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offbrandomega · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
ask and you shall receive :]]
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ash-rigby · 15 hours ago
I don’t even want human bits. Why can’t I just have a bunch of tentacles down there? Like, “oh you’re nonbinary? but what’s in your pants tho?”. Fucking tentacles, asswipe. Release the crotch kraken.
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klayr-de-gall · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Day 27 - Workplace Sex
The little pleasures of Night shifts.
Day 25 - 31 already on Patreon if you want to see them early!
(Uncensored work can be found on twitter)
[G9 Masterlist]
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teeth-farie · 20 hours ago
Kinktober Day 27: Somnophilia
Lucifer/AMAB Reader
☞. . . Trans Lucifer!
It was easier when Lucifer didn’t sleep in the same bed as you. He’d never slept in the same bed as another person in ages, and before that, it was in the Celestial Realm, rocking his brothers to sleep. He’d never slept with a partner before, and maybe that’s why he’s so flustered.
The first night you held him firm to your chest, stroking his hair and humming soft lullabies. It was soft, tender in a way he hadn’t felt in a long while. He slept the easiest he had in centuries, right there in your arms.
But then the touches became sensual, the strokes purposeful. And Lucifer melted all the more in that lustful touch of yours.
He wakes early, he always does. Lucifer sighs softly, resting his cheek on your chest, eyes closed in contentment. You make an odd sound, one like a huff and groan, and Lucifer looks up at your face. Your eyes are still screwed shut, but as he looks further down, not all of you is asleep.
You’re tenting the blankets, obviously a good dream you’re having. Lucifer finds himself red in the face. He could leave, he could rise before everyone else and hole up in his study until the embarrassment wears off. He could pretend he never saw anything.
Or he could do something about it. You said in passing that you wouldn’t mind if he messed around while you were dozing. You said you wouldn’t mind if he got handsy.
Lucifer’s cautious, yet he can’t help the throbbing between his legs at the thought. He’s getting wetter by the second, and so he pulls down the blankets. Your cock is hard against your stomach, and you’re still asleep. There’s no hindrance of clothes, last night's session made sure of that.
He straddles your hips, almost gently, like he was afraid of waking you up. Lucifer knew if he woke you up, it wouldn’t be so peaceful anymore. He could bet that you’d tease him, that you’d exert his energy before he could get out of bed.
Lucifer reaches down, grabbing your dick and rubbing the head through his folds. Softly, he sighs, still watching you so intently. And when he’s ready, he sinks down.
You fill him so nicely, a pleasant stretch that hits all the right spots. You mumble something, and his breath hitches. You shift under his weight, and stay asleep. Lucifer’s ever thankful you’re a deep sleeper. Your hands paw a little at his legs, head back against the pillows. He presses his feet firm in the bed in a squat, and lifts himself up. He’s careful when he drops down, gentler than he’d usually prefer. But soon, he’s getting looser, more fluid in his movements until he’s bracing his hands back on your thighs in a steady roll of his hips.
Your eyebrows furrow, eyes clenched shut, and Lucifer doesn’t think he’s ever seen someone so breathtaking before. Part of him wishes to stay like this, to be so gentle and oblivious, part of him wishes you’d wake up, take over, make him feel it.
Lucifer curls over, resting his head against your shoulder and resting his shins and knees on either side of your hips. He gives lazy thrusts of his hips, lifting up and sinking back down. Every downside brushes against his sweet spot, gentler than he’d prefer, but beggars can’t be choosers.
You’re making more noise, sounds he gratefully soaks in- until your hands clap down on his ass. The shock brings him back to the full reality of his situation; you’ve caught him, you’ve caught him fucking himself on your cock like a needy little thing.
“G’morning.” You rasp, digging your fingers into the skin of his ass and under thighs, lifting him up and pushing him down. Lucifer tightens around you, his arousal dripping down your dick. “I’m sorry, I-ah,” you brace your feet on the bed and rut your hips up, fucking into him. “Mmh, don’t apologize, I should be the one doing that,”
Lucifer lifts his head up, hair sticking every which way and red in the face. His expression conveys his confusion. You lick your lips at the sight, and if you haven’t known, you would have thought you to be the demon and Lucifer to be the human with how much you want to devour him whole. “I left my baby needy,” he’s bouncing by himself again, so you slide your fingers down his belly, to his mound. “So needy he had to fuck himself on me.” You brush past the bushel of dark hair and find his clit, rubbing firm circles.
