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Maserati MC20 Cielo, 2022. The open-roof version of Maserati’s mid-engined supercar has been revealed. Cielo is Italian for sky. The retractable glass targa-style roof adds only 65 kg to the weight the closed coupé. It is powered by the same V6 Nettuno engine-based hybrid drivetrain as the coupé.
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@mothlm​ submitted: I was blessed by this beautiful jumping spider
Oh small!! Beautiful!!! Precious...
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A tiny jumping spider on my kitchen wall.
12 hand-held shots stacked and processed in Affinity Photo.
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Burritos and Absolution
Tumblr media
Burritos are eaten, kind conversations are shared, cures are constructed, and after years and years full of guilt and anguish, Norman Osborn and Otto Octavius finally reconcile with each other at last.
Norman Osborn resisted the temptation to start drooling at the sight of the burrito that rested upon his plate in front of him, his stomach gurgling slightly with hunger as his eyes studied the tortilla wrapped food. After ensuring his fingers had been properly cleansed in what remained of the kitchen sink after the fabricator had slammed into the wall and took out a huge chunk of the tiles that were currently scattered on the floor, he quickly picked the burrito up and took a large bite out of it. 
Norman closed his eyes and savoured the flavour of chicken and salsa that almost immediately exploded into his mouth. His face heated up with a comforting warmth as he swallowed the bite with a thankful smile.
He couldn’t recall the last time he’d eaten proper food, aside from the two chocolate donuts he had hastily pocketed at the F.E.A.S.T shelter like it was the end of the world. He had devoured them shortly after arriving in this apartment. That morning in his proper universe, he had forgotten once again to have a bite to eat. The excuse was fairly understandable. 
He had been and still was occupied with being petrified of his other half that resided in his head like a mere parasite. 
Norman was sitting at the kitchen table alone, his plate having hardly any room to be on the surface of the table as currently it was piled up with hundreds of LEGO blocks. It didn’t take Norman to discover what the bricks would eventually become as he noticed a small Darth Vader mostly covered by the blocks and an instruction manual that showed the completed set. A LEGO Death Star. He suppressed his amusement, going back to focusing on devouring the rest of his burrito as quickly as he could. 
He had been in the middle of assisting both the other Peter and Otto with developing an antiserum and the cures for the rest of the villains, save for Dr. Connors, who wasn’t in the room. But he had felt so incredibly hungry that he felt nauseous, and promptly asked May if there was any food in the apartment. 
She was already fetching her coat as she was headed to the nearby corner shop to pick up a few things, and asked if Norman requested anything.
His answer was, of course, a burrito.
And now Norman was sitting here, happily munching the rest of the chicken burrito she had bought for him a few minutes ago. He’d have to thank Otto later for unintentionally giving Norman the idea.
Who would have thought the great Norman Osborn, CEO of Oscorp Industries would be in another universe, wearing clothes that made him appear to be like a homeless person, eating junk food. He would have never expected for this to happen if he still was that cunning business man a few months ago. 
He had changed so much since then, for better or for worse?
Norman couldn’t decide. Most likely the latter. 
“How’s your burrito?” 
Norman was jolted out of his thoughts right as he took another bite of his food, quickly looking up to see Aunt May leaning on the kitchen counter with a friendly smile. He hadn’t heard her approaching him. He really needed to keep making sure he wasn’t drifting away from reality with his thoughts. The window behind him could smash and Norman would be too immersed and deeply thinking that he probably wouldn’t even notice!
“Vbrey mnicbe.” Norman answered, only to realise after a few seconds that his mouth was still currently full with food, and his blue eyes hastily widened with shock and embarrassment. 
Holding one finger up for a brief moment, he downed the large mouthful of burrito and wiped the sleeve of his green plaid coat across his mouth, removing the crumbs. May merely stared at him with amusement, laughing slightly as she watched Norman hurried to fix his embarrassment and the red on his cheeks as fast as he could.
“Forgive me. It’s very nice, thank you, May.” Norman apologised and sheepishly grinned, clearing his throat slightly. “I appreciate your kindness and hospitality. I can’t remember the last time I properly had something to eat, aside from the delicious donuts earlier this morning.” 
“Not at all! I’m just glad that I’m able to help out you and your friend in some way. Can I get you a drink or anything?” She offered, gesturing towards the ruined sink. 
Norman had to keep himself from laughing when May had to hold up a glass of water towards Otto’s mouth before he was given the new inhibitor chip earlier. It looked difficult, especially since Otto was the tallest in the room and kept giving heated glares towards anybody who approached him. Norman had nearly asked May if she wouldn’t mind if he himself would attempt to lift the glass towards Otto, but the moment he was about to head on over to her, May had successfully given the thirsty man water at last.
Well...most of the water had indeed made its destination into Otto’s mouth. The rest unfortunately spilled onto the front of his black turtleneck, to which Otto didn’t even make an attempt to hide his annoyance. 
“No, I’m fine, thank you. You’ve already done so much for me, I really wish I could repay you for your generosity.” Norman sadly smiled. 
Aunt May had indeed helped him out so much since the moment he had awkwardly made his entrance into the homeless shelter. So much that Norman felt like he deserved none of her great kindness. Hell, he knew he didn’t even deserve to be getting any of this at all after all the unforgivable things he had caused. 
Perhaps it would have been better off if he stayed in that dungeon, because then at least he knew that his half would soon meet his end when he returned to his universe. 
It was both depressing and chilling, to know that once you were dropped back into your universe like nothing had even happened, you would be greeted immediately by the cold, cold arms of death. But at least the monster that was the sole cause of all the deaths and cruelty would be going down with Norman. The thought of being struck and impaled by the sharp metal knife-like blades of the glider made him lightheaded and nauseous. 
However, if he had remained in the dungeon, Norman wouldn’t have been able to help Peter invent the new chip for Otto. 
The moment Norman was reunited with his old friend once again, he could immediately tell that something was wrong with him and it had nothing to do with those four fascinating actuators that were attached to Otto’s spine. 
Otto was enraged, different. Of course, the last time they were face to face was a particular time that Norman had regretted ever since, however Otto was never this furious before. He was barely the man he had gladly known for decades. Norman couldn’t allow Otto to further drown in that misery. 
Once they were all out of that wizard's dungeon, Norman had made sure that Otto would be the first to be cured.
“Nonsense, it’s what I do.” May brushed it off with a smile and a wave of her hand. “I love helping those in need who are lost. I hope those clothes are comfortable, they were the only ones I could find that would fit you and cover that green armour.” 
“Yes, it’s all very cosy and keeps me nice and warm.” Norman assured her, quickly looking over his raggedy appearance. 
The plaid green woollen coat was especially snug, he would definitely be keeping it, though he probably would end up only wearing it around the house as he didn’t believe it would go well with one of his suits. 
Even though he could barely feel any of the clothes on his skin due to the armour, being in these clothes was comforting though Norman had no idea why he felt that way.
“I’m used to wearing suits most of the time so I don’t really get the chance to be wearing, well…” Norman gestured to his purple hoodie. “...less formal clothing.” 
Aunt May gazed at him sympathetically with a small smile mostly full of understanding. 
“Being a CEO of such a large company must be exhausting, I’d imagine.” 
“You have no idea.” Norman agreed with a shake of his head. 
He’d lost count long ago of how many times he would return home absolutely depleted of energy after spending the whole day tending to Oscorp. He recalled at some end of the year party making a resolution to not drain himself with his work, and then the very next day he’d completely forget about it. 
