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Peni: I’m just saying, Vriska hadn’t really done anything especially egregious by that point. She just noted things that had already happened and inserted herself into them!

Gwen: She killed Aradia out of spite! There isn’t an okay version of that!

Miles: What are you guys talking about?

Gwen: Homestuck, obviously.

Peni: You can be our tie-breaker!

Miles: What’s Homestuck?


Peni: [disgusted] You’ve betrayed me for the last time, Morales.

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I have strong opinions about Spider-Man movies so hold on you your hats.

This is spesifically about Spider-Man: Far From Home. The movie started out great: a lovely Spider-Man movie, but then it went down the road of “everything goes bad and Spider-Man suffers a lot”. Then right at the end I felt like “Okay this was good, everything is right in New York”, and then I got hit with the truck that is the post-credits scene.

I left the movie theater sad and feeling down. It’s not the feeling you’re supposed to feel after a Spider-Man movie. What Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse got right was the general mood of being joyful and energetic. After I left the movies I felt like I could achieve anything and I was so happy; anyone can wear the mask.

When I saw Spider-Man: Homecoming, I felt the same as after Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, happy. I was exited for more Marvel’s version of Spider-Man, and Tom Holland is a great fit for the role, but I was disappointed after Spider-Man: Far From Home. The movie tried too much to be like the Iron Man movies were: gritty and serious. Spider-Man isn’t Iron Man and Spider-Man shouldn’t be Marvel’s next Iron Man.

Lastly, Spider-Man has always been relatable, hard working and a family favourite. Even though he goes through some hardships, he still remains hopeful and optimistic. Spider-Man inspires and is an idol, especially for young kids (which makes it even more important to have characters like Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen). All this is really just a way to say that Marvel is trying too hard to keep Iron Man going by turning Spider-Man into a character that I no longer recognize.

Please tell me if you feel the same way or have anything to add. And thank you for reading

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“Gwen? I saved you. You can’t be…”

I’ve been working on fixing up and styling my old Peach wig so I could reuse it for Gwen Stacy. So here’s a closet cosplay featuring my favorite Spider-girlfriend and superhero, as Peter’s biggest fan!

ps. I can’t put contacts in right now, so unfortunately I can’t have her blue eyes :(

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A confrontation of sorts.

In my Spiderverse, I have this Symbiote OC named Prism who is bonded to an OC named Amber Herald, but at some point in the story she dies and Prism bonds with Gwen Stacy, thereby turning her into Ghost Spider. Gwen and Nora go to the same college, as well as Penelope (Ladybird) and this world’s versions of Harry Osborn, MJ Watson, and Glory Brant (a fusion of the characters Glory Grant and Betty Brant, since they’re background characters and their last names rhyme). Also in this world are Black Cat and Screwball, who are around the same ages as the above characters, but they don’t go to the same college.

Sidenote: Since in her original comics, Gwen as Ghost Spider/Spider-Woman is suspected of murder and therefore hunted by the police despite her good deeds, this version of Gwen is also chased by the cops, but it’s because she’s bonded to a Symbiote, and the police think the symbiotes are too dangerous to allow them to roam free.

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Spider-Gwen: “Lets play two truths and one lie.”

Noir: “How does that work?”

Spider-Gwen: “You tell two truths and a lie about yourself, and we have to guess which is the lie.”

Miles: “I’ll go first!”

Miles: “I have green eyes, I have black hair, and I jumped off a high building and crash landed on top of a car when I tried to use my Spidey powers.”

Peter B Parker: “haha Yeah But it’s not supposed to be that easy-”

Peni: “His eyes are brown”

Peter B Parker, having a heart attack: “You fucking did WHAT!?”

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