped her students like the subject she had chosen for that day. The irony of life was about to hit her very soon.
The bell rang, and they came in saying quick greets to her, to which she responded with a quiet voice and smile.
"Alright, kids take your seats and pull the popcorns out because we are gonna talk about some myths," she makes a short jump from her desk to the ground and takes a marker to start writing.  
Greek mythology about soulmates, she wrote.
Jannet, Melissa, and Jaeden almost choked on their drinks when they saw what they were going to learn, "If this isn't a sign, then I don't know what else it is," Melissa quickly whispered to her friend. Jannet nodded.
"We all have heard of the different versions of soulmates and what they are," she explained. At the same time, she moved around, moving her hands as tools of illustration, "The most famous one that I think many people know is the string that the myth says it's connected on our pinkies and to our person," she moved her pinkie, "The greeks thought different," Y/n said sitting on her desk once again, "The greek myth says humans were once one, with two faces, two legs, two arms, and one soul, from there comes the name soul mates. Some might have said Zeus feared them, and that's why he slipped them in two, and they were cursed to look for the other half for the rest of their life, but they actually offended him, and you should know better than to offend a god. Mostly Zeus," the classes nodded, "He split them in two , condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves. Plato approved this Egyptian religion-philosophy, but Cicero didn't, he said, and I quote, "I express my surprise at the slow-wittedness of those who would have it that a living endowed with both immortality and blessedness is 'spherical' in shape, merely because Plato maintains that no shape is more beautiful than the sphere. In my view, the cylinder, the cube, the cone, and the pyramid are more beautiful. And what sort of life is assigned to this rotund god?"
“What a jerk," Jaeden said, and the class laughed.
Y/n chuckled, "We all have our different opinions."
"What about you, Miss Y/n. Do you believe in soulmates?" Jannet asked. There was some wit behind that question, of course. After her plans to put Dr. Reid and her together, Y/n didn't know this just yet.
"I teach myths. I believe in myths. I do believe in soulmates. Do you?"
Jannet let out a smirk, "I do. Absolutely do."
"Okay, let's take a moment now to discuss the difference between a trigger and a stressor," he explained, moving his hands to explain his point, "A trigger is a sensory event experienced by an offender that precipitates subsequent behaviour, whereas a stressor is a longer-term pattern of behaviour or circumstances which push a person into behaving differently than they normally would," he stopped to look at his students, "I've heard many stories of different serial killer and why they have killed. Some of them just because they get excited with the adrenaline that comes with killing, and others can have something that drove them to that point, such as revenge, jealousy, and even love. I once worked a case of a man who killed women who didn't fit the idea of what he wanted as a soulmate, and he explained he killed them because they weren't his soulmate. He took them out on a date and if they weren’t want he wanted, he stabbed them repeatedly and dump them where they had their date.”
Melissa lifted her hand, and Spencer gave her permission to talk, "What are the odds of meeting our soulmates?" she asked.
Spencer frowned at the question. However, he answered, "Mathematical estimates indicate that your chances of finding your soul mate are only 1 in 10,000, which is 0,010 percent, which is mathematically impossible as you have to assume all the things your soulmates is supposed to have in order to be with you such as having the same age as you as you were destined since birth," he explained.
"Do you believe in soulmates, Dr. Reid?" Jannet asked.
"No. I think it is highly impossible to have someone who is destined to be with you just because."
"Miss Y/n actually spoke today about what the Greeks thought about soulmates and their myth," Jaeden said, "And what Plato and Cicero thought about it. It reminds me of you and her."
Spencer raised an eyebrow, "How come?"
"Plato believed the myths as Miss Y/n does. She said she believed in soulmates, and Cicero was driven more by science and maths and said he didn't believe in those like you."
The bell rang, and everyone got out, leaving Spencer with doubts running through his head. Y/n believed in soulmates? Of course, she did. She teaches myths. She must.
And he is a man of science.
He couldn’t believe in soulmates.
Could he?
"Okay, the plan is ready," Jannet informed Melissa.
"Today is the perfect day as they both spoke about soulmates," Melissa said trying to contain her excitement.
"You two are absolutely crazy," Jaeden said, but the girls didn't pay attention as they walked to Dr. Reid's classroom. He looked at them to ask what they needed, but they talked first.
"Dr. Reid! Miss Y/n asked if you could go to her classroom. She said she needed help with something," Jannet spoke. Spencer frowned. He had some things to do, but if she needed him…
Spencer didn't say anything and just walked with them until they got to her classroom. Spencer saw her sitting on her desk while she read a book. He always got hypnotized by how beautiful she looked, even doing common and mundane things like reading, but then it came to his mind. She didn't need any help.
He was going to turn around to ask, but the door was closed and locked. And they heard Melissa's voice, "He doesn't believe in soulmates, Miss. Y/L Talk some sense to him."
Y/n frowned, "You don't believe in soulmates, Dr. Reid?"
Spencer turned around to face her, he lifted his hand to touch his hair, and he spoke then, "I uh. I do not."
She sweetly smiled, bringing a leg to her chest and resting her chin on her knee, looking at him, "I thought so. You look like someone who doesn't believe in anything mystic."
"I-I believe in ghosts and magic!" he tried to defend himself.
Y/n chuckled, "And you don't believe in soulmates?"
"No," he murmured, "It's technically impossible. You know the odds of finding your soulmate are-"
"1 in 10,000?"
"Y-Yeah," he said, raising an eyebrow, "And if you know that, why do you still believe in it?" He got closer to her without even noticing. He sat next to her on the desk, crossing his legs.
"It's nice to think there's someone destined to be with you, someone who is at the end of the golden string and waiting," she murmured, looking at him, "I have never been good with love and to think there's someone who could love me even if i am a complete mess it's a good thing. Besides, Greek mythology isn't a fantasy book. It's a religion alive."
Spencer nodded, his heart aching yet her words being awfully familiar, "I'm not good with love either," he confessed, feeling like he just drank a bottle of truth potion, "I-I fell in love with someone as well, someone who could understand me and I thought we were meant like…like soulmates but she was taken from me in front of my eyes," he looked at her, compassion and empathy on her eyes, he was waiting for pity, but there was none.
"Soulmates are still soulmates even if death takes them apart."
"I know, but that was different."
"I guess the universe decided to bring us together," she said, regretting her words as soon as they left her mouth. That sounds like she is telling him they are soulmates, "I-I mean for emotional support and everything. I-I'm not saying you and I are-"
"Yes, Spencer?"
"Haven't you felt weird since we first talked?" he could see the clear confusion on her face, "There's something that makes me be here with you instead of any other place, like-like," he struggled with the words.
"Like you were attached and pulled with an- "
"Invisible String."
She nodded, "Like an Invisible String."
"Are you my soulmate, Y/n Y/L?"
"Why don't you come and figure it out, Spencer Reid?"
He smiled sweetly at her, turning around on the desk to be sitting in front of her. She did the same. Spencer grabbed her hands and kissed them, then looked up at her. Her breath got cut, and Spencer leaned in, taking with one hand her right cheek, and the other rested on her waist, "May I kiss you? I've been dying to feel the sweetness of your lips," he whispered, looking at her lips pulling their foreheads together. Y/n closed her eyes and licked her lips for a second.
"I thought you would never ask."
And he didn't need anything else as he connected their lips together. She and Spencer sighed. It felt like a relief in the middle of the storm, like cold on a hot summer night. It felt like a puzzle being finally connected with its right parts.
Spencer pulled away, his forehead still resting on hers, “You know? For a minute I actually thought you were a Greek goddess.”
She gasped, “Oh no. You discover my secret. It was a tramp Spencer, my lips have not sweetness in them, it’s poison.”
Spencer smiled, “It was worth to kiss you, even if that would bring me death,” he gave her a quick kiss.
“Don’t you want to tell that to your scientist self? About the odds of meeting your soulmate?”
“I think you are the 1 in the 10,000”
“Mathematically impossible huh?”
“You’re not gonna let that one fade away, are you?”
She shook her head and smiled, “Nope. Not even for a bit, not now, not ever, not-“
Spencer kissed her again.
She smiled in the middle of the kiss.
And they kissed sweetly. It was sweet and passionate. But the string was finally connected with its other half.
The soul, with its companion.
Take that, Cicero.
And isn't it just so pretty to think All along, there was some Invisible string Tying you to me?
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It's Gonna Be Alright (With You By My Side)
Tumblr media
Summary: Reader has some news for Spencer, but he needs some help putting it together. When he realizes it's as easy as well, one, two, three.
CW: Sexual Innuendo, Language, Pregnancy, oh and this is really unedited so....
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Female Reader (She/Her)
Word Count: 1.8K (was supposed to be a blurb, but it's almost 2K so...)
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It's Gonna Be Alright (With You By My Side)
With shaky hands and an uncertainty that makes your mouth go dry, you make sure that the YouTube video is geared up and ready to go. The clock on the television stand reads 6:03, which means that Spencer will be home within the next couple of minutes. The anticipation and excitement you feel threatens to swallow you whole. After tonight, you know that nothing will be the same ever again. You can only hope that Spencer will be equally as excited as you are.
Pacing back and forth across your wooden floor, probably isn’t the best choice to calm your nerves. You wring your hands together, glancing again at the clock. When you spoke with Spencer he was excited about the mandatory 30 days off work. As much as a workaholic he is, you know that he’d rather do nothing more than to spend three entire days reading and holding each other in bed. In hindsight, it looks like those mandatory days off might have given you and Spencer a little too much free time. Again, you glance at the clock and again it feels like the entire world is moving in slow motion.
And then, it speeds up again. Spencer’s knocking startles you from your train of thoughts. You check for a second time that the YouTube video is ready again. Spencer’s knocks grow even more impatient, you roll eyes when you realize that he forgot his house keys again. If you didn’t feel like you were about to throw up from nerves, you’d poke fun at him, of all people, forgetting his keys.
“Coming!” you shout as you walk down the hallway to the front door, “and let me guess, you forgot your keys again,” you say when you open the door, revealing his goofy smile.
“In my defense,” Spencer starts, taking a step forward into the doorway and bringing his hands to your waist, “someone was particularly distracting this morning he says, kissing along your neck and jaw as he backs you into the wall.
The scruff on his face tickles your skin and his hair is just long enough for you to pull. You want to relish in the way that he groans when you tug his hair, but the elephant in the room prevents you from enjoying Spencer’s clinginess.
“Come on, Spence,” you say, placing your hands on his chest as he breaks away from kissing you. You smirk as he whines in displeasure, and the excitement for what’s to come just intensifies when he places patterns of sweet, longing kisses all over your face. It’s an attack that he knows you won’t be able to resist.
“Please, Spencer!” you shout as you giggle from the feeling of his scruff on your face, “I surrender!”
“I can’t enjoy my wife after we spent three days apart?” He asks, taking your hand in his as you walk into the living room.
“Not when I have a surprise for you, love,” you say plopping down on the armchair in your shared reading book.
Spencer raises his eyebrows, nearly ready to shed off his work clothes before you throw a pillow at him.
“Spencer! Get your mind out of the gutter,” you say, laughing as he kneels down to sit by you in the armchair. His hands go straight to yours and you try to not let yourself get distracted by him touching you, especially when it’s been so long.
“My mind is not in the gutter,” Spencer counters, “but can you really blame me, it’s been 19 days, 15 hours and 22 minutes,” he says, checking his watch.
“You seriously did not just calculate the last time we fucked,” you say, running your hands up his arm and resting them around his neck. He kisses your hand, smiling as he does, proud of himself.
“It’s not fucking, sweetheart. I prefer calling it making love when it comes to you,” he says sweetly, moving in so close that his head rests on your knees.
“You’re a sap, Spence, but I’m going to have to disagree with you there. What we do, is fuck-” you start, but stop once you’re cut off my Spencer waving his hands wildly. His cheeks tinge red with a blush that might look out of place on his mature, contemplative face, but in your eyes, it’s perfect on him.
“Only for you, dear,” he says, squeezing your hand, “now didn’t you say you have a surprise for me,” he says, smiling mischievously and not letting his hands leave your body. You settle on letting him rest his hand on your thigh.
“Okay,” you say, reaching over for the laptop, “if you listen to this song, you’ll understand the surprise,” you tell him, hitting play on the YouTube video. The song, Kiwi, starts playing and Spencer’s face transforms into various levels of confusion.
He listens intently, nodding his head along to the beat and trying to understand the words. Watching his mind is usually like watching a painter craft a masterpiece, but right now, Spencer looks like he’s beyond lost. Wanting to give him a hint so your surprise doesn’t go up in flames, you shout above the music.
“This is the important part, Spence,” you tell him, just as the song starts singing, “I’m having your baby,”
You wait for his confused look to morph into understanding and then transform into joy, but that doesn’t happen. The song nears the end and Spencer still looks just as lost as he did in the beginning.
“I’m confused,” he says, “What on Earth is that song about? I know you play that singer alot. That British guy? Right?” Spencer asks, again despite his memory skills, he still continually forgets his keys and names of pop culture icons.
“Harry Styles, yes, Spence. But did you listen to the song at all?” you ask, feeling your heart beat rapidly in your chest, “I told you to pay attention to the words. And, you know what, repeat them back at me,” you instruct, waving away the confused look on Spencer’s face, “Please?”
“Fine,” Spencer says, sitting criss cross on the floor in front of you, “She worked her way through a cheap pack of cigarettes, Hard liquor mixed with a bit of intellect, And all the boys, they were saying they were into it, Such a pretty face, on a pretty neck,” he says, not even attempting to sing, because you and him both know he’ll butcher the song beyond recognition.
“Okay, good, keep going, Spence,” you prompt, feeling your stomach tremble with butterflies in anticipation.
“Uh,” he says, concentrating to remember the words, “She's driving me crazy, but I'm into it, but I'm into it, I'm kind of into it, It's getting crazy, I think I'm losing it, I think I'm losing it, Oh, I think she said "I'm having your baby, it's none of your business,” Spencer says, talking rapidly as his mind runs through the lyrics.
“Say that again,” you tell him, yelling silently at the thumping in your chest.
“She’s driving me crazy-”
“Not that part, the part after ‘oh I think she said’,” you instruct, moving to the edge of your seat. Your moment is here and you can feel the thumping in your ears and the flutter in your heart.
“I’m having your baby?” Spencer says, “and then “it’s none of your business-”
“Say it again, Spence,” you tell him, interrupting him mid-sentence, “I’m having your baby,” he says with that confused expression on his face, you want nothing more but to kiss it clear off him.
“Y/N come on, I’m so lost,” Spencer groans, but decides to humor you anyway, “I’m having your baby, I’m having you baby, I’m having your—oh? Oh!” Spencer says with a look on your face you know you soon won’t forget.
“Are you? We’re having a..a baby?” Spencer asks, stammering as clumsily climbs to his feet. He pulls you up, grasping onto your hands. He’s shaking and you think that he might be crying, but you can hardly hold back tears yourself.
“Yes, Spence,” you say, finally letting go of the breath you’ve been holding for three days, “we’re going to be parents,” you say, squeezing his hand before he practically tackles you into a hug.