Lucifer chokes on a gasp, grinding down harder on his next down slide. He’s clenching tighter, squeezing you tight in his wet heat. “Y-you should,” he swallows. “Make it up to me, hah, l-let me cum.” Lucifers rocking his hips, grinding against your hand and pushing you up against that spot that makes him dizzy. “If that’s what my needy demon wants…cum for me.” You double down on your efforts, rubbing quicker, drilling up harder, keeping up until the coil in his stomach snaps.
He squirts all over your stomach and the bed, his cum seeping into the sheets and sliding up your chest. Lucifer keeps fucking himself on you, legs wobbling all the while, wringing his orgasm for all it’s got.
If this is what he gets for being desperate, then he thinks he may do it more often.
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killerbananas · 2 days ago
Hey kb! could I possibly get a green spoon of key lime ice cream with 🥃? THANKS 😁
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Jean is honestly a funny guy, but don't tell him that.
🔞 mdni | prompt | masterlist | 199 wc | afab!reader x Jean smut imagine; cockwarming, piv, little fluffy
Tumblr media
Imagine Jean brushing your hair back from your face as you stretch, enjoying your exaggerated movement as the television casts a glow over your body in flashing colors. A scene makes you jolt and Jean laughs.
"Okay. That's it. What's going on?"
"What do you mean?"
"Everytime I jump, you laugh. Why is me being scared so hilarious?"
His hands pull you back so your bare skin lands flush with his warm chest. Your legs are spread wide over his muscular thighs as you keep his cock inside your welcoming cunt. His hands travel between them as he begins to speak, touching where he's referencing.
"Oh, baby, it isn't. I'm laughing because every time you do it, your pussy hugs my dick that much tighter. 's cute."
"Oh. I guess I'll allow it."
"Thank you, your highness. Now relax and let me do the work."
Jean is happy to lift your legs just right to help you glide up and down his length as your fingers entwine in his hair behind your head. He still laughs when a loud jump scare has you clenching again, but you turn it into a moan with a harsh tug to his strands.
Tumblr media
Course you can, babe! Hope you enjoyed 💖
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leftonreid · a day ago
Jealous Girl: Love Quinn
Pairing: WLW! Love Quinn x Fem! Reader
Anon Requested: could I request jealous smut of Love Quinn x fem reader please ? they're both switches and at one point reader bites Love's lip and draws blood like that one episode in the show
Warnings: swearing, jealousy, making out, mentions of sex, posessive Love, fingering
What about Sherry Conrad was so goddamn special? Love pondered the question whilst watching the genius queen of suburban moms lean in and whisper something in your ear across the bakery. She found her hand tightening around the handle of the knife she held and tried her hardest to think positively but Sherry had grabbed your hand and cupped in both of hers and side-eyed Love for just a second, just to show that she knew exactly what she was doing. This was on purpose, and it was fucking working.
You were naive. You were trying to be a genuine person. Sherry was a huge bitch, but she was being so kind at the moment and you had tricked yourself into thinking she was trying to make amends for her comment about your wife at her little evening soiree. She’d gotten on both of your bad sides but unfortunately, you couldn’t read her intentions quite right and you let her be touchy and friendly… just in case it would turn around again. You didn’t think anything of it whatsoever.
“Your hands are so soft, oh my god,” Sherry said, gasping and giving a quick smile, turning your hand over in her perfectly manicured ones.
You smiled, nodding. “Thank you, I have a big lotion collection, I like to take care of my hands.” You told her. Sherry raised her eyebrows, she wasn’t listening, she was still looking at your hands.
Love was trying not to pay attention in fear that she might pace across the bakery and stab Sherry in the gut and twist the knife in front of everyone, in front of you. She could make our certain words Sherry said, but not all. The gritting of teeth and clench of jaw wasn't even the worst part. Clenched hands squeezed three drops too many of organic food colouring into the batter and now the supposed pastel cake that the church had ordered was now… not pastel.
“I bet Love appreciates the soft hands,” Sherry commented, turning your hands over in hers and touching your palms lightly as if she was reading the lines. Gently.