“And especially with all the chaos that’s been happening, I can’t recall the last time I actually felt like myself.” Norman stared down at his empty pate, eyebrows lowering as he began fiddling with his fingers. 
A habit of course, whenever he was nervous. It was true that he hadn’t felt like himself for a long time. Probably even before he had even willingly put himself forward as the first and last test subject for the unstable performance enhancers. Before he was cursed to have a darker half that took over him whenever he pleased.
“Don’t worry, Norman. Peter is going to help you out, I’m certain of it. Like you and him gave Dr. Octavius that new chip thing.”
“That’s reassuring. Your nephew is extraordinarily talented.” Norman positively beamed. 
This other Peter was indeed very clever, just like Norman’s own Peter Parker. Of course he shared the same intelligence as his alternate self, and was as equally cheerful and well…Norman still would consider this version of Peter as family too even though he had known him for almost a day. Almost a day and Norman would gladly adopt him as his own.
Oh, Harry…
Norman really longed to see his son again. So much that it began painfully hurting him when he had discovered that his penthouse was no longer his own and he could not find a trace of his son anywhere. Not even Oscorp existed so he couldn’t even go there to see if Harry had taken over the company. Everything that Norman was familiar with, had vanished. Except for Spider-Man, and not to mention Jameson and the Daily Bugle.
He missed Harry so much. The very previous time he had been in the company of his son, Harry’s heart had been broken and Norman had promised him to be there for him and to be a better father because that was what he greatly deserved. They had hugged and Norman had felt his right shoulder becoming damp with the tears of Harry that fell down his face. 
Damn Oscorp, damn myself. All those times I could have spent with him and instead I was focused on creating a supersoldier serum that was doomed from the very beginning. 
He quickly distracted himself from his thoughts, not wanting to become distraught and irritated with himself. Once he’d be back home, he’d ensure that his sole focus would be on Harry and nobody else. Perhaps Otto and his Peter as well. Nothing to do with Oscorp after everything that had happened. Though he could always stop involving the company with the Military, then he could use Oscorp for good. That was the whole purpose of founding it with Otto anyway.
Speaking of Otto, a grateful smile made its way onto Norman’s face.
“I’m very relieved that Otto’s himself again. I hated seeing him so…aggressive and miserable. That wasn’t like him at all. He seemed like an entirely different person.”
“Have you known him for a long time? How do you know each other?” May asked with a cheery curiosity across her features. 
Norman quickly calmed himself from exploding into a large passionate explanation of how he had been introduced to the warm, content genius he was so very fond and close with…used to be so very close to. Up until that awful day in Oscorp of course, a couple months after the passing of Emily. However, Norman didn’t know where he and Otto currently stood right now.
Was it possible that Otto was still resentful towards Norman after what happened? Though they had been exchanging friendly glances to each other the moment Peter had placed the new inhibitor chip on the back of Otto’s neck. But Norman wasn’t going to be certain until they had addressed the past.
“We’re old college buddies,” Norman answered with a pleased smile, recalling the younger face of Otto when they were teens. “I met him in M.I.T when we were assigned to be roommates. I’m proud to say I’ve known him for a very long time.”
Aunt May’s expression transformed into one of delight for the answer, eyes widening with surprise.
“Really?” She lightly exclaimed. “Never would have guessed that! I assumed you both were work colleagues or something. You two seemed so close when you were talking together earlier.” 
Norman assumed that she was referring to the very mellow moment earlier after Otto was cured, the taller scientist had been curious about the creation of the new chip and was visibly thankful and surprised to find out that it had been both Peter and Norman who had designed it. Otto had promptly and rather suddenly hugged the two at the same time, wrapping his left arm around the teenager’s shoulder and then the other arm around Norman’s.
Both Peter and Norman hadn’t expected for him to do that, neither the four actuators also wrapping themselves around the teen and the shorter scientist. And it most certainly felt like a warm bear hug, to which they happily returned it.
“Yeah, we actually have been work colleagues before.” Norman nodded, recalling the late nights spent at Oscorp with Otto. Writing down formulas and creating blueprints of the glider and Otto’s actuators. “We were inseparable when we both were teenagers. I didn’t have many friends at that age, I think Otto was my first when I arrived at M.I.T actually.”
“How come?”
He swallowed, hunching over slightly as he timidly rubbed the back of his neck. 
“Rough upbringing, I’m afraid.” 
It was a heavy understatement of course, Norman really did not wish to think of his depressing childhood at the moment, especially not about his father seeing as those times weren't particularly wonderful or enjoyable. 
“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that, Norman.”
That conversation reached an awkward end. 
It went from passionately chatting about his and Otto’s lasting friendship, to the dismal time of Norman being unable to create friendships before he had even met the genius. He would blame his parents of course, being schooled at home for most of his bleak early days and not being permitted to talk to anyone who was his age. Norman did have an isolated childhood, but he could easily remember how thrilling it had felt to be far from the tight grip of his parents when he had arrived at M.I.T. 
Aunt May cleared her throat and smiled again.
“M.I.T huh?” The smile soon vanished from her face, and the tone of her voice became one of great disappointment. “Peter’s been trying so hard to get his application reconsidered. It’s all a big mess and a misunderstanding.” 
“What?” Norman almost shouted with anger and disbelief, but kept his composure. 
“They rejected his application? Why? That’s outrageous!”
That didn’t make any sense and Norman couldn’t for the life of him figure out why! The boy was brilliant, more than brilliant actually! If Peter was applying for Oscorp, Norman would have hired him in a heartbeat. When did M.I.T become so ignorant? 
“There’s been a controversy going around that affected him which didn’t get him or his friends into M.I.T or their back up schools.” May explained with a tired frown. 
Clearly this situation had been affecting her and her nephew for some time, even before Norman and the others were suddenly dragged into this universe. Norman raised one brow, remembering the billboards of Spider-Man being spray painted with hate along with another name that Norman wasn’t familiar with.
“Was it something to do with that Mysterio guy I keep hearing about on the news? What the hell happened before me, Otto and the other guys arrived here?” He asked curiously. 
May sighed and nodded, confirming his suspicions. She seemed very annoyed at the mention of Mysterio, and rightfully so! That man was most likely responsible for the ongoing mess that had led to this bigger mess concerning the multiverse. 
“Don’t get me started on him. First he framed Peter for murdering him, and he revealed his identity to the whole world. God, I wish he were still alive so I could slap his face!” Aunt May grumbled, her mildly furious eyes pointed to the ceiling. Norman had nearly expected for her to start shaking her fist towards the air. 
“Ah, so that’s why I keep hearing Peter’s name on the TV then.”
May nodded, gesturing towards the storage room where Peter was still developing the cures with Otto. “Yeah! That guy is the very reason why Peter and his friends were rejected by M.I.T. He’s turned the whole world against them.”
“Peter can’t even try to clear his name?” 
“Well, he tried to and then this whole multiverse madness thing happened.”
Norman felt a wave of great sympathy, the teenager clearly did not earn any of this to happen. Peter was quite obviously a good spirited boy who aided others as Spider-Man, he’d saved lives and this was his reward for it? It was not justified! Not only that but it wasn’t deserving for his friends either who Norman didn’t really know but they still shouldn’t have had their applications rejected just for knowing Spider-Man.
He shook his head before leaning forward slightly with a sympathetic smile. “I really hope everything changes for the better for you, Peter and his friends when me and the others return back to our universes. You and your nephew don’t deserve any of this.”