“A baby,” Spencer says, the word turning up into a question, like he’s unsure of it, like he’s unsure of himself, “Y/N, I do think I’ve ever been this happy,” he says, breaking from the hug and placing his hands on your cheeks, “God, I love you,” he says, kissing you firmly.
While your mouth clashes against his, you whisper to him how happy you are. He smiles through the kiss and it bleeds on your mouth. It’s hardly a kiss anymore between your smiles and Spencer’s laughter, but you don’t care. His hands run up and down your body and it’s like he’s touching you for the first time. All of the sudden he stops, and he drops to the floor, face level with your stomach.
“Hey in there,” he whispers, “I know you’re only the size of a pomegranate seed, but I love you so much. Your mommy and I love you so much that we made you. We have so much love that it spilled over and made you,” he says, “Oh, and by the way, I’m you daddy,” he kisses your stomach and you run your fingers through his hair.
“I love you, so much Spence. Oh, wait, right here,” you tell him, letting go of his hands and reaching behind your chair.
“You don’t have to get me anything, you’ve already given me every I could ever imagine,” Spencer whispers, sitting across from you on the floor. You hand him the bag with blue and pink tissue paper and sparkly animals on the front. He grabs it with a look on his face telling you that he already loves it.
“Just open it up, and save that emotional stuff for later,” you say, hurrying him up. He tosses out the tissue paper and takes out the blue tee shirt. He spreads it out on his lap, reading the letters on the T-shirt. His eyes grow big and widen as he looks up, clutching the tee-shirt in his hands.
“Are-are, we-?” Spencer asks, unable to say the words, let alone believe them, “Y/N are we having?” he stuppers, practically crawling his way to you.
“Triplets,” you say, “We’re having 3 babies. At once,” you tell him, grasping his hands tightly. You feel him shake with what you can only imagine is a mixture of excitement and joy and terror.
“3 babies,” Spencer smiles, looking up at you with all the love in the world and you’re certain that everything will be just fine with him by your side.
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Can I Have This Dance
Spencer Reid x fem!Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: spencer asks you for dance lessons, but you never imagined that you were the one he wanted to impress
Warnings: pining, fluff
WC: 2.8k
Song Inspo: Can I Have This Dance - high school musical 3
song lyrics in italics
a/n: sorry I’m just obsessed with dancing fics and this song is too perf 🤷‍♀️ this is my contribution to @goldensonlyangel writing event 💕
The FBI gala was fast approaching and, as it was most years, the BAU was completely unprepared. Although it could mostly be accounted to the constant traveling and lack of sleep, it was still a bit comical that so many last minute preparations were being made. Including this one.
Spencer had pulled you aside just two days ago, away from prying eyes and ears, and asked if you could teach him how to dance. From the way he spoke and the constant dodging of eye contact, you knew he didn’t want to explain why, but you assumed he wanted to impress someone at the gala. And with a guy like him, how could you say no? Did it tear you apart inside to think about him asking someone else to dance at one of the most regal events you would ever attend? Of course, but to do anything about it would involve admitting your feelings, those feelings you fought so hard to hide from everyone you knew.
But now you stood in your bare feet in the middle of your living room, furniture pushed to the side, air conditioning cranked high, and stereo pulsing with the beat of the music you had preselected for the evening’s lesson.
“Spencer, why did you ask me to teach you to dance if you were going to stand there impersonating my floor lamp the whole time?”
You knew you shouldn’t laugh, but the panicked look in Spencer’s eyes sent a flutter of gaiety through your heart. He was cute when he was nervous. And he was so nervous when he had no reason to be. If anyone should be nervous, it’s you.
“If you don’t get your butt over here in the next five seconds, I’ll have to resort to more desperate measures. I don’t think you want that.” You attempted to deliver your most threatening gaze his way, but you knew you couldn’t be as intense as any of the others would. With Spence, you just didn’t have it in you.
Thankfully, he timidly took a few steps toward you, close enough at least for you to reach forward and take his hand pulling him the rest of the way until you were toe to toe. “There, that’s better.” You gave his hand a gentle squeeze, letting your fingers wrap around his, encasing them in your warmth, your calm. But if anyone needed to calm down, it was you. Your heart was beating wildly and your breathing was in danger of reflecting it outwardly. But for now, your confidence remained at the forefront and masked the flutter of nerves inside.
Spencer’s eyes darted around the room and you snapped your fingers to bring him back to you. “Hey, do me a favor, yeah?” He nodded. A good start. You held your hand out to the side. “Take my hand,” and he did. “Take a breath,” once again, he did as he was told. One deep breath in, steadying. One long breath out, readying. You breathed along with him, your chests moving in sync.
When he had finally let out that first, most important breath, you wrapped your other arm up over his shoulder. Your fingers reached just above the collar of his soft-washed shirt. His skin was silk beneath your fingertips and your fingertips ignited his skin under your touch.
Your voice was growing softer with each movement closer to him. “Put your other arm around my waist.” He was hesitant to initiate something so intimate, but he continued to remind himself that he wanted this, he asked for this.
“Okay Spence, you’re doin great. Now pull me close.” You loosened your grip just enough so that he needed to reign you back in. You felt his grip firm up and you were, in fact, pulled closer to him, toe to toe and now chest to chest. “Good,” you breathed out, your voice soft and soothing, encouraging. “Now take one step, just one.”
With his eyes locked on a masterful painting adorning your wall, he followed your directions. He stepped one foot forward and brought the other to meet it. As he moved, you moved with him.
“Do you feel how I moved with you just then?” He nodded, concentration deep, his thoughts running a mile a minute. “Dancing is-“ you thought for a moment, “dancing is exactly what we do in the BAU.” That got his attention for sure. Spencer’s confused gaze met your confident one. “It’s almost like a chase, one person moves and the other follows. Except it’s much more fluid than that. Our team, we’re never far behind the unsub, we’re anticipating their next move so we can meet them there. And when you’re dancing, you do the same thing. You follow along, but you match the other’s pace, you anticipate their next movement.”
As much as you had hoped for it to make sense, you realized you had probably confused him more than before. “Okay, just try this with me. Take a few more steps, just like before, and I’ll do my best to match you, okay?”
“I don’t know about this-“
“You have to trust me, Spence. Can you do that?” You have his shoulder a gentle squeeze, a reminder that you both supported each other during this. He nodded his agreement and settled himself back in for another laser-focused step.
You did your best to follow his lead, let him move at his own pace. But Spencer was far too tense, like a bow pulled taut just before the arrow flies.
Pulling his body close again after losing the form you had built before, this time you held him tight. Your hand rested lightly just atop his shoulder. You looked up at him. His brows were scrunched, deep in thought and even a hint, no quite a bit of doubt in that troubled gaze. “Hey, you’re going a great job. It took more than ten minutes for me to learn how to dance, so if this is something you want to get better at, you’ve gotta stick with me.”
“I’m with you, I just-“ he closed his eyes and breathed out again, long and slow. “I’m not exactly the most coordinated guy, you know?”
You merely shook your head. “You don’t have to be. You’re-” you stopped yourself before you finished your sentence with ‘perfect the way you are’, but you weren’t sure how you would recover. “Spencer, for once in your life, let your brain take a break.” Then a new idea sparked in your mind. You smiled. “We’re gonna go again, the same things as before. A few steps, super simple, okay? But this time, keep your eyes locked on mine. No glancing around the room, no staring at the walls. Just you and me.”
With a quick shift of position, a retightening of the hold you had on him, you nodded for him to begin. You looked him in the eyes and he looked back. The power of his gaze stunned you for a second. He was determined, he was focused. You could see the crease in his forehead as he fought the desire to look at his feet, to desperately grasp at any other technique that would help him learn. “Listen and let the music be your guide, Spence."
For almost an hour, you and Spencer danced circles around your living room, the carpet in danger of wearing out beneath you - or so it felt. Spencer was getting there, you knew he was. He struggled to let his body simply float along to the music. He struggled to let his mind shut down long enough to let his muscles, his instincts, keep his body up and moving. But he was trying and it made you happy to see him making progress.
The gala was only a few days away. When he finally left your apartment, you gave him a few more pointers and made him promise to keep practicing. You knew he had someone special in mind or else he would have given up much sooner. You knew that whoever she was, she’d be one lucky lady to have such a dedicated man after her heart. Jealousy who?
As you put the finishing touches on your hair and makeup, you couldn’t help but feel a little tingle of excitement, anticipation, over the glitz and glam that was promised with a gala as grand as this was to be. It wasn’t often that you or any of your coworkers got this dressed up, so you wanted to savor every moment. You had intended on arriving early so you could see everyone, one by one, as they arrived.
But nothing ever went your way. First, your clutch wouldn’t close, so you selected another. Then the wrap you had set aside for the evening had a hole in it. So you selected another. At this point, you would arrive just on time.
But the traffic lights along the routes had another idea for you. One broken stoplight and three red lights in a row later, you finally pulled into the parking lot. You politely, although impatiently, transferred your keys to the valet before making your way inside.
Those first few steps on the marble floor of the posh hotel selected to host the event were surreal. The clicking of your heels echoed for a fraction of a second before it was swallowed by the cacophony of sounds emanating from the grand ballroom down the hallway to the right. You followed the noise and found yourself face to face with the grandiose sights and sounds of hundreds of FBI agents elegantly letting loose after who-knows-what they had been through in the past days and weeks.
You let your eyes drift from wall to wall, soaking in the magnitude of the event before you. Then you dropped your gaze to seek familiar faces in a sea of sameness.
Finally, an infectious smile was shot your way and you wasted no time in walking over to join JJ and Will at a round table on the outskirts of the dance floor.
You greeted them both with a hug and gushed over how gorgeous JJ looked in her periwinkle dress. “Wait til you see everyone else, Y/N. I swear, this gang has never looked better.” She stood on tiptoe to seek out the others. “There they are, come on.” She took your hand and dragged you along behind her, Will shaking his head in exasperation as he trailed behind you.
“Look who I found everyone!” JJ announced as she approached a small clan of people lost in conversation. But that conversation was cut short when all eyes turned toward you.
“Y/N! You made it!” Penelope shrieked at the first glance at you. She flew forward and threw her arms around you, careful still not to ruin either of your hair or makeup.
“Hi, P. Looking beautiful as always.” You hugged her back, then proceeded to greet each of your teammates in turn. Your group was truly a sight for sore eyes, the ladies looking stunning and the men so handsome you would take any one of them home in an instant.
But lastly, you turned to face Spencer and a smile stretched across your face. His light charcoal suit fit him perfectly and his cerulean tie accented the ensemble well. “Hi there, twinkle toes, you look great.” You leaned in to kiss his cheek as you had done with each of the others, but you felt him tense up. It would seem quite normal to anyone else given his distaste for touch, but to you, it was foreign. But you dismissed it as nerves over whatever that man had planned for the night.
“Now that we’re all here, what do you say we hit that dance floor before we lose the adrenaline of the night?” Derek was already backing his way toward the center of the room. Soon, his body was swallowed by the swirling multicolored lights and you knew you wouldn’t and couldn’t leave him alone out there.
And thus, each of you let the music take control and soon all but one person was out on the floor.
Spencer, however, opted for a refreshing drink to drown out his nerves. He had practiced every day, although nothing was quite as effective as that first lesson. And he knew exactly why.
With one last swig of water, the lights turned down lower and the upbeat music morphed into a slow song. The dance floor, once a mass of moving bodies, broke out into pairs as couples took to the floor for more intimate dances. Everyone around you grabbed a partner, and just as you were about to excuse yourself from the dance floor, you felt a hand on your shoulder and you spun around.
A hand was extended to you, slender fingers beckoning for you to take them into your own hand. “Can I have this dance?” You blinked in surprise at the tall form of Spencer Reid standing before you. But with the way his eyes sought confirmation from yours, the way his hand shook gently with tendrils of fear, the way his shoulders were pulled back confidently, but sagged slowly with each passing second, you grinned and nodded, reaching up to accept his hand.
He breathed a sigh of relief and you walked with him to an open space on the dance floor. When you spun and looped our arm over his shoulder to pull him close, you couldn’t help but ask. “I thought you had some special lady you were learning to dance for? Why aren’t you dancing with her?” You looked around in search of someone, anyone else who would have caught his eye previously.
But nothing could prepare you for his response. “I am, actually.” You locked eyes with him. Impossible. With no warning, Spencer wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you close - so close you could possibly have climbed right into his jacket pocket. When he took his first step, you could see the concentration tight in his face, but with each move which flowed into the next, his confidence grew as his comfort with you set in.
Those hours of extra practice were missing one crucial element: you. Now that you were back within his grasp, your breathing matching his, your natural aroma filling his senses, and the feel of your hand in his, he knew he could do it. So he spun you around, and you let out a squeak of joy at the magic of the moment.
You were wearing the most beautiful dress you had ever had, in the most extravagant ballroom, and Spencer Reid had his arm around you. It couldn’t possibly be real life, it was the thing of fairytales.
“Y/N,” Spencer’s voice broke through your dream-like state, “I have to tell you something.” There was nowhere else you’d rather look than into his eyes, illuminated gloriously by the ever-moving lights above you. His face was mere inches from yours. “I’ve liked you for a while now, and I wanted to learn to dance so I could spend tonight with you, here. I don’t really care for these kinds of gatherings, but dancing with you makes it feel like we’re the only ones here.” His words were quite simple, yet you soaked them in like the most refreshing drink you’d ever tasted.
Now it was your turn to share, so you summoned the courage that must have been airborne, and spoke, just above a whisper, just loud enough for him to hear. “I don’t know the exact statistic, but I’d say it’s one in a million, the chances of feeling the way we do. I’ve liked you for quite some time,” you laughed at the irony of pining over someone who felt the same way about you, “and teaching you to dance, well, I figured it might be the only time I got to be held like that… by you.”
Spencer blinked away his surprise, never imagining someone like you feeling that way about someone like him. Suddenly every interaction you had with him ran through his mind. “I don’t know that statistic either, but I do know there’s a one out of one chance that I want to kiss you.”
“What are you waiting for?”
Without any hesitation , Spencer closed the distance between you, his lips instantly molding to yours. It was soft, yet a sense of desperation, of long-awaited anticipation filled each gentle movement. Just like the song that was nearing its end, your kiss was slow and sultry, a dance in itself.
Too soon, but with need for air, you pulled away, the faint etchings of a smile remaining on your face, which was perfectly mirrored in Spencer’s.
Then Spencer broke the comfortable silence between you,
“Will you promise me we’ll keep dancing, just like this, wherever we go next?”
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reidslibrarybook · a day ago
Me and You
Tumblr media
Couple - Spencer x Fem!reader
Warnings - Language, sexual innuendos, allusions to death of a major character, speculation of infidelity, mention of a gun
Summary - Spencer’s late… and he’s never late. Penelope tracks him to an empty parking lot where he’s been for the last three hours. What has he been doing alone in a parking lot when he could have been home with you?
Category - fluff, kinda hurt/comfort
Word Count - 3k
A/N - this is for the one person who suggested i add more cuddling into my fics on my taglist forms lmao. there’s not rlly much to say abt this one, just that the first part is kinda shitty but i kinda like it. :)
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You weren’t one to count the minutes that you and your husband had been apart— and you certainly didn’t have the genius brain to do so— but you had been waiting for much too long.