“I’m sorry-“ you weren’t sure what she meant by that. You were thinking too innocently and that was the issue. ”I don’t understand.”
Sherry shrugged and leaned in to whisper in your ear once more. ”You know, when you finger fuck her?“ You immediately sat back, shaking your head. Sherry was giggling like a schoolgirl. She gestured to your stance, how you’d moved so quickly away from her advance. “I bet she appreciates you having such agile movements too. I bet that comes in really handy with-“ she dropped her voice to a seductive whisper. ”Scissoring.”
Not quiet enough, it seemed. Love heard scissoring, just the word. Sherry was talking to you about sex, what the fuck? Love studied your expression and read that you were neutral. In reality, you were just stunned that suburban goodwife Sherry Conrad even knew what that was. I was like her to be dirty, make dirty jokes with her husband but those were straight jokes. This here was a taunt, a flirt, but you just read it as judgement.
Love was seriously plotting murder, as one does. Closing time was in a minute, how conveniently amazing. Everyone would leave but she would ask Sherry to stay with her and you for a minute more and when she was distracted with you, Love would come up behind her and plunge a knife into her back. Easy enough.
But Sherry let you go with your silence and began to pick up her things. A book, a hair tie, her two organic cupcakes. Love was getting angrier by the second, just watching how to say goodbye to you still standing somewhat shocked was to press her body to you in a hug that you let happen, a kiss on the cheek that you also let happen, and a trailing of her hand on your shoulder trailing down to the tips of your fingers as she waved goodbye to you and then right before she left, winked right at Love.
How dare she? If there weren’t two more people in here, Love would have screamed. It was enraging to watch Sherry so openly flirting with you then, married to her own man, she made a comment to her wife about scissoring?!
“Closing time!” Love called, louder than usual. Both for the practical reason of the shop closing but also just loud so that you’d look at her. Love’s eyes shone bright with a dark fire and she looked at you like you‘d just thrown a rock through the roof of a freshly finished glass greenhouse Love had created. It was that sort of anger you saw and as the customers left and you wiped the tables, you were cautiously awaiting your marital dysfunction to begin.
Love packed everything away for the day, certain things in the fridges and freezers and into cupboards. Ovens off, system on. You wheeled aside the mop bucket you’d just used. Love didn’t speak a word to you at all, but sighed heavily, walking into the back room, then down the stairs to collect her things.
Following because you had to, you walked into the back room and into the basement and that’s when things erupted. “What the fuck was that?” Love said, whirling around to face you, anger more visible now you were alone with her.
“What?” You played dumb, but immediately knew it wasn't going to work. You knew Love, and Love knew when you were lying.
”Don’t act like you don’t know! Sherry was touching you and leaning into you and looking at you like you were- like you’re her next meal!” Love pointed at you rather violently. Accusingly. “What the fuck was that, (Y/N)?”
You shook your head, “She was coming onto me. It’s not like I wanted her to touch me! I didn't know how to react, she's... she's Sherry!"
“I heard her say ‘scissoring‘ which means she was talking about sex with you and you didn’t push her away or say anything against her. You allowed it to happen!”
Love was getting angrier by the second. She was jealous, enraged by your encounter with Sherry. "I didn't know what to do, I froze, it's not my fault she wants to fuck me, it's her issue. I didn't do anything at all and that might be a problem but I didn't make a move on her." You argued back, though you didn't want to. You knew how bad Love could get. "I didn't do anything wrong is what I mean. Excuse me for not knowing how to fucking react!"
Love took a step toward you and for a moment you were afraid things would get a lot worse, but rather than shoving or screaming, she kissed you. Hands on your jaw she pulled your face down to hers and kissed you with full force. You would expect relief, being kissed, but no, not from Love. Not like this.
It was a violent kiss, rough and hot. Passion-filled and driven by Love's jealousy and hatred toward Sherry for making moves on you. Driven by the build-up of fire within her. She kissed you with heat, backing you into the shelves of the baking supplies, then pushing you up against the wall. Lips connecting, minds scattered and hearts racing she pressed herself against you, just so that you knew that you were hers. Not Sherry's... HERS. Hers only hers. "Mine," she whispered under her breath between kisses.