“Thank you, Norman. That’s very kind of you to say.” Aunt May smiled too, one full of warmth and gentleness once again. The same smile she had given to him in the shelter when they both had been talking over donuts and tea while awaiting for Spider-Man to arrive.
Her eyebrows rose, like she had suddenly remembered something.
“Oh, I nearly forgot. I brought some sage with me earlier to burn around the place.” She turned around, spotting her bag that was sitting on the kitchen counter. 
Norman looked at her, confused as she rummaged through her bag and pulled out something.
“Sage? What’s that?” He asked, peering at the greyish green plant that was in her hand as she turned around to face him again.
“It’s meant to expel all negative energies when you burn it. I figured to get some positivity flowing around as Peter makes the cures.” May beamed with eagerness, turning back around as she left the kitchen. 
Placing an end to their conversation.
“Negative energies…” Norman muttered with a weak chuckle towards the irony, finally finishing off the rest of his burrito and then leaning back into his chair. 
He wiped his mouth once more with the sleeve of his coat and sighed. He took a moment to    study the room, snorting with amusement as he eyed the chunk of a hole in the kitchen wall.
His eyes were then drawn over towards Flint Marko and Max Dillon who were both sitting on the sofa nearby, idly discussing something as they observed the TV. Max sometimes flicked the channel over with a point of his finger, golden electricity snapping swiftly as the TV switched over to another program without the use of a remote. Flint was leaning back into the sofa, crumbles of sand falling to the armrest by the movement. It really seemed he was almost like a sandcastle sometimes. 
What could they be even talking about? 
Eagerly chatting about their cures? However they didn’t seem that eager, just neutral about the whole situation. 
“How pitiful. Look at them. Their potential to be something great.” 
Norman froze in his seat, eyes widening with fright, hearing the horrifyingly memorable voice of the Goblin suddenly come into existence as the body of his other half almost faded into the room and leaned against one of the windows on Norman’s left. His expression was full of bitterness as his yellow eyes glared towards the two men nearby.
“They hold so much power and possibility, and yet they’re going to allow a small minded teenager to snatch it away from them. So that they can return to being their weaker selves once again. They are so naive.” 
Norman leaned forward towards the glass table, pressing his elbows onto the surface as he rubbed his hands firmly against his forehead that was now sweating incredulously. 
“Get out of my head.” He mumbled, moving his fingers towards the temples of his head, the fingertips gently pressing down into his skin as he moved them into circles.
“Oh you wish I could,” The Goblin peered down with a snarl at Norman who refused to meet his gaze. “I’m afraid it will never be that simple, Normie.”
“I’m not helping you any longer, you can’t make me go along with your bloodthirsty demands.” 
“I’m well aware of that. But I don’t require your permission to do what I please, do I?”
“Go away.”
The Goblin chuckled fiercely which had almost transformed into the ear-piercing cackle that Norman had run away from in that alleyway, the cackle that had been tormenting his mind even in moments where he wasn’t even talking with the Goblin. Norman forced himself to turn his head towards the other who crossed his metallic green arms together and leaned forward whilst still leaning against the glass.
Norman had thought by smashing and shattering the horrid helmet that the Goblin wore so proudly, the Goblin would have assumed that Norman did not want anything to do with him anymore and would leave him alone. Because what was the other half to do if Norman did not wish to help him any longer? 
How he was greatly wrong…
“You’re as pathetic as the lot of them,” The Goblin began with a spat, his unnatural eyes gleaming with resentment. 
“Only now, you’ve decided to cast off your own capability simply because you don’t enjoy removing pointless people off the board for success. At least these ones can still be convinced that their talents should not be wasted.”
He felt his anger begin to grow again, why could the Goblin believe that Norman would be more than happy with actually killing people so that he could succeed? Unless it was more of the Goblin’s desires rather than Norman’s and he was still trying to manipulate Norman into allowing him to continue going on with the insanity. 
“I’m taking that antiserum because you’ve gone and forced me into becoming a monster just like Otto had said.” Norman snapped back, sending his own harsh glare towards the Goblin, his fear of the other momentarily forgotten. “You’ve forced me to kill people when I never wanted any of this! What you do is unforgivable and brutal!”
The Goblin raised one pointed brow with a grin worthy of being the Cheshire Cat’s.
“Is it? Then how come only now you’ve come to conveniently realise that after agreeing to assist me not too long ago?”
Norman was rather uncomfortably reminded of that brutal memory that remained at the back of his head. The feeling of the Goblin’s fingers digging into his neck like the piercing talons of an eagle. Oxygen being slowly depleted from his lungs as he struggled to breathe and fight back. Being slammed into a wall as the lives of his son and his version of Peter were being threatened into his very ears. 
However cruel that moment was, the Goblin could not intimidate Norman about the two no longer. They were in another universe. Harry and his Peter could no longer be harmed. 
“You threatened me.” A tight gulp fell down Norman’s throat, he rubbed his neck as he almost could still feel the tight grip around his windpipe from weeks ago. “You were going to kill…you told me you were going to go after Harry and Peter if I didn’t let you have your way.”
A low chuckle came from the Goblin. “And I still will, but differently this time.”
Norman’s eyes widened with dread, he opened his mouth to talk but the Goblin was unfortunately not finished.
“If I can’t get to your sad excuse of a son and the Peter we are familiar with, then I’ll go after someone else who you’ve grown attached to rather fast.”
That did not sound good. At all. Who? Who could the Goblin be targeting now?
“Wh— What do you mean? Who?!” 
Surely not this universe’s Peter. No. He couldn’t let him—
Once again, Norman was brought back into reality as he nearly jumped in his seat and almost fell off the side. Eyebrows shooting to the top of his forehead and his eyes expanding with shock, he turned himself right towards the familiar source of the noise and looked up as he felt a soft nudge on his shoulder.
It was Otto. Who was staring down at him with concern across his features. How did he not notice the taller scientist approaching him? 
“Oh. Hello, Otto.” Norman awkwardly greeted, glancing quickly to his left and noticing that the Goblin had still not left. His yellow eyes quietly observing Norman and Otto. “How— how long have you been standing there?”
“Only for a minute, you were staring into space like you were frozen solid. Are you okay?”
Otto asked, approaching Norman and pulling out the chair next to the shorter man and comfortably sitting himself down in front of his friend. Norman felt his heart warm slightly from the worry in Otto’s chocolate brown eyes. 
“Yes, yes I’m fine. My mind tends to wander lately.” Norman assured Otto with a small smile.
“Sureee it does…” The Goblin sneered which led to Norman swiftly turning his seat around so that he was properly facing Otto. No longer was his darker half standing in the corner of his eye. Norman could still feel the presence of the Goblin and ignored him as best as he possibly could. Placing his full attention upon the man he had known for so long.
“Peter’s just gone to question Marko about his abilities,” Otto informed him, Norman listened intently as he could, not wanting to be distracted by the feeling of the Goblin glaring a hole into the back of Norman’s head. “We’re going to begin working on his and Connor’s cures soon after we figure out how to reverse their conditions. The fabricator’s already started construction on Dillon’s cure and your antiserum at last. Such a genius creation.”
Norman agreed, he’d already been so dumbstruck when he had been allowed to fiddle with  and admire the fabricator, the technology was so incredibly advanced and remarkable. Far from any technologies that he and Otto had come across or had invented. 
“That’s great. Really good.” Norman replied a little dismissively as he stared down at his hands and began to fiddle with his fingers once more.
Otto frowned, raising one of his dark eyebrows as he leaned his head down to observe Norman’s expression. “What are you thinking about? You seem distracted.” 