Spencer texted you 3 hours ago saying that he’d be coming home with dinner since he and the rest of the team solved a case earlier than expected. You were relieved to hear that he was alright, excited that you’d get to see him sooner.
You paced around the house, making sure everything was in its rightful place for your post-case ritual. Every case left Spencer a little bit more broken than before, it was something that didn’t need to be said between the two of you. So, you decided to begin a routine that helped calm Spencer’s mind when he got home.
The first two hours passed without Spencer and you assumed he had been caught up with paperwork at the bullpen. You didn’t think too much of it since it’s happened numerous times, but it was a bit odd that he didn’t let you know beforehand.
You started to worry at once time crossed the threshold of the third hour. Spencer was always punctual and he’d always let you know if he was going to be late. You picked up your phone, almost dropping it with your shaky hands.
“Mrs. Reid, how may I help you, m’lady?”
“Penny. I- I don’t know where Spence is.”
“He went home a while ago, he’s not at home?”
“No,” tears began to sting your eyes. You tried your best to hide the emotion that could be heard through the phone, aggressively wiping at your face.
“Let me track his phone.” The sound of Penelope typing quickly filled your ears. Your heart began to race, you could feel yourself struggling to breathe.
Spencer was the light of your life, the one person that made home feel like home. There was no way you could wade your way through life without him… alone.
“I found him. It seems like he drove from here to a random parking lot and has been there for the last three hours.”
You sniffled, using the edge of your sleeve to rub your nose. “A parking lot?”
“Seems that way. I’m sending Derek over to your apartment.”
“N- no, Penny. I can drive there alone, I-”
“This is non-negotiable. Derek is coming with you to make sure you and Reid are safe. Plus, he’s nice to look at too.”
“I’m married, Penny,” you giggled.
“Doesn’t mean you can’t look.”
“Thank you, Pen. This means a lot to me.”
“Anything for the one and only girl genius. Morgan will be there in 15.”
You hopped into the car, pulling your coat closer together to keep the sweeping Virginia wind from stealing the little warmth you had left.
“Thanks for coming, Derek.”
“Of course, Y/N. Anything for you and Reid.”
You nodded, taking in the silence that had settled between the both of you. It was an understatement to say that you were scared of what you were going to find once the two of you arrived at the parking lot.
“Is there a reason why you didn’t want me to come with?”
You looked up from your hands as you continued picking at the skin around your nails. “Hm?”
“I was in the room while Garcia was lookin’ for Reid. You wanted to go alone.”
“Oh. I- I just didn’t want to bother you is all.”
He chuckled, “And here I thought you would have picked up a few things about lying since your husband is a profiler.”
“Look, I won’t prod at your relationship with Spencer but I just want to make sure that the two of you are doing okay.” You leaned back, sucking in a nervous breath. Maybe letting your feelings out would help calm your nerves.
“He hasn’t been sleeping lately. I- I mean he’s been reading all night o- or going out to the living room to do something. I just don’t know what’s going on.”
“You think he’s cheating on you?”
You shook your head. “O- of course not. W- well, I don’t know for sure. But-”
“But you didn’t want me to be with you if you found him doing something he shouldn’t be.”
You sighed, running your hands through your hair. “I- I know he would never actually do something but maybe he’s fallen out of love?” Derek let go of the steering wheel with one hand, reaching over to grab your shaky one.
“You think he stopped loving you? He won’t shut up about you at work, he’s always goin’ on about ‘Y/N this, Y/N that’. That man could not love you any more than he does now.”
“H- he really talks about me at work all the time?”
“I know you haven’t been to the bullpen in a while but he’s plastered his whole area with pictures of you. During lunch he’d talk about how amazing you are at work, how smart and beautiful you are, and how lucky he is to have you.”
“It’s all thanks to you. He never would have asked me out if you hadn’t been flirting with me.”
He squeezed your hand comfortingly. “Let’s just say that it was the least I could do since you introduced me to Savannah.”
You smiled, your heart feeling lighter than it was before. Spencer was a loyal man and nothing could persuade you otherwise. It wasn’t uncommon for people to throw themselves at him but he always came home to you.
Your mind was running through all the possibilities.
He could be dead.
He could be fucking someone else, as unlikely as it is.
The car stopped with a screech.
“Stay here.” Derek opened the door and unholstered his gun. You followed suit, stepping out of the car and following him towards your husband’s car.
“Y/N, what are you doing? I told you to stay in the car, it may not be safe for you.”
“He’s my husband, Derek. I know you’re just trying to protect me but I can handle it.”
He nodded, walking in front of you to shield you from whatever was in the car. You reached it feeling as though you might faint from the suspense.
You peeked your head over Derek’s shoulder to see Spencer unconscious.
“Spencer!” You tapped on the window, he had to be alive. There was absolutely no way he was gone, it was too soon.
Spencer scrunched his nose, rubbing his eyes and looking over to the window. He saw you with tears in your eyes and a look of relief written on your face.
He opened the door before you lunged yourself into him. You used your hands to make sure that there weren’t any bullet holes or stab wounds in him.
“Spencer, are you alright? I- I was worried.”
“I’m okay. I just um,” he yawned, “I was tired. Derek, what are you doing here?”
“I just wanted to make sure you were good. Penelope wanted me to go with Y/N to find you.”
“How long was I out?”
You opened your phone and showed him the time. “It’s been a couple of hours since you sent that text to me.”
“Shit,” he ran his hand through his knotted hair, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be gone that long.”
You pulled him into you before turning to the man behind you. “Thanks Derek but I got it from here.”
He nodded while giving Spencer a pat on the back. Derek began to walk away as you motioned for Spencer to enter the car and sit in the passenger seat. He was a yawning, groggy mess— he could barely keep his head up let alone stand.
You started the car as his hand rested on your thigh. “I’m sorry for making you worry.”
“It’s alright, love. Were you that tired?”
“I didn’t think I could make it home safely so I thought I’d pull over and rest my eyes for a couple of minutes.”
“I see you got dinner.” You nodded your head towards the back of the car that housed your favorite Indian food in paper to-go boxes.
“It’s probably all cold now. I- I’m sorry, I just-”
“Spencer, you have nothing to be sorry for. You were tired and, honestly, I’d prefer to worry for a moment or two instead of seeing you roll out on a stretcher in a body bag from a car accident.”
“That’s a bit morbid,” he laughed.
You smiled, placing your hand over his and intertwining your fingers together. “You were the one going on and on about how drowsy driving is just as dangerous as drunk driving.”
“I wasn’t wrong,” he quipped. You smacked his head playfully as he moved to rest it against the window.
You woke him up once you got back to your apartment building, opening the car door and helping him out. You reached over to grab his arm and placed it over his shoulder. He yanked his hand back causing you to look back at him in confusion.
“I can walk, you know.”
You sighed, “Just let me help you, Spence.”
“I’m fine.” He waved his hand in the wrong direction despite his intention of waving away your arm.
You grabbed his hand, stopping him from walking. “We’re about to climb 4 flights of stairs, would you rather have a bruised ego or broken spine?”
He rolled his eyes with a slight grin on his face, mumbling angry words as he put his arm around your shoulder. You were glad to see that you were very right when Spencer started to doze off from the monotonous task of walking up the steps.
You shook him awake and led him to the door. He leaned on your back, resting his head on yours as you struggled to get it open with the extra weight forced onto you.
He wrapped his arms around your torso swooping them in an upward motion so he had a good grip of your shoulder… and your boobs.
You shook your head, giggles falling from your lips. You walked forward only to be stopped with Spencer’s dead weight— looking back to see his legs flopped on the ground.
The only thing that was keeping him from falling was you.
“I thought you said you could walk.”
“I was lying, I don’t think my legs are working anymore.”
“I’m not carrying you if that’s what you’re suggesting.” He rubbed his head into your shoulder, you could feel him pouting without having to look at him.
“What happened to ‘I promise to be there whenever you need me, I’d do anything for you, Spence’?”
Your gasp was laced with a humor that only he could bring out. “Are you trying to guilt me into picking you up by using our wedding vows?”
“It is what you promised to your Spence… isn’t it?”
You grabbed his hands and pulled him up as far up your back as you could. “Sometimes I can’t tell if you’re childish and petty or if you’re really just a 7-year-old trapped in the body of a 38-year-old.”
He placed a kiss on your cheek. “You love me either way.”
You faced away from the edge of the bed and let him fall onto the bed. You toppled onto him which elicited a heavy groan from him. Spencer wrapped his hands around your waist and kissed your neck from behind as you let your head rest between the crook of his neck and his shoulder.
You laughed only to be met with silence.
“Spence, don’t fall asleep. You still need to change.” You stood up and walked over to his side of the dresser, picking out some sweatpants and an oversized t-shirt for him to wear. His grumpy, tired groans were adorable, it reminded you of a newborn child who longed for someone to hold.
You kneeled by the edge of the bed as he sat up. Your hands quickly unbuckled his belt and tapped on his thigh so he could lift his hips up. He laughed which caused you to look up. All you could see was a smug grin resting on his beautiful lips.
“What?” He lifted himself up as you slid his pants off his legs.
“If it was any other day, I’d really enjoy you in this position eager to take my pants off but I think I’m too tired right now.”
You shook your head. “Get your genius mind out of the gutter. I’m helping you change.”
“Mhm, that’s what they always say.”
You stood up, tossing his dress pants aside and peeled his shirt off of him. “Who’s they, hm?”
“The countless people I’ve been with before you.”
“Take it down a notch, Doctor, we both know you were a virgin when we met.”
He shook his head, falling back onto the bed, sneaking into the cover and anxiously squirming in the bed— waiting for your return. You got under the covers with him as he immediately migrated to resting his head on your chest.
“I was not a virgin,” he whispered.
“I think our first night together would beg to differ.”
He chuckled, “I think the noise complaints from our neighbors would beg to differ too.” You rubbed his back and played with his hair, twirling it in between your fingers.
“We really should move out and look into buying a new house. We don’t have enough space either, so might as well.”
He lifted his head up. “Wait, we need more space. A- are you-”
“No, Spence,” you ran your hand through his hair, “Not yet anyway.”
He leaned into your lips, placing a tender kiss on your lips. He continued kissing around your face and pecking your neck before resting his head next to yours on the pillow.
Spencer refused to sleep on his side of the bed, cuddling up next to you and wrapping his legs around you every single time he was in bed with you. Every night he was home, you’d fall asleep to the feeling of his breath on your face or neck.
“Why are you not sleeping at night. I- is something going on?” He shifted so he could look straight at you, his eyebrows raised in confusion.
“What do you mean?”
“You’ve been staying up reading or going out into the living room every night that you’re home. Is it me?”
“What? No!”
“Then what is it?”
He closed his eyes trying to find his answer. “I just, I’ve been getting nightmares and I didn’t want to wake you up in the middle of the night with me screaming and thrashing. I didn’t want to scare you.”
“What happened to ‘I’ll always let you in, I promise. I will never shut you out, we’re in this together’?” You teased him with his words that were spoken moments before outside your door.
A smile was placed on his lips. “You’re really using our wedding vows against me?”
“It’s applicable in this situation,” you giggled.
“It was earlier too!” He touched his nose to yours, rubbing the tip of his nose on yours as a way to communicate his affection for you.
“You’re not a burden to me, Spencer. I told you this before we got married, we’re doing this together. Me. And. You.”
He nodded. “Th- there’s also another reason why I haven’t been staying in bed. I was just too scared to tell you.”
“Don’t be, Spence. Tell me what’s bothering you.”
“Don’t be mad,” you shook your head as a devious smirk formed on his devilishly handsome face, “You snore every night and it sounds like I’m sleeping right next to a train.”
“WHAT?” You sat up, covering your mouth with your hands. “I don’t snore!”
He sat up with you, rubbing your back. “I know it’s hard to come to terms with the truth but you do snore… very loudly.”
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
“I bought some earplugs but they don’t work,” he giggled.
“You’re lying.”
“I’m not! Really, I’m not, Y/N. I swear.” You were crying of laughter as you rested your head on Spencer’s shoulder.
“You still love me though.”
“Of course I do, nothing is a deal-breaker. Even if it sounds like I’m laying right next to an active construction site.”
You nudged him, moving from his shoulder to kiss him. “I know you love me since you can never shut up about me at work.”
“Derek told me about everything you said about me at work.”
He blushed, a light pink dusted across his face. “I can never get you off my mind and you know how persistent it can be.”
“I know. I never said it was a bad thing, maybe just tone it down a bit with the admiration or else all your coworkers will start hating me.”
He pushed you down onto the bed and cuddled into your side, grabbing your hands and putting them around him.
“No one can hate you, you’re too perfect. It’s impossible.”
You laughed, “You might just be the one to make it possible.”
“Nope. I’d love to continue this debate but I’d probably pass out before your stubborn self finally understands that no one can hate you. Just… try not to snore as loudly tonight.”
Small laughs fell from your lips as you pulled him closer into you.
“Will do.”
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spencersmagic · 2 days ago
Remember me.
Tumblr media
masterlist // join my taglist
request: "hey bestiee, i have a request . where spencer loses her memory after something happened in field and reader tries to make him remember her. it won’t be easy for them but i think a happy ending would be nice🦋 i think it could be either a blurb or fiction but however you feel better✨✨ thankss"
couple: spencer reid x fem reader
category: a lot of angst, fluff. happy ending :)
warnings: mentions of injury, amnesia (it shows i have no freaking idea about how that works :)), brief mentions of blood. let me know if there's anything else.
this was really hard to write but i like it :) i hope you do, too.
also, this request is 3+ months old. i'm shameful shfjksdhfks
It all came to her in bits: the sirens, the empty words coming from her walkie-talkie, trying to keep her calm, the cold breeze that suddenly became too hot when she heard the gunshot, the three pairs of footsteps walking up to the love of her life, unconscious, lying on a pool of blood.
Oh god. There was so much blood.
Ironically enough, she couldn’t remember what had led to this moment. She couldn’t really figure out who the culprit of her heartbreak was. Or maybe she did.
It’s all so blurry.
Because nothing feels real - nothing feels like it changed but, at the same time, everything has shifted.
As if her glasses had suddenly changed color, now tinted in a green-grey color that only captured pain and so much confusion. As if the entire world had been pulled from under her feet, leaving her floating, searching for some gravitational force that would stabilize her, allow her to stand up.
“Dr Reid has suffered blunt force trauma to the head, as well as a bullet that lodged onto his thigh. Two centimeters to the left, and it would’ve hit the main femoral artery. You’re lucky he’s stable, Mrs. Reid” the Doctor explained to her with the most sympathetic look. She was staring at the doctor in front of her, unable to move, unable to comprehend.
How did this happen?
Who did this?
She could barely move, her mind still processing what she was feeling. Numb enough, though a whirlwind of emotions coursing through her veins..
“C-can I see him?” Y/N mumbled.
“Right this way”.
He looked so pale.
Practically unconscious, he lied on the bed, heavy lids and shaking, bruised body. A cut grazed his cheekbone, lining the slowly-appearing facial hair that decorated his soft skin.
He kept mumbling the same sentence over and over again.
This was the first time her heart felt like it had just been shattered.