Her hands travelled your body, touching, sliding, squeezing. Hands around your waist, your side, your back, underneath and over the fabric of your shirt and pulling at it when she could. It just kept getting better, angrier, more fuel in the fire. You and Love travelled kissing across the room again, this time over to the long unoccupied work table that Love then pushed you against and onto. Breathing raggedly, you took a second to crawl back on the table to the middle and watched as Love unbuttoned the top of her blouse before crawling up there with you, kissing you again. She crawled right onto your lap, hips straddling yours the way you were sitting.
Her hands cradled your face and with you bending to her will, she bit your lower lip before her teeth and pulled, just slightly, before kissing you again and just to be funny, you did it back. She hissed, you could taste the blood between kisses, but you knew she liked that little move. Her hands pushed away your top and then one found a place on your right breast while the other unbuttoned your jeans. God, the lip bite had you so fucking ready, but even though you were entirely alone, you couldn’t go all the way here.
Love cupped and squeezed your chest as you continued to kiss on the table. She leaned you back, and her hand left your side to prop herself up while her hand at your jeans unzipped your fly and slid right down where you wanted her hand to be. “Fuck,” you mumbled. Love grinned mischievously.
“Sherry couldn’t get that reaction from just a touch,” she breathed. You lifted your hips for more friction, more touching. Love, in turn, met your bodily request by running her middle finger up and down through your folds, dipping in and out every second and making sure the clit was well taken care of as well. Your back was already arching and Love, as well as she was doing, was watching you and her glare was still there in her eyes, but she was smiling. It was evil, the way she moved her fingers.
You were breathing heavily, practically writhing against her hand as she made sure to get every goof part. She knew what you liked, what you wanted. She was giving it to, not to be nice but to remind you that nobody else could give you something so fucking good. The pleasure was warm, like a knot in your stomach was forming and the second you finished it would undo, but you weren’t there yet. “Sherry couldn’t do this to you, could she?“ Love asked, looking down at you. Making eye contact, faces inches apart. You screwed your eyes shut.
“Louder.” She told you.
“No!” Love was content with that. You bit your lip and tilted your head as far back as you could go. Your hips rising and falling as well as rocking forward and back just to feel more. Just to get there. “Good girl.” Love purred, kissing your forehead. She knew what she was doing and she knew she was doing well. Your mouth opened but no sound came out, it was trapped in your lungs. it seemed all of your functions had been limited to accompany the subconscious movement of your legs and muscles clenching. “Come on, y/n.”
“FUCK,” you were finally able to say something. It was a breathless word and your chest rose magnificently out of breath for the effort it took to say it. You didn’t want to breathe, you just wanted to finish. That was all that mattered and to Love, getting you there was important. Her hand got faster, harsher, more violent but not painful. Good- so fucking good.
Love narrowed her eyes at you now as you reached your end. ”Say it’s only me. Say you love me and nobody else.”
”Its only you, I only love you!” You moaned as you were starting to come undone. Love sped up and paid extra attention to your most sensitive parts. “Nobody else, nobody- FUCK.”
There was nothing else to feel now that you were free-falling over the edge of your orgasm. Not just for mere seconds but for a good fifteen seconds. Nobody would make you feel so good for so long in a climactic moment, nobody ever would. You were a bit of a mess, your hair fucked up from Love’s violent kisses, your jeans around your thighs and you underwear now soaked through. Love pulled her hand out and sucked her fingers clean the way she licked batter off her fingers when she baked at home. Sensually.
“What do you feel like having for dinner?” she asked, fixing her shirt like nothing had happened at all.
“Maybe we should order in so you don’t have to cook tonight,” you answered weakly. ”Artisanal pizza on the way home?”
She nodded happily. Your body felt like it was on vibrate and you were just so dazed and in love…
Love made sure you knew who you belonged to, alright. You belonged to her and she belonged to you. But… would it be so wrong to make her jealous more often if you ended up like this?
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awkwardkindatries · a day ago
Kinktober Day 13: Cock warming
Tumblr media
Words: 883
Cock Warming/Elrond
Your mind has long since drifted away at the frustrating pressure that’s been built up in your abdomen. You’re struggling to behave and do well for your lord as he finishes reviewing and signing the remaining parchment atop his desk, taking his time on every document. You’ve been so patient, so good as you sit on top of him, cock buried away in secrecy within your body as you two share such a naughty secret at the desk in his office.