Norman was unnerved that the Goblin had not left yet, he knew he was eying the conversation. But why? No, he didn’t need to be thinking about him right now. Otto had sensed something was off, and he had asked a question. Returning his gaze back up towards the other, Norman smiled softly as he thought of the answer to give him. 
“I was just thinking about our college days.”
That brought the warm grin back onto Otto’s face once more that Norman enjoyed seeing so much, his eyes brightening as Norman had mentioned college. 
“Yeah. Seems like it was only yesterday we had first met. Do you remember?” 
Otto eagerly nodded slightly. “Course I do. You and your damn moving boxes all stacked up in our room like a library. It’s a wonder how I even managed to fit my own belongings in, let alone myself.”
Norman laughed, genuine amusement and fondness flowing through him as Otto joined in with a deep chuckle. The delightful moment felt as though they actually never did split apart in the first place. For a brief minute, it had seemed like they were back to their old selves once again, back in time where they were not tormented by voices in their heads that did not belong to them. Back when they did not bear great mistakes that they had made. 
Just for a moment, Norman could believe that none of this had ever happened. That they hadn’t been teleported into another universe, that they were sitting reminiscing over fond memories and college. No matter any multiverse shenanigans or betrayals that Norman regretted deep to his core, they were always meant to find each other again and again.
Which is why Norman couldn’t stop himself in time. 
“I’ve missed you so much, Otto.” 
Norman nearly clasped his hand around his mouth, expecting Otto’s mood to become angry, expecting the taller man to reply that he didn’t share the sentiment because of what had happened in Oscorp. But there was no fury, no yelling. Otto was not enraged by Norman’s view. Instead the kindness radiating across his face had grown, eyes softening and full of friendliness towards Norman. 
However before Norman could jumble over the words he had just said, he felt the looming presence behind him grow deeper as the hairs on his neck stood still. 
At some point, the Goblin had approached Norman, leaning down to then whisper into his other half’s ear. “Does he share the feeling, Osborn? After what you did to him?”
Norman’s eyes immediately widened into large circles, quickly standing up and nearly knocking his chair backwards before Otto finally had the chance to reply. The other scientist’s mouth opened, as if he were about to ask what was wrong, but Norman was quicker.
“I…I uh, need to go to the bathroom. I’ll be back.” Norman hastily informed, though it certainly came out in a panicked tone as he turned himself around. 
He ignored the highly confused and concerned expression on Otto’s face and the knowing toothy grin upon the Goblin’s face, and rushed off towards the staircase. Norman headed up as quickly as he possibly could, nearly tripping over the final step as desperation shot down his spine. Lightly bolting down the hallway and locating the bathroom at last. He couldn’t ignore the Goblin any longer, it was too much. He rapidly entered the room and closed the bathroom door shut as he flicked on the light. 
There was a mirror above the sink. Good.
Almost immediately, the Goblin was there in the mirror patiently awaiting for Norman to approach. With all the speed he was capable of, Norman madly stood himself in front of the mirror and clutched the bathroom sink with a growing strength that nearly cracked the porcelain.
“Who the hell are you to talk about what happened between me and Otto? That’s none of your business!” He shouted coldly at his other half who did not seem to be remotely affected by Norman’s growing anger. 
“Noooorman,” The Goblin joyfully drawled on in a sing-song voice. “You’re forgetting that everything is my business. I exist in your head, therefore I can see every little memory of yours even if you don’t want me to. Those hidden memories and feelings locked away.”
“You leave him alone, you hear me? He hasn’t done anything to provoke you. Otto hasn’t done anything wrong!” Norman defended, pointing a finger at the Goblin like he was scolding an animal. In this case, an uncontrollable animal.
“Has he?” The Goblin snarled with a manipulative smirk. “He got in the way of your success, did he not? He stole it away from you the minute he stepped out of your life. Octavius didn’t share your ambition. And because of that, he took back his groundbreaking research and abandoned you and Oscorp.”
Norman lowered his head, departing from staring into the glowing yellow eyes of the other as misery and regret exploded in his gut. Feelings of hurt over what had happened returned once again and Norman closed his eyes, swallowing. 
“I went behind his back.” Norman whispered, his chest becoming heavier as the guilt and pain became as vivid as they were back on that day. “Because of my actions, I lost the only friend I had left who understood me. The only friend who actually gave a damn about me. I tried to steal his research, he was in the right to leave.”
The room was silent now, heavy with emotion as Norman hung his head, slouching over the sink like he was exhausted with everything in the world. Like the world had taken everything he once had. He knew the Goblin was still grinning at him, but he couldn’t care anymore, he didn’t even want to. 
I really am pathetic aren’t I?
The Goblin would certainly agree with that.
Norman could easily remember the look of hurt and betrayal on Otto’s face when they had both been standing in Oscorp, in Norman’s office. The yelling of words that Norman did not for the life of him mean to say. The utter fury flowing in the room as Otto rightfully roared at him for attempting to take away his life’s work. The slam of doors that threatened to break off from its hinges at Otto stormed off and later handed in his resignation. 
For years, Norman would always be tormented over that very day, filled with intense sorrow and regret every time he woke up in the morning. He had planned on eventually reaching out to Otto, but assumed that the other would want nothing to do with him any more. 
Norman wouldn’t blame him.
Before his thoughts could linger more upon the powerful sorrow, Norman remembered what the Goblin had said shortly before Otto had interrupted earlier. He raised his head and returned his gaze back towards his other half once more.
“You said you were going to go after someone else. Who?” Norman quickly questioned. The Goblin laughed darkly in response.
“Ah, finally caught on at last?”
“Stop playing games with me, damn it!” Norman slammed the side of his fist against the sink, unable to notice a visible crack that now appeared.
“If I can’t take my revenge upon the Spider we were familiar with, then I shall happily go after another.”
Anxiety peaked. The same feelings of dread he once felt back in his home when he discovered what the Goblin was planning to do. The intense chaos that he was going to unfold upon the web-slinging hero in the city. And now the Goblin was once again about to throw it all onto another Peter again.
“Don’t. Don’t you dare. This isn’t our universe. You leave Peter alone. You leave both of them be!” Norman yelled desperately.
The Goblin could only cackle again. “And be destroyed along with our power by the antiserum? I think not, Osborn. I am not one to be controlled by the likes of you or anybody for that matter.” 
“You’ve caused enough damage.”
“And plenty more shall come along the way! This Peter needs to be taught a lesson, and I am the perfect person to gladly give it to him.”
Norman shook his head hopelessly. “This is my mind! Not yours!”
“You can’t hold me back forever, Norman.” The Goblin’s grin stretched higher, almost unnaturally, showing off the crooked sharp teeth. “You’ll slip over the edge soon enough. What’s the use in fighting back when we could take this world for ourselves?”
“I told you already, I’m not letting you have control over me anymore like some sort of sick puppet master!” Norman yelled, and then a far too uncomfortable silence settled upon the two. 
He breathed quick with anger, his chest moving up and down with his mildly panicked breaths as the Goblin continued to stare, almost like he was attempting to stare into the other’s very soul. He was unsettled by the other’s silence, until the Goblin began laughing again, however his laugh came out more like a taunt than one of amusement.
“So your worst fear has been realised then.” The Goblin smirked, eyebrows lowering as he leaned forward in the mirror.
“...What are you talking about?”