“My name is Spencer Reid. I’m 27 years old. I’m an FBI agent. I work for the BAU. That stands for “Behavioural Analysis Unit”. My mother is Diana. She has Alzheimer’s but she’s safe. I got shot in the field. My name is…”
“Dr. Reid. Mrs. Reid is here to see you”.
He looked up at the doctor, wide eyes and stammering. “I-I didn’t know I had a sister. What's your name?” he sits up, flinching in the process, but eager to meet her.
“What do you mean “Amnesia”? Does this look like a cheap telenovela to you?” Y/N raised her voice at the doctor, unable to contain her rage. How did this happen? Why was he the one in the hospital gown?
The doctor reached for her pager, slowly, tentatively. “Calm down or we will have to remove you, Mrs. Reid”.
But she could only think about the love of her life, lying on the white bed sheets that definitely scratched his skin in the worst ways. She stormed back into the room.
“Hi! You’re my sister, right?” said Spencer at the sight of her.
“I’m not-“
“You know, genetically speaking, seeing that mom’s eyes are blue and dads are green, your eyes should look a little darker. Don’t take that as an insult, though. You look great.
You see, the Mendelian concept that plots genetic trends into dominant and regressive traits indicates that darker colors tend to proliferate in comparison to lighter ones. This means that, even though neither mom or dad have brown eyes, due to the fact that it’s a dominant trait, we are both likely to inherit it” Spencer rambled. “Wait, why are you crying?” he looked so confused.
“No-nothing, baby. Just… I’m not your sister”. she tried to hold back her sobs, eyes shutting harshly.
Spencer bit his nails. “Then who are you?”
“I’m your wife”.
“Oh… I’m sorry…” Spencer looked down at his hands. “You seem like a very sweet person, but I’m afraid I don’t remember you.” he hesitantly moved his hand forward to dry her cheeks. “I wish I did”.
She straightened up, shifting further into his touch. They stared into each other’s eyes, and she could feel herself falling in love all over again. And that when it hit her.
If Spencer had fallen in love with her before, he could do so again.
“Don’t worry, my love. If you allow me, I will show you the whole world. I’ll get you to remember”.
After repeatedly asking his team whether or not she was actually his wife, he eventually felt comfortable enough to go home to her. “I’m sure being close to you will help me remember little by little… I would like to get my old life back”.
The thought that she’s seen by him as “his old life”, when he’s her everything, broke her a little bit further. But Y/N was persistent.
“If he’s loved me once, he can love me again” she explained to their worried teammates.
It took Spencer surprisingly little time to get used to their apartment. As he walked around the apartment, his feet stood firm over the wood, though his arms were pressed tightly against his body - a position he often undertook when feeling insecure. He walked in, taking in the smell of parchment and his favorite blueberry muffins, baked by Y/N.
In that moment, he knew she would make life, with all its hardships, a little bit easier. Well, perhaps not easier, but definitely lighter.
“This is where you asked me out for the first time” she explained, smoothing over her lavender floral dress - his favorite, and the one she had worn that day. She had reached slowly to grasp his hand, but they were sitting comfortably against each other, as if they belonged within one another.
“It was a sunny day. You’ve never liked the way rain makes the clothes cling onto your body, so you made sure to pick a sunny day. We walked out here, to the lake, you turned me by the arm, ever the gentleman” she lightened the mood after seeing a frown graze his face, “and you told me you wanted to give me everything, if I accepted…” she explained. “Which I did, of course. I had been crushing on you for three months, so I was obviously thrilled”.
She turned to look at him. A frown grazed his features as he took everything in. Concentrating, he tried to recreate the scene with his imagination but he came up empty.
“What was I wearing?” he asked.
“Oh! You were wearing the most beautiful white linen shirt and brown pants. You had an orange and a green sock - you’ve always loved mixing and matching your fun socks' ' she tried to give as much information as possible. “Though what stuck out the most was the lilies you bought for me. They were gorgeous, Spencer. You’ve always had a good eye with flowers”.
“I-I don’t remember-” he stammered frustrated, shutting his eyes. She interrupted him, placing a hand on his cheek.
“It’s okay. I don’t need you to remember, Spencer. You just have to learn”.
The music in the bar blared. Though more confident, comfortable perhaps, he still didn’t like the loud music. After all, he never did.
“What is this?” Spencer questioned. He stood behind Y/N, hugging himself with one arm, the other holding her hand tightly.
She chuckled.
“Don’t worry, Spence. We aren’t going in” she sat down, making him follow suit. The grass usually made his skin feel uncomfortable, but her soothing touch made him forget about texture, and the smell of cheap beer, and the health-code violations that the bar definitely committed.
“This is where we usually go out. As a team...” she clarified. “...we usually sit in the booth at the far end, where we aren’t typically disturbed. However, whenever we’ve had an especially difficult case, we tend to move closer to the drinks and dance floor. We like to let our hair down but…” she trailed off.
“What? What happened?” asked Spencer, not unlike a little kid hearing an exciting story for the first time.
“You first kissed me there” Y/N let out softly, knowing how bad Spencer feels about it. “You were… tipsy, and I was dancing with Penelope and Derek. You got up, walked up to me and kissed me” she whispered. He looked bewildered at her, so she tried to soften her words. “We had already been dating for a few we-”
“What?! Just like that?!” he sputtered out. “I didn’t even ask, or-or take you to a more… hygienic place?”.
She chuckled, nostalgically. “No… But you did apologize a thousand times after that” she elbowed him, teasingly, allowing him to let out a chuckle. “I think you are completely forgiven by now”.
His laughter died with hers. “I guess you’re right…” he sat, pondering.
She took a moment to analyse his look. The beard was long gone now, and the former cut he had across his cheekbone was now but a small line. His hair had grown longer before the accident, but he had gotten a haircut from JJ which had left him as handsome as ever.
“So… Was I a good husband?” he looked down at her, wide eyed, and, for the nth time, she felt her heart break all over again. She sighed.
“Spencer, you’ve always been good at everything. Marriage hasn’t been any different - in fact, I was the one who wasn’t good enough for you, not the other way around. You loved me with a love that could never be replaced… With such care and passion that I always feel seen and comfortable whenever I am around you” she explained softly.
He smiled sadly. “You sound like you really loved me”.
Caressing the scar on his cheekbone, she whispered, “I really do”.
“Where are we?”
“This is Rossi’s place. He’s letting us walk around and see if you can remember anything” she reasoned.
“Okay” he replied as he walked her into the unfamiliar home. “What did we do here?” he asked, eyeing the chandelier hanging from the ceiling.
She exhaled shakily. “This is where you proposed to me”. Chuckling, she continued, “you always said meaning is only found where you place it. Proposing in a fancy restaurant, though perhaps prettier, wouldn’t ever compare to the countless memories we have made in David’s house”.
Her sneakers squeaked against the floor as she moved across the lounge. “Here, you got on one knee and told me about all the things that had made you fall in love with me… you explained that I was the only one for you, that nobody had ever made you feel like I have a-and…” she was cut off with her own sob, as she remembered all the things she could never get back.
Everything she had lived, all the memories she had shared with her partner, were long gone. Almost nothing but a mere figment of her own memory. How real were they, really, if the shared memories had now turned into ideas? Was her memory at play when she remembered all the ways she had fallen in love with the genius in front of her? Perhaps, it was her imagination.
Perhaps, none of it was any more real than it was to him. Stories told by a girl trying to reminisce over two forgotten people.
“I-I can’t, Spencer. You walk around. I’m d-done”, she hurried out, getting a cab.
Spencer had felt awful after what had happened. So awful, in fact, that he had gotten her favorite Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, Cookies & Cream (something she had mentioned once, and yet, something he couldn’t seem to forget).
He shuffled to her door, duffle bag on one hand, and two tubs of melting ice cream on the other. Knocking with the elbow, which he appreciated due to the sheer amount of germs that normally reside in our hands, he waited in front of the wooden door, chewing the inside of his cheek.
The door opened to reveal a messy-haired Y/N wearing a purple pair of surprisingly familiar oversized pyjama pants and a black tank top. She looked up at her. “What are you doing here?” she asked softly.
“I’m here to make it up to you” he said, walking into the apartment.
“You don’t have to-”
“Yeah, I do. Because I know that what happened wasn’t my fault, but I should’ve been more careful with handling your emotions. So…” he lifted the tubs, “ cream”.
“Okay… Grab the spoons and sit down with the tubs. I’ll make your pop corn” she said, shuffling towards the kitchen. “In the meantime, you can start any episode of Doctor Who. I will be there in 5’” she said.
As Y/N walked back into the living room, she was greeted by a small Spencer, head between his hands, a blanket hugging him.
“Spencer… Are you okay?” she hesitated. He looked up at her, face tear-streaked. He stood up suddenly.
“I-” he choked up, sobbing. “I remember”. He walked up to her quickly, removing the popcorn bowl from her hands, setting it on the counter.
“Y-you remember?” she smiled, looking up to him, hands hugging his cheeks. He nodded, “I do! I remember the first day you walked into the precinct. I-I remember seeing your face light up with joy at the prospect of working at the BAU. The only thing I could think about was that you are light. Because you are. You are the person I had been waiting for all those years.
I remember seeing you dancing with the team on one of our nights off. The way you swayed to the rhythm of the beat. I’ve never been good at dancing, or parties, or girls but at that time, I had to throw caution out of the wind, and have you.
I remember that I quoted Jane Austen when I proposed to you! She said “I have no notion of loving in halves”, a-and it never made sense until I saw you”.
He sighed, pulling her close to his chest.
“I know these last months have been incredibly hurtful to you: to see the person you love not even remember you. But I need you to know that you have always been so much more than enough for me” he grasped her face with his soft hands, and leaned in.
“Can I kiss you, darling?” he asked, chuckling through tears. She laughed between sobs.
“Every day for the rest of your life, my love”.
did you like it?? was it good?? was it everything you hoped for?? never mind, don't tell me. i don't wanna know.
please like, reblog or tell me what you think here.
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michelle-is-writing · 2 days ago
Beautiful Geniuses, Spencer Reid
(s/n): son’s name
Tumblr media
Word count: 700~
Spencer and (Y/n) promised they would try to stay out of the BAU for a while after their son, (s/n), was born. They also promised they would set up a date for all of their fellow BAU members to come and see their new addition to the family. Although, promises are hard to keep, and like rules, some are meant to be broken.
Everything in the BAU was going as it normally would - minus the presence of a pretty-boy genius and his wonderful partner for life. They were discussing a case amongst each other, planning to get on the jet in thirty minutes. Penelope, on the other hand, was busy thinking to herself about dropping in on her best friends after she got off. She did have a car full of gifts for (Y/n) and the baby (poor Spencer was left out), and she could always bring a box of goodies to "apologize" for the sudden visit.
Penelope then began to think of things to grab on the way there, until a certain couple caught her eyes through the window. "Oh my gosh, they're here!" Penelope announces as she quickly darts out of the bullpen and into the main room. Watching her run out of the room, the team needed no explanation as to who she was talking about. Instead, they just smiled and shook their head before following behind her at a more reasonable pace.
Seeing their friends come toward them, both Spencer and (Y/n) exchanged a smile, knowing their child wouldn't be in either of their arms for at least the next thirty minutes plus whatever time Penelope would be hogging their son. They didn't see this as a bad thing, however. They saw this as something to celebrate. Their coworkers, whom they loved like family, were almost as excited as they were for their son's arrival - almost.
"Oh, my God! I'm so glad you're here!" Penelope exclaimed as she gave Spencer a tight hug. The man smiled at this before watching her move onto his wife with a much gentler hug. "Are you doing alright, sweetie?" Penelope asked (Y/n) as they pulled away from the hug, both smiling. (Y/n) nodded at her best friend before gesturing to the tiny body resting in the carrier in her hands.
"Would you like to hold your nephew, Pen'?" (Y/n) asked her, knowing very well what the answer would be. Grinning widely, Penelope's eyes flashed down to the small bundle of joy before nodding excitedly, her feet practically bouncing out of her turquoise and red heels.
Sitting down with Penelope, (Y/n) gently took her son out of the blue and green carrier before placing him into Penelope's ready arms. The two watched as the spunky woman held the small boy to her chest, her smile never changing and her eyes beginning to swell with tears.
"He's so... beautiful," She whispered with a grin, making both Spencer and (Y/n) lightly laugh. They both knew that Penelope would become emotional upon seeing their newborn son - and they welcomed it. They both also knew that the minute Penelope laid her eyes on him, she would love him with all her heart for the rest of time.
"Of course, he is," Spencer agreed with Penelope's statement, moving to wrap an arm around (Y/n)'s shoulders. Giving her a smile, Spencer leaned down and kissed his wife's forehead before standing back up straight. "He's beautiful like his mother."
"He's obviously going to be a genius too," Derek pointed out, "As he had to take that from his father."
"Probably his stubbornness too," Emily joked, making them all lightly laugh, except for Spencer as he settled for a small pout instead.
Through all their friends' comments, the newly-parented couple both looked at each of their partners with smiles as if they were speaking to each other through their minds. As they could expect, their son would grow up with all these people there to watch as he did so. Plus, for the future, both Spencer and (Y/n) knew they weren't done making beautiful geniuses just yet. So, (s/n) wouldn't be the only mini-BAU member in the building, which everyone welcomed with open arms.
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spiritualchange · 2 days ago
Wedding Anniversary w/ Spencer Reid
warning: fluff
pairing: spencer reid x wife!reader
navigation | weekly schedule
gif is not mine
Tumblr media
You needed something special for this anniversary, 10 years, 10 years since you married your soulmate. Racking your brain for any possible idea, looking through your computer for ideas online, your gift came from your bookshelf.
Ever since you met Spencer, every anniversary, no matter big or small he gave you a book, each ranging in different genres, some you didn't get to read for at least a few more years so you could comprehend.
Being an English professor, you always tell your students to annotate any text they write, and the students copy the teacher.
Every book he gave you was filled to the brim with sticky notes, colors coordinated to a different subject. There had to be about 50 books on the shelf, each annotated ready to give to Spencer.
Luckily he had been on a case for the past two days so you were able to grab the books and somehow wrap them together. Eventually you gave up, replacing some books from his bookshelf with yours so he could see the little sticky notes sticking out.
Spencer walked through the threshold, walking into the living room setting down his bag, slumping onto the couch. He glanced around the room, hearing the shower running from the master bathroom when he saw the bright color stickies sticking out of the book. Sauntering over, a whole row dedicated to your gift, he pulled out the first book, The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe. He skimmed through the book looking at your familiar writing depicting the text. Spencer smiled, going through each book until he grabbed the first one he ever gifted you.
Happy 10 year anniversary, thank you for coming into my life and broadening my mind. You're my soulmate, my best friend. I love you Spence <3
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reidscanehand · 22 hours ago
“if i loved you less, i might be able to talk about it more” for spencer please?
i’m not sure if this counts as a dialogue prompt bc it’s a book quote so feel free to ignore it !! but i know you love austen so thought it’d be cute (if it’s too much pressure bc you love the books, no worries !!)
Spencer Reid never thought he'd have something like this. The years of loneliness piled onto his pre-existent trauma made him feel as though there was never enough good about him to make up for the bad.