Your breath has long since lost its steadiness as you tremble on top of him, the repetitive twitching of your velvet insides occasionally clasp tightly around him out of impulse. The response to this is a slight tightening of his hand to your hip as he tries to desperately ground himself and focus on the task at hand. A surprisingly difficult task for an ellon as well tempered as Elrond.
The heat of your core seeps out of your depths as you sit and enjoy the ache from the fullness he provides, slick having long since coated his lap and the space between your thighs. Perhaps just a shift won’t be so terrible? Placing your hands on either one of his thighs you brace yourself before swaying your hips to readjust. You have to bite your lip to stifle the moan from the electricity that shocks you. Immediately Elrond drops the quill in his hand, drops of ink staining the last document as his hands shoot to your hips to steady you.
“So impatient, I was almost finished little one”
His breath was hot on your neck and in your ear as he speaks, making your twitching just slightly worse as the heat goes directly to your core.
“I-I’m sorry my lord, I just needed a little more..”
You sound pathetic and you know it, honestly it’s a technique you’ve built up during your sessions as he’s more likely to take pity on you.
“Need you say, have I kept you waiting that long?”
His tone is contemplative as he begins to nuzzle into crooke of your neck, pulling you closer as he presses more firmly into you. Your back arches and knees twitch as you take him deeper, his cock pushing into the deepest parts of your walls.
“Please, my lord. Haven’t I been so good so far?”.
“I’d say so darling”
Standing up, he takes you with him as he bends you over the surface of his desk, your hands grasping the far edge of the desk as his hands rest flat against the top surface on either side of your head. A mere second goes by before he bucks sharply into you, practically shouting in response to the impact he provides as his hips smack harshly against your ass.
His pace is firm and slow, trying his best to be gentle with you as he brings pleasure to you both, helping to seek your ruin as he stirs around inside of you. The heat is delicious as it dulls away the pain you feel blossoming onto the thin skin of your hips as they rack harshly against the oak trim of his desk. It’s so easy to ignore in the moment as your mind is muddled to nothing as you entrust your being in his capable hands.
He must have been close as his grip moves to your waist, squeezing tightly he hunches over your form and bending his knees as he bears down much harsher than he had before. Your form is rocking so terribly onto the furniture below you that you can hear it rock and scrape against the ornate tile of his office floor. Your eyes begin to cross as drool dribbles down the side of your open mouth, unable to close your maw in lew of the desperate cries that pour freely from you.
You quickly reach your end as the shift in angle and impact pummel away at your insides, abusing your most sensitive in a way you so rarely get from your soft ellon. You cry out a jumbled mix of nonsense as you try desperately to warn your lover of your impending end, arm shooting backward to grip onto his forearms and bending down to help his pace.
In the next beat your end takes you, squeezing uncontrollably onto the ellon behind you that’s trying desperately not to finish as you clench around him. It all seemed to be for not though as he bares his teeth and stills his hips flush against your ass. You can’t help the shuddered breath at the sudden fullness you feel, the remaining room inside of you filled by the thick seed he has gifted you.
His breath is deep and paced as he tries to stay steady on his feet, age taking its toll as he has to brace himself back against the desk.
His forehead comes to rest on you back in between your shoulder blades as the two of you settle to a comfortable silence. He gives a soft kiss to your back and asks “Had I given you what you needed little one?”
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sugxrslushy · 8 hours ago
Feels like Heaven
Tumblr media
➪ a/n: I’m sick so I wrote smut to make myself feel better. this was also somewhat a test at learning how to write a gn reader for nsfw scenarios! it went smoother than expected so wooo!! now I’m gonna go pass out because I feel like death at the moment
➪ includes: Sanji (w/ gn!reader)
➪ warnings: NSFW UNDER THE CUT MINORS DNI, thigh fucking, kinda somnophilia (previous consent beforehand ofc), finger sucking
Tumblr media
Sunlight trickled into the small room through the cracks in the curtain, allowing the golden streaks to illuminate the room. There was a morning chill still left in the air that chilled the exposed skin above the sheets. It was still calm and quiet on the ship.
The blonde cook, who was lying next to you, blinked away sleep from his own eyes and reached out to pull you closer to him. Peppering your skin with small kisses, he carefully worshipped your body between murmurs of praise. His warm hands were busy mapping out your skin under the sheets.