“You’ve tried to prove that you’re worth a damn over so many years, ever since you were a tiny helpless child,” Norman felt his body become frozen as the Goblin continued on with a hungry grin. “That you’re strong. Stronger than your mean old father, more accomplished than him. You’ve sought that out for a long time, haven’t you?”
“No,” Norman held onto the sink fiercely, digging his fingernails into the porcelain as it continued to crickle and crack underneath the pressure. “Stop it.” 
The Goblin ignored his demand, proceeding to carry on with picking at Norman’s crumbling walls with his words.
“You finally have that power to prove that you are strong. The potential to prove everyone who thought otherwise that they were the ones that were incorrect. And yet you don’t even use it. You’re weak, Norman Osborn. Look at yourself.”
Norman dropped his head downward once more. “I said stop it.”
“A coward.”
“Stop it!”
“Be quiet!”
The Goblin cackled at Norman’s outburst, his golden eyes gleaming with a sick sense of delight from tormenting him.
“It would be better for everyone if you handed control to me. Even for your old friend, Octavius. Or is he even your friend? If you don’t desire to be weak then allow me to lock you away. I make you powerful. Significant! No person could ever take us down!”
He snapped, an incredulous amount of wrath exploding within him as Norman suddenly clenched his fist tightly together and struck the mirror with a roar from his throat. The mirror instantly shattered, exploding in a firework of glass shards that scattered across the bathroom. However the damage was not finished yet as Norman’s forceful punch had continued to imbed the tiled wall like he had simply punched through cardboard. 
The Goblin’s face dissipated from the glass that clashed with the floor, not even leaving behind a cackle. Norman was quickly horrified by the superhuman strength as his eyes widened towards the very prominent hole in the tiled wall. Only the Goblin used the superhuman abilities, Norman never really had a chance to, even promptly forgetting that he had those powerful abilities in the first place. He looked at his closed fist and felt no pain, no damage to his knuckles at all.
It was petrifying. Unnatural.
Norman rapidly swallowed a gulp as his body began to tremble with fear and panic, he turned on the water faucet and rather impatiently waited for the sink to fill, briefly checking to see there were no shards in the sink. Once the sink filled with cold water, he immediately dipped his face into the small pool of water. Coldness coursed through him, removing the sweat across his face as it brought him back to focus. 
He wiped the water across the back of his sweaty neck, breathing heavily as it trickled down his trembling skin. 
Once Norman had dried his face from using a towel nearby, he could only stare at the wall as his chest began to grow heavy and his throat became tight with emotion. His legs became numb and he found that he could no longer steady himself. And before he knew it, he was sitting against the tiled wall in front of the sink and pulling his knees closer to his chest as tears began free falling from his eyes. Shaking fingers were flying towards his hair as he pressed his face into his legs as he tightly held onto the back of his head.
He’s about to follow Norman who had rapidly ran up the staircase with panic exploding in his blue eyes, headed for the bathroom, but part of him decided not to. Instead sitting himself back down in his chair as he began to puzzle over the other man’s behaviour.
Otto Octavius had never seen Norman Osborn act like this before, he was barely recognizable from that elegant and perceptive business man that he last recalled a few years ago. One word he would describe him as would be simply…lost. The man’s eyes seemed so full of uncertainty and almost haunted. 
Haunted by whatever was occuring between him and the Goblin?
Otto knew there was hidden conflict behind the man’s eyes, he’d seen it when nobody was talking to Norman, when Norman would think that nobody was paying attention to him. Just what had happened to him over the years that he and Otto had distanced themselves? He should have contacted Norman sooner, however there still had been lingering anger over what occurred on that night in Oscorp.
Norman had attempted to steal Otto’s research of the reactor. The previous week he had approached Otto with the idea of the military using the incredible designs of the reactor’s sun and actuators for weapons. However Otto couldn’t allow it, his main purpose of the inventions were to help humanity, not be used against. And yet Norman didn’t share that view anymore, he’d grown greedy, too greedy. That was the first of their rough arguments.
And after Otto had told Norman that no, he would not allow the military to get their hands upon his designs, the businessman had then tried taking the research off and out from Otto’s protective hands the next week. 
The second and last of their arguments had been the most brutal and regretful. 
Otto had accused Norman of ending up just like his father, even mentioning the abandonment of Harry Osborn as Norman was making a habit of not leaving Oscorp to head home and look after his son. Accusation after accusation was thrown along with words that Otto did not mean to say. Norman had become the angriest he’d ever been, roaring at Otto for even daring to suggest those very words in the first place. He’d threatened to fire his old friend, however Otto was quicker to storm from Norman’s office, handing in his resignation on his way out of the company that he helped Osborn create.
And with that, Otto took back his research and departed from Norman’s life. Unknowingly, that would be the very last time he was face to face with him. 
He’d wanted so desperately for Norman to come find him and ask for forgiveness, but he never did knock on the doors of Otto’s and Rosie’s apartment. He carried on with Oscorp like nothing had ever happened, like Otto was never working there in the first place. Years went by and neither former friends had attempted to fix their friendship. Otto continued with his research, and the guilt over what he had said further increased. 
The moment that he decided enough was enough, he will call Norman after years of not contacting him. He actually still had the man’s number as Rosie had insisted for Otto not to remove it. The very moment he wanted to reunite with his former friend, Norman Osborn was dead.
Otto recalls the agony and regret threatening to split his very soul in half. 
He didn’t know how long it took for him to completely mourn over the loss of a man who he was once deeply fond of and cared for, but Otto knows that it certainly took him a painfully long time. It was a depressing time for certain. To find out that your best friend who you had known since you were teens, is dead. Taken away from the world. Before Otto could even reconcile with him. 
Two years later, he lost Rosie too. By his own doings. By that damn reactor he had worked so confidently on for so many years. No. Now was not the time to mourn over her as much as Otto desperately wanted to. There were important things ongoing right now. He’d promised to give as much help as he could for the other Peter and he needed his full concentration.
It wasn’t much, but it was a start to the road of fixing the long list of mistakes he had made, to be bettering himself over the horrid things he had committed when the inhibitor chip had been destroyed. 
Before his thoughts could dwell upon his current situation, he was alerted to hear the sudden sound of glass being shattered. He quickly stood up from his seat. Was that from the bathroom?
“The hell was that?” Otto heard Max question as he and Flint both also stood up from the sofa, their eyes directed to the source of the noise as it had snapped them out of their conversation.
“Sounded like someone smashed something.” Flint muttered.
Almost immediately after the glass was heard breaking, Peter came rushing into the room, his eyes frantically searching around the area. His guard was up and he seemed prepared to begin shooting webs at any attacker. However there were no enemies in the room and Peter shortly realised that. His widened eyes spotted the three and took a step towards them.
“What happened?” The teen asked, towards Otto, Flint and Max who all turned their heads to him.
“Glass broke,” Otto answered, moving towards Peter, glancing up the staircase. “From the bathroom, I believe.”
Peter opened his mouth to say something but before he could, the distant sound of water flowing from a tap could be heard for a moment. It was indeed coming from the bathroom, no doubt about that. But how could the sound of glass being shattered be explained?
The teenager pointed his thumb upwards towards the bathroom. “Uh, who’s in there?” 
“Osborn, I think.” Max shrugged. 
“Yeah, he’s inside. He told me earlier.” Otto confirmed with a nod.
Peter quickly raised his hand upwards, shooting a web towards the ceiling and launched himself upwards, grabbing onto the railing on the next level of the room. Otto swiftly followed, using one of the actuators to clamp onto the railing so that he could also pull himself up.