But then he'd met you. Beautiful, wonderful, and oh-so-very-kind you. Falling in love with you had been stupidly simple. Cliche, even. From the moment he'd met you, your kindness had enveloped him in an almost caress-like warmth, filling in the cracks in his heart and soul from the inside out.
You'd nodded sweetly in understanding when he'd admitted he didn't want to shake your hand the day you'd joined the team. You'd asked him to explain geographical profiling to the most minute of details when you'd realized he needed a breather from the complexity of your first case. You'd played chess with him on the jet, smiling as he explained the game and losing to him every single time with the biggest grin on your face. You'd noticed his insecurity, of course, it was difficult not to notice, but you were one of the first new people in Spencer's life to do something about it. There was an awkward tilt of your head in his periphery as he made a self-deprecating comment, someone taking him up on his offers of oddball festivals and niche film festivals. Someone who took the time to call him and check on him after cases. Someone who made sure he was eating and drinking water in between sugary sweet coffees.
Someone for whom his feelings only grew stronger and yet more tender as they progressed. And someone who - thankfully - felt the same way about him. Then it wasn't a cliche anymore - it was a joyous reality.
And now it's just the two of you. The two of you living together in his apartment. The two of you sprawled out on his sofa. His head is in your lap and you're gently combing through his hair with your fingers, reading a book out loud. He'd been doing the same for you until about an hour ago, but then you'd insisted on switching when he'd yawned. You encouraged him to sleep, and when he'd pouted playfully about missing out on the chapter (even though he definitely already knows the entire book from memory), you'd rolled your eyes, but sweetly agreed to "catch him up" at another time.
Happier than he's ever been, he's sure, he's almost lulled to sleep - almost - when he hears you reach his favorite part:
“'My dearest Emma,' said he, 'for dearest you will always be, whatever the event of this hour’s conversation, my dearest, most beloved Emma⁠—tell me at once. Say ‘No,’ if it is to be said.'—She could really say nothing.⁠—'You are silent,' he cried, with great animation; 'absolutely silent! at present I ask no more,'" you read in your quiet, soothing timbre. "Emma was almost ready to sink under the agitation of this moment. The dread of being awakened from the happiest dream, was perhaps the most prominent feeling.
'I cannot make speeches, Emma,' he soon resumed; and in a tone of such sincere, decided, intelligible tenderness as was tolerably convincing-"
“If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more," Spencer whispers with you. You stop abruptly, smiling down at him with such adoration that he's sure his heart, his brain stops for just a moment, just to let him live in the moment a little longer. You lean down, pressing a quick kiss to his lips, cupping his jaw and running your thumb over his nose and cheekbones.
You clear your throat a bit, sitting back up and pulling the book back into your eye line, "And so we go on."
So we do, Spencer thinks as he begins to fall asleep, forevermore.
Thank you for the request - I hope you like it! xx
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radiant-reid · 19 hours ago
Merry and Bright
Tumblr media
A/n: Based on a request of this tiktok. Feel free to send me tiktok links that you want a request based off. I know it seems early for Christmas fics but is it actually?? no
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Fem!Reader
Genre: complete fluff
WC: 1.6k
CW: This is all about Christmas
"I'm betting you're really good at this." Y/n hypothesized, reading over the recipe Penelope had given her. In an envelope, no less, like it was of the utmost confidentiality.
Spencer, with his arms wrapped around Y/n's waist, head resting on her shoulder, giggled. "I don't think it's possible to be bad at baking. You just follow the recipe." Spencer declared.
She could feel his smile, the glow radiating off him. Despite the light dusting of snow outside, all she felt was warmth. Having Spencer right behind her was so comfortable, she never wanted to move.
The soft Christmas music playing in the background serving as a reminder of their second favorite holiday to celebrate.
She turned around, ending up flush against his chest, her back on the cabinet due to his unwillingness to move his arms. Instinctively, she held his face in her hands, fingers along his more-than-usual stubbled jawline. It was the outcome of his unwillingness to shave, too wrapped up in their cozy bubble of holiday joy.
They fitted so perfectly together that every part of him felt like home.
"That's exactly what anyone good at baking would say." Y/n quipped with a playful grin.
Spencer rolled his eyes at her, attempting to pout. It didn't work. He couldn't keep the smile off his cheeks, wrinkle lines forming around his mouth.
Just like she would have been able to stay in his arms forever, she'd also be able to admire his face forever. Those warm, brown eyes looking into hers convinced her he was doing the same thing.
It was like they were in their own bubble, unaware of everything going on outside the 4 walls of their apartment. Bundled up in sweatshirts and fuzzy socks. Pure bliss.
For a second, she almost forgot what they were meant to be doing.
"Stop distracting me." Y/n playfully demanded, narrowing her eyes at him.
Spencer shook his head, unbrushed curls bouncing around his forehead. "Never." He promised.
"Don't you want cookies?" Y/n asked him, tilting her head to the side.
Spencer thought it over. "Can I have a kiss?" He requested with a pout.
Y/n nodded, leaning up to gently place her lips onto his, lazily kissing him. They had all the time in the world left.
When she went to pull away, Spencer chasted her lips, not wanting to let her lips go. He wanted her as close as possible.
"Hey! Why do you taste like candy cane chapstick?" Y/n demanded surprised. Spencer's expression grew bashful, blush filling his cheeks. "My candy cane chapstick?"
"Might have stolen it." He mumbled. Y/n raised her eyebrows at him, playfully asking for a better explanation. "Makes my lips softer, and it tastes nice to kiss, right?"
Y/n could disagree with that, and she couldn't be mad at his cute face. "You're right." She whispered, tipping her head up to kiss him again.
"Cookies." Y/n hummed against his lips in an attempt to remind him of the task they had to complete.
In the two days they'd had off from work, they'd barely gotten out of bed, but with the team's Christmas party the next day, they had to bake their cookies.
"Fine." Spencer reluctantly agreed, losing his grip.
Savoring the image of his perfect face, she turned back around to get started on her task.
Unsurprisingly, Spencer was unhelpful. He spent more time placing kisses up and down her neck than he did mixing ingredients. When she hadn't given him a task, he put an elbow on the countertop, resting his head in his sleeved palm as he lovingly gazed at her.
"Y/n," Spencer called, waiting for her to turn and look at him.
When she did, he blew the flour out of his cupped hands at her, covering her in the white dust.
"Spencer!" Y/n squealed, wiping the powder off her face. Narrowing her eyes, she glared at him. "I'm going to kill you." She assured him, even tone.
Spencer couldn't stop his giggling, beyond amused about his little joke.
Y/n spun around, running her finger through the cookie dough before dragging it over his nose, eliciting a high pitch squeal out of his lips. "That's karma." She simply stated, shrugging.
"Just you wait," Spencer warned, plotting his next move.
Y/n faked a look of fear. "I'm terrified." Before smiling, the stupid, giddy grin she could never get off her face around Spencer.
He let her roll out the cookie dough without distracting her, only because he wanted all of her attention again. He was all too happy when she finally put the cookies in the oven, wasting no time in grabbing her waist.
"You're so pretty." Spencer smiled, pulling her into the dining room.
"Even without makeup in this outfit?" She asked with a laugh, looking down at her CalTech sweatpants, courtesy of Spencer, and hoodie with a dancing skeleton on it, matching Spencer.
As soon as Y/n saw the design, a month before Halloween, she brought matching ones. Spencer had worn it every moment they were at home, even taking it on cases to wear when he slept. Although he had no idea, a matching t-shirt and work tie was waiting for him under the Christmas tree.
"Especially without make in that outfit," Spencer assured her, the answer she knew he was going to give.
Spencer rested his hands on her hips, swaying to the music. "What are you doing?" Y/n asked, confused.
"We're going to dance," Spencer informed her, reaching into her pocket to grab her phone. He slid the volume up, the room filling with the sound of Frank Sinatra. He put it back in her pocket, hands going back to her hips.
Y/n wrapped her arms around his neck, lacing her fingers together as she flicked the curls. "What happened to the sweet boy who told me he couldn't dance?" She asked him, recalling Morgan's wedding, one of the first events they went to publically as a couple. They'd been dating for 5 months, but it was the first time he'd had to dance with her.
"Well, I'm still sweet, thank you very much." Spencer sassed. "But I like dancing with you." He commented, tapping a finger against her lips.
Y/n smiled at him. "You're so cute."
"And sweet?" Spencer question.
"And sweet," Y/n confirmed.
They swayed together to a few notes, Y/n following his direction. He wasn't a bad dancer at all. Her fuzzy, Christmas-printed ones falling perfectly into line with his mismatched socks.
After a few slow songs, the music shuffled to Mariah Carey's All I Want for Christmas is you.
Y/n freed her hands, moving them in front of her like a microphone. She sang loud and off-pitch. Spencer chuckled as she continued to sing, giving him a full performance of the song.
The fondness he felt was unparalleled. There was nothing he wanted more than to spend every Christmas for the rest of his life exactly the same.
Begrudgingly, he sang one song with her, making sure she knew it was the only one he would be singing.
"Cookies are done." Y/n hummed, wrapped in his arms once again. There was no feeling that would ever come close to it. She pulled away from him, dragging him towards the kitchen.
Spencer handed her the oven mitts as she turned off the oven, taking the cookies out.
"Those are perfect," Spencer commented, admiring the sugar cookies, shaped like Christmas trees, snowmen, stars, reindeers, Santas, and candy canes.
"I agree, but we've got to decorate them now," Y/n informed him, getting to work on the royal icing. "Can you get the sprinkles, candy, and edible glitter?" She asked him, nodding towards the cupboard.
"Yes, ma'am." Spencer jokingly agreed, spinning around to get the supplies. Diligently, he poured them all into little bowls.
Y/n worked on her own task, whisking the icing. "Here, try this." She instructed, holding out a spatula.
Spencer stuck out his tongue, eager to taste it. Instead of putting it in his mouth, Y/n deviously smeared it all over his nose.
"Ahhh," Spencer whined, reaching up to wipe it off his nose, putting it into his mouth.
Y/n pouted at him mockingly. "Sorry." She falsely claimed, smirking. She started to frost the cookies, careful to make sure they were perfect.
Spencer took some of the cookies, sprinkling sprinkles over them.
"You're making a bit of a mess," Y/n commented, noticing his flawed sprinkling. Spencer looked up at her with a frown. "Sorry, I'm a perfectionist." She said with a shrug.
Spencer took some of the glitter into his hands, blowing it Y/n. It ended up all over her cheeks.
"Spencer Reid!!" Y/n complained, picking up the spatula and flicking him with green icing. "You're in trouble now." She claimed, switching to red icing to throw at him.
Spencer giggled, picking up some of the sprinkles and dumping them over her head. Y/n started to laugh at him, continuing to make a mess in their kitchen. They continued to throw icing and decorations at each other while laughing.
"Truce, truce." Spencer pleaded, holding his hands up in defense.
"Alright, but I won." Y/n agreed, walking over and wrapping her arms around his neck, pulling him in for a victorious kiss.
Spencer broke the kiss, looking over her shoulder at the mess they'd made. Y/n turned around to see look at what he was seeing, arms still wrapped around his neck.
"We made a mess." She told him as she turned back around to look at him.
"We did." Spencer agreed, thankful none of the cookies were too damaged by their food fight.
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catsadams · a day ago
pairing: spencer reid and fem!reider
warnings: death, maeve’s death, affair
wc: 300
author’s note: i do not condone affairs, for the sake of the angst, hurt, and comfort, the reider forgave spencer. anne-marie’s celebration, with the prompt, “you’re my favorite person to love.”
maeve, maeve donovan. spencer had cried for maeve, for the book, for the date, for the crimson that had bled from her and diane — and for his wife, who had kissed spencer’s tear-stained cheeks, though he had forsaken her trust in him, the marriage, and the daughter they had from love.
spencer had had sunday rendezvous with maeve — first, it had been a doctor and her patient, but one thing lead to another, and spencer had a date at a restaurant with maeve, his beloved wife and daughter at home, and had said that he’d be with derek.
spencer loved maeve, but he loved his wife and daughter — he had cancelled the date, only for her to be in the hands of diane turner. spencer had gone to the bau, and confessed — the affair, the date, the sunday rendezvous — and she, his wife, had been there, tears in her eyes as he pleased for hotch to find maeve, the devil incarnate who had stolen her husband from her.
she had thought of a divorce, but she’d been with spencer through the trials and tribulations, best of times and worst of crimes, he’s the love of her life.
and she’s the love of his life.
“spence,” she whispered, and placed her hand in his. he’d cried for maeve in the bed he shared with his wife, and had only ambled to the living room for his daughter — the baggage he had was pushed aside for her.
she kissed spencer, her hands in his unruly curls, all of the love in the world on his lips. “i love you.”
“i love you,” spencer whispered, “you’re my favorite person to love.”
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Body and Soul
Tumblr media
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Female Reader (She/Her)
Word Count: 2.5 K
CW: Dom Spencer/Sub Reader, Fingering, Light Choking, Degradation, Aftercare at the end (please let me know if I missed anything)
*Also, let's pretend that Gideon didn't die at the cabin, because that kind of ruins the mood for Spencer*
It was Spencer's idea to get away from the bustle and overall busyness of your lives. Between your job at the publishing company and Spencer traveling all over the country, you hardly got alone time anymore. Lately, it seems like the only time you even get to talk is when Spencer stumbles into bed, exhausted from grading papers after cases that seem to last an entirety. He'll kiss your cheek, and, if you're lucky maybe he'll pull you in close and you'll fall asleep to
He must have noticed your worry about him, or rather realized his own worry for you. A vacation is what he suggested to get some alone time. In the five years that you and Spencer have been together, he's taken a vacation all of three times. Two of which he was laid up in the hospital and the other was for his thirtieth birthday. He's not used to resting, but if there's one thing you'll do this week, it's make your boyfriend rest.
Watching Spencer read from your spot on the plush armchair, you start to put your plan into place. When he wasn't looking, you grabbed his dark gray cardigan from the bed in the room over. Slipping it on over your bra and underwear, you waited for Spencer to notice. The thing is, it shouldn't take long; he's rather observant. But nothing, not even his girlfriend wearing his cardigan (and only his cardigan) can distract him from a large stack of books. He's run through dozens of books already and you're convinced that he's going to get a sore neck from looking down all day.
You're the one that should be sore, you think to yourself, shifting in your seat.
It's taking too long, and it's been too long, so you're taking matters into your own hands. The sound of knocking down the stack of books on the coffee table makes Spencer's neck snap up, finally looking at you. It takes all of two seconds for him to react and watching his reaction is priceless.
"What are you doing?" he asks, sounding annoyed, but you know it's under false pretenses.
"The question actually is, Spencer, is what should you be doing?" you ask, kicking your legs over the arms of the chair as the cardigan slips down your shoulders, revealing the lacy purple bra strap.
"You're dangerous," Spencer whispers, finally putting down the book. You could scream with relief, but you know that that will be coming later, "very dangerous,"
He stalks over, his tall frame casting shadows on your face. Spencer's standing right in front of you and his long fingers lift up your chin, forcing you to look at him in the eyes. He smirks, knowing all too well that you're already putty in your hands.
"I think it's more dangerous to ignore me, sir," you say, bating your eyes at him pulling him closer by his belt hoops.