You shifted in your sleep, pressing yourself closer to his chest and your butt brushes against his morning hard on, dragging a stifled moan from him. His cheeks are a rosy red that he hides behind the hand covering his mouth.
His hand sneaks down between his own legs, palming himself through his boxers. His veins are rushing with adrenaline and lust, drunk off how beautiful you are and the scent of your skin. He groans from the pleasure, his cock leaking precum steadily.
Shoving down his boxers, he kicks them off and pulls you closer to him by the waist. You move a bit, humming out a question, but your eyelids are still drifting closed. You were too tired to ask nor care what Sanji was doing.
Pressing a kiss against your forehead, Sanji rubs your skin tenderly along your hip. “Go back to sleep darling, get some rest.” He whispers then dips back down to kiss you on your lips. You smile then yawn, making yourself comfortable in the nest of blankets.
His hands trail against the band of your underwear, snapping it lightly against your skin then hooking his finger around it. With a slight wiggle of your hips and his careful hands, he pulls them clean off. The blankets covering you keeps the cool air off of you.
He grunts softly as he stroked his cock, rubbing the head against your rear and smearing his precum against your skin. Then, he slides his throbbing dick between your plush thighs. He sighs in relief, the feeling of your warm skin around his aching cock was delicious.
He moans at the first thrust between your cute thighs. His hands hold your hips in place firmly as he fucks your thighs relentlessly. Each thrusts fills the air with the sound of skin on skin with his muffled moans and gasps, climbing higher in pitch the more he fucks you.
Sanji’s hands grab at your thighs and hips in a lust driven craze, squishing your thighs around his cock even tighter. His cock peeks out between your thighs with each sharp thrust, grazing against your sex and stimulating you. You moan softly as you're dragged out of your sleepy state.
Shifting slightly, he wraps one arm around your chest to play with your sensitive nipples, pulling and rubbing them to draw out noises of your own. The other reaches down to play with your sex and the shock of pleasure wakes you up fully.
Then, moving higher, his finger traces over your lips, asking silently for permission. You open your mouth at the offering, allowing him to slip his long fingers into your mouth. They run over your tongue then move deeper, making you gag and moan. They slowly thrust into your open mouth, smearing saliva down your chin.
His thrusts become sloppier and more driven by the incoming orgasm. With him morning louder by the second, you flex your thighs around his length slipping between them and he jumps. “Love- I’m gonna!” He moans out, throwing his head back as he cums all over your thighs.
His hand keeps stroking over your sex, pushing you towards your own high. You gasp, your whole body tensing up as you come from Sanji pleasuring you with a loud moan. Your body shudders and Sanji removes his hand to prevent you from being overstimulated.
Catching your lips in a sloppy kiss, he pulls back with a dopey and loving smile. “Good morning love.”
Tag list: @cjm-cookiethief @acesmarigold @smallhybridart @rosiinante
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offbrandomega · 2 days ago
i've only known spicy for a few days but if anything happened to them i'd kill everyone in this room and then myself
Tumblr media
NO KIL 💔💔💔💔
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ash-rigby · 2 days ago
I always just say “morning” because if it really was a “good” morning, then I’d be having a monster’s cock for breakfast
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klayr-de-gall · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Day 25 - Orgasm Denial
Not yet, Love.
Day 25 - 31 already on Patreon if you want to see them early!
(Uncensored work can be found on twitter)
[G9 Masterlist]
[My Social Media and Patreon]
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teeth-farie · 2 days ago
Kinktober Day 25: Pet Play
Asmodeus/GN Reader
☞. . . Whew I’m getting burnt out…
The first instance was at the Fall. When all the brothers had to don bunny ears and tails to pay off Mammon’s debt. Asmodeus had just looked so adorable in his get up. It took all of your restraint not to take him for yourself that night, customers be damned.
Obviously, Asmodeus knew. He always knows what makes you tick, what gets the gears turning. And if sweet little bunny boys were what you liked, he would fill that role. And he would be the prettiest bunny you ever had.
And truly, he is quite intoxicating, isn’t he?
Asmodeus is waiting so patiently, sprawled out on the plush bed as you search through the toys he set aside. “What does my pretty bunny want today?” You hum, pausing to pet his hair, mindful of the bunny ear headband he wears.