Max and Flint did not follow, instead they decided to sit themselves back down on the sofa once more, apparently losing interest rather fast. Otto climbed over the railing, watching as Peter approached the bathroom door and gently knocked on it with the back of his knuckles.
“Dr. Osborn? Are you okay there?” He asked, slightly leaning his side towards the door, attempting to hear whatever was occurring inside.
There wasn’t a response. Nothing.
“Do you think it’s the Goblin?” Peter asked, in nearly a whisper towards Otto who was also trying to see if he could hear anything in the room. The boy’s eyes widened with alarm but Otto shook his head in response.
“I’m not sure. Let me try talking to him.” Otto informed Peter who nodded, the worry not fading from his young face. The taller scientist decided it was his turn to knock now.
“Norman? Are you alright? I heard glass break.”
It was quiet once again, Otto was about to try to open the door until finally after a moment’s silence, there was at last a response.
“I’m fine…I’m fine, don’t worry…” Norman had finally answered, but there was something off with his voice. He had sounded distraught, his voice was shaky and it certainly seemed like he was holding back tears. Norman’s voice also sounded muffled as well, he was definitely hiding his face. Otto’s eyes widened with the realisation, Norman was crying. But why?
“Can I come in?” Otto asked, again there was no response this time. He needed to see him, Norman wasn’t himself and was greatly troubled with something. The man was sobbing, and Otto was aware of how rare it was that Norman would allow himself to cry. 
Otto turned himself to slightly face Peter. “Stay here. I’ll go in and see what’s distressing him.” 
The taller scientist gently patted Peter’s shoulder who nodded once again, and placed his hand around the handle of the door, pushing it open. It wasn’t locked. Otto entered the bathroom, shutting the door behind him as his worried eyes scanned the room. His eyes landed upon the trembling figure of Norman Osborn who was sitting against the wall, face in his knees and fingers tangled tight in his dishevelled sandy blonde hair. His thin shoulders shaking as muffled cries moved against his knees.
Before Otto had the chance to approach, Norman was already holding a shivering hand upwards, desperately not wanting his friend to come forward.
“D— Don’t look at me…please…” The shorter man mumbled and begged through his knees, hiccupping as he forced back his sobs that poured from his throat.
Instead of turning away, Otto rapidly kneeled himself down in front of the weeping man, placing a comforting hand upon the other man’s knee. His brown eyes became so full of concern for him as he attempted to get a look at Norman’s face who tried to hide it even deeper. 
“Norman, what’s wrong? Talk to me.” Otto asked softly and almost urgently. Glancing around the room, he spotted the glass he had heard breaking earlier. Which was the mirror on the wall which had a fist shaped hole that buried through the mirror and even through the wall into the next room! Norman really did have superhuman abilities.
Norman didn’t answer, trying and failing to cease the sounds of his intense sobbing.
“Hey, hey, it’s okay. I’m here, Norman, I’m here.”
Otto hadn’t ever seen Norman this distraught before, not since Emily’s sudden death. He had been drowning himself with whiskey in his own office, seemingly crying since he had arrived at Oscorp in the mornings. Otto had found him lying on the floor and curled up in a tight ball as he wailed and shed his tears. The memory of that being extremely similar to Norman’s position right at this moment. 
Norman finally raised his head from his knees, releasing his desperate hold upon his hair, his eyes bloodshot and puffy with redness as constant droplets of stinging tears escaped from his eyes, rolling down his cheeks like raindrops trickling down a window. Otto could feel his own heart crumbling at the sight of the tormented man.
“C— Could you— Could you hold me?” Norman asked weakly in nearly an embarrassed manner, however Otto was all too alright with wrapping his hand around Norman’s shaking shoulders and the other settling on the back of Norman’s head.
Norman promptly collapsed into Otto’s arms, burying his face into the soft chest of Otto’s turtleneck as he clutched onto the lapels of the coat. Exploding into continuous crying as if he just couldn’t hold back any of his emotions any longer. Otto gently leaned his head on top of Norman’s as he began rubbing upwards and downwards the other man’s back soothingly. 
The taller scientist closed his own eyes that were beginning to water, focusing to provide as much comfort and reassurance as he felt the shivers and trembles from Norman who continued to weep but it was thankfully noticeable that he was at least beginning to calm down now. Norman’s breathing was slowly relaxing, and the trembles were beginning to finally cease. 
“Do you want to talk about what happened?” Otto lifted his head from the top of Norman’s own one, staring down at him.
“He’s in my head, Otto. Constantly.” Norman replied, his voice still slightly broken and hoarse. He did not remove his head from resting against Otto’s chest. 
“Trying to get me to attack everyone. Trying to seize control. It’s getting difficult to hold— hold him back. It’s like I’ve locked myself in a room to get away from him, and he’s slowly breaking down the door. I— I don’t know what to do.”
“But it will be fine, Norman. Your cure is being made and you will be back to your normal self again.” Otto had attempted to reassure him, but it had seemed to provide no change towards Norman’s growing anxiety who shook his head against him.
“B— But what if it doesn’t work, Otto?” Norman asked with panic in his shaking voice. He finally lifted his head out from the taller man’s chest, his deeply blue eyes being consumed with fear and terror.
“What if it somehow ends up making everything worse. What if he takes over for good this time and I’m just trapped inside the Goblin’s head until we both die? He knows I’m refusing to help him. He knows that I’m fighting back. I don’t— I don’t want to be trapped in the dark while he continues forcing me into a monster!” Norman exclaimed frightfully, his head shaking back and forth as he did not meet Otto’s troubled gaze.
“Norman, look at me.” Otto had attempted to look into Norman’s eyes, but Norman continued to avoid eye contact. “You are not going to be trapped in his mind. This Peter knows what he’s doing. He’s brilliant just like our own version of Peter. You even helped him create my new inhibitor chip! And now it’s my time to return the favour and help you.”
“What if— What if he hurts someone, Peter or his Aunt May or— or you? I don’t want him to hurt you. I won’t let myself live with the fact that you were harmed because of me.” Norman rested his head forward against Otto’s shoulder, lightly pressing his hand into Otto’s other shoulder. 
They were briefly silent. Norman was really worried about the Goblin potentially hurting Otto, a weak smile appeared onto Otto’s face. Never had he expected for Norman to say that, certainly not when he was once the businessman Otto had fallen out with long ago.
Otto shuffled slightly, gently moving his hands to hold onto the sides of Norman’s face, he carefully lifted Norman’s head upwards so that he could finally meet his gaze. Norman leaned into the peaceful touch, the warm feelings of Otto’s hands holding onto the sides of his jaw. The shorter scientist was silent, sighing as he was forced carefully to look into Otto’s comforting chocolate brown eyes.
“Even if the Goblin manages to get loose and cause anarchy, I’m not holding anything he commits against you because you are not the Goblin. The Goblin’s mind is not yours, his decisions are his alone. And if he manages to injure me in some way, it is not your doing, Norman. You hear me? Don’t you even think to blame yourself for a second for what he’s done.” Otto raised one brow as he confidently assured him, awaiting Norman’s response.
Norman sniffed, his head nodding slightly. For the briefest second, a faint smile twitched onto his face but swiftly vanished as soon as it appeared. One of the actuators reached behind Otto and grabbed the toilet roll, handing it into Otto’s hand as he released Norman’s face to take the roll. He had then held it out for Norman to take, which he did with yet a still mildly trembling hand.
The shorter scientist began wiping underneath his eyes to rid the silent tears, collapsing back against the wall with an exhausted huff from his lips. Otto joined him, sitting close but not leaning as the actuators had barely any room already.  