"You're playing a dangerous game, my dear," he whispers, his thumb running across your lips. Emboldened by the promise of him all over you, you slip his thumb into your mouth, sucking and looking up at him through your eyelashes.
"You make me feel good, sir," you say, holding onto his hand and slipping his thumb out of your mouth, "please,"
"You've become so needy, so needy," Spencer tuts, crouching down on his knees in front of you, "wearing my cardigan, dressing like a fucking whore. For what? For my attention?" he asks, his hands moving so fast over your body you feel dizzy.
"Please," you whine, already falling apart at the seams, "please,"
"I've hardly touched you. You're a mess already," Spencer says, "But it's okay," he says, his voice going soft as his hands caress your face, "I haven't been doing my job,"
You must have looked at him in with a confused look on your face, because the next thing you know, he's kissing your cheeks softly. His stubble is rough against your soft skin. The contrast makes you whimper and cave into Spencer's deceptively strong body. You don't have to be a genius to know that you neck and collarbone will be littered with angry, red marks. It's been so long and he feels so good, it's almost too much. Suddenly, you're very warm. You twist out of Spencer's grip, stopping his attack on your neck.
Shrugging off the cardigan, Spencer stops you immediately. He forces it to stay on, as he kisses down your clothed arms all the way to your fingertips.
"No," he tells you, "keep it on," he says, lacing your fingers in his and squeezing in a moment of tenderness.
"Yes sir," you say, half joking, "God, I missed this," you whine, loosing yourself in the way his lips brush against your knuckles. He's on his knees for you, but you both know well you're the one who's begging.
"So beautiful, so beautiful like this," Spencer coos, leaning back on his heels to watch to writhe on the chair. If he keeps up the pace, you're sure to just finish on the couch, before heading to the bedroom, and the kitchen, and the library, and the backyard and the....
"You with me, Y/N. Baby," Spencer says, whispering against your neck, his tone more serious and less commanding, "You good, love?"
"Mm, good," you whimper, trying to get closer to Spencer, as close as possible. All you want to do is touch him, skin to skin, soul to soul, "So good, for you," is all you can make out when all you can think of his him.
"Yeah," Spencer says, standing up to his full height, he towers over you and if you could focus on anything but his veiny hands, you would be on your knees in an instant, "I love you, Y/N. And I'm sorry it's been so long," he says, brushing his hand over your hair.
You nod, feeling the tears sting your eyes as Spencer wipes them away, "I'm good, I just love you so much," you say, heart beating to the silent rhythm of a dance that you know the moves to.
"So desperate," Spencer whispers, teasing his fingers over your collarbone, down to your breasts, over your stomach. They tingle on your skin, a golden tattoo permanently etched into your skin, "All mine,"
His words are a drug, he's your drug that you'll use for the rest of your life. You don't even realize that you hands are shaking as you try to undo Spencer's belt buckle, until his more steady ones cover your trembling ones. The touch is the gentlest you've ever been held. He touches you like you're something precious and delicate. In his eyes your are, in his eyes you're everything.
"No, I’m supposed to be making you feel good.” Spencer whispers, grabbing you by the hands, standing you up, "go into the bedroom, love," he says, his hand on your lower back, guiding you to the bedroom silently.
"Let me make you feel good," Spencer says, this time he's the one begging, this time he's the one on his knees. His eyes are wide, and his hands are eager as he slips off your underwear.
It's been so long, too long, but again, you never forget to ride a bike. And this, this is just like that. He knows your body like it’s his, listening to your whimpers and moans as his fingers run over your stomach, inches from where you want him the most.
“Tell me what you want,” Spencer requests, moving strands of hair from you face, “tonight is about you,” he says, kissing your collarbones, down your chest and all over your stomach.
“I want you, please, please Spencer,” you whimper, desperation increasing by tenfold as he doesn’t relent, “I need you,”
“I know,” Spencer says, running a long finger up inside you. He pumps in and out, you’re already soaked before he even took of your underwear. You try to contain the moans that flutter from your mouth as his thumb grazes your clit. He teases, never giving enough with his fingers or mouth.
“Ugh, Spence,” you cry out, tugging on his hair as his head lowers dangerously close, his tongue lapping up your wetness, “Spencer,”
“I know, sweet girl,” Spencer says, his breath hot on your thighs is so much, too much and all you can think about his how close you are, “I know, let me make you feel good, love,” he whispers, tightening his grip on your thighs as he continues to eat you out.
He is relentless, his rough fingers moving in and out as his tongue flicks against your clit. You feel the pressure build, moving closer and closer to the edge. Spencer nips and kisses the skin of your soft thighs. If you weren’t so distracted by him, you might have noticed the quiet, almost inaudible sigh he lets out as he continues to kiss and nip and tease. You tug at his hair, gripping him like you’re hanging on for dear life.
His pace is brutal and relentless and it’s nothing short of sucking the life out of you. He’s so in tune with your body, knowing the signs of your impending release the he stops to look up at you.
“Does that feel good, sweetheart? I am making you feel good?” Spencer asks, his patronizing, condescend tone making your heart flutter. His chin is slick with your release, making his pink lips glisten in the dim light. If you could even think straight for more than a minute, you’d make a mental note to make sure he wears his glasses next time
“So good, so good,” you pant, “I need more,” you whine, tugging on his shirt, pulling him in for a kiss. You can taste yourself as his lips glide against yours. He dominates the kiss with his hands tangled up in your hair and his body hovering over yours. You can feel him smirk against your lips, relishing in the pathetic moans that you can’t control.
“Yeah, I’ve made you into a desperate whore, I haven’t I,” Spencer says, his right hand wrapping around your throat and his left hand going to tease your clit, “I’ve neglected my little whore. Don’t worry, darling,” he muses, adding pressure to his grip on your throat, “you’ll be very satisfied later,”
There’s nothing you can do, Spencer’s body covers yours. Above everything, you probably like the feeling of his body over yours more than anything, but he makes it hard to think with his hand rubbing circles on your clit and his other hand squeezing your throat.
“Oh god,” you pant, as he lets go of your throat, he’s quick with his fingers, still rubbing and pumping in and out, never relenting.
He stands up, suddenly ridding you of any contact. You feel empty and you look up at Spencer wondering what he has in store. He looks down at you, fiddling with his belt buckle, but stops to run a finger down your head to your chin. He lifts your chin up, mirroring his previous affection.
“I love you,” he says, leaning down and kissing your nose, “I love you so much,” he says, crashing down on the bed.
“God, I love you too, Spence,” you say, wrapping your arms around him, ready for whatever comes next.
“I love you, I love you,” Spencer whispers against his cardigan, “you ready? You ready for me, love?”
“Yes,” you whimper, planting kisses along his shoulders as he kicks off his boxers, “I need you,” you groan, scratching down his back as he lines himself up to you.
“Tell me how I make you feel, sweet girl,” Spencer orders thrusting deeply. It’s so fast and so much that the only thought in your mind is how it feels to have his skin against yours.
“So full,” you mumble, reaching for Spencer’s face to kiss him, “so full, so good,” you say, just focusing on the way his stubble rubs against your neck, his lips against your collarbone and his cock buried deep inside you.
It’s so much and you love him so much and it’s been so long….
“Oh god, oh Spencer,” you say, clawing towards his head as his lowers his mouth to your breasts. He kisses and sucks and rolls his tongue around your soft skin, moaning as he explores, “I’m going to come, Spencer,”
“Yeah, you’re going to come? Hmm, you used to be a good girl. And good girls ask for permission. Are you going to be my good girl?" Spencer asks, lips gliding across your collarbone and pepper kisses over any skin he can reach.
"Please, let me come, please" you beg, gripping his hair and wrapping your legs around Spencer to keep him close. You've done this hundreds of time, but this time it's so intense.
"Come, Y/N," Spencer orders, "show me, love,"
Frantically, you press Spencer's face to your chest, savoring the messy, wet kisses on your skin. You feel the pressure build again, but you know this time you'll be pushed over in no time. With Spencer's languid pace and his hot breath against your neck, it's so much are right there. He knows you well enough by know to continue through your release, thumb rubbing against your clit and thrusts slow, yet deep.
"Good girl, good girl wants all my cum," Spencer says, his pace growing erratic and messy as he reaches his end too, "I bet my cumslut wants me to cum deep inside her little pussy, isn't that right," he whispers, voice trembling. You're smart enough to not tease him on it, but ten minutes from now, he's free game.
Spencer's thrusts and fingers don't stop as your climax takes hold of you. You feel it in your bones, deep inside of you and Spencer's constant reassurances, his words of praise and sweet kisses tether you to the bed.
Groaning, as he comes undone, Spencer's head drops against your sweaty torso. It's not until you regain your composure that you realize how hot it is. Spencer's skin burns against yours, but he's so spent and exhausted, you're half convinced he passed out on your stomach.
"Spence," you say, tapping his shoulder and brushing his hair from his forehead, "baby?"
"Hmm," Spencer says, drawing shapeless figures and lazy lines along your arms, "I need a second," he says, kissing your torso as he rises from his spot on your stomach. He collapses on the spot next to you, his hair wild and his eyes excited, despite the exhaustion that seems to consume him.
"Spencer, I promise that you can cuddle and hold me as soon as I get this cardigan off. I'm so fucking hot," you say, chuckling as Spencer helps you up. He lets you rest your forehead against his shoulder as he peels off the cardigan, tossing it to the floor.
"Now can we cuddle?" Spencer asks, holding his arms opens, ready to swallow you hole, "Please?" he asks, the softness that you love covering his features.
"Of course," you say, but swinging your legs over the bed and standing up, "but how about round 2, this time in a shower. An ice cold shower," you say, winking and giggling as Spencer scrambles to follow you into the bathroom.
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When Spencer’s has a long day he comes home and takes his shirt off and lays face down on the bed beside his partner, and they know that means he wants tickles. He wants them to run their fingers and nails over his skin in gentle patterns while asking him about his day with a soft voice before kissing his shoulder. Then he rolls onto his back, giving them access to trace their finger along his tummy and chest, up his neck and along his jaw. Carefully, they run the pads of their fingers around his eyes and flatten his brows. Over the bridge of his nose, his cheekbones and his cute little chin before tracing all the way back down to his belly button. It completely calms him, grounding him for the night before the cuddle against him with their head in the crook of his neck, reminding him he’s loved before he slips away for the night.
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Tumblr media
Couple - Spencer x BAU!Fem!reader
Warnings - Language, sexual innuendos, stupid ppl in love
Summary - Spencer’s left discouraged after Penelope found out that you are now taken, but after the unfolding of the events at the team outing— he’s left a little more hopeful than before.
Category - fluff, kinda hurt/comfort
Word Count - 3.9k
A/N - i wrote this so quickly because this idea was just ruminating in my brain during my classes, not the best execution and still shitty but i also love it. also, the grinding part was inspired by Jane the Virgin, rewatching cuz the series is amazing...seriously. :)
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You walked into the bullpen, pushing the door open as Penelope followed closely behind you. You set your belongings down onto your desk, turning on the computer before she sat down on your chair.
“Penny, please. I- I need to get started on my work or else Hotch is going to decapitate me and put my head on a spike.”
“Ew and no. You can’t just say something like that and leave me hanging, it’s illegal!” Her lips formed into her signature pout that couldn’t be ignored.
“I’m pretty sure there aren’t any laws regarding discontinuing a conversation.”
Spencer poked his head up from his desk that was diagonally across from yours, admiring the way your hair framed your face and your tight skirt.
“Mornin’ Babygirl.” Morgan leaned down and gave Penelope a kiss on the cheek, his face contorting into one of confusion after she refused his affection.
“Okay Y/L/N, what’d you do to her?”
You looked back at him with an unconvinced look on your face. “Don’t encourage her. I did nothing wrong.”
“She declined my invitation to have a girl’s night on Friday and said that she had to go home to him. Then, she proceeded to ignore me.”
Spencer’s eyebrows raised, his curiosity heightening as well as his heart that beat for you. He didn’t understand what Garcia was getting at, his ears perked up as he listened into your conversation.
“I didn’t ignore you.”
“You left me on read!”
“Oh shit, I thought I turned read receipts off.”
“Hold up, you think Y/N’s dating someone?” Derek chimed into your conversation, interested in the gossip that he would’ve found out eventually.
“It’s the only explanation,” she said with a frustrated tone, “I even offered to pay for all her drinks and there’s no other reason why she’d pass up free booze.”
You stepped in between the two of them. “Okay, enough. First of all, Y/N is right here— second of all, I’m not that obsessed with alcohol.”
“So you didn’t participate in a drinking game with a bunch of frat boys who wanted to fuck you for the free beer?” She looked up at you, a smirk playing on her face. “That-... that was an extraneous situation.” Derek sits down on his chair at the desk across from yours, leaning down and playing with his pen.
“So is she right?”
“About what?”
“Don’t play dumb, Y/L/N. Do you have a special someone waiting for you when you get home from work?”
You looked down at your feet, fiddling with your fingers. “N- no.”
“I’m going to take that as a yes.”
Penelope huffed, crossing her arms and getting off of your chair. “That’s the answer you’re going with?”
“What does it matter, Pen. I know you’re going to dive into my credit card bills and social media regardless.”
“Damn right.” She hastily walked away to her office, eager to find the definitive answer to her nagging question.
Spencer didn’t think too much of the little situation in the morning. As much as he loved her, Garcia blew many things way out of proportion. You and Spencer were best friends, he’d know if you were dating someone.
Though, he couldn’t help but feel a little downtrodden as Penelope and Derek reminded him of the fact that you could slip from his fingers at any time. He’d known you since you joined the BAU, instantly clicking together as best friends the moment you walked through the heavy glass doors.
Spencer was too cowardly to ask you out, afraid that he’d ruin your friendship. He didn’t want to be the one who ruined something so pure and special to him. It was a sacred relationship he wouldn’t dare touch unless he knew you felt the same for sure.
He continued his daily routine as the day went on, watching you from his desk. The way you bit your pen always distracted him as he got a view of your pink lips, wishing that he was the one you were nipping on.
He turned his chair as you stopped it with your hands, leaning down and giving a full view down your shirt. Spencer blushed, looking away while clearing his throat.
“Y- Y/N.”
“Wanna go get lunch? There’s this new café down the block, we could get some-”
“Nope! You are staying right here and so is boy genius,” Penelope pulled you away from the chair which elicited a small yelp from you. Spencer giggled, you were adorable.
“Reid, let’s go.”
“Where… and why?”
“The conference room, I’ve gathered some evidence and I need the brightest minds in the FBI to help me analyze it.”
You and Spencer made eye contact as you shrugged, completely oblivious to the cracks that were about to form in the young doctor’s heart.
You walked in to find the whole team sitting down looking at the board. There were printed receipts, media subscriptions, etc. pinned onto the corkboard.
“Pen, what the hell is going on?”
“You were right earlier, Sweetcheeks. I did go into my little batcave of wonder and went through your history for the past few months. Sit,” she motioned for you and Spencer to take a seat.
“So, as we all know, I have been urging our beautiful Y/N Y/L/N to get herself some loving. It seems she’s gone and found herself a lover all by herself.”
Spencer’s heart dropped, shattering onto the ground beneath him. You hadn’t mentioned anyone or that you were spending time with another person.