Asmodeus bumps his head into your hand, making a noise almost like a trill. “Whatever feels good, master. I want you.” His big peach eyes look at you with adoration and desire, a combination he’d never looked at anyone with before. Before it was hollow lust, a thirst for release- now, it’s so much more.
“Awh, you’re so sweet!” You abandon the toys to grab his face and kiss all over, peppering his skin in little pieces of your love. He bursts into giggles, and if his cotton tail was real, it'd be wagging. “I’ll treat you nice, bunny, you’ll see.”
You let your hands fall to his shoulders, dragging them down to his chest. Asmo sighs against your lips and you can feel his slick lip gloss. You kiss him, soft and sensual, just how he showed you he liked it. Your thumbs glide over his nipples, flicking the shiny barbell piercings. He makes a whiny noise, pushing his chest into your hands. You can feel the heart shaped barbells under your fingers, a glittering pink in the low light. He’s always wanted the cuter of decoration.
You let one hand idly play with his nipple while the other trails down, feeling over the soft skin of his belly, bumping over his navel piercing, and ending at his pelvis. The heel of your palm brushes against his hard on, an electric feeling surging through his veins. Asmo’s always found it so wonderful that you could make him so sensitive.
To his disappointment, you pull your hands away and part from the kiss before it could get truly heated. “I got you a new collar, pretty bunny.” You say, reaching into your pocket for the slim case. “Aw, and I thought you were happy to see me.” Asmo pouts when he realizes that’s what the bump in your pants was. His attention is quickly redirected to what lays in it.
“Isn’t it pretty?” You ask, lifting the lace collar from its box. Asmo’s eyes practically sparkle, reflecting the glinting gems and musical bell. It’s soft white lace and pink ribbon, all weaved and wrapped delicately for someone so special as he is. “Yes, oh my,” he shivers under your careful fingers, stretching his neck as you clasp it on. Gently, Asmodeus feels over the new collar tied around his throat. He audibly moans, flicking the bell with a bitten lip smile. It makes a soft tinkling noise.
“So gorgeous, just how I knew it’d be.”
“I’m your pretty bunny? Master, tell me how cute I am, praise me, please.” He reaches out to you, taking your hands in his and nuzzling his cheek into your palm. “Bend over bunny, and I’ll show you just how cute you are.”
Asmodeus obeys eagerly, turning over on his hands and knees with an excited giggle. The bunny tail is a little squashed from him sitting on the bed, so you fluff it up a little, giving his butt a pat. “Your little tail is so cute, bunny.”
He wiggles his ass in return, pushing back in attempts to entice you. You grab it and squeeze, watching as the indents from your fingers turn red, then white. “Let me see your pretty bunny cock.” You reach from behind him, grabbing his dick from between his legs. You give it a few pumps, reveling in the high moan he makes. He’s pushing back into your hand, trying to fuck your fist from the angle you’re grabbing him.
So you grab the plug, starting to tug it out before pushing back in.
Asmodeus squeals, rutting against the plug as it pushes into all the right places. “Does that feel good, my pretty little bunny?” You muse, squeezing your fist around his cock and pumping quickly, thrusting the bulbous plug in and out of him.
“Ye-e-es!” He’s stuttering, manicured claws digging into the sheets.
His cock is dripping, a slow drool of precum puddling below. You click your tongue. “You’re making quite the mess, bun. But that’s ok, you can just clean it up once we’re done.” You push the plug back in and grind it down. Fire erupted in him, crackles of intense stimulation with each harsh grind of the sleek plug, each firm stroke of his dick.
He’s going to make more of a mess for sure, but he could always lap it up—clean up after himself like the obedient pet he is.
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bastart13 · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sometimes I allow myself to be self-indulgent and draw the wife in satin
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athena-swords · a month ago
Mercury : review, plan, prepare, avoid big desicions.
Venus : money and spending issues, being more social, expressing affection , improve relationship.
Mars: lacking energy, solving anger issues and inner frustrations, developing patience.
Jupiter : inner growth, reconsider beliefs and ideas , brain storming.
Saturn : review goals, slow down, overcome challenges, set boundaries.
Uranus : heightened intuition, rebellious nature, new paths for growth and individuality.
Neptune : increased sensitivity and creativity, psychic overload and lucid dreams.
Pluto : increased insight,purge old habits and addictions, delcutter your life.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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