“Fuck,” Norman sighed, smoothing his hand across his moist eyes. “The Goblin was right about me, right like my father. I just never listened. I was so stubborn. So focused on ignoring the truth.” 
Otto turned his head to the side to stare at the other, confused.
“I am weak.” He chuckled humorlessly. A defeated laugh. 
The taller scientist furrowed his eyebrows in response towards the statement. Never had he ever considered Norman Osborn to be weak. Never. Which is why he was infuriated over the words that the man had uttered from his mouth right now.
“You are not weak, Norman. You never were and never have been.” Otto began as Norman met his gaze once more, his expression was broken. He really did believe what the Goblin had declared, didn’t he? “You’re the strongest person I know. And if you are as strong willed as I’ve known you to be since we were in college, you’ll finally have your mind back at last. And it’ll just be you again. Norman Osborn and no one else.”
Otto finished, placing a hand upon Norman’s shoulder reassuringly. Norman was quiet as the words flowed deep into his head, and he smiled softly. It was a tiny one, but one nonetheless. He reached his hand upwards and placed it on top of Otto’s gloved one. Before turning away once more and shaking his head, almost in disagreement.
“Damn, Otto.” He barely whispered. “That…that means a lot. Truly. But— But I don’t deserve that and you know it. I don’t even understand why you want to comfort and help me right now.”
Norman sighed. “Otto, I hurt you. I was the reason for breaking our friendship. All those years ago. And I’ve regretted it so much since that it’s been tearing me apart since the last time I saw you."
Otto was confused now, arching an eyebrow.
“What do you mean?”
“Norman, it’s fine.” 
“No, no it’s not fine.” Norman protested, holding a hand against his forehead. “Please don’t say that.”
“We both said things we regretted. Words we didn’t mean.”
“Yes but I caused all of that.” Norman returned his troubled eyes towards Otto’s own watering ones. Finally addressing that vicious argument that they had long ago. “I hurt you. My best and closest friend. I’m the one who should be sorry, not you. I drove you away and out of my life for good after so many years we had spent together. I messed it all up. For what? Just for supplying the military with more weapons. Our friendship should have never been worth that.”
Otto felt his eyes stinging from salt, and felt the trickle of tears begin to quietly fall from his eyes. “Norman…”
Norman continued on, his own tears returning to trail down his damp cheeks. “I’m sorry, Otto. I never should have tried to take away your research and use it for those stupid military contracts. I never should have gone behind your back. I was desperate to keep Oscorp standing. Too desperate and greedy for success. I guess in some way those feelings also played a part in the Goblin’s creation.”
“Norman, it’s okay. I forgive you.” Otto quickly said before Norman could go on further.
His head shot upwards, quickly looking back at Otto who smiled softly.
“After you…died, I regretted the way we left each other for the longest time. I was too bitter to find you again and try to patch things up but the very moment I felt the courage to talk to you again, your name was headlined all over the newspapers in the city.”
Otto was briefly silent, ripping off a piece of paper from the toilet roll to wipe at his own eyes as Norman intently watched him. His throat was tight with emotion but forced himself to continue.
“I believed I’d never be able to see you again and it broke me. Please forgive me for what I had said to you.”
“Otto,” Norman shook his head desperately. “You don’t need my forgiveness. It was all my fault this had happened.”
“Norman, please. We are both at fault. I intend to right all my wrongs that I’ve committed, starting with apologising to you.”
They both became silent again, their eyes similarly wet with tears as the feelings suddenly intensified in the room. They’d almost completely stopped breathing, resisting the urge to completely break down crying. It had all led up to this very moment. The moment that Norman and Otto had waited so desperately for.
“I forgive you, Otto. It’s alright.” Norman finally said, his voice nearly breaking underneath the strong emotions.
Before either of them realised it, they ended up in each other’s warm arms once more for what seemed like hours but was really only mere seconds. The weight of enormous guilt and sadness finally being lifted from both of their shoulders, having carried it for years. Norman rested his head once more against Otto’s shoulder with a tired sigh, wrapping his thin arms around Otto’s comforting large chest. Otto rested his head against Norman’s, his own bigger arms enveloping around Norman’s slender body. It felt so perfect. Even the actuators wrapped around the two, needing no space between them.
It was such a satisfying deep release from the troubled feelings they’d faced, and they both did not want to let go of each other. They’d be delighted to remain in the position forever, but sadly, they had still so much to do. 
They still needed to help Peter.
After a few minutes of remaining in the soothing embrace of their arms, they released each other with smiles of content upon their faces. 
“Now that the water is finally under the bridge, do you want to head back and help me and Peter?” Otto asked with a beaming smile as Norman stood to his feet, brushing off his legs before extending a hand towards his friend.
“You know I’d be more than happy to.” Norman grinned as Otto took the hand, pulling him up to his feet even though the actuators could have easily lifted the taller scientist upwards. 
As Norman turned to the bathroom door, Otto playfully shoved Norman’s shoulder, making the shorter scientist turn around with a raised brow.
Otto approached him and faced him with a smirk. “By the way, since you rushed off earlier, I was going to say something to you.” 
“What is it?”
“I’ve missed you too, Norman.”
The grin was back. The familiar grin that Otto enjoyed seeing so much, one that was full of happiness and yet mischief at the same time. Norman’s eyes were fond, filled up with warmth that was infectious. Warmth that made Otto wish to smile, which succeeded.
Exiting the bathroom with bright smiles upon their faces, they were greeted by the sight of Peter who was leaning against the wall, glancing around to keep himself from becoming bored. The concern on his face quickly vanished and was replaced with relief when his eyes set upon the two scientists.
“Dr. Osborn! Everything good?” Peter eagerly asked, noticing the smirks.
“More than good, Peter.” Norman continued to grin, but his smirk then dropped and his eyes widened when he glanced back towards the bathroom. “Um, I’m sorry about the mirror in there. I lost myself for a moment.”
Peter frowned, leaning to the side of Norman and inspecting the room behind. 
“Don’t worry,” He sighed with an awkward smile. “I’m just glad to see that you’re still doing okay. How about you, Dr. Octavius?”
“Yeah, I’m pretty swell, thank you Peter.” Otto chuckled, watching Norman walk down the staircase, probably heading back to check on the fabricator. He was about to follow after him but halted in his tracks, Otto turned around and saw that Peter had not moved. He was staring into the bathroom, and then immediately facepalmed.
Probably because of the damage that had been inflicted there.
“Happy’s going to kill me…” Peter grumbled to which Otto chuckled in response.
“I’m sure he’ll be fine with what happened. I’ll back up your explanation.” The taller scientist approached him once more with an understanding expression, placing a hand upon the teenager’s shoulder. Peter sighed and shook his head, eventually returning the smile.
“Thank you, sir. By the way, the fabricator’s finally completely Mr. Dillon’s cure!”
“Really? That’s brilliant then.” Otto replied with a very pleased smile as he and Peter approached the railing once more and slowly made their way downwards towards the kitchen. “So far we’ve just got to help Marko, Dr. Connors and finally Norman and then we’re all set to return back home.”
Peter eagerly nodded, cheerful as he realised that he was nearly finished with helping and giving everyone a second chance to live instead of dying at the hands of Spider-Man. He couldn’t wait for all of this to be over with, and Otto couldn’t wait to be returned back to his proper universe again. But would Norman be going with him? Surely yes, because he would have his fate changed. He wouldn’t have to die. Otto and Norman could be together again, creating remarkable things that could better humanity!