“I don’t know the identity of this mystery person but I do know that Y/N has increased her usual spending by double. Exhibit A, B, and C.”
She slid everyone over a copy of your credit card history and two charts that compiled your spending over the past 3 months.
Spencer’s eyes scanned over the documents, confirming Penelope’s suspicion. You never bought more than you could eat or spent so much money on eating out— he knew you preferred home-cooked meals but that may have changed once you started to hide things from him.
“And if that’s not enough… there’s also been a significant increase in her lingerie purchases at Victoria’s Secr-”
“OKAY, th- that’s enough,” you grabbed the remote from her hand which stopped her from moving onto the next slide, “I um, yes I have found someone and he’s very nice.”
Penelope squealed as money was passed around the table. “See! I knew it.”
You turned around seeing Hotch pass over a $50 bill to Derek as he collected money from the rest of the team as well, minus Spencer.
“What’s going on here?”
“We were all betting when you’d finally get hitched, my guess was the closest.”
“I can’t believe you guys be-”
Spencer abruptly stood up and left the room, grabbing his messenger bag and leaving the building as quickly as he could so you wouldn’t be able to follow him.
Tears stung his eyes, he always knew that you’d leave him— but not so soon. It was too sudden for him, he could barely process the little hints of your relationship that morning let alone be bombarded with evidence of your new budding love that he should have seen.
He should’ve connected the dots, you weren’t displaying different behavior, you weren’t glowing, and you certainly weren’t spending less and less time with him.
Spencer thought he would have had time to adjust to the heartbreak, adapt to the new hole left in his heart. He couldn’t understand how you were so unaware of his feelings for you.
He spent the rest of the lunch break trying to calm himself down, practicing breathing patterns at the park. Spencer made it back to the bullpen in time to walk past you just as you were right about to ask him where he went.
The rest of the day consisted of complete and utter silence on his end. You tried talking to him multiple times but he brushed off your attempts by pretending he didn’t hear your calls.
All he wanted to do was run into your arms and cry on your shoulders as he had always done, confide in you and spill his emotions so you could help him pick up the pieces. But that time, you were the one who recklessly threw him aside.
He began to pack up his bag to go home for the day. Spencer finished his work early to get away from the inevitable invite to a celebratory team outing for your new romance.
The doors of the elevator were just about to close before you slid in, panting after your slight sprint from your desk to the elevator.
He kept his eyes straight, staring at the metal doors. You looked over at him, trying to get his attention.
“Spencer. Spencer, please don’t ignore me.”
“Spencer,” you reached over to touch his arm before he walked out of the elevator when the doors pinged and opened.
You ran out after him before stopping. “I’m sorry. I- I don’t know what I did wrong.”
He could hear the pain in your voice. It may not have hurt as much as finding out your secret crush was taken but you felt like you were losing your best friend. Spencer stopped and sighed, giving you a chance to continue while catching up to him.
You reached him, standing in front of him and holding him in place with your hands on his arms. He looked at you, seeing your glassy eyes and smeared mascara.
“Why are you ignoring me, Spence? I- I know I did something wrong but I don’t know what. Please just tell me so I can fix it a- and we can go back to how we used to be.”
“It’s not you, i- it’s me.”
“Th- then what is it?”
He sighed, “I- I guess I’m just upset that you didn’t tell me about your boyfriend.”
Another lie.
“I- I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you, Spence. I didn’t want to tell you about my feelings because I didn’t want to ruin our relationship. I just didn’t think you’d care.”
“Of course I’d care, Y/N. I care um, about you.”
You hugged him closely, the scent of your shampoo wafting around him. “I care about you too, Spence. I’m sorry.”
He wrapped his arms around you. “I know, I’m sorry for making you feel bad today. I let my emotions get the best of me.”
You shook your head into his chest. “No, it’s my fault. This wouldn’t have happened if I had told you.” He nodded.
“Um, Penny wanted to go out to the bar tonight. W- would you like to come?”
“Uh, i- is your boyfriend going to be there?”
You pulled away, biting your lip and pulling at your sleeve. “No, he’s um, working.”
“I don’t know, Y/N.”
He looked into your eyes, getting lost in their beauty. Spencer loved the way you looked, any day at any time. Even if he memorized a map of you, he’d always get lost in you.
“Okay, fine.”
You smiled, ruffling his hair. “Good, be there at 7 sharp.”
He nodded, watching you walk away.
Spencer decided at that moment that then would be the last time he’d give in to temptation.
The last time he’d give into you.
Spencer walked into the bar, scrunching his nose at the stench of stale beer and sweat. He looked around, averting his eyes from the many women already eyeing him from the side. Spencer smiled when he saw you waving him over to the booth, getting out of your seat and revealing your stunning outfit to him.
“Spence! You made it.”
“I said I’d come, didn't I?”
You nudged his shoulder as you grabbed his arm and placed it around your shoulder. The gesture confused him, almost contradictory to your normally loyal nature.
“It’s a turn of phrase, Doctor.”
“Mhm. You look great.”
You smiled and leaned your head on his shoulder. “Not too bad yourself, genius.”
The two of you sat down as you let go of his arm and handed him a drink from the platter in the middle of the table, acting as an alcoholic centerpiece.
“Ahhh! My baby bird is all grown up now, leaving the nest already.”
You giggled, “I’m not a baby bird and I’m not leaving the nest.”
He leaned into your ear, teasing you, “It’s a turn of phrase, Agent.”
You felt your face begin to heat up, taking a sip of your drink to distract yourself from how handsome Spencer looked that night.
“Um, e- excuse me? Hi.” A man walked up to the side of the table, aiming his words directly at you.
“I- I was wondering if I could have your number or maybe buy you a- a drink?”
You pushed a strand of your hair out of your face and behind your ear, smiling politely. “I’m sorry, I actually have a boyfriend.”
“Yup, she’s a taken woman!” Penelope was flushed red, completely and utterly drunk.
“Oh,” he turned towards Spencer, “Sorry. I didn’t know.”
“Oh, wait. I- I’m not her-”
The other man sped off before Spencer could finish his stuttered monologue.
A silence fell upon the table, the blaring music completely muted as Spencer’s face was colored with a deep crimson red.
“I’m sorry, I- I didn’t know that he would just assume tha-”
“No. No,” you waved your hands around, “It’s not your fault. It’s not like we look like we’re dating.” The two of you nodded before your awkward exchange was interrupted by Hotch.
“That’s highly debatable.”
You turned your head to look over at him. “Sir?”
“I mean just look at the two of you,” he nodded his head in your direction, Spencer close behind you, “The both of you look more married than I did with Haley when we were your age.”
“Aaron,” Rossi chided, “He’s a little tipsy right now.”
“I’m not,” he deadpanned.
“He really is, let’s go get another scotch for you.”
Rossie shooed the rest of the team out, leaving you and Spencer alone. He did notice that you were being awfully touchy, grabbing his hand and leaning over onto him.
It was odd.
You were always a loyal person and your actions toward him that night didn’t show that admirable quality of yours. It wasn’t uncommon for the two of you to be all ‘buddy buddy’ with each other but that was before you found someone else, well not entirely. He realized that your behavior towards him had never changed as they should have three months ago.
“Sorry um, about that.”
He shook his head. “N- no, I guess we were a little too close.”
“R- right, of course.”
You took a sip of your drink as he mimicked your actions. “Soooo, are you looking for a relationship right now?”
He pressed his lips into a tight line. “N- not really.”
“Oh,” you nodded, feeling a little glimmer of discouragement in your system.
He spoke to try and lighten the mood. “D- do you remember when we first met Kate in the elevator?”
He chuckled, “Whenever I think of a club I think of her.”
“‘What, you don’t twerk?’” The two of you laughed together fondly at the memory of your former colleague.
“God, Spence. I can’t even imagine you doing twerking or something even remotely similar.”
“What do you mean by that?”
“I just mean… I- I don’t know, you’re not the type.”
“I am.”
“You told her it wasn’t your kind of scene.”
“Well, my opinion of dancing in between a horde of sweaty, germ-infested people may have changed.”
You raised your eyebrows with skepticism. “Really? You? Spencer Reid, dancing at a bar. I don’t see it.”
He took a sip of his drink before hopping out of the booth.
“Spencer? Where are you going?”
He looked back and smiled at you. “I’m going to prove my point!”
Spencer shuffled his way through the crowd, holding his hands up in the air to reduce the amount of surface area that came in contact with other people before awkwardly swaying back and forth to an upbeat hip hop song. He looked at you, wincing as multiple people bumped into him which sent him flying in different directions like a pinball.
You followed suit, sliding through the horde of people while you pulled his arm to get him to you.
“You’re such a liar, Spencer. You can barely handle walking through the crowd, let alone grinding up on different people.”
He screamed over the music, “It seemed easier in theory!”
“Do you want me to show you how?”
“How to what?”
“To dance.”
“O- okay.” He looked nervous, his eyes raking up and down your body before looking away so he wouldn’t be sucked into your intoxicating beauty.
“Just feel the beat of the music and move accordingly. N- no, Spencer. Not like that.”
He continued wiggling, shaking his elbows and moving his knees. The people around you sent a disgusted look your way, horrified by Spencer’s ‘dance moves’. It was clear that a little circle of space was left around you as everyone moved away so they wouldn’t catch whatever Spencer had.
“Spencer,” you pulled him closer to you, “Just grind up on me.”
He turned around, a look of pure terror on his face. “What?”
“Just do it, you’re getting stares from everyone, even the weirdest people here.”
“I- I don’t know how to.”
“Spell your name with your butt.”
“What? That’s how Emily taught me.”
“B- but I-”
You turned him around, pulling his back closer into you. “Just do it!” Spencer began to wiggle his butt on you, almost like a dog wagging its tail. He moved his ass doing exactly as you said, mimicking the sharp turns of the ‘p’ and ‘e’ in his name.
You laughed, screaming over the music. “What are you doing?”
“I’m doing what you said, I’m spelling my name?”
“In cursive, not Times New Roman!”
“I told you this isn’t my scene?”
“That’s not what you said earlier,” you giggled.
He continued grinding up on you, slowly getting the hang of it and feeling the music. He wasn’t half-bad, doing much better than you did the first time Emily dragged you onto the dance floor at a local techno club.
He turned around, grabbing your hips and taking more initiative you’ve seen in the years that you’ve known him. The lust was evident in both of your eyes as your pupils dilated wide enough to cover your colored irises. Spencer gripped you tightly, holding onto you as the two of you danced to the music.
You yanked him out of the crowd, panting from the physical activity that you and Spencer had been participating in for the last half an hour.
“You did great!”
“Really?” He took a sip of his water, a pretty woman in the corner waving at him as he blushed. You looked over, worry filling your system.
“Um, yeah. Not bad for a genius who’s never gotten it on in a club before.”
“Who says I haven’t?”
You laughed, “The way you were shaking your ass earlier says you haven’t.”
He shrugged, trying to play off his inexperience. “It was a new technique I haven’t tried before.”
“Yeah right.”
He continued looking over at the woman behind you. “Y/N, do you think you’re going to be alright alone? I- I think I’m going to-”
“No!” His eyes shot back over to you.
“I- I mean um, yes. Go. I- I’m just going to go outside. It’s um, really hot.”
“Okay, are you sure-”
“Mhm.” You nodded and left the bar, refreshed by the cool night air.
You turned around as the bell attached to the door rang.
“I’m confused.”
He sighed, running his fingers through his hair. “One second you’re acting all embarrassed and flustered because Garcia found out about your new boyfriend and the next you’re rubbing up against me and touching me and telling me to grind on you? I- I just don’t understand.”
“Spencer. I’m sorry-”
“Were you jealous earlier, when I asked if I could go talk to the person behind you?”
“Sure seemed like it.”
“Look, Spencer. If you want to go talk to them, then be my guest.”
He pulled you back over to him as you began to walk away. “No, Y/N. I want to talk to you. What is going on?”
‘I’m in love with you, Spencer! God, I have been since the moment we met and I thought that you’d get the memo but you never did.”
“So you went and got yourself a boyfriend?”
“Yes, Spencer. A boyfriend that does not exist!”
You sighed, “I lied and fed Penny the ‘evidence’ so she’d get off my back. I didn’t want to get a boyfriend because I didn’t need to look for one. I knew who I wanted, I just wasn’t sure if you wanted me.”
“B- but you were all flustered this morning and afternoon? You know the face you make where you scrunch your nose and look away and bite your lip and...”
You stared at him quietly.
“N- not that I watch you all the time, o- or at all, really. I just um, notcied that you do it often.”
You looked away from him, not wanting to make eye contact— exhibiting the components of your flusteredness just as he described. “I- I was um, I was thinking about you, Spence, a- as my boyfriend. That’s why I was all flustered.”
“Yeah. Oh.”
He took your hands in his, placing soft and tender kisses on them. “I was lying when I said I was upset about you not telling me about your um, boyfriend. I was just mad that I didn’t ask you to be mine before I lost you.”
You took a couple of steps towards him, your bodies flush against each other. “You didn’t lose me.”
He blushed. “I know that now.”
His eyes flicked to look at your lips and back at your eyes. He licked his lips, waiting for the right moment to lean down to kiss you.
He lowered his head as you reached upward and pressed your lips together in a kiss that you thought would never come to see the light of day.
You reciprocated his passion, leaning to the side and wrapping your arms around his neck to pull him closer to you.
The two of you pulled away when you heard a shuffling of paper behind you, met with the sight of Derek redistributing the money he collected earlier in the day.
“Damn it,” he whispered, “I really thought I had that one down cold.”
“Hand it over, Morgan.”
Hotch pocketed the money before walking towards the pair of you. “I expect to see the two of you on Monday at 7 am sharp as I assume that you both will be partaking in a romantic relationship from now on?”
Spencer gulped, “Y- yes sir.”
You smiled, leaning into Spencer’s side. “We’ll be there, Hotch.”
He nodded before walking away and mumbling, “Idiots.”
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Camping (Spencer x Reader)
@fangirlxwritesx67 requested only one bed! This is more like... only one tent? Close enough. 
433 words, mature. 
Tumblr media
“Camping,” they said. “It’ll be fun,” they said. “We have plenty of gear,” they said. 
Except it turns out that the tent Emily brought for you to use was missing half of its tent poles, and even Spencer with his engineering degree couldn’t make it stick to a non-pancake-type shape. And it’s not like you could share with someone else, because everyone else is all paired off: Penelope and Kevin, JJ and Emily, Derek and Savannah… 
Spencer offered to sleep outside, to give you his fancy air mattress and sleep on the ground by the fire, but you couldn’t kick him out of his own tent like that. 
“Promise I’ll be a gentleman,” he said, with a sweet, shy smile, and that’s the fucking problem, really: Spencer’s a gentleman. He’s keeping his long pretty fingers to himself, curled up on the opposite side of the air mattress, as far away from you as he could possibly be, and you’re wide awake on the other side, trying to ignore how good he smells. 
Camping is stupid. 
It’d be so easy for him to reach out. If he rolled over in his sleep, he could spoon up behind you and slip an arm around your waist. He could slide a hand under the elastic of your pajama pants and reach down, trace circles around your throbbing clit, fuck you with those long pretty fingers until you’re dripping, climb on top of you and spread your legs and —
You don’t remember falling asleep, but you wake up abruptly in the middle of the night, letting out a low moan before you can hold it back. 