Entering the storage room, Otto noticed that Norman was already back to holding his clipboard and pen, writing down his calculations on the board of papers in front of him.
Smiling, Otto approached the fabricator to check on Norman’s antiserum, his happiness rising upon seeing that it was nearly complete and ready to give to Norman.
“Your cure’s nearly finished, I’d say around eighty three percent. That was quick.” He informed Norman.
“I can’t wait.” Norman replied eagerly, glancing towards Otto with a nod. He turned around, looking down at his clipboard before going onto writing more scientific calculations upon the larger board.
Otto studied the man from behind, what could they do together when they would eventually be returned to their proper universe? Hopefully something that would benefit lives. Perhaps he’d return to Oscorp, if Norman was willing to throw away those military applications. By how Norman was acting, it seemed he had enough of being that cold businessman and the military too. They couldn’t be split apart again, not a chance. 
Maybe together they could perfect the reactor this time, Otto had thought. Together with their combined genius, they’d be unstoppable as they had been during college. No more of the Goblin interfering with Norman’s life any longer, no more actions that they’d both intensely regret. 
They would hopefully be on the path of redemption.
“How does it feel, Norman?” Otto asked kindly. “You’re about to become whole again. No more darker half. Just you.”
“Just me…” 
Norman turned around to smile towards Otto once again, a grin full of excitement and passion. His eyes gleaming with pure fondness towards the other. Otto passionately returned the smile, his own expression overflowing with tenderness. Another moment where time just seemed to freeze in place, the outside world drowned out. For a minute, it was just Norman Osborn and Otto Octavius in the whole of the entire universe, nobody else at all. It felt flawless, like nothing could ever harm them or take them away from the moment.
However, unbeknownst to Otto. Norman was unaware that he had let down his guard. Being so distracted by the pureness of the atmosphere, the radiating smile upon the other man’s face that he loved to see. That he never thought he would be fortunate enough to see once again. 
The cackle of the Goblin returned, making itself fully known inside his head as the Goblin swiftly seized control of Norman, snatching him away and dragging him into the endless darkness that immediately consumed him as he was hidden away in the back of the Goblin’s mind. 
“Sleep tight, Norman.” The Goblin grinned, not saying the words out loud as that would alert the taller scientist of Norman’s disappearance.
And with that, he turned around to face the board of calculations like Norman Osborn had just been doing before.
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The little spider angel wants to play with her duck 🐥
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OC Spider lady sketch!
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Weirdo Wednesday
Hello and welcome to this week’s Weirdo Wednesday! I would like to introduce... 
Tumblr media
The Antarctic Giant Sea Spider: Decolopoda australis
Sea spiders are one of those creatures we know exists but would rather not think too hard about. Well today, I want to shine some light on this deep sea walker! These colorful weirdos can be found along the coasts of Antarctica to about 6,000 feet deep. Other sea spiders are found in warmer environments, but this weirdo loves the arctic ice. It’s another weirdo that has gigantism as most sea spiders are only a few inches long, while the Antarctic giant sea spider is larger than your dinner plate. Unlike other gigantic weirdo’s we’ve seen, the antarctic sea spider’s body is not deep sea gigantism, but polar gigantism!
Tumblr media
All legs
Now before you decide to keep scrolling because you’re not a fan of spiders, hear me out! You see, this sea spider is not actually a spider, rather an arthropod in a family called pycnogodina. They’re more closely related to crabs than to spiders! You may be able to see a few differences such as having 5 pairs of legs (10 altogether), the fact they’re nonvenomous, or their lack of an abdomen. Their organs are instead found in their legs (including stomach and gonads). If you look below, you can see the food being moved from inside its legs, and the contractions also help pump blood!
Tumblr media
Reproduction is unique, to say the least! Their legs have an holes called a gonopores that eject eggs and sperms when they can line up legs with other sea spiders. Another interesting body part is their ovigers that clean hitchhikers like bryozoan off their legs, but after mating the males will use them to carry their eggs handed off to them by the females. It’s probiscus is a very important organ as well because thats what it uses to suck out the insides of its prey!
Tumblr media
Such an interesting weirdo is naturally still the subject of much scientific research. Polar gigantism is not very well understood, and is certainly not limited to this weirdo! One thing that is certain though is that cold water organisms are in danger from warming waters. Climate change is causing some warm anomalies in the polar oceans. There is some concern that it’s the cold waters that allow them to grow this large, and warming oceans may stunt their growth. Another scientist named Caitlin Shishido doesn’t believe this to be true because of the size of this weirdos pores. Sea spiders have pores to allow oxygen intake, and the larger species, like the giant Antarctic sea spider, has larger pores to take in more oxygen! If they can do this in a low oxygen area like the polar waters, Shishido thinks they will survive in warmer waters. She very appropriately signs off by quoting Jurassic Park “Life uhh... finds a way”.
Want to see something truly weird?? Watch this video see how the Giant Antarctic Sea spider swims!!
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a comprehensive list of possible apartment maintenance issues, according to the online portal:
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you either have spiders or its something else
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Pegaso Z-103 Spider, 1955, by Pedro Serra. A single spider version of the Z-103 was made
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@bae-squad-is-life submitted: Found a friend checking themselves out in the bathroom while I was in Eugene, Oregon a couple weeks ago!
Tumblr media
I believe this is a regular jumping spider? So pretty with the blue!!!
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It’s certainly not an irregular one! I’m not sure what a regular jumping spider is, but this one’s a bold jumper, which are very common in your area. VERY cute that she’s checking out her reflection in the mirror. I hope she knows she’s beautiful :)
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bunjywunjy · 5 months ago
What happens if tarantula no longger need the frog?
great news! that just straight-up doesn't happen.
tarantulas can live for well over a decade, and female tarantulas can expect to breed multiple times before they finally kick it! and since there's always the expectation of there going to be a new clutch of eggs in the nest every year, there's no benefit in getting rid of the frogs that will keep those eggs safe.
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a female columbian lesserblack tarantula will treasure and protect her frogs until the day she dies, and then those frogs will go into the care of whichever of her daughters inherits her burrow! it's an eternal cycle. a cycle of frog.
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sosuperawesome · 7 months ago
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Embroidery Art
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humblegrub · 3 months ago
drink it, Trinket
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snootyfoxfashion · 8 months ago
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PlayGhoul Bundle Print Set by CassandraDunnArt
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fhtagn-and-tentacles · 6 months ago
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by Mitsuru Nikaido
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skymoonandstardust · 5 months ago
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Both Miles Morales and 
Tom Holland’s Spiderman
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revretch · 3 months ago
As much as I love jumping spiders, ants, and bees for how intelligent and human-like they can be, it's funny to me that people seem to view them as more cuddly and cute partially because of it.
Because, like...being intelligent and human-like is exactly what makes them so devastating. I've talked before about ants and what forces of destruction they are to all other arthropods in the vicinity. Jumping spiders are cunning, able to plan out a way to kill just about anything their size if their fangs can pierce its shell. And bees are...well, bees.
But those big bugs that we think of as the mean, scary ones--other spiders, mantises, wasps...the jumping spiders and ants are what they're scared of. (Seriously, if ants make it up to a wasp nest, the wasps are screwed.) And then, on our scale, wolves, lions, tigers, pretty much anything that isn't a bear steers clear of bees.
These three really deserve to be treated more as scary, badass animals. I feel like they'd be offended otherwise, honestly.
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nerviovago · 3 months ago
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