Reality is shockingly close to your dream. 
You and Spencer ended up face to face, somehow, and Spencer’s arm is wrapped around you, holding you against the long, warm line of his body. He’s letting out a choked-off whine with every breath as he rocks forward, rutting against you, unmistakably hard against your hip. 
You realize what’s happening just as he wakes up; you’re both paralyzed for a second. Then, before he can pull away, before you can think better of it, you kiss him, swallowing his shocked gasp, nipping on his lower lip and finding it’s just as soft as you always imagined. Spencer groans, shuddering as he tangles a hand in your hair and returns the kiss. 
In the morning, when the two of you emerge from the tent hand-in-hand, everyone cheers except for Emily, who just rolls her eyes. 
“About time,” she says, and pulls the missing tent poles out of her trunk with a wink. “You’re welcome.” 
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inkandpen22 · 2 days ago
Defending You (2/2)
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Female!Reader
Warnings: SMUT GALOR (SPICY SPENCE!) swearing, mentions of trauma, dom/sub (bc u just know he’s into that)
Word Count: 3k
Summary: After Spencer loses his cool with Dr. Hughes, he and Y/N struggle to piece themselves back together. The team isn’t sure how to help, so Y/N figures out a way to solve it. 
A/N: I’m always adding new one shots for Reid so if you’d like to be tagged lmk!
Tumblr media
For the last twenty minutes, I've been sitting in the meeting room, trying to piece everything together. Morgan has been keeping me company, sitting and listening. A part of me is telling myself to toughen up, nothing terrible happened. The other part, the louder part, can't move on so easily. I feel disgusting to have even been in his eyesight. His stare could undress me and inspect every inch of me. 
Morgan places a hot tea on the table for me. He sits back down and turns his chair to face mine. “You’ll never have to see Hughes again," he assures me. 
The mere mention of his name makes me nauseous. I swallow hard, leaning forward to rest my elbows on my knees. Morgan rubs a gentle hand up and down my spine. 
“We’ve dealt with some of the worst people alive. I don’t know why Hughes gets to me so much," I sigh, resting my head in my hands. "It’s frustrating.” 
“You’re vulnerable to him. You fit his victim profile and he tried to intimidate you." He places a gentle hand on my knee, causing me to look at him. "It’s okay to be uncomfortable.”  
I shake my head. “The way he looked at me..." My sight wanders off at the distant floor, the vision of it flashes across my memory and makes me shiver. "I never want to be looked at that way again. I’m afraid when I close my eyes it’s all I’ll see.”
The door to the room clicks, signaling Morgan and me to look over. JJ steps in quietly, offering a weak smile. She's been with Reid in Garcia's office. Hotch locked him in there with Garcia after the incident to cool off. 
“How is he?” I ask. 
“He’s kicking himself," she sighs, settling down in the chair next to me. "He feels really bad.” 
A chill runs down my spine. I've never seen Reid so infuriated. His face was red with loathing. His hands choking... that man. It was someone I didn't recognize. I honestly didn't know Reid had it in him. 
JJ places a gentle hand on my shoulder. "He wants to see you if you'll let him." 
I nod absentmindedly, processing everything. 
"You've always been through a lot today," Morgan points out. "Maybe you should take the rest of the day. I can tell Reid to call or stop by later," he offers. 
Silently, I rise from my chair, their hands falling from me. 
"Where are you going?" Morgan questions. 
I head toward the door. I'm afraid that if I voice my thoughts that it'll crack or expose how truly shaken I am. 
"Y/N?" JJ says my name worriedly. 
I'm supposed to be this tough and invincible FBI agent, yet I'm crumbling. Who would've thought that one man could cause such havoc? He lead Reid to lose it, me to fall quiet and left the team to piece us back together.
I make my way down the hall, debating on whether I should just take Morgan's advice and leave for the day. I want to shut the curtains of my bedroom, hide under the covers of my bed, and disappear from the world. Yet, for some reason, I can't. I want to hide, but the thought of leaving Reid here has me staying. I reach for the handle of Garcia's door, right when I do, the door opens. 
"I'll be right back," I hear her say over her shoulder as she appears in the doorway. She clicks the door shut behind her and her eyes land on me. Sympathy immediately plagues them. "Oh Sweetie," she mutters. 
"He's in there?" I question softly. 
She nods, stepping aside. "He's being really hard on himself." 
I'm so tired all of a sudden. I haven't shed a single tear, though I've thought about it. I've come close, especially when someone tells me how Reid is doing. I hold it all back because I know once I start I won't stop. Crying at the office doesn't exactly scream professional, though I know everyone would understand. 
"Take your time," Garcia tells me. "I'll write up my report in JJ's office." 
I nod gently. "Thanks," I mumble and reach for the door. 
Unaware or unfazed by someone entering the room, Reid sits hunched over with his back to me. He must assume I'm either Garcia or JJ. I notice the ice pack he holds against his knuckles. His leg is jittering, he's anxious. Usually, he can compartmentalize and suppress the urge to fidget, despite his mental health screaming for him to express itself. The sound of me locking the door causes him to lift his head. 
I'm surprised to see his eyes bloodshot and glossy. He's been crying. 
He immediately he flies up from his chair and begins to ramble out words. “I’m so sorry, Y/N! I... I don’t know what came over me! One minute I’m fine, a tad frustrated you went in there, but fine! And the next Hughes is calling you all those names and threatening you and...” His voice breaks. 
I start to walk toward him slowly, taking in his explanation. 
He swallows hard. “And I don’t know where-“ 
I cup his face and slam my lips to his. 
He drops the ice pack and allows it to hit the floor with a thud. His hands find my waist, giving it a squeeze. He breaks from me. “You’re not mad?” 
I shake my head with a hum. 
He questions in disbelief. “Really? I thought you’d be pissed! I mean you-"
Cut him off, I pecking his lips.  
I kiss him again. 
He rushes out, "you looked pissed-" before bringing his lips to mine again. 
"in-" he adds. "the-" 
I giggle against his lips as he kisses me for a couple of seconds longer. 
"Back there," he finally finishes. 
“I was," I admit. “For a second.” 
His brows scrunch together. “What changed your mind?” 
“Watching you chuck that table against table across the room," I smirk, remembering how taken aback and turn on frankly it made me. 
I step forward, causing Reid to back up and rest against Garcia's desk. My hand glides up his thigh dangerously. 
He shifts nervously, his breath hitching in his throat. He grabs my hand. “Woah, baby, baby! We can’t do that here!” 
“I locked the door." I grin, leaning in to start kissing his neck. 
“Oh uh..." His voice shakes as he cranes his neck to the side to check the door. "Wait, what? I didn’t even notice you do that.” 
“And everyone is busy writing up their statements," I whisper in his ear, unbuttoning his shirt and leaving a trail of kisses down his chest. He keeps his head tilted back, allowing me full access to his neck and chest. 
He moans, earning a smile from me. “This uh... isn’t like you," he points out correctly. 
“I know," I giggle, guiding his shirt off his shoulders and tossing it aside. 
“Then why-“ 
“Because Spencer!” I snap uncharacteristically, my arms falling to my sides. 
I've yelled at Reid before, but that's rare. Only on the strange occasion, we have a fight. What's even more strange is that I called him by his first name, he doesn't like that and I know it. It makes him feel like I'm being distant from him. 
His features fall, as though he starring at a poor defenseless puppy that's just been stepped on. 
 I can't stand to see him look at me that way so my eyes fall to my hands. I make an "O" with my mouth and release a deep breath, trying to collect myself. “I feel..." I pause, finding it hard to express. "Violated. I can’t focus and all I can think about is him." I state with disgust as my hands form fists at my side. "So-" I clench my jaw, holding back my tears. "-I need you to help me forget, even if it doesn’t last long or work." 
I know what I'm asking him to do isn't fair. It's not meant to appear like I'm using Reid, I would never do that. I... I just need to be reminded that I'm in control of myself and my body. Hughes made me feel like an object to be had, a tool for his pleasure. 
Reid tucks his fingers under my chin gently, guiding me to lift my head and meet his gaze. He nods, silently telling me it'll be okay. With hooded eyes, he leans in and plants a gentle kiss on my lips. I kiss him back hesitantly, feeling guilty. His hands run down my waist to the back of my legs and he picks me up. In one swift movement, he spins us around and places me on the desk, all while keeping his lips pressed to mine. 
“What did I tell you about calling me Spencer?” He growls, running his hands up my thighs and under my skirt. 
I smirk. “You don’t like it.” My fingers run down his chest and land on his belt. I begin on his buckle. 
“That’s right, I hate it," he reminds me, gliding his lips across my jawline. 
“Sorry... Sir," I say to get a rise out of him.  
His fingers run through the ends of my hair and suddenly yanks my head back. “Uh uh uh,” he purrs, raising a brow. 
“Doctor," I correct. 
“Good girl," he compliments, planting a kiss on my exposed neck. 
My eyes fall shut as I ponder the sensation. Chills cover my skin as he travels down my neck and begins to unbutton my blouse. 
“Hughes and everyone knows you belong to me," he whispers against my collar bone. “Only I get to touch you like this.” He gently removes my shirt, guiding it off my shoulders to fall around me. “All those unsubs you tease," he remarks in a growl.
 Nothing makes him more aggravated than when I'm ordered to distract the perpetrators. For months, Reid held a grudge against Hotch when I was first told to do so. He hates it for multiple reasons. One, because the UnSubs are attracted to me and he can only imagine what they're thinking about me. Two, because I'm flaunting myself, and hates it when I'm told to do so. Three, I belong to him and he doesn't like it when others touch me. 
He grabs my face roughly, causing me to meet his sharp glare. “They can lust after you all they want," he pants. "But at the end of the day, I get to fuck you in our bed.” He forces the hem of my skirt up entirely to bunch around my waist. Growing impatient, I pry at his pants, yanking them down to his knees. His fingers hook around my panties, shimming them down, and tosses them aside. He glides his fingertips over my sensitive core and my nails dig into his bicep as the sensation is overwhelming. 
"Already so wet for me," he mumbles, not paying any mind to my sensitivity as he continues to rub my clit. 
I tilt my hips forward, leaning into his touch. It's too good to resist. 
"So needy, Baby," he teases with a low chuckle. "I love it when you're like this." He removes his fingers from me, leaving me disappointed. Without warning, he lines himself with me and thrusts into me full force. 
"Holy fuck," I gasp as I feel him fill me. A shaky breath falls from my lips as he thrusts into me steadily at first. 
Then, after a second, he starts to pick up his pace. “Do you know how many times I’ve imagined bending you over your desk and fucking you?” He pants in my ear, planting a kiss on my neck. "Or in the meeting room while everyone's out?" 
My fingers run through his hair, tugging at the roots. He moans, gripping my hip with one hand and keeping another against the wall as he thrusts into me roughly. I whimper as he continues to slam into me, taking out his frustration from earlier. 
“Only I can make you cum, right Baby?" He questions, knowing the answer but after this morning he may be truly asking. "Answer me," he commands sternly.
"Yes," I whisper breathlessly. 
He lifts his head up, meeting my gaze. “You’re mine and mine alone," he tells me sternly, knowing how it turns me on. He brings his thumb over my clit and begins to rub circles over it. I gasp and I grip his hand pleadingly to stop. It's too much. He picks up his pace, rubbing faster and his thrusts become deeper. “Say it," he orders, not caring that I'm overwhelmed. 
"I'm... I’m your’s," I struggle to say. 
"Good girl, Baby," he plants a kiss on my lips. He, however, doesn't stop his actions. 
I feel the knot in my core growing tighter as Spencer relentlessly brings me closer to cumming. Any gentle and cautiousness are nonexistent in him. 
I feel him become harder inside me and his thrusts becoming faster. I moan, feeling myself getting close. My nails run down the skin of his back, sure to leave marks. 
He moans, loving the feeling. “That’s right, Baby. Cum for me," he instructs. 
As soon as the words fall from his lips, I feel the knot in my core release and I release a needy moan. I cum on his dick, causing him to slam his fist against the wall and his head to fall back in pleasure. 
I lean forward planting a series of kisses on his bare chest. "Cum inside me," I whisper against his skin. 
"Are you sure?" He checks, showing a hint of the hesitant Reid everyone knows. 
I hum and that's all the reassurance he needed. Urgently, he presses a hand to my shoulder, urging me to lean back. He grips my waist and yanks me toward him. My back lays on the desk and he begins to thrust into me desperately. I cover my mouth to not let out a scream. 
"Fucking shit," he pants, gripping my hip so hard that it pinches. "That's it, Baby. God, you're so good." 
His dick twitches inside me and he lets out a shaky breath. His nails dig into my sides. His hips roll forward, making his dick run deeper than ever before and I gasp. I feel him fill me and it's the best feeling in the world. 
The room is silent, other than our panting. Reid slowly slips out of me and offers me his hand. I sit up and he instantly brings his hand behind my neck, bringing me in for a kiss. 
He breaks from and rests his forehead against mine. "I love you, Baby," he mumbles. 
I place my hand on his cheek gently, meeting his gaze. "I love you too." 
Reid helps me by brushing down my hair, I help him button up his shirt. After pulling ourselves together and making sure everything on the desk is back to its spot, Reid and I finally emerge from Garcia's office laughing. He takes my hand, kissing the back of it.  
"Hi, guys!" Garcia greets all perky as she walks down the hall toward us. 
Reid squeezes my hand, still nervous that someone may have heard us or they'll figure it out by looking at us despite us both double-checking each other multiple times. 
"I'm glad to see you smiling!" She remarks, seemingly unaware. "Perfect timing actually, we were all thinking of getting lunch if you're up for it!"  
“Oh uh..." Reid stammers nervously. "We should uh.... we should probably get started on our-“ 
“Statements?" I finish for him casually, wrapping my free hand around his arm to ease his nerves. "Yeah, totally!” 
He nods, rocking his heels. "Statements, right, that's it." 
She giggles, "okay, I'll see you two later then!" She steps around us and heads into her office, still in the dark. 
Reid releases a deep breath, relief evident on his face. 
"It's okay, Reid," I giggle. "Don't worry, you broke the rules one time and you didn't get caught." 
"Are you kidding?" He snickers and steps in front of me. He backs me up into the wall, glancing up and down the hall for any people before turning his attention back to him. "Now that I know we can get away with it, it's all I'll be thinking about. Best keep an eye out, Baby because now you'll never know when I might just pull you into a room." 
I giggle, but deep down I'm looking forward to it. If we weren't at work I'd suggest we do it again. 
He leans down and plants his lips to mine for a quick but hungry kiss. "Okay-" he pecks my lips again and again. "We. Really. Need. To. Stop." 
He breaks from my lips desperately and checks up the hall again at the lobby. "You need to do your statement in the meeting room," he instructs. "I don't think I'll be able to focus with you right across from me at our desks." 
"Okay," I comply with a smirk, stepping out of his hold. "But just know I'll be in there desperate and imagining you fucking me," I whisper before I start to walk away toward our office. 
I glance over my shoulder and his head is tossed back with his fingers through his hair. I snicker to myself. Yep, he won't be able to focus. 